Have a hutch? Ready to decorate? Here are 25 hutch decorating ideas for fall including a formula to decorate any hutch in five steps.

hutch decorating ideas

Buckle up buttercup.

This is the HUTCH post for you.

Sometimes you don’t need to overdecorate for fall.

A few pumpkins here and there and one decorated piece in a room.

Like a hutch.

Need ideas to decorate your hutch for fall?

No worries.

I got you.

I have so many hutch photos and so many ideas and so many ways to have any hutch learn to speak fall.

See all 25 fall hutch decorating ideas here.


25 Fall Hutch Decorating Ideas

Remember that scene in Legally Blonde with the stop, drop and snap?

Decorating a hutch is a lot like that.

It’s the snap, drop and decorate.

There are basic principles with hutch decorating that are easy to follow and when you’re done, you’ll have a perfectly decorated fall hutch…

…or a date with the UPS man.

Take your pick.

fall-leaves hutch decorating ideas

colorful-fall-hutch-kitchen hutch decorating ideas

hutch decorating ideas wreath

1. Start with one basic element

When learning how to decorate a fall hutch—start with one shining star. I started with this colorful plate in the center of the display.

It came from Target several years ago.

It was the jumping-off point for hutch number one.  I pulled out the blues and reds from the plate and everything else fell into place.

Here are some ideas for central elements:

  1. a vintage toolbox like this filled with apples and pumpkins
  2. an oversized white platter with a wreath on the front (just tuck the wreath into the plate rack)
  3. metal vases filled with leaves from the yard

branches-and-apples hutch decorating ideas

colorful-fall-hutch hutch decorating ideas

gray-hutch-with-blue-and-white hutch decorating ideas


2.  Shop the house

You know when you go to the grocery store and you see the crackers shaped like stars with the cutest containers of dip next to them where the coffee display was last week and you think you yourself that you’ve never noticed them before and that you have to buy them because everyone needs star crackers?

The thing is, those crackers were there all along.  The store just moved them where you could see them.

That’s a lot like shopping the house.  These blue plates were stacked up in my living room with an acorn on top of them.  No one visiting my house probably ever saw them.

But after I moved them to aisle 8?

You couldn’t help but notice them when you pushed your cart by.

Here are some ideas for shopping the house:

  1. shop the refrigerator for apples and artichokes to add to a centerpiece
  2. shop your cabinets for dishes you can create a collection with on the hutch
  3. shop your yard for leaves and pinecones and branches (one of my favorite tips is to glue acorns and mini pinecones onto branches like this)

hutch decorating ideas vintage finds


3.  Layer

You want to start with the display in the back.

That’s where the party happens.

Add a back layer to your shelves.  You could choose picture frames or platters or cutting boards or a row of white plates like this.

Then add a second layer in front.  You could choose vases or pumpkins or pedestals or cloches or milk glass or books or dishes.

You could even add a third layer with a wreath or artwork hung on the outside of the shelves of the hutch.

All those layers give the hutch a depth that makes it feel a little more finished.

Here are a few ideas for layers:

  1. Keep the color on the hutch the same like these orange pumpkins
  2. Add a patterned plate in front of a platter
  3. Group collections together—like this collection of white pitchers





4.  Groups of three

I see you nodding.  You get it.  You understand.  If you have watched HGTV for more than five minutes, you’ve already discovered this principle.

It bears repeating.

There’s something about odd number groupings that just makes the eye happy.  Five works, too.  But it’s so much easier to have three of something than five or seven or nine.

Or 913.

Here are some things to group together:

  1. groups of cloches
  2. groups of candlesticks
  3. groups of pitchers
  4. groups of acorns
  5. groups of pinecones


5.  Symmetry

I love symmetry and its best friend, height.

After you’ve chosen your inspiration piece and shopped your house and layered in your pieces and grouped everything in threes, finish it off with a little symmetry on both sides.

In the first hutch, I added metal vases filled with flowers from the yard.  In the second hutch, I didn’t have another lamp, so I tried to even it out with color and a grouping of three on the right side and with this hutch, I’ve added corn stalks.

The tall pieces on each side help to frame the hutch display and make it feel like you are a purposeful decorator.

Like you meant it to look just like this.

Because of course, you did.




6. Layer on top of the hutch

When you’ve decorated the front of the hutch—before you look around and accept your standing ovation?

Look at the top.

Sometimes it needs a little something to bring the eye up like the straw on the top of this hutch.

Here are a few ideas to top off your hutch masterpiece:

  1. woven corn stalks
  2. vintage baskets
  3. vintage tool boxes
  4. pumpkins
  5. hay bales



I’m all about hutches for fall.

Can you tell?

Maybe it’s the colors?

Maybe it’s the stop, drop, and decorate principles?

Maybe it’s the decorating opportunities?

All I know is my hutch and I are ready…

….to celebrate fall in style. 🙂

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