DIY Tape Transfer Vase

Hello friends!  If you are stopping by from the Nester’s….my tape and I are happy to meet you!

About two months ago my friend Ashley asked me if I was up for a challenge.


Doesn’t she know challenge is my middle name?

She and her husband have co-authored four books.  One of them is an incredible wall project book that I wrote about before.  I made a giant wooden arrow and told you how amazing Ashley is and how she makes me laugh and want to completely decorate my house with orange and pink rugs.  

The Handmande Home Books

The other three books feature collections of frameable art prints.

And that’s where the challenge came in.

She asked me to create a project using the prints in the book and share it along with nine other bloggers.  My first idea was to create a shutter wall with pieces of the art.  Each shutter would have individual pieces of the print on it.  When the shutter was open you wouldn’t see anything….when it was closed you would see the picture.


Please, girl.  #calmdown #waytoocomplicated

Next, I thought about transferring it to wood or fabric or making paper flowers from them or covering a clip board or making foldable origami Christmas trees.

But then I saw this over on a Beautiful Mess.

It’s a way to transfer images to tape.  I know….right?  And it is so easy.  You can click over to see the whole tutorial….

….and I’ve also shown the Reader’s Digest version below.

Cue the pictures and tape transfer project using one of the prints from the book.

tape transfer project diy

tape transfer project how to

tape transfer project ideas

tape transfer project how to make

how to tape transfer project

diy tape transfer project

easy tape transfer project

tape transfer vase

When you peel off the backing the tape becomes translucent.

The texture changes and it functions almost like a window cling.

I added the tape with the print on it to glass vases for a super simple diy project.   The tape clings to the vase and adds a little pop of color.

diy tape transfer vase project

And here’s one more vase for the road.

This time I took the print and turned it vertically on a small vase.

Now look at that tape and think of the possibilities.

You could transfer a child’s artwork.

Or a hand-written letter.

Or a newspaper clipping of the engagement announcement for wedding shower centerpieces.

Or sheet music of Christmas carols for a holiday party.

Little tape….oh the places you’ll go.  🙂


Thanks for the challenge Ashley!

Be sure and stop by The Handmade Home for the next stop on the tour!

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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    WOW!! My mind is still whirling with possibilities! Plain glass beware -- you're about to get some bling. Our windows won't be spared. How about our car windows?! I can do seasonal things. Excuse me, please! I have to go but a HUMONGOUS roll of tape. :-)

  2. Image for Regina Regina

    Super-cute!!!! How long did you soak it in water? Hope you get to soak up some sun - out of the WIND!!! Happy FALL! :)

  3. Image for Donna Donna

    I think I can actually do this. AND the good news, it does not take long. Inspiring me to do in 30 minutes. Kids would love this, esp. the reflecting through a window or a vase. Thanks, I appreciate this project. D.

  4. Image for Leigh Leigh

    These turned out BEE-U-TI-FUL! I totally have to steal, I mean borrow, this idea for a student gift idea for parents. Love the print you used! Leigh

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