This post is sponsored by Antique Candle Works.

Today is all about some of the yummiest Christmas candles scents ever.

The ones just released by Antique Candle Works.

(total aside:  They had me at the name.  Seriously.)

They sent me some candles and I smelled them and immediately e-mailed them and begged to write a post about the scents for all of you and tell you how much I loved them.

But not just any post.

This is Thistlewood after all.

So today’s post is all about the scents and visual pictures and hints of the smells wafting through my house right now…

…without showing you the actual candle or telling you the name of the scents.

I thought it would be fun to create images of what the candle smells like to me.

And then?

You have to guess and see what you think the candle scent is.

Are you ready?

Are you game?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

Scent Number One:

I thought I’d start off easy.

This scent smells like the first sip of hot chocolate on a cold day.

The hint of mint when you take that first bite of Christmas candy.

The cool, crisp rush of an early winter day when you first open the door and the wind whips your scarf in the air.

It’s refreshing and sweet and crisp and cool and totally Christmas.

Can you guess the scent?

Scent Number Two:

This scent is harder.

Much harder.

Think general and broad and all about the day that we start counting down from December 1.

It’s the scent that you smell when you take that first sip of cider.

It’s the warm feeling of layers of sweaters and the crunch of leaves under your feet.

It’s the smell of your grandmother’s kitchen.

It’s the first bit of apple pie.

It’s spicy and cinnamony and fruity and warm and makes you feel like the holiday season just arrived in your home.

Can you guess the scent?


Scent Number Three:

This is the hardest to guess.

But it’s my favorite of all.

This scent is all about spreading the cheer of the season.

It’s the feeling you get when the first Christmas carol of the year plays on the radio.

It’s joy.

It’s the scent that sparkles and shines and shimmers with the tidings of the season.

It’s tangy and mapley and fruity and spicy with the tiniest hint of pine.

Can you guess the scent?

Scent Number Four:


Guessing scents is hard work.

So let’s end with an easy one.

This is the scent that truly says Christmas to me.

It’s the smell you carry with you when you return from visiting a Christmas tree farm.

It’s the smell of freshly cut trees brought in and set up in the dining room.

It’s the scent that brings with it all the Christmases that ever were.

It’s heady and rich and full and Christmasy and piney and merry and bright.

Can you guess the scent?

Did you guess them all?

How do you think you did?

Do you want the answers to see if you’re right?

Click here to see the list of their newly released Christmas scents.

Be sure and let me know how you did.

And to thank you for playing along with our scent game today click here to sign up for their newsletter (just scroll to the bottom of the page) and get 15% off your first candle order.

Your house will thank you. 🙂

disclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with Antique Candle Works.

All opinions on scents are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    Oh, fun! I'm guessing that the first is minty hot chocolate (although I think I like the idea of minty latte better .... ). Second .... maybe gingerbread cider? Third .... fruity wassail punch. Fourth and final guess .... evergreen alley. I'm probably way off (I'll go check my answers now) but I think I have a potential career in naming candle scents.

  2. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Didn't get one right~ maybe because I was enjoying the beautiful photography clues!!! Your photo skills are superbly wonderful!!!

  3. Image for jillian jillian

    Oh Dear...I succumbed...I bought numerous candle burner ones. I have those burning every day around here. Thanks for the info and link. Lovely photos. should be working for the company as their photographer.

  4. Image for Carol Carol

    Last week I found a Silver Pine scented candle at Jo-Ann's and is the best Christmas tree scent I have EVER come across! And now I can order one Antique Candles with 15% off!!! Your post was such fun to read and your descriptions were all so Christmasy!!

  5. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, I am not much of a guesser, but I am guessing all those candles smell wonderful. You are creative in your descriptions!

  6. Image for Heather Anne Heather Anne

    I LOVE Antique Candle works - and I can't wait for all the good blessings to align and be over in their neck of the woods for a basketball tournament or game at the same time that they have one of their fun Open Studio events! Wouldn't that be delightful? This is our son's last year of basketball, but I'm hoping it will happen! Today I am enjoying Momma's Kitchen and it's delightful!

  7. Image for Marsha Marsha

    I don't know if you have any control on what ads pop up on your site, but I thought you'd like to know that a pop up ad for "Tom Ford" advertises with a photograph and the words "Tom Ford (profane word--starts with a "f") Fabulous Eau De Parfum" on a bottle of cologne. This is just so opposite of your happy, wholesome site.

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