Looking for simple outdoor Christmas decorating ideas? Here are some creative tips and ideas for your outdoor Christmas spaces.

outdoor Christmas decorating ideas

This past weekend we decorated the outside of the house to get it ready for our Thanksgiving guests.

I knew what I wanted it to look like.

I had it totally planned out in my head.

I knew I wanted tiny white lights and greenery and berries and pinecones and red bows and urns filled with Christmas cheer and greenery.

I wanted it to look like the house did when I was growing up.

But truth?

Way down deep inside my heart in the place where doubt lives, I was worried it wouldn’t look like I planned it.  I was worried it wouldn’t look like the way my mother used to decorate it.  I was worried it wouldn’t look like the house I spent decades of Christmases in.

After we finished, I walked out to the front sidewalk.

And turned around.

And opened my eyes.

And almost broke down in tears.

There it was.

The house of my dreams.

The house of long ago.

The house of all the Christmases that had ever gone before.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor Christmas decorating ideas ever.

outdoor Christmas decorating ideas porch

I started with the outdoor Christmas decorating ideas for the front porch.

I filled the white outdoor planters that my husband built with lighted greenery.

I tied these swags of greenery onto the lights and added a red bow.

outdoor Christmas decorating ideas bows and decor

I added two more swags of greenery on the front columns with more red bows.

And two more over the windows.

And a lighted wreath on the front door.

Here’s the entire view of the front porch decorating.

outdoor Christmas decorating ideas greenery

So now.

You’ve seen what the house looks like decorated during the day.

But are you curious about what it looks like at night?

Oh, good.

I was, too.

Guess what?

It looks just like I remember it.

If I close my eyes, the years melt away and I’m about to go downstairs and wait on the steps for Santa Claus.

It’s true.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Especially when you can go home. 🙂

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  1. Image for Sharon Smith Sharon Smith

    Well, you have done it again. Beauty in the day and night. Breathtaking. I move into a condo in 5 weeks and cannot decorate the outside except for a wreath on the door, so I will miss that. But the inside of my place will become fabulous because of so many of your ideas for everything. First Christmas since my husband passed away. A whole new world and life but you always bring me cheer. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Your home looks like it should be in a Christmas movie Karianne!!! Absolutely love it🌲 Just entered the contest for Plow and Hearth and emailed my Mom. We love the quality of their items! Thank you ❤️

  3. Image for Terri Terri

    So.... so... pretty!! Those lights at night!! Love it !!!!! Thanks for the opportunity receive The gift card !!! Here's to hoping its headed my way !!! lolol

  4. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    I love it sweet friend. Your life truly has came full circle... truly a story. So want to light up my house like you did for all to enjoy! Bless you for offering giveaway and sharing your stamp of approval for this company's things. Have always wondered as I love their stuff! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Oh KY had its first minor snow and under a winter storm advisory tonight. Yep skipped fall.. why this gal will always be a summer gal!

  5. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I discovered this great idea from Plow and Hearth several years ago and bought a large wreath for my husband's office building; it saves a lot of stress and worry about making sure there is a little "holiday" lit at the building each evening. Your home looks wonderful!

  6. Image for Sandra Warthen Sandra Warthen

    The house looks beautiful. Love that the greenery is so FULL of lights. Thank you for the opportunity to win the gift certificate. Have a blessed day

  7. Image for Linda Pinion Linda Pinion

    As we get older we become more reflective. Oh how I wish I could go home and have those Christmas holidays again. I would love to see my sweet Daddy in all of his excitement trying to keep a secret about our gifts. He would always say, "you want to know what your gift is?" He could NOT stand not telling us. I would want my Momma to make fudge and the divinity that never turned out...she called it "spoon divinity". I would want to see my grandmother's fancy flocked tree and professionally wrapped packages. And then come home to our house which was so different but filled with so much love. Memories. That's what I have and I am so glad that I can share them. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    Oh I LOVE Plow and Hearth (and your beautiful decorations!) My Christmas candles at my windows for the holidays are from there. They look like pewter (really plastic but you can't tell) and they come on and off automatically every evening. They look so pretty from the inside and outside. I have used them for 3 years now and simply can't wait to get them out each year. Actually...I might do that very thing tonight! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Image for Debrah Debrah

    I have drooled over Plow and Hearth every time I visit Target. You have, as always, made the front of your home look beautiful. I have always loved when someone makes sure the decorations are seen both in daylight and night time. Timers are great for making sure the lights go on and off. Well done sweet Kari, yet again!

  10. Image for norma m. vaughn norma m. vaughn

    Would just give anything to have my house look like that at Christmas this year...wishes only...to much sickness and folks to look after..but, i am putting some candles in the windows...people will think we also have a tree inside..heehee!! loved your post...awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Image for Jillian Jillian

    It looks so pretty! The best and sweetest thing of all is your memories of Christmas past and recreating it. I bet you mom will be touched by this as well. Love that. Hubby spent a whole week putting up lights out side. One of the neighbors asked when we will turn them on. (Thanksgiving eve) After 25 years everyone looks forward to our lights as part of the holiday. My nod to the past is bubble lights on one of the trees...they always take me back to that joyful time in childhood that felt so otherworldly.

  12. Image for Regina Wilson Regina Wilson

    Beautiful! Love hearing your stories. How lucky are you to be able to share your childhood home. Best wish especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  13. Image for Louverna Tomer Louverna Tomer

    Your house is so pretty. I can't decorate anything worth a darn. Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to win. Louverna

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