We are celebrating Christmas in July this week. Here are 17 creative and outside-the-box decorating ideas for Christmas trees.

These tree decorating ideas are perfect for all the Christmas decorating ideas that are just around the corner. Celebrate Christmas in July by starting your Christmas decorating planning now and pin them for later.

Did you know there are 160 days until Christmas?

And. I. Can’t. Wait.

I’m not sure about you, but on December 26 I’m already looking forward to Christmas again.

It’s my favorite time of the year. I’m all about snow and celebration and Santa and elves and mistletoe and Christmas Eve service and Christmas decorating and trees.

Christmas ones.

Every year we put up nine full-sized trees in the house.



Did I just type that?

So my plethora of Christmas trees and I have tons of ideas on decorating and branches and ribbon and unique think outside the box ideas.

The goal of this week? To inspire you to create your own Christmas pinboard with all these ideas. Then you can spend the next 137 days until it’s December 1 taking it easy until it’s time to decorate again.

Here are 17 Christmas tree decorating ideas just for you (you will NOT be disappointed—I worked really hard on the list and they are amazing).

Christmas in July: hang a star from the ceiling

Red and White Christmas Tree

Christmas In July Week: 17 Tree Decorating Ideas

1. Hang the star from the ceiling

Looking for a way to make your tree the talk of the neighborhood?

Instead of just topping a tree, why not take your tree topper to the next level.


We used a thumbtack to hang a star tied to a ribbon from the ceiling.

Merry Christmas Thistlewood

Christmas in July neutral trees

2. Group three smaller trees together

Large trees are expensive.

If a large tree isn’t in your budget, why not make the same statement, but for a lot less money.

These are three white trees from the dollar store that I grouped together.

The largest tree is up on a box in the back to give the trio height.

Magnolia Christmas trees Christmas in July

Farmhouse Screen-in Porch Christmas in July

3. Update a scraggly tree with magnolia

I had boxes of these scraggly trees from the dollar store.

It doesn’t matter how much you fluff a dollar store tree, it’s just going to look like it’s been paryting a little too hard.


I clipped fresh magnolia and added them to the tree.

I’d spritz them every so often and they lasted the season.

Dining Room Decorations Christmas in July

4. Add silver platters to the tree

I collect vintage silver trays.

To add little bling to the tree, I simply tucked them in the branches.

The silver reflected the light and made the tree look extra sparkly.

Red Vintage Christmas Tree Christmas in July

Vintage Christmas Tree

5. Add pom pom trim instead of ribbon

I found tons of red and white pom pom trim at a yard sale.

Instead of ribbon, I just draped the pom pom trim through the branches.

After Christmas was over, I took it off the tree and added it to curtains.

6. Add dried hydrangeas to the tree branches

I’ve actually added dried hydrangea to mantels and swags and greenery.

Here, it’s added to the tree branches.

Wrap a thin gauge wire around the hydrangea and wrap it around an individual branch.

7. Add wooden three-letter monograms

You can order three-letter monograms in wood from etsy.

I ordered them in different fonts in the smallest size and painted them red and white.

Then I tied a ribbon through them and added them to the tree.

The monograms make amazing present toppers, too.

8. Add birch logs to the branches of the tree

Add a little dimension to your tree by adding birch logs.

Take about 12 or more birch logs and insert them in the tree heading upwards.

You could also paint regular twigs white and use those instead.

9. Make your own dotted ornament DIY

I love making my own ornaments and this is one of the easiest.

Take a plain white ornament and add a sticker to the front.

Then dot around the sticker with a sharpie. Remove the sticker to show the outline of the ornament.

10. Make your own handmade ornaments

Here are a few more suggestions for using what you have to decorate the tree:

  • clip bingo cards onto the tree with clothespins
  • make a snowflake out of bedsprings
  • decoupage pictures onto wood blocks
  • use gift tags as ornaments
  • tie snowflakes onto a piece of yarn to make a garland

11. Add branches or stems to your tree topper

Create a little drama with your tree topper.

Start with a large star.

Then tuck in decorative stems or Christmas picks to add height (and a little personality) to the top of your tree.

12. Add framed Christmas words to the tree

This was such an easy idea to fill up the tree.

Find frames (you may have them at home or you can find them dozens of places without spending a lot of money).

Then print out Christmas words, add them to the frames and tie them onto the tree with a ribbon.

13. Use eucalyptus as a tree topper

This was one of my favorite trees.

The tree is full of blue and white ornaments and the top?

It’s simply eucalyptus stems tucked into the tree.

14. Print on ribbon and decorate your tree

I love adding ribbon to a tree.

And what’s better than to make your own.

Here are simple DIY instructions on how to make your own ribbon.

Then drape it through the tree.

15. Make your own wrapped rope ornaments

I love the texture that jute adds to the tree.

You can make your own jute ornaments.

Simply take a styrofoam sphere, start at the top with a drop of hot glue and continue to wrap the rope until you’ve covered the ball. Add a drop of hot glue at the bottom to finish the ornament

16. Add a toolbox instead of a tree skirt

I love thinking outside the box when it comes to a tree skirt.

There are tons of good ideas I’ve seen, like tubs and buckets and baskets, but what about putting something in front of the tree to act like a tree skirt.

This vintage toolbox I’ve used is the perfect example.

17. Add a chalkboard star to the top of the tree

I love a star at the top of the tree.

Especially when it’s chalkboard.

To create this look, simply tuck a chalkboard on top of the tree and draw a star on it.

I love decorating trees.

I love Christmas and thinking outside the box and getting creative.

But my favorite thing about all those evergreen branches?

Is when they hold an ornament with a story like this one. 🙂

Happy Christmas in July

(see you tomorrow with gift wrap ideas)

Red & White Christmas

  1. Santa sleigh silhouette tree skirt
  2. Bow Christmas tree topper
  3. Red and white gingerbread house
  4. Nutcracker tree skirt
  5. Set of knit stockings
  6. Set of red and white ornaments
  7. Red and white gnomes
  8. Giant star Christmas tree topper
  9. Red and white bead Christmas garland

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  1. Image for Janette Janette

    I have to be honest with you about this, I love Christmas but the very thought while we are sweltering { for a change } well I just can't :))...give me a couple of weeks though please... I went and read the story of how you got that precious tree ornament and it made me cry, I felt for you but you were the winner, as you so rightly said. My mother always told me you 'live and learn', its so true, I am so glad you picked yourselves up and went ahead into a wonderful life together. Bless you.xxx

  2. Image for Lauren S Lauren S

    I, too, love Christmas. This was a great post with lots of wonderful ideas. I always enjoy your posts. One comment made me a little sad though. You mentioned that by Dec 26th you're already thinking about next Christmas. I know that as a blogger you have to start decorating early and so perhaps by Christmas you're ready to move on. But it always makes me sad that most people don't celebrate the true Christmas season. The twelve days of Christmas starts with Christmas and ends with Epiphany. When my children were little we always left the wise men out of the nativity set and placed them in another room. Each day after Christmas the children would move them a little closer to the creche. The kings would finally arrive on Jan.6th. We would commemorate with a small gift and a special dinner. It was a special way to celebrate the Christmas season.

    1. Image for MaryJo Materazo MaryJo Materazo

      I love the idea of moving the wise men closer each day. We celebrate 3 kings day or los Reyes magos as we called it growing up. I’m adopting this tradition. Thank you! MaryJo Www.masterpiecesofmylife.com

    2. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

      Not everyone (religion) recognizes/celebrates Epiphany. Just because you do doesn't mean everyone else does or has to. Not trying to be hateful. Just saying. I just felt like you were chastising KariAnne because (as far as you know) she doesn't celebrate Epiphany. Have a good day. Merry Christmas.

  3. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    I'm with you...I love Christmas. It's never too early to start planning. I picked up some great ideas from you today and look forward to what you share for the rest of the week. You are amazingly creative. Thank you for all your great ideas. Karen B.

  4. Image for Patricia Patricia

    I'm tired after just READING this post. You should be exhausted after writing it. Lots of cute ideas. I live in a small condo, and I'm interested in your dollar store hacks for trees. I gave away our old tree when we moved, it was just too big. A friend gave me her one-sided (flat in back) tree but gradually lights have died out. I've been stringing extra lights but I'd really like a small tree ... or three!

  5. Image for Sara Sara

    LOVE the monogram ornaments. So easy! And the black and white decoupaged block - perfect present topper for family!

  6. Image for Amy Amy

    Yay!! Christmas!!!! 🎄 This gets me so excited. I love all of your Christmas trees and different decorations. This has been a dream of mine to have a tree in just about each room of the house. Thank you for sharing details of making the Christmas tree look fuller and beautiful.


    I just love Christmas, too! KariAnne, your trees are so beautiful and I know that a lot of thought went into decorating each one! Just love the story about your "special" ornament that graces your tree each Christmas. Such a disappointing evening has turned into something so "beautiful" on your tree! You are such a "gift" to us and we continue to thank God for you!

  8. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas! I hope to try some of them. I am curious as to how long it takes to decorate 9 trees and take them down.

  9. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Ok I read this, I loved your trees, but I kept looking at my house thinking "Im not ready yet let go of my lemon decor". I just started thinking of my fall decor for September. I have to go slower, enjoy the moment now. But come November I promise to go back and read this again.😃

  10. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    LOL I was wondering the same. It takes me two days just to do our one tree. Can't imagine doing 9! Whoa! Your trees are always so beautiful! So glad you're online to share all that overflows out of that beautiful creative noggin of yours! 😍

  11. Image for Jackie Jackie

    Being born just 4 days before Christmas, it is always a special time for me. I used to have multiple trees all over the house but am down to one due to downsizing. I always fill my trees with baby’s breath after I have hung the ornaments. It looks magical and a bit old fashioned which I love. With time going so fast the tree and decorations are going up earlier this year so we can enjoy them longer. Your trees are beautiful and I am positive that your family loves going from room toro to enjoy the all.

  12. Image for Angela Angela

    I have discovered there are 2 kinds of people in the world... People who love Christmas and those who don’t.... Now I understand why I enjoy your blog so much!... We are both Christmas people! I love seeing and sharing different ideas on how to decorate for Christmas... I’ve been keeping a notebook for years of ideas that worked and those that didn’t... (I thought I was the only one that did things like that)....I understand how some people feel about the real meaning of Christmas... I get it.. I feel the same way..... but for me, it’s a special time of year for our family. Memories are made that last a life time and I want to make it as special as I can. I don’t want to waste a min!... No regrets that I wished I had done something different...Therefore I plan too. Saying all that,...I’ve learned through trial and error not to beat myself up if it doesn’t turn out exactly like I wanted... that’s how new ideas are born!...lol After all Christmas only comes once a year!😉

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