Looking for simple ideas to transition your fall decor to Christmas? Here are some decorating ideas and tips to make your holidays a breeze.


Hello almost November.

Nice to meet you.

I’m so all about you right now.  You are showing up next week and bringing chilly temperatures in the 50’s.

I. Can’t. Wait.

There’s something about November that says hot chocolate and marshmallows and plaid blankets and pinecones and pine branches and chilly days and snowflakes and the wonderful, incredible indisputable fact that the holidays are just around the corner.  I want to get out the Christmas lights and turn on the Hallmark channel and pack up the pumpkins for another year.

But here’s the thing.


It’s still fall.

It’s like I have one foot in fall and one foot in Christmas.  How do I ease my pumpkins out and my fir branches in?  How do I stop drinking pumpkin spice latte and start drinking peppermint mocha?

How do I get my feet to come together?

Here are some of my favorite ways to transition decor from fall to Christmas.

fall decor to Christmas wreath

Simple ideas to transition your fall decor to Christmas

1. Wreath

Decorating for me always starts and ends at the front door.

In November, I typically take down my fall wreath and add more of a winter wreath to the front door.  I make it more winter and less Christmas.  This is just an inexpensive wreath that I found at a discount store.  It was super affordable.  All I did to make it extra special was to wire in fresh magnolia.

The cold weather helps keep the magnolia fresh for several weeks.

And then?

When Christmas gets here, I replace it with an evergreen wreath.

// gold leaf wreath //

This year I added a wreath like this to the foot of the stairs.

You can see the entire entryway for this fall here. I also used the prettiest garland that I’m keeping up until Christmas.

It’s the perfect wreath to decorate with from now until Christmas.

It’s from the My Texas House Collection and the leaves are completely adjustable.

You can see it here.

fall decor to Christmas lanterns

// solar lanterns //

2.  Lanterns

Here’s one of my best transitional pieces.


I put a picture of my fall lanterns and then my Christmas lanterns.

Around the first week of November, I phase out the pumpkins.

I clean out all the stuff the pumpkins leave behind and get them ready for winter.

Sometimes I tie on a white bow with a sprig of greenery.

I’ve used boxwood in the past because it’s not too Christmasy and still has a little bit of fall with it, too.

This year I am so excited because I ordered these solar lanterns to the front porch. They are perfect (especially since the time is about to change) for the front porch steps for fall and Christmas.

You can see the solar lanterns here.

3. Centerpieces

Here’s my centerpiece transitioning from fall to Christmas.

I start off with pumpkins.

And more pumpkins with pumpkins on top.

Then I transition out some of the pumpkins for pinecones.

Then I transition to ribbon and ornaments right before Christmas.

DO NOT over think your centerpiece.


Just start off with a big dough bowl or tool box or long rectangular container.  Something you can fill.  Add in pumpkins and greenery and pinecones.  Take out the pumpkins.  Leave the greenery and pinecones.  Then later add ribbon and ornaments.

4. Throws

Nothing is easier to help make the transition from fall to Christmas than a throw.

I start with fluffy, textured throws for fall.

Those stay with me through winter.

Plaids and faux fur throws and neutral, chunky woven throws are tossed over chairs and put in baskets and folded up on stools.

Right before Christmas, I add in a few brightly colored plaids to layer in a little holiday cheer.

You can see all of my favorite cozy throws here.

fall decor to Christmas pillow

fall decor to Christmas snowflake pillow

5. Pillows

I mostly keep my pillows neutral.

When fall starts, I put away the lighter fabrics and pattern and bring out the textured and woven pillows.

And because I do that—see the pillow transition from fall to Christmas?

It’s literally all of THE SAME PILLOWS.

The key is keeping everything textured and simple and then right around December, adding in one or two statement pillows like this snowflake.

6. Display

Sometimes it’s all about changing out a few pieces.

Here’s the hutch from fall to Christmas.

The white plates are the same.

All I did for fall was add a few pumpkins.

Then transitioning into Christmas, I took away the pumpkins and added a few trees.

Then in December I amped up the trees with reindeer.

fall decor to Christmas snowflake

7. Pinecones

And lastly?

The simplest way to transition from fall to Christmas to winter?



Or some facimile thereof.

There’s an entire category of pinecones and their friends that make the journey with you through the transition.

Here are some of my favorite transitioning friends:

Pinecones (obvi)

Pinecones are the number one thing to transition through the seasons. You can see 21 ideas to decorate with pinecones here.

Acorns (make sure they aren’t real or this might happen)





Velvet ribbon

Paper leaves

White dishes


fall decor to Christmas pumpkins

You got this friends.


All you need to go from this….

fall decor to Christmas trees

…to this.

Is a little imagination.

A little texture.

A little transitional decor.

And a few pinecones and some of their friends. 🙂

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    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Great question! They are so affordable and they make such an impact! You can see them here: https://urlgeni.us/amzn/yi5zT

  1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

    I love these lanterns so much! I’ve used them for a long time and they still light up every day! You can see them here: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/Vd4v

  2. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I too am between fall and christmas decore thoughts! I promised myself no buying anything christmassy (is that even a word?) until after Halloween... yeah right!!! I saw the cutest wire and wood ball wreath at JoAnns yesterday at half price, and it kinda-sorta fell into my cart... I cant wait to put it up 😉 So yes, I'm in the throes of holiday 2 stepping as I call it. Big Hugs,

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Cute ideas! I'm mostly trying to figure out how to manage having a Christmas tree in our small house with our two new kittens. It's gonna be a creative season this year .....

  4. Image for Mary Lou Mary Lou

    I like your ideas of transitioning Fall to Christmas, but it doesn’t make sense to me to take down Fall decor prior to Thanksgiving. I want my Thanksgiving to fully celebrate the Harvest. We leave everything Fall out until the Monday after Thanksgiving, then Christmas arrives big time. We also leave Christmas up until January 6th - which often goes by other names - Little Christmas, the 12th day of Christmas or the Epiphany. I hate to see Christmas trees at the curb on 12/26.

  5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    I don't ever transition slowly. My plan is always clean it out, put in the new stuff. If I tried to do it slowly, sure as anything eventually I would find Peter Rabbit sitting on a shamrock, pointing a cupid arrow at a turkey while Santa was trying to get his reindeer over a pumpkin. It would not turn out well. Lol. Thanks for some beautiful items.

  6. Image for Joan Joan

    I love to plan, pin and purchase Christmas decor, but it is all tucked away until December1st. People are already talking Christmas, and we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet! It’s sad how Thanksgiving is increasingly being swept under the rug. It’s such a great family tradition and I cherish that time, especially at my age. On December 1, I will pack Fall away, and bring out the Christmas cheer!

  7. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    Fall decor (pumpkins,leaves, etc) through Thanksgiving Day. Christmas decor starts once the calendar turns to December.

  8. Image for Sandra Smith Sandra Smith

    Hi, there, and happy almost November! I'm interested in where to purchase the Christmas trees (wooden slats?) in the basket? Thanks so much! Great thoughts on transitioning! Sandra

  9. Image for Melinda Stanton Melinda Stanton

    Lovely and what great ideas! How did you hang the gold wreath on the mirror? I can’t see any tell-tale signs of anything! Thanks KariAnne!

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