If you are a member of the anti-wood painting club.

This is not the post for you.

If you have a visceral reaction to white, painted wood.

Cover your eyes and look away.


And don’t be a hater.


Oh wait.

I forgot.

The last time I said that on the blog, my son told me not to say it anymore.



He said (and I’m quoting here) “Don’t say, ‘Don’t be a hater,’ Mom.”


Why not?

I really think it has a certain ring to it.

“Seriously Mom, no one your age says stuff like that.”



“I mean, Mom, if you are over the age of 30 and you don’t star on a television show….”

Awkward silence.

As he stared at me.


Not sure if he should really continue with this train of thought.



And then he continued on with his brazen attempt to put me into my place.


“I just think you shouldn’t really be saying ‘Don’t be a hater’ if you are over the age of 30 and you don’t star on a television show….”


“….and I’m even a little sketchy about the late 20’s.”


I stopped and thought about this.

And then asked my little colloquialism expert what an ancient relic like me from the middle ages should say instead.

I really wanted to know.

What should I say to someone who might be so quick to dismiss my newly painted white trim?

What’s the proper turn of phrase for an over-thirty non-movie star mom?


(insert furrowed brow drawn up in deep contemplation)

(light bulb)

“I know.  Why don’t you say ‘Don’t be…..

…..a wet dishrag.'”

Oh.  I see.

The old cool, hip, super-current dishrag line.

Why didn’t I think of that?

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  1. Image for Mary@athomeonthebay Mary@athomeonthebay

    Your bathroom looks amazing! Love it! I love the conversation your son had with you... so funny. My son has said things like that to me too. One time we were at the mall and he was walking 20 steps behind me or 20 steps ahead of me, but wouldn't walk next to me. I had to remind him that everyone at the mall has or had a mother... he was not alone in this terrible embarrasment. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your weekend. Mary

  2. Image for Alaina Alaina

    I love the white painted trim and all of the other changes too. Your home is just beautiful and I enjoy getting to see all of the changes you make. My kids make funny comments like that too, they always want to know how it was different in my time. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Image for Fairfield House Fairfield House

    KariAnne, Perhaps your son would give his stamp of approval to: Don't give me any beef. Stay out of my beeswax. I think your white trim is the bee's knees. :) Congrats on being featured! Off to look at your mac and cheese kitchen. Deborah

  4. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    Love this bathroom, especially the painted wood. :) Oh, and my son says not to say "holy Toledo." "Who says THAT anyway, Mom?" Ummm... me. The preschool teacher who has to keep it perpetually rated G. Happy Mother's Day, KariAnne! xo Heidi

  5. Image for Nora Nora

    I love the white trim! My house has all wood trim and I would love to paint it all white, but i'm afraid! haha. It would be a big undertaking but know it would look so much better. You have the most beautiful house, you are very talented and i LOVE to read your blog. Its my favorite!! :) Happy weekend!

  6. Image for Karen H Karen H

    Things my daughter has said to me: "You clap too loud", "Don't say "That's how we roll", "Don't ever wear those shoes in front of my friends", "It's Tosh.0, not Josh.2" (admittedly that was uncool), and the list goes on. I am definitely in the paint wood white group but my husband HATES to paint wood. He thinks it's a crime against nature or something. But what if the wood is UGLY? Apparently, ugly wood is preferable to painted wood. The wood I want to paint is in our bathroom, also. The vanity is stained an awful orange/brown color. Maybe I'll just do it one day when he's at work!

  7. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    LOVE IT! What a bright space! Add this phrase to your vocabulary and you will really get a fun reaction....."Haters gonna' hate". I added that phrase after my kids said to NOT say, "don't be a hater". You would have thought I had walked out to a pool full of teenagers in a string bikini, it was deemed so offensive by my teenage offspring. Their reaction is so fun to watch when I say, "haters gonna' hate" after they cop an attitude over something I have cooked...rolled their eyes at me over something I have said..... or looked questioningly at something I'm wearing. "Haters gonna' hate". So fun to mess with their heads! : ) Try it! Let me know how much fun you have! Love, Me

  8. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Awesome, awesome, bathroom...oh, am I too old to say that?.....I did not know that certain phrases were restricted to the young, hip, rich and famous....I am glad that your son is setting us straight...putting us in our place....making certain we do not embarrass ourselves....a true gentleman! And, on that note...I am definitely NOT A HATER!!....I so love the bathroom...so glad to finally see the reveal!!...I just love the pops of red and that exit sign..oh I am so NOT A HATER.... Oh, and another thing...congratulations on you "being a contender"...you know that contenders for magazine contests definitely fall into the "movie star category"....so go ahead, go ahead and say, "Don't be a Hater" with pride and conviction....waving a wet dishrag! Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your ladies and "gentlemen"...

  9. Image for Bliss Bliss

    I do not have a have a visceral reaction to white, painted wood, just to blue flowered tone stripped wall paper. I can visualize the reflective nature of it as well and it makes me want to be sort of a wet dishrag. ~Bliss~

  10. Image for Anne Anne

    Hi mid-century relic!! Guess that makes you "vintage" also... which is all the rage right now, so you can revel in your popularity!!! (and me as well because I'm of the same vintage as you, only I don't have anyone around to remind me of it.) Love the bathroom - so much better than the before! Wanna pop over and assist with my bathroom reno?? It's only a few thousand miles away... please??? Have a fabulous weekend! xox

  11. Image for Karah @ thespacebetweenblog Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    Hahahaha, 'don't be a wet dishrag', I use that all the time. ;) what if you when gangsta and with a bit of swagger said 'hey, don't be a hatah, yo'. What would he think of that? Hope you've had a wonderful week and will be doing something fun this weekend! Karah

  12. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    You need to ask your wise word "expert" what does a really old, old person say in these circumstances- does "wet rag" work for them too. Yet I do agree with him that someone of your word means could probably come up with a better expression than either "hater" or "wet rag" - can't wait to see what your creative mind churns out.

  13. Image for everton terrace everton terrace

    Well I'm over 40 and I still say that. I like to tell my 26 year old not to get up in my grill because it makes her laugh so hard. Hearing it come out of my mouth kind of makes me laugh too. Can't say I've used the dishrag line, might give it go though. Really like your shower curtain, super cute! I've also started using the (made up) word frack instead of another, much less nice, f word. I don't think I'm fooling anyone.

  14. Image for Susan Susan

    We would probably never speak without our kids coaching us, huh? I mean how did we ever converse before they came along? Hahahaha. My kids are always busting me for things I say trying to keep up with the current "lingo." But then I usually stick with the ol stand-by's like rad and awesome. ;) I'm hopeless! On that note...your bathroom is TOTALLY RAD! ;) The colors, the styling, the crisp white....No, I'm not a hater. Not a hater at ALL! :) Fantastic job. p.s. I think this is the longest comment I've ever made. Ever.

  15. Image for Rita@thissortaoldlife Rita@thissortaoldlife

    Don't ever even think of telling them that you're hot. I did that a few years back (jokingly!), and I was told (very seriously!) that it is, by definition, impossible to be hot if you're over 35. Or if you're a mom. So now we all know: If you're a mom, your days of being hot are over. And that's probably when you can't say words like "hater" and "grill" and other such words. Good thing we can take solace in pretty bathrooms.

  16. Image for Jean Jean

    That was a riot! I'm 52 and say "dude" all the time. Don't recall my children admonishing me, but I'm sure they say it in their heads! I get nervous about people judging me for painting SOME of the wood trim in my 1920's home, but I say not everything can be brown...right?!! Love the bathroom!

  17. Image for Katie @ Paisley Print Shoes Katie @ Paisley Print Shoes

    I LOVE IT!!!! Question - where did you get the flooring? We are redoing our bathroom in the next couple weeks and were about to order some flooring....but your post has made me second guess our decision! I LOVE your bathroom - it is fantastic!

  18. Image for judi judi

    lol. i still think your cool, no matter how you say it or how old you are. i have white painted woodwork throughout my old farmhouse and have been on a mission to strip it all off. i love the patina of the old wood when it's uncovered. however, after seeing all this white painted woodwork throughout blogland & your home, i am loving it. the problem with mine is that is has SO many old layers of chippy paint (probably lead somewhere in the mix) that it needs to be removed in order to see the beauty of the woodwork details. ugh...the decisions are distressing! lol. congrats on the whisper wood contender! love that amy's blog. happy mother's day my friend! judi

  19. Image for Lynn Lynn

    Dear, you don't LOOK a day over 29 and you SHOULD have your own TV show. So that means you can get all jiggy with it and say whatever rad word pops into your head. Congrats on your kitchen feature! Your kitchen is so amazing and has just the right amount of "bling".

  20. Image for Jessica @ Mom 4 Real Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

    The bathroom is beyond gorgeous! How old is your son? That sounds exactly like something my 14 year old would say! Mine is mad because his friends all follow me on Twitter and I have more followers than him...bahahahaha! Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  21. Image for SheilaG SheilaG

    Your bathroom looks wonderful! I love the clean look of painted wood, though I have a sneaking feeling we'll be rolling back around to stripping all this painted stuff before you know it. I think men especially hate to see wood painted. Your son is a hoot (is that word allowed?) :)

  22. Image for cindy cindy

    i actually said "WHOA" out loud when i saw the pic of the original bathroom.......great job and i'm kinda in love w/chairs in different places. really great job on the redo........dude, so hip and groovy.........guess when i grew up.

  23. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Wow! Really? We need to have an intervention with this guy. That is an old phrase. My grandmother said that, and she has been dead more than thirty years. Where has he even heard that one? I was waiting at a red light one day and getting down to the music, and my grandson asked me to please not do that anymore. In his opinion it just wasn't something his grandmom should do. It was "weird". Love, love, the bathroom.♥♥♥

  24. Image for {Adventuresindinner} {Adventuresindinner}

    The 'not-painting-wood' phobia is mainly a guy thing isn't it? Not being 'a hater' (and honey, I am WAY over my 20's) I am an equal opportunity painter but I tend to wait until the husband has left the house for several hours so that he doesn't freak out too much C:

  25. Image for Michele Michele

    Love white, love your home, your pictures and especially your humour. I am still laughing. SO SO funny. Tell your adorable son I said "OH, SNAP!" (the latest thing coming out of Cali, my daughter in her 20s who just moved back from SoCal says it all the time and she is so just ultra.) Then tell him I am not a wet dishrag nor a hater, but that I am a groovy neato cat's meow of a blog friend and love his momma's white stuff! Then give yourself a hug, Mom, cuz you so deserve it. Hugs and lots of smiles. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND!

  26. Image for Shari @ Turnstyle Vogue Shari @ Turnstyle Vogue

    Ha...it sounds like we could spend hours sharing stories of our sons' philosophical "tips." Your bathroom looks wonderful! I think I'm just going to have to share it with everyone else. Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day...and don't be a hater ;) Shari

  27. Image for dee dee dee dee

    Karianne, no wet dish rags required....... excellent redo on your bathroom! I noticed the exit sign.... my son just bought one for his room a few weeks ago! Not a hater...... dee dee

  28. Image for Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

    Love, love, love the pops of red in the bath! Love your son's comments. Many years ago, when I had teenage sons living at home, one 14 year old said, when he saw me in sweat paints, turtleneck and matching sweatshirt (this was in upstate NY in the 1980's in the middle of 20 below zero winter), "You aren't going out in public in that are you?" Well, I hadn't planned on it, but I had to say yes, I was :-)

  29. Image for Laurel Stephens Laurel Stephens

    No wet dishrag/ hater here. I LOVE your white bathroom, and you have helped me decide without a doubt that this is what I'm going to do with my own hundred year-old bathroom makeovers. Beautiful and fresh!

  30. Image for Barbara F Barbara F

    You're bathroom is so gorgeous! Will you tell us a little more about the cute white chair? Did you paint it, if so, what kind of paint? It's funny, I'm looking at the beautiful pictures trying to pay attention to the story, but so hard not to be distracted by all the red and white deliciousness! I especially love the little white pillow with the red quilted star - you have such a way with details. Enjoy Mother's Day with your great kids, in particular, the young colloquialism expert!!! :-) Barbara

  31. Image for Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    What? You got rid of the brass??? : ) I think it looks fantastic, Karianne! So bright, clean and fresh. Hmmm, I think that as a responsible parent who must embarrass their child until they reach the age of majority {or get out of your house} you should continue to use "don't be a hater". My son explained a new term to me when he was telling me a story about some girl - she didn't want to be "wifed up". "Wifed up" - WTF???? However, I don't plan on using that one anytime soon. I'll leave that to the young 20-somethings.

  32. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Good to know I can say "hater" for a few more years until I turn into a crusty late 20's gal. Lol- oh wait, can I say Lol?! Or since I've left my teenage days behind am I banned? ;)

  33. Image for Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com

    Tell him that you ARE famous in blog world! You are the darling of the home dec blogosphere, and are recognized for your humorous, quirky, and always entertaining posts! You readers expect a little hip lingo! Tell him, that's just how you rollin' in the hizzy, yo! (I actually think Karah said something similar!) I say, the more you unintentionally embarrass your kids, the higher your cool factor rises with the "old folks" like us! :-) I love the "don't be a hater" phrase, and I intend to WEAR. IT. OUT. before I decide to retire it, and move on to something else! Your bathroom is gorgeous. I am SO crushing on the white trim! (Also not a cool statement with the kids, I guarantee it!) Cute accessories, and pops of red! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!! xo-Lisa

  34. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Your bathroom looks amazing. I Love the white, the pops of red and that exit sign. You gotta love boys. My oldest asked me last year if I wouldn't mind not going to his school to volunteer for awhile. I of course was upset but he explained it was nothing I did. He shared that some of his friends think I'm hot. He of course said that was just gross and that I in fact was not all that hot.

  35. Image for debbiedoos debbiedoos

    Beautiful bathroom Karianne...love the white, so fresh and so clean!~My older boys says things to me all the time of what not to say...LIKE for example last night he told me if I tell him the advise of kill em with kindness one more time he was going to scream...I replied what'st he problem with that? He said I been saying it for years over and over LOL!

  36. Image for Becca Becca

    You know, jealous is a dirty little emotion. That's why I'll just say I am so happy that you have such a lovely home. You deserve it!! Another pin-worthy room makeover!! You knock my socks off!! xo Becca

  37. Image for Lorrie Lorrie

    I love white painted trim. And I finally convinced my husband (a wood lover) to let me paint the china cabinet. It's in the garage/shop now, dissembled and TSP'd waiting for the sanding to begin. I've stopped telling people that I'm painting it because of the varied reactions I get - "oh no" "you wouldn't" "how could you?" etc. I'm trying to not be a hater. Oh wait, I mean a wet dishrag.

  38. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    HI Grandma Moses! If you are an ancient relic - I'm in the same wheelchair as you! But luckily with age comes fabulous decorating because this bathroom rocks! Do I recognize that shower curtain as the cousin to your numbered pillow. Wow numbers really do have a place in your heart. I can really see why you want my numbered toolbox! I do like to donate to the elderly, so I'll think about it (maybe I can write it off)! Kelly

  39. Image for Emily @the wicker house Emily @the wicker house

    Well I'm defintely not a hater or a wet dishrag, this bathroom is so dang cute. I love the shower curtain . Looks like your bathroom has come a long way from that top picture. I did noticed you left the door wood, like it!

  40. Image for Lori Lori

    First off to wood lovers: PLEASE DO NOT BE A HATER!!! Karianne, THANK GOD you painted that trim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Mothers day, love ya, Lori

  41. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    "A …...wet dishrag" really is that what he came up with I think I prefer the term" don’t be a hater".......................but moving onto the topic of white painted trim I think white painted trim is cool I like it maybe not as much as "don’t be a hater" but I do like it........................lol

  42. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Cute post, Karianne! Now just WHO has he heard say "wet dishrag"?!? Ahhh, he's older than his years! Seriously, I adore your new clean white bath. It is sooo organized that I'm more than just a bit jealous. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! Big TX Hugs, Stephanie

  43. Image for Elzabeth@ Blue Clear Sky Elzabeth@ Blue Clear Sky

    Bright, clean, fresh and such nice details. You go girl. We have to keep our kids on their toes. I'm sure it says so in the mom manual.

  44. Image for Kristel Kristel

    Oh, you had me laughing, the things kids say to us, really. Your son seem adorable, doesn't he know how fast time flies by? ;) Love all the painted wood, so much brighter and cheery. Hope you have a wonderful mother's day!

  45. Image for Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias

    LOL My husband and I sit and read your posts together. They are so entertaining and fun! We laugh and laugh about freshy and now we can add wet dishrag to the mix. We love your funny stories together with your beautiful pics of your farmhouse. Your son definitely inherited your great sense of humor! And I LOVE your white bathroom. Beautiful!

  46. Image for Kelly @ View Along the Way Kelly @ View Along the Way

    I have a happiness reaction to fresh white trim and that bathroom! Also, I'm deeply disturbed that your son is even a little sketchy about THE LATE 20S?! I was sitting here all smug about his not-over-30 comment, thinking that I've been safe, but NOW LATE 20S ARE OLD?!! Can't a girl just be young for a few more minutes until the 30th birthday gets here?!

  47. Image for NanaDoll NanaDoll

    If this were a conversation with MY son or daughters, I would be somewhat annoying and reply with..."Duuuuuuude, don't be a hater when I say 'Don't be a hater!.'" lol--but i Love the painted wood!

  48. Image for Peggy Peggy

    I have to admit I've had as much fun reading the comments to my husband as much as what you wrote. However I do have to tell you this my husband said he "felt cheated." Where was the whole picture? We both LOVE the updated bathroom! And yes painted wood is far better than ugly wood!! I love the contrast between the old door and the white & red of the room. It looks so clean and restful! And the "don't be hater..." well that saying is as old as the hills. Seriously, I mean I can remember it back in the late 70's/early 80's being said by some of the "older" ladies at church. so yep its a case of what goes around comes around! (shushhhhhhhhhh don't tell my kids i said yep or possibly even yeah... 'cause i'm the grammar queen in our house and make them say "yes"... i know i'm such a meanie... ha ha!) At least your son didn't say don't be a wet blanket! :) Toodles my friend and have a wonderful weekend!

  49. Image for Keeping it Cozy Keeping it Cozy

    LOL. It looks fresh and beautiful! Love that you painted the trim white but left the door in its natural state - just the right mix. And congratulations on the kitchen feature - your kitchen is gorgeous.

  50. Image for Elena Elena

    I am all over that painted wood like white on rice. (Or maybe I should say white on wood?) (Perhaps we of ancient relic status should just skip the colloquialisms altogether?) Oh whatever.... Gorgeous bathroom, Karianne!

  51. Image for Linda @ it all started with paint Linda @ it all started with paint

    Hey, I'm late to this hater versus wet dishrag party ... I turned my back on the computer yesterday (well, 99% turned my back). But love the bathroom tease ... Seriously it looks amazing. I have nothing witty to say. I'll leave that to the 67 others. This is one really long line ... :) Linda

  52. Image for Lisa Lisa

    What a beautiful transformation. I don't think you can go wrong with white...love it! Love the humor. My kids are always telling me what not to say. Cracks me up. Happy Pink Mother's day! Have a wonderful day. Lisa ~hugs~

  53. Image for Karen Karen

    The bathroom looks gorgeous, and this story is hilarious! I don't know how old your son is, but the thinking your mom is too old for saying, wearing, whatever doesn't go away for a while. In the meantime, I just do my best to try to embarrass my children as much as possible, whenever possible. I don't really have to work at it. Just my mere existence at the wrong times seems to do the trick. Wet dishrag that you are.....

  54. Image for Jackie Jackie

    Hilarious! Like another commenter said, I do wonder where he'd have heard that phrase (wet dishrag), but it's so retro it's cute... I may have to drag it out for reuse! ;-) Your bathroom is lovely (as is the rest of your house, that I've seen so far). I just discovered blog (and the butler's pantry!), so I've been scouring through your posts to try to get info on the four grays. I have a somewhat contemporary townhouse (wish it was a cute farmhouse instead!), with large porcelain tile in the main living areas that looks sort of like travertine, with beige and taupe tones and just hints of cream and gray (but mostly reads beige/taupe). I'd love to replace it, but can't afford it right now... I originally painted the walls a beige tone that seemed to match (with white trim), but after it was on the walls, I can see it has way too much red in it, so it looks too "peachy" compared to the tile.... and I HATE it (yes, I am a hater! LOL! My dislike of this peachy tone is greater than a "wet dishrag" would imply!!). Most people don't notice, and my house doesn't get a lot of light, so it's really not so noticeable in low light. But when the early morning light hits it, I really notice it... so I was considering trying to find a cooler taupe tone, or just a white.... but have been feeling compelled to go gray. But i wasn't sure if gray would work with the beige floors (and with black)--I have quite a few black pieces, and black countertops in the kitchen--I like the contrast of black. So your white and gray pantry with the beige-y looking floors was very interesting to me... I'm just not sure about weaving in my black stuff with gray, white and beige. I do like a lot of white. In my bedroom I have dark hardwood floors, with the same tile in the bath area, same paint, white trim. Dark wood furniture, white linens. I've been considering painting that room white or gray also, and maybe painting the furniture as well (but it's pretty nice furniture, so I run into the "don't paint the wood" feeling there....even though I'm not crazy about the dark wood). Any thoughts/advice from you or your readers would be appreciated....

  55. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    Beautiful bathroom ! Love the pops of the red against the white. I am a stained wood lover, but lately want to paint things white. You did a great job. Loving that floor tile too. : ) Your son's reaction to your phrase cracked me up. Isn't it interesting how our kids don't want us to talk like their friends? I guess it weirds them out.

  56. Image for Sherry@The Impatient Remodelers Sherry@The Impatient Remodelers

    I love, love, love your whole house! The bathroom is so great! We are just about to gut our kids bathroom. I am curious what paint colour you used in yours? Ours has no natural light and I am having such a hard time.

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