In case you haven’t noticed.

Just in case you have been out of the country on an exotic island or under a rock or twiddling your banjo-playing toes.

It’s true.

Barn wood is the current “IT girl.”  It’s everywhere and anywhere and all the wheres that where could ever be.

You could even say that……it’s the new silly bands for 2012.


Good thing I live in the country.

Good thing I live where there are plenty of cows and sheep and goats and horses and hay.

Good thing people build places for all of those animals to live in.

And good thing I know people who know people who know people who own….you guessed it….




I’ve seen barn wood wainscoting.

And barn wood tables.

And a super pricey, but awesomely cute barn wood platform beds.

And barn wood signs.

And absolutely-adorable-wish-I-would-have-thought-of-it-first barn wood headboards.

But today is not furniture-building-wainscot-sign-making-Monday.  Today, a group of my favorite bloggers and I are all posting our favorite “It’s a Cinch” for the month.

Easy.  Simple.  Uncomplicated.

I think today should be called….it’s a cinch….the second chapter.


Barn Wood Letter

1.  Start with your barn wood.  

If you get it right off the barn you will need to clean it….thouroughly.

If you know people who know people who will go and get the barn wood and clean it and leave it for you to pick up….count your blessings.

I am lucky.

I have two barn czars.

Daryl and Dale.

I’m adding them to my payroll….along with my arrow-creator and my vinyl-maker.

With all my peeps you can just call me the P Diddy of rural Kentucky.

 (2)  Draw out your letter on the barn wood.  

Typically barn wood is about 11″ wide.

This Z is 11″ wide and 14 3/4″ long.  The top and the bottom and diagonal lines are all 3″ wide.

Is this even making sense?  I think I really need Becca to write all my tutorials for me.

She speaks tutorial fluently.


(3)  Using a scroll saw, cut out the letter you traced in the barn wood and sand the edges to give it a worn look.

That’s it.





Then hang your barn letter in the playroom.

And take your barn czar out to dinner and…..

   ….tell him….now the barn doors are calling your name 🙂

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  1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    LOVE this project but alas in the heart of suburbia in the Garden State aka...JERSEY...barns are not a plenty...but i can marvel at the plenty of of these magnificent structures through your presentation which is stellar! (no smell either : ) LOL!!!!! each letter that you create has a piece of history that comes with special is that! your creations are amazing as are you! sending hugs...

  2. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Kariane, you are the queen of making it's a cinch and easy peasy really should possible for those skill challenged. I'll be leaving for work in a few minutes, and I'll have Zs on my mind. Zs gentile on my mind, that is.♥ I was pulling for Hansen, and I had on my hat. But, I love the Derby regardless of the winner. And, of course I was thinking of you.

  3. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Oh, it's another wonderful "toot"...!!! .But for me...I would have to give a shout out to the scroll saw that he could come over and "scroll saw" the letter...for power tools are not in my "toot" scenarios......."back away from the power tools, he says".....and this scroll saw czar is a very wise man.....As I said many times before....sure am glad that my car is not in the power tool category!!! Love barn wood letter that "Z"....!!!

  4. Image for Laura Laura

    I love it. Now I just need barn wood, a scroll saw, and a person to cut it for me, as my children banned me from sharp things years ago. They also banned me from high heels, but we won't go there. :) Laura

  5. Image for Anne Anne

    Great idea, I love the plain barn wood as a letter. But this project isn't a cinch if you don't have a scroll saw, though. You're in deep doo doo if you don't have a scroll saw. You're probably in deep doo doo anyway if you're in someone else's barn, taking wood off the side of it and running away (and even moreso if they have horses and cows...) lol xox

  6. Image for Vee Vee

    Barn wood has been "in" for a very, very long time because I am older than barn dirt and, once upon a time, I considered selling our barn for the wood, over thirty years ago now. In the end, I kept the old barn and gave up ideas of building a smaller garage with the funds. I did, however, harvest the wood from an old shed and have it put down for my kitchen floor. What a great old floor it made. I miss that floor. Always fun to check in on you and learn what you've been up to. You are always up to something!

  7. Image for Linda @ it all started with paint Linda @ it all started with paint

    Maybe your barn wood czar and your scroll saw czar can conspire to create a second barn wood Z and send it my way ... It can play with my son's S (because his middle name starts with a Z) and then Karah can send me her B and his initials will be complete ... :) Linda

  8. Image for everton terrace everton terrace

    Not a lot of barn wood hanging out here in the middle of Phoenix :) You are very lucky to have so much of it at your fingertips. You could slap these letters up on Etsy and make a small fortune. The kind that could at least send you out on a little shopping spree and maybe a nice lunch at least. I love them!

  9. Image for Ashley Ashley

    I love your letter! I wish we had of been more organized when we tore down the shack - there was amazing 11" tongue and groove barn boards that we just let burn because it was all so overwhelming.

  10. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Give me a K! I mean, I seriously want a barn wood K! I know I'm not being subtle here but what's a non-barn wood knowing supplier to do? As the P Diddy of barn wood, it's your obligation to help out all the up and coming barn wood wannabes and be our dealer. I can picture you dressed in black, standing on a lone street corner in the wee hours of the morning dealing barn wood out of a big windowless van. It's for the greater good - since barn wood is the new black, you need to share the wealth. Kelly (that's a K, remember)

  11. Image for Gwen Gwen

    I do so love letters... all twenty-six of them. They are amazing in every little way. And you my friend, have your way with them each and every post. Your posts shouldn't even be called posts b/c it belittles them... Horses are tied to posts and fences are hung on posts...Heck, even barnwood is nailed to posts... Yours should be called written feasts...they feed my soul.

  12. Image for the salvage collection the salvage collection

    do you make this @$#& up? daryl and dale? really??? barn wood Z is now heading up my "things i envy" list.

  13. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    You always amaze me! I love the barn wood "Z". What a great idea! You always start my day with a smile! I agree with Keeping It Cozy, the readers comments are so interesting and funny! I am in love with that old barn! Very cool!

  14. Image for dee dee dee dee

    Please pass onto your posse... Great Job~ dudes (Randy Jackson word of the season.... I guess long gone is the day of the dawgs!) ex zzzz lent! dee dee.

  15. Image for Shannon Fox Shannon Fox

    Barn wood (and old fence boards). They will keep you busy for years. What a great source to mine from!! That is fantastic for you. ...and of course, I love the Z =)

  16. Image for Elena Elena

    Oh P. Diddy! I thought *I* was the new "it girl".... Bested by barn wood again! Seriously, love the letter and will be pinning it shortly. Now I need to get me some of that barn wood... xo Elena

  17. Image for

    Alright, I need a barn wood dealer! Drive that windowless van to Los Angeles, and you would make a KILLING, sister!! People would freak over that stuff here! It would be better than gold! Rachel Ashwell would be banging on the side of the van wearing giant sunglasses, and holding a wad of cash$$.There IS NO supply here! Loving your project, it's adorable as usual! What are you doing with the Z? Zebra, Zelda, A to Z...? I love it! Ok, P Diddy, I am super jealous of your barn wood connections! But I am so happy that you have them, so you can create awesome things and blog about them! :-) Have a great day! xoxo-Lisa

  18. Image for Drama Mama Lori Drama Mama Lori

    Wow! That is quite a barn! My parents knocked down the old barn on their farm a few years ago, but the last time I went to get wood a snake was sunbathing there anyway. I haven't move that fast in a long time! I love this letter - asking for a scroll saw for Mother's Day!!! ~Lori

  19. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    What a cool looking barn, and your Z different I must say but I have to ask what is the difference between barn wood and the wood someone would use to build a I have never been in a barn why is this well I am a city gal....................born and

  20. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    I lied I just remember when I was about 12 going with my parents to visit someone they knew who lived in the country and that time I visited his barn and drank milk straight from the cow.................

  21. Image for debbiedoos debbiedoos

    So cool Karianne! You are so stinkin creative girl. I hope you get this message, as I think all my previous ones may have been going to spam. I corrected the problem now I HOPE. Have a great night.

  22. Image for Kathy @ Pearls in Paradise Kathy @ Pearls in Paradise

    Love that barn wood Z! Yes, who knew that barn wood would be so desirable? I have a barn wood table in my breakfast nook that I adore. The guy who made it refinished the wood so that it really doesn't even look like barn wood, but something from Pottery Barn. I know that it is barn wood though and tell anyone that inquires about the table that it was made from barn wood. It makes me feel updated!

  23. Image for Kelly @ DTTDidc Kelly @ DTTDidc

    I love old barns. Whenever I see an old, broken down and abandoned barn in a field, I wonder about the farmer who owned it and the people who built it and the animals that it was built for. Once upon a time, it was a strong building that was probably at the middle of all the action. It's sad to see old dilapidated barns, but there's something magical about them too. You're so luck y to have access to wonderful barn wood - love the big Z :-) I bet you'll be coming up with lot of other great barn wood crafts, cinchy or not :-)

  24. Image for Mrs. C Mrs. C

    Old barn wood, reclaimed old barn wood!!! My heart swoons at the mention of it!!! We were told we were going to be given some just this past Saturday. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Love your Z, it is very cool!

  25. Image for Amy@BuffaloRoam Amy@BuffaloRoam

    People around here used to pay good money to have someone tear down their old barns. Now they take bids! Crazy. Awesome letter. I happen to be a fan of the current "it" girl. :)

  26. Image for Laurel Stephens Laurel Stephens

    Your posts always make me chuckle, and I look forward to each one. I'm super envious of your barn wood supply. Holy cow! I featured your "Z" today. Thanks so much for inspiring me.

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