My house slept in this morning.

It was all my fault.

Normally I wake it up first thing.


And yes, you read that correctly.

Not my family… house.

Some people talk to their plants.  Some people talk to their pets.

I talk to my house.

And first thing in the morning, when all the house is silent….

….before four children need lunch money or hair bows tied or permission slips signed or family fun night forms filled out or great discussions on why Abraham Lincoln was such a great president or that president is spelled  p_r_e_s_i_d_e_n_t   not   p_r_e_c_e_d_e_n_t.

Before chaos reigns.

When all is still.

And it’s just me and the house.

I wake it up.

I tiptoe quietly from room to room….

…..and turn on one lamp, then another.

I karate chop a pillow here or there (sorry Kolein).

Maybe even pick up a backpack or homework or tiny piece of paper or cheerio or a toothbrush or….

……a stinky sock or two.

Sometimes if the house and I are feeling extra adventurous, I open the french doors and let the morning right in.

And say, “Welcome to the world little house.”

But that’s only on special days.

That’s only when we are feeling really crazy.

My house and I.

And after the pillows are fluffed and the lights are on.

And the stinky socks are picked up and another morning begins.

It’s a new day.

I can feel the house smile.

But this morning I was late.

Time was short.

I only had time to gulp down a cup of coffee and give a cursory wave to the house in passing.

Tomorrow there will be more time.

Time to savor the morning and wake up the house properly.

Time for salutations and conversation.

I’m looking forward to it.

After all, I really need to know why…oh…why last night Bachelor Ben ever picked Courtney?

And I’m sure the house has a big opinion 🙂


PPS  All house waking up pictures were taken by RTM Connect.

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  1. Image for antiquechase antiquechase

    I get your blog in email form so I don't comment as often as I would like. but... your house and writing are so charming and I wanted to make sure I told you today how much I like your blog. Marcy :)

  2. Image for Bethanie Bethanie

    Because Bachelor Ben must be a glutton for punishment...wait til they watch the show together and he sees what a beeeatch she really is.... I totally understand the waking up your house thing...normally on school mornings I just get to do a quick "hey, gotta run" (having to be AT school by 7:15 will do that to you) but on the weekends, I love getting up before everyone and puttering or enjoying the quiet alone. I love reading your blog and you always inspire me with your decorating and give me a grin with your glad I found your blog!

  3. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    My house and I are best friends in the morning, too, when the sunlight is streaming through the windows and bidding me a warm good morning. Loved this post today- xo Diana

  4. Image for Andrea Andrea

    I love this post....In fact, I do the same, or I used to. Now, I am with my house in it's dream state. During those midnight and 4 am feedings (as our new babe is like clockwork), I sit in my cozy chair in the living room and enjoy the quiet that is the sleeping house. I look around and daydream of all the projects I'd like to do (and I may or may not imagine gutting my entire kitchen and starting with a fresh design that is more in keeping with my taste). The house and I are keeping each other company in those quiet, moonlit hours. I do enjoy my night time ritual for now, but hope to one day soon let the house sleep and get back to waking it up fresh in the morning...high hopes when babe is only 12 days old =)

  5. Image for Sheila Sheila

    Didn't follow the Bachelor this season. Guess not I'm glad that I didn't. I'm not sure what this room is used for but it is absolutely beautiful. I love the way the french doors open and let in the light. I look forward to your blog everyday. Have a great week. Sheila

  6. Image for Melody Melody

    WOW, I never really thought about the house that way but I do the same. It is my favorite time of day...getting my husband off to work, having that first cup of coffee, opening the shades, turning on the lamps etc. I really enjoy that ritual and then about an hour to read blogs. ;)

  7. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    I get to say goodnight to my house since I'm never the first to wake! Love that quiet time when all is still (and finding stinky socks shoved under the sofa cushions)! Another fantabulous room judo chopped pillow and all! Yes, I watch Real Housewives but can't stomach The Bachelor (I have low, but still some standards)!! Kelly

  8. Image for kim kim

    In reply to another commenter, Ben did watch the show and does know who she really is. I truly doubt it will last, but who knows. Karianne, I can't believe there is another gorgeous room I haven't seen. I am packing my bags and moving in so get my room ready. K? and one more thing you just may find a few missing boxes. Just sayin.

  9. Image for Kelly Kelly

    Your house looks beautiful (as always). I know what you mean by waking it up too. Ha! When you have to get up early and get everyone off to school somebody's got to get the coffee started and the breakfast made and the rooms picked up! Love that pic with the fireplace burning.

  10. Image for Vee Vee

    Mercifully, I have no knowledge of Ben and his choice. The only thing I can comment on is how lovely to talk to your beautiful home.

  11. Image for Beatrice Banks Beatrice Banks

    What a treat to see yet another gorgeous room! Love every detail. My middle school boy has to wake up at 6. I'm not a morning person so the house and I don't even speak until the kids are out the door. Then I do all the things you said.

  12. Image for CAS CAS

    I think that's lovely! I think I do the opposite. I put my house to be -- doing a bit of tidying, fluffing. It certainly feels good to start your day with your house ready to go, too! CAS

  13. Image for Ashley @ First Home Dreams Ashley @ First Home Dreams

    I cannot wait to love my house enough to "wake it up" in the morning!! But with one room in progress and 7 more rooms to renovate (and I mean seriously renovate), well, there's no waking up yet because lamps shine light on the unsightly blemishes of crumbling plaster, chipped paint, and dirty woodwork. We'll get there!

  14. Image for Amanda Barnett Amanda Barnett

    I totally agree. I love that I have found someone who loves her house like I do. Some people think I'm weird that way, but I think it's sad when I see a home that isn't well loved. No matter what size or how old with enough love any house can be beautiful. And your's is definitely beautiful. I also am one who puts my house to bed and it's the best part of my day. I love your blog and your way with words. Thanks so much, I read every post. Oh, and the Ben thing must have been because of the skinny dip. He is sooo going to regret that decision.

  15. Image for Karah @ thespacebetweenblog Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    So great! I am in love with your home, karate chopped pillows and all. I was hoping maybe you didn't have time to wake up the house because you were giving Ben a haircut. :) And, I'll give you one guess which Caribbean island the Bachelorette finale is going to be on next season... Karah

  16. Image for Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista

    Just saw that show for the first time last night. Totally get what everyone is talking about. The whole "spring forward" thing has really been hard, we are all sleeping in, making us rushed in the mornings instead of my usual crafty/cuddly time with the kids.

  17. Image for Jen (Arriving) Jen (Arriving)

    Snowflakes the size of quarters coming down here and you are throwing open your french doors to let the morning in.... I am officially jealous (although the snow is gorgeous, still... March?). Ben picked Courtney because the two of them have earned each other. The funniest part is that in the "after" show... she managed to turn it around on him and be the "victim". I almost threw up. Maybe a little (blank) whipped? May be.

  18. Image for Beverly Beverly

    I am so happy that you and your house have this important relationship. But, I never would have guessed that it was informed about The Bachelor. I've never been able to bring myself to watch that show, but I have seen snippets over the years. I saw Bachelor Ben on something (maybe a recorded The View), and I just didn't "get" him. Ick! And, that hair. Ick! Okay, I'll try to be nice now. But, I just had to get those icks out of my system. Ick! Ick! Ick! Now, on to house things. What is that you have hanging inside the bookcase? I am so loving that. I have a blank white space in our dining room built in that kind of bugs me. Why don't you stop by this weekend and give me your opinion.♥

  19. Image for Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    That is so cute! I never wake up early enough to "wake up" my house. :) I'm not really that into the Bachelor, but a friend of ours had a few parties with sangria so I went to watch ;) I missed all of the early Courtney drama, so I didn't hate her as much as my friends but all I have to say is he was different with her than any of the other girls and he obviously really liked her, so good luck to them. If anything I felt bad for her during the after the rose because she was so sad and said she felt abandoned by him. But whatever, none of these relationships ever work out. Hehe!

  20. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Oh My what a pretty home !! I would wake up my house too, if it looked as lovely as yours does !! What a wonderful way to start the day in such a pretty surrounding...!

  21. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Oh no...I thought I was the only crazy person (not that you are crazy) that said "Good Morning" to my house...and then when I leave.."I would say, behave and I will see you when I get back"...It's because our homes are "alive" they speak to us every day..they comfort us when we are sad, and shelter us from the storms. Our homes are a living, breathing part of our lives...We dress the them up and they "smile" when they approve... Beautiful post KariAnne....beautiful home...your home loves you back!

  22. Image for Kelly @ JAX does design Kelly @ JAX does design

    Your house is SO beautiful, Karianne. I cannot believe there's EVER a stinky sock anywhere! I love the colour palette and the patterns & textures and the soft glow from your lamps and the fireplace & mantel and your karate-chopped pillows .... *sigh* If I lived in your house, I'd be excited to wake up and get out of bed every morning :-) You & your house have a good thing going on :-)

  23. Image for Kolein V. Carlson Kolein V. Carlson

    I SCREAMED when I saw the first pillow! Then ROARED when I saw my name! GIGGLED looking at the other pillows! and now..... CONVINCED you are a computer generated human being with a computer generated home. You see, if this really is your home then you should be a show on television, on one of the nice networks, where people smile and are kind to one another and aren't afraid to love. That would be the ONLY way it would work. xo ~k PS: 4 children?

  24. Image for

    Beautiful photos, beautiful room, beautiful home, beautifully written!!! Oh, and my house and I had a lengthy conversation about last night's finale. We think that Ben is a major DOPE for NOT choosing Lindsay! I can't even say the other one's name. He will surely see his error very soon!! ~Train wreck!~ xo-Lisa

  25. Image for dee dee dee dee

    When I was small I loved to peer into open windows (Ok I still do) but my favorite was always the window with a shining lamp on the other side. It always made me feel like a light was left on to welcome my peeping tomish eyes! It always made the house seem ready to invite anyone entering. Instead of waking up with my house, I get it ready for evening. I turn on the accent lights, keep the blinds open and welcome those outside a glimps into our world. When bedtime comes and the blinds have long been closed, I treasure turning off those same lights... Good night house! Your room is beautiful and I would love to share a cup of tea with you there! I have a similar library table in out front room! dee dee

  26. Image for Christy Christy

    I just found your blog in the last couple of weeks and am LOVING.IT! :) I love how you call it "waking up the house"! I call it the same thing - much to my husband's chagrin. He thinks I'm nuts. :) But for me, there is nothing like going around the house, turning on this lamp and that one, throwing all the curtains and blinds open, lighting a candle or two, putting on soft music - that makes me go "ahhhh" when I'm still groggy and not sure I want to face the day or not. The kids (6 girls) have learned my routine and on the rare morning that I wake up after them sometimes I will find the lights all on and curtains open - they know me well! Anyway, keep the blog posts coming. I'm loving them!

  27. Image for Lori Lori

    Karianne, I want to help you say "Good Morning Home!" What a wonderful post, so homey so sweet too! So if you ever want to have a pal to craft with, do some antiqueing and such well this Indiana native would love to visit (hint, hint LOL) Todays post, wellit felt so cozy to me Imis your house and yet I have never been in it! i think, well hope I'm right that once I get my kitchen painted and papered and all the annuals for the season planted I may get up early and see if I can get the same feel your post gave me. Have a wonderful day this was fun and really cozy too! Lori

  28. Image for Shannon Shannon

    Help! I needed that ROARING fire part earlier today ;) No power. lol. Lovely as always... I adore the calm look of your home and all the richly layered textures and interest. I am drawn to it, though my house looks nothing like that. Why is that I wonder? I wake up my home to, then tuck it in at night. My boys would never think to turn on a porch light ;) Happy Spring!

  29. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    So at last you share with us the secret of why your house looks so warm and inviting it's because you wake it up in such a lovely way so it can deal with the noise and chaos that comes with being lived in. What a lucky house you have mine would just get assaulted in the mornings not so much now days that often it is just me and hubby here but when we have the grandkids here first thing in the morning it copes it

  30. Image for Karen Karen

    Hi Karianne I wake my house on weekends. My husband's the first to rise on week days. I know exactly how you feel.Lovely room. It took me awhile but I realize it's your living room or lounge as we say in Australia. Kind Regards Karen

  31. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    I love this! My mom always did the same thing! It's just the two of us, so I don't have the same routine. I do karate chop the pillows though! LOL! I love your home; it's gorgeous! I, too, want to know why Ben choose Courtney. What was he thinking or was he?

  32. Image for Martina Martina

    GORGEOUS room I just love everything about it!! I so know what you mean when you say you wake up your home, I do the same to mine every morning before all the chaos starts LOL!

  33. Image for Sharon Doyle Eickhoff Sharon Doyle Eickhoff

    This is the first time I have been to your blog...I think I love everything about your room! I mean every single thing!!!!! Oh...I completely forgot to watch The Bachelor last night!!!! Darn!!! Oh well...excuse me now while I go rummage through your archives. I can't wait! Sharon

  34. Image for Barbara F Barbara F

    I think I can see your house glowing when you wake it up -- all the way out here in California :-) Can't believe you have 4 children - your house is so perfect!! Welcome to the day Thistlewood Farm.... Barbara

  35. Image for Rita@thissortaoldlife Rita@thissortaoldlife

    Thought I was the only one who sometimes walked around my house just loving on it. Ours is so much more in progress than yours (which is just beautiful), but really, some days I'm just floored by how happy our space makes me. And morning *is* the best time to appreciate it. Morning light, quiet--almost like church or any sacred space.

  36. Image for Kara Kara

    i love it. sounds fabulous to take a moment each morning. and i'm sure your home looks even lovelier after sweet salutations.

  37. Image for Amy@BuffaloRoam Amy@BuffaloRoam

    I hope I feel this way about our house once we finally move in. I always felt this way when I lived at home, as my mom would do these same things. So homey, so cozy, and again, your house is just the most lovely thing I've ever seen.

  38. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    I wouldn't go so far as to say I wake up my house, but I do love to tip toe around and turn on a lamp or two or three, sip my coffee in peace, and have a few minutes to read my devotional before the onslaught begins. And it always does. :)

  39. Image for Cassie Cassie

    Beautiful! I woke my house just the other day and the dining room said it wanted a lovely natural fiber rug....just like yours! Can you believe it?! Would you mind sharing the source for your rug? Your home is magazine worthy!

  40. Image for Sharon ت Sharon ت

    Love not only your mantel, but the entire family room. I can totally relate to waking up the house...for me that is opening the blinds to let in the natural light along with some of the things you mentioned. Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  41. Image for Becca Becca

    Another spectacular space that you've created! Love the shot of your armchair in front of the beautiful fireplace. What an inviting space!

  42. Image for Linda Linda

    I love my house too, and I often say to my husband..."I love this house!" I walk through and fluff pillows and move a vase from here to there. I smile as I sit in different areas and enjoy the different corners of my comfortable home. I feel very blessed and I am oh so thankful for this warm and comfy nest. I love each of these pictures that you have posted of your lovely home. I love the fabric designs and the neutral colors...and your choice of accessories. I would feel so comfortable visiting in your home. I LOVE the fireplace and the mantel and the pillows in the chair there. You have such good taste. It is so beautiful...and yet so comfortable and inviting! (:>)

  43. Image for nana629 nana629

    Sometimes I just come to look at your pictures and drink a warm cup of cocoa. It's pure bliss! Thanks so much for supporting our RRR party, you're the best! Whitney - The Rooster and The Hen

  44. Image for Mary Light Mary Light

    Kari, I really like the rug you have in that room. I was hoping you would share the source for the rug. Thanks, Mary

  45. Image for Kelly Kelly

    Karianne, I came over from BNOTP, and I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!! I would totally get up early and wake up this house. It is so charming. Love it! Kelly

  46. Image for Leila Leila

    Wonderful house, beautiful decoration. But if this is the library, where are the books? I saw some with covers in beige, but are they real or fake?

  47. Image for Little Bit Little Bit

    your living room is so lovely! I love your rendition of 'waking the house up'. I think I have the same draperies in my master bedroom... did you get them at Pottery Barn? I scrambled all over the country via phone to get enough panels for my room, after they had been discontinued. I'm pinning your inspiring living room, no surprise there ;) Little Bit

  48. Image for Amber Amber

    :) And here I thought I was the only early morning nut. I do the same thing. Usually hubby is up later then me so my ritual includes fluffing the pillows first thing too. Your house is so beautiful! It matches YOU! :) Have a great week! xo, A {p.s. We bought a house in Alabama! Not the historic one I dreamed about but definitely our dream house. Well, it will be once we are done with it. Moving across Country in June! West to South. Can't wait!}

  49. Image for Azalea Azalea

    I was amazed when I saw your living room sofa -- mine is exactly like it. I have decorated in much the same way you did -- down to an off-white platter, the globe, stacked basket end tables, etc. My room has much the same feel as yours but more in the casual country feel. I have used green accents (green bean color) -- chair, pillows, etc.. I love my room and find it so relaxing. It is still a work in progress. What else can I say -- great minds.

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