the influence of a mother in the lives of her children

My mother showed up for everything I ever did.

Every play.  Every assembly.  Every concert.  Every student council speech.  Every soccer game.  Every Miss Mayfair pageant.

Every.  Single.  Thing.

I think I thanked her in eye rolls.  And told her that no one else’s mom was there and was she sure she had time and did she really need to be there and I would be fine if she didn’t make it.

But she never listened.

Instead, when I opened the curtain or walked into the room or lined up on the field, she would be there in the front row with a camera and a big smile on her face listening to every word or note or paragraph or recitation…..

….never ever missing a thing.

I never really understood why.

Until I became a mom.

And now I’m the one on the front row of baseball games and cheerleading events and basketball games and assemblies and concerts, spending last night covered in pink and green and blue and yellow dust from the Relay For Life Color Run dancing the Electric Slide with my daughters.

So to my four children….I love you and I’m on the front row and remember….

….I’m fluent in eye roll. 🙂


Mother’s Day Cake eye candy.

Love the styling.

PS  I have that measuring cup, too.


How to decorate with real and faux flowers.

Tips found here.

PS  I need a tutorial on the bread wrapped in napkins thing.


Simple and easy DIY.

Make a shelf from books.

Tutorial found here.


Snowball flower centerpiece.

And the sweetest story ever.

You can read it here.

And in random news this week:

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And this wonderful, beautiful letter for the tired mom


And one more for the road.

One of the first projects I made for the blog.

A burlap vase.

Perfect last minute gift for your mother. 🙂

Happy Random Saturday to you.

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  1. Image for Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie

    Good morning KariAnne, Your mom was a good mom and you are following in her footsteps...and just between you and me, I think all moms know a thing or two about those eye rolls... :o) I clicked on a few of your links and have determined this is the summer to get organized... I already have the baskets and the hooks! I'm going to try your burlap wrap too....fabric, you know! I read the post about tired moms and had to reflect on how close it is to my post today... not so much about being tired, (although I once was...) but how our children always will be our "children" no matter how old they are... I'm blessed with 2children and you've got 4, so does that make you doubly blessed? Who knows... Happy Early Mother's Day to you KariAnne, Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Image for Ellen Ellen

    The very best Mother's Day to you! Your Mother has been the perfect example of motherhood for you and you are continuing with your own children- wonderful! Following along on your many adventures and "trying" to imitate your projects is such fun. Don't ever stop sharing. Thank-you so much for your humor and wit.

  3. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    My mom had six daughters and she tried her hardest, bless her soul, and she is still trying... Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there who are still trying!!!

  4. Image for Elizabeth Johnson Elizabeth Johnson

    Happy Mothers Day! I had the opposite of you so when my children did things I was always on the front lines. It is such a rewarding feeling each time they accomplished the simplest task. As a Grandmother raising a Grandson I still feel that joy. Makes me complete!

  5. Image for Mary Crozier Mary Crozier

    Being the middle of 5 children, my mom wasn't at all, or even most of my events. I understood why, but in retrospect, I wish I had seen her face in the crowd. But I do remember when I was a senior in high school that she finally made the time and those memories are very clear. So, in believing it is our job to improve upon the previous generation, I attended all (at least nearly all) of my childrens' events. I have translated eye rolls to hugs and I know, they too, will look fondly upon their memories of me being there. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom-you are an inspiration to all of us.

  6. Image for Dale Deacon Dale Deacon

    Happy Mothers Day! Such a cute story and as a fellow mom in the front row with camera at the ready..repeating it all with my granddaughter now. Children are our greatest treasures, eye rolls and all!

  7. Image for jere jere

    Many years ago my daughter gifted me a handmade book she made titled "Things my Mother Said". There were several several pages. So after reading this blog I got it out and reread.....quite a revelation. I must have never closed my mouth!!. Now at 90 years old it must surely be time for a sequel....more to add and the Lord knows that the mouth part hasn't changed. Mother's Days are special. Kerrianne treasure all your days. Jere

  8. Image for Susan Susan

    Oh, I just lurve your burlap vase, KariAnne...I'd be sooooooo on that, if only I could sew! But I am on that recipe for the strawberry, rhubarb, and almond pie...strawberry rhubarb has always been my favourite...adding that almond should take it up a notch! Now, if only I could bake that pie in a fabulous English kitchen like the ones in the blog post you shared...I'd take any one of those...even the one with too much black in it...hehe! My mother always calls hydrangea bushes "snowball trees"...I must confess, I didn't know there was an actual snowball tree but it is was that entire post! KariAnne, your mother was, quite obviously, the most excellent teacher when it comes to what a loving Mom should be and you were the perfect took note of all of her valuable lessons and are now putting them into practice...and you are soooooo amazing at it all that you never cease to make your mother proud nor do you cease to make your children feel happy and loved! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, KARIANNE!!! Wishing you much laughter, light, and love because you deserve to get back at least a little bit of all of the amazingness you put out into the world!

  9. Image for Patricia Patricia

    I savor the eye-rolls and can't wait for when the table turns and our children are on the receiving end from their own! Happy Mother's Day to us All!

  10. Image for katherines corner katherines corner

    Such a beautiful post celebrating your wonderful Mother. It is testiment of her love to know you are doing it for your children too. One day your children will smile HUGE because you were always there too. Happy Mothers Day my friend. xo

  11. Image for susan susan

    Happy Mother's Day Karianne! I'm right there with you I never miss a thing and I hope they remember that when they grow up. I'll always be their biggest cheerleader!! xo

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