Looking for a simple DIY project? Make a DIY monogrammed burlap vase. It only takes an hour to create and it makes a perfect gift.

What is your opinion on the word “easy peasy?”

Does it speak to you?  Is it reassuring?  Does it let you know smooth sailing is ahead?  Does the simple mention of easy peasy put your heart at ease?

Now, I have heard that there are a few bloggers who think that “easy peasy” is overrated.  They are dismissive of the word.  I think they think it’s trite.


Not me.

You see…..I like “easy peasy.”  So much so that I am going to appoint myself the “easy peasy” spokesperson for 2012.

I am going to start an “easy peasy” blog campaign where we all post reassuringly easy projects filled with simple instructions.

I’ll go first.

Here is my first “easy peasy” project of 2012: a diy monogrammed burlap vase.

DIY Monogrammed Burlap Vase

Step 1: 

Purchase some of this burlap.  You can find burlap anywhere nowadays.  I like Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby or any fabric store.  If you can’t find any there….try your local 7-11.  I’m sure they are selling burlap by now.

You will need 1/4 yard per vase.

Step 2:

Find a glass vase.  I bought mine at the dollar store.  Measure the circumference of the vase and the height of your vase.  Add approximately 3/4″ to these measurements and cut out a rectangle.

Step 3: 

Fold over a 3/4″ border and sew.  If you are a precise person, feel free to use pins here.  I didn’t.  I am always in too much of a hurry for pins, so I adopt the “easy peasy” method of eyeballing.  Sometimes it is more successful than others.

Step 4: 

Sew a strip of velcro to your finished rectangle.  Make sure you buy sew-on velcro, not iron-on velcro.  Sew it to one side.  Flip rectangle over and sew it onto the opposite side at the other end.  This way the two velcro pieces will join and hold the burlap onto your vase.

Step 5:

Determine what you want your vase to say.  Hopefully, you will be much wittier than me and my simple name vase.

Step 6:

Take a sheet of this and print your image (make sure it’s reversed).  Cut out your image and following the directions, iron it on.

Step 7:

Attach to vase with velcro.  Burlap cover can be removed at any time for washing.

See, I told you…..

…..easy peasy lemon breezy.

That’s my word and I’m sticking to it.

PS  If you love burlap as much as I do….check out all of my other burlap projects here.

PPS Disclosure: affiliate links were used in this post.

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