Random thoughts on a brilliantly sunny winter Saturday:

1. We are in the middle of a fun makeover for the back porch. We are tiling it with the prettiest slate tile and adding columns. I am literally falling madly in love with the porch at this exact moment and I can’t wait to show you my new sweetheart.

2. This past week I was a little under the weather and spent copious amounts of time lounging on the couch and drinking hot tea and generally trying to convince myself I wasn’t sick.

But in the middle of all that couch lounging, something amazing happened.

I re-discovered one of my favorite series.

Dr. Thorne hosted by Julian Fellows.

3. We are shopping for dresses for the upcoming dance in a couple of weeks. I’m so happy I’m back on coffee now. I’m going to need it.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about my top 10 favorite rugs from Walmart and organized our kitchen cabinets with this one simple tip and shared this simple bedroom makeover and I told our love story from the very beginning.

5. Next week is going to be so much fun. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Monday: a house tour of a modern farmhouse
  • Wednesday: a fun announcement about the twins new book
  • Thursday: DIY floral spring pots
  • Friday: simple tip for painting windows

And now?

Are you ready for some fun?

Here are some ideas and inspiration I found on my travels around the internet.

This concrete planter is a DIY.

I love the organic element of it mixed in with other accessories.

You can see how to make it here.

This beautiful bedroom reveal.

I love the dark wall and that paneling.

You can see the rest of the room here.

I know I’m off sugar and gluten, but a girl can dream.

Doesn’t this blueberry crumble look amazing?

See the recipe here.

And if you’ve thought about changing out your front door or just the hardware or color, this post is full of inspiration.

So many front door ideas.

And you can see them all here.


And in random news this week:

This pretty mudroom color

These DIY heart pom poms

These amazing FREE farmhouse printable valentines

How to soften butter

This fun idea for an old shutter

This beautiful classic home tour

This creative wreath idea

This beautiful laundry room

These cookie box houses

This pretty modern farmhouse living room

This was so funny

And in honor of the Oscars this weekend….

…here are the 39 best Oscars dresses of all time according to Vogue.

And one more for the road

Have you ever thought about making your own DIY roman shade?

It’s so much easier than you think.

Here’s a tutorial for one I made out of drop cloth.

Happy Random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    So sorry you are under the weather. Hope you are feeling all the way better this week! Thanks for the roman shade tutorial. Ive made several, but there has to be an easier way. Going to check yours out!

  2. Image for Jenn Jenn

    So many great links! It made my resting on the couch waiting for a baby time enjoyable! Thanks for sharing my printable valentines too! Feel better!!

  3. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    Oh Sweet Friend, I'm so sorry you've been under the weather. I caught the nasty bug too and it was no fun! Thanks so much for featuring my Shutter turned table. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Image for Heather Anne Heather Anne

    I hope you are on the mend - could be a little sugar and gluten detox taxing your immune system! I am SUPER excited to get all the details on the tiling of the back porch! We have a Grammy Flat which is an in-law suite with a porch and it is a hot mess! I can't ever get porch paint to stay for more than a season before it peels up and all of the 1940's coral pink paint shows up again! Tiling sounds like a far more lasting solution!

  5. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Glad you’re on the mend 🥰. I’m excited to hear about the twins’ new book!!! I also referred to your rug post, I’m hoping to get a new one for the dining room..... thanks for the info 👍

  6. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

    Good to know you're feeling better. How's the sugar/gluten free going? I'm still trying to get myself there, but not really! I hope you are reaping many benefits from going off them!

  7. Image for jillian jillian

    Wait! You can have a yummy blueberry crumble! Go on pinterest and search Gluten and sugar free crumbles. or grain free/sugar free. So many and they really are delicious. I agree you are maybe having a detox reaction, or, if low carbs, the low carb flu. Up your potassium for the latter. Can't wait to see the porch redo.

  8. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    Hope you are back to 100% now! I had the flu this past week, so I feel ya!! Fingers crossed I don't share with my hubby or sweet teenage daughter!! So excited to hear about the twins' book!

  9. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    Where can I buy good drop cloths. The ones from Sherrington Williams had seams randomly all over and Lowe’s were a strange weave with seams too,

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