Looking for simple vintage ideas for decorating? This is the house tour for you. This modern farmhouse is full of antiques and one-of-a-kind vintage finds.

I think the only thing that is better than a house tour?

Is a house tour with a story.

And this house?

Is part of mine.

A long time ago in a land far away we lived in a house in Texas. When we decided to jump and move to the middle of rural Kentucky in a place without stoplights or chain restaurants or Target, we sold our house to a young couple named Becca and Bryan who loved it as much as we did. We never even put it on the market. One day they knocked on our door and asked if we were selling our house and we said yes and they came inside and took a tour and we bonded over sweet tea and random crackers and we named the exact price we needed to finance our jump.

And they bought it that very week.

Some might think that’s the end of the story.


Except it’s not.

We all stayed friends. We’ve been to their house and they’ve been to ours and we’ve celebrated milestones together and we’ve cried together and laughed together and watched our families grow and our houses get remodeled. And when we moved back to the house that I grew up in right around the corner from our house, we celebrated together.

And so last week when she called and asked if I would do a favor for her, I immediately said yes. She wanted me to photograph her newest project. It’s an Air Bnb just steps from the house that we both love so much.

Do you want a tour?

Oh, good.

I knew you would.

Here’s a modern farmhouse tour filled with tons of vintage ideas for decorating.

I actually can’t take that much credit for photographing.

Because this?

This is a tour of the house that photographed itself.

It’s called the Fiddle Fig.

A house so unique.

So creatively built and decorated.

So full of one-of-a kind vintage ideas for decorating with beautiful light fixtures and furniture with a story and over-sized screens and balloon molds on the walls and original ship lap walls that take your breathe away….

….that I really had almost nothing to do with these pictures.

I simply put the camera on a tripod and clicked.

The house did all the rest.


It didn’t start out life like this.

It took Becca’s vision.

She uncovered the original floors.

And this original shiplap.

And layered in all these vintage ideas for decorating a modern farmhouse from her shop on the square.

Whenever the four of us get together, it’s always fun.

There was a lot of giggling and laughing and oohing and ahhhing and drinking water…

….and me unable to complete sentences.

Like the time I was in the middle of a story and suddenly I saw this vintage balloon mold.

I couldn’t even.

I simply stopped and stared and asked what in the world it was.

Or these vintage ideas for decorating this master bedroom with all this light.

Or this original artwork created from vintage molds.

Or these shiplap walls with that beautiful gold mirror.

Or this bedroom in the back with its beadboard ceiling.

And the cutest little porch through the glass doors.

And this amazing screen from a local shop called The Screenery and this fiddle fig which gave the house it’s name.

All these vintage ideas for decorating a modern farmhouse left me speechless.

Until I got to the laundry room.

And this sign.



Yes. I. Am.

I’m here at this place with these incredible people.

All of a sudden, I stopped being speechless and started talking. I told them how amazing the entire house was and asked where she got this and where she got that. And truth? How did Bryan and Becca get to be such creative and wonderful and amazing and think-outside-the-box house flippers and where did all these ideas come from….

….and could I move in?

I had plenty of time for talking.

The house?

Not so much.

It was too busy doing all the photographing. 🙂

PS This house is available on Air BnB starting today.

You can see the listing here.

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  1. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    What a cool vintagey bohemian farmhousey vibe. All the best to them starting this new adventure! Creative work!

  2. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Love that place!!! Feels welcoming and comfortable....the kind of place you would want to hang out with friends and family ☀️

  3. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    What a cool place!! I wish them all the best on this endeavor. It definitely looks like a place I would love to stay in!

  4. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Ok. I didn’t cry when I read this post but I did when I read the one linked earlier where you sang the Cowboy song your dad used to sing. This house is so pretty and I love the balloon molds.

  5. Image for Tracy Tracy

    How absolutely stunning! So many things just caught my eye and it’s all so cohesive and homey ❤️ I’m on the hunt for a tripod and wondered which one you recommend? Link in an older blog post about your photography tips is not valid any longer. Thanks!!

  6. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, no need to apologize. I loved visiting a Thistlekeeping from the past and found myself pinning lots of pictures of bedrooms with four poster beds. Have an amazing evening!

  7. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Charming! What struck me was how similar the great room layout was to Chris Loves Julia's former house. But with a completely different style. Loved seeing the space done in Modern Farm House. And so many special touches. I remember you revisited your former home charmingly redone by (I think?) the same couple.

  8. Image for Becky Becky

    No way! I made a "You are here" sign years ago. Everyone is befuddled by it, haha! I have done so much explaining... it's just for fun! Pretty house! They did an amazing job. And they have great taste in wall art sayings... 😁

  9. Image for Dianne Hereford-Perkins Dianne Hereford-Perkins

    Love it, love it, love it! Gorgeous! BTW, how high are those ceilings? They look like they might be 8 ft. I hope they are. Not that I'd wish those on anyone (unless that's what they wanted). I have 8ft. ceilings in my house and I've hated them for 25+ years. But, looking at this beautiful home, maybe they don't ALWAYS make you feel as if you're in a basement (got one of those, too, which I hate). And, I'm only 5'1"!

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