Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday morning:

1.  We had the biggest storm here last night.  Raise your hand if you like storms.  Oh, good.  Come sit by me.  I love to watch the lightning and listen to the thunder and hear the rain pattering on the windows outside.

2.  I’m about to do a FB live in our DIY and Decorating group at 10:00am.  If you haven’t joined yet, here are the details about joining the group.  If you’ve already joined, I will see you over there at 10:00 to talk all things decorating.  I can’t WAIT.

3.  I cannot even BELIEVE all the amazing, incredible farmhouse finds that Walmart is bringing to the table.  Yes.  I said it.  Walmart.  Bring your $10 and run to the store for some of the cutest galvanized metal home goods.

4.  Do you have something you’ve been wanting to learn how to DIY?  I’m looking for ideas for new projects.

5.  This week was fun on the blog.  We talked about 16 spring decor ideas and discovered I have an EXTRA mini-me and released a book.

(total aside:  can I tell you how much I love casually dropping that into a sentence?)

And I owe you a thank you.


You helped push that little book to number one in its category on Amazon.

Thanks rock stars.

And now?

Let’s see what the internet has been up to this week.

I love this budget bathroom reveal.

And those mirrors?


Don’t worry.  I already pinned them.

See the entire bathroom (and projects) here.

If you are looking for an egg project, look no farther.

This one will stop you in your tracks.

See the DIY for these watercolor painted eggs here.

And this sweet table scape is perfect for spring.

There are so many details that I love—from that flatware to the simple flower arrangements and the linen napkins.

You can see the rest of the table here.

And this sweet artwork?

It’s free.

Or FREEEEEEEE as I like to say.

You can download it here.


And in random news this week:

Why library cards are amazing

I’m going to miss Luke

This tablescape

This sweet mantel

Are you addicted to busy?

How to pot a plant without drainage holes

Morning person habits

These cute bench decorating ideas

This pretty table

This fun new shop

And I need to go and see this new spring menu here (and I need this sign, too).

Have you been?

And one more for the road.

You can make your own coffee filter flower this weekend.

See the DIY here.

Happy random Saturday to you.

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  1. Image for Terry Cross Terry Cross

    Love the bathroom update post! An idea for your upcoming DIY projects? How to make wooden furniture have that raw looking natural finish that you just use a nice creamy wax to seal? I have a beautiful bathroom vanity, but it's dark wood with a shiny finish, is there an EASY way to update it without having to do hours of stripping???

  2. Image for Melanie Mixon Melanie Mixon

    As for suggestions for DIY projects, I have a ton of wood frames that I would like ideas for. Another thought would be to share ideas for upcycling common thrift store finds (baskets, pictures, vases, candlesticks, etc.) Another thing-- I cannot resist beautiful dishes but don't know what to do with them.

  3. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Luke Perry, I met when my daughter fell in love with 90210. And again I met his acquaintance when my granddaughter introduced me to Riverdale. He will be missed. After reading your new book about the traditional dining room, I gathered my large, blue and white pot, put my faux hydrangeas in it, and placed the pot on a beautiful woven tray from PB. Instant gratification! Thank you. I think we should send pictures to you and give permission for your use in your next books after, Where Do I Put the Couch? Good idea?

  4. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Always love your Saturday selections. And while you were at Walmart did you check our their really inexpensive but gorgeous new line of long, tall stems? Cherry blossoms and bells of Ireland and so much more and only $3 a pop if I recall! I had just dropped more than $60 for faux florals at a craft store that shall remain unnamed and bought what I got on sale. After this, I'll stop at Walmart first.

  5. Image for Yvette Yvette

    We actually have a storm moving in right now. I’m cuddled up on the couch watching Steel Magnolias, so I say let it storm as long as the power doesn’t go out. Always love your random Saturday thoughts. ♥️ Happy Saturday! 😍

  6. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Your book came and I took the quiz - I’m going to make my husband take it, too! I’m Farmgouse with a splash of coastal and an extra helping of transitional!

  7. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Love the stools! I took the quiz- Farmhouse, Coastal and a bit of transitional. ANY projects you do are great so keep them coming! I still love your shims flag:)

  8. Image for Rachelle Rachelle

    Congrats on the book!!!! My copy is in the mail and I should have it by next week The painted eggs are really beautiful. I’m gong to try and paint some for Easter


    Thanks for the weekly update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So happy about your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Looking forward to another week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BTW-wildflowers were gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    DIY idea: cotton branches. My daughter-in-law found really expensive ones so she made her own with cotton balls and branches from the yard. I think she used acorn caps too. They truly look like the real thing! This should be an easy one for the amazing KariAnne!

  11. Image for joan clanton joan clanton

    I just updated my half bathroom/laundry room with a high chair rail. I am looking for ""art" to lean on the 1 1/2" wide cap. I bought inexpensive canvases and had my 3 grand create "art" and I will add a wall clock but the ledge isn't wide enough for a plant, etc. The walls are white on the bottom and a neutral grey-green-tan above the chair rail. the curtain is black and white leaf print and I'm using black accessories. Any suggestions on how to jazz up this farmhouse bathroom?

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