Here’s a simple craft with a stunning end result: DIY coffee filter flowers. Create paper flowers from coffee filters and transform the look of almost any room in your home.

Large pink polka dots

Have you ever seen something on Pinterest and become obsessed and think about it all the time and you knew that you had to create it yourself?


It wasn’t a DIY.

It was just a picture.

So you climbed the craft challenge mountain and tried to create it on your own and it didn’t work the first time so you tried something else and then that kind of worked and then you finally figured it out…

….and emerged victorious and showed that craft who was boss.

Oh, good.

You, too?

So you will understand why my heart beat a little faster when I saw this.

Gorgeous paper flowers at Magnolia Market

This was taken by my friend, Rhoda, when she visited Magnolia Market a while back.

I just couldn’t get those flowers out of my head.

See the variations in color?  See the layers of petals?  See how they’re kind of draped over the side?  And the pink against the white and the layers?


I thought they were out of my reach.  And then?  I read on Joanna’s blog that the staff made them from coffee filters.  Seriously?  I have coffee filters.  I have pink paint.  I have imagination and floral tape.

And my coffee filters whispered to me that they want to look like…..

A single paper flower made from coffee filters


So I experimented and dyed the coffee filters with paint and tried a zillion different ways to make them look like the picture….

…and ended up a flower.

And then I spent the afternoon making more than a dozen of them.

And then?

I made this.

Beautiful coffee filter flowers decorating the hutch

It’s a super-toned down version.

I realized later that in the original inspiration they wound the flowers around the branch and made tiny buds, too.  I may go back and do that later.

But I love it just like it is, too.

It’s such a pop of color and the flowers were really easy to make (once I figured it out).

Here’s the flower DIY.

Bowls of pink paint

Dip the coffee filter in the paint

Pink coffee filters laid out to dry

Once dry, pile the coffee filters atop one another

Make one cut to the center of your coffee filter

Begin rolling the coffee filter

Attach a wire "stem"

The final rose

DIY coffee filter flowers for spring

Step 1:  Dye the coffee filters

This was super easy.  Just mix up water and craft paint.  I used 5 parts water to one part paint.  I used two different colors of pink.  At first, I just dipped the coffee filter into one color of the paint, but then I realized I wanted more color variation.  So, I dipped one side in one color and the other in another color and created different color variations to give the flowers depth.  Just have fun.  Do not take the coffee filter too seriously.

Step 2:  Let the coffee filters dry

This takes a while.  If you put them outside in the sun, this helps speed up the drying process.

Step 3:  Cut the filter to make coffee filter flowers

Cut a slit in the coffee filter from the edge to the center.

Step 4:  Form the flower

Roll up the edge of the coffee filter.  Continue until you have completely rolled up the entire filter into a flower.  Do not roll it too tightly.  Loosey goosey is the look you’re going for.  This is the center of your flower.  Tape the end of the flower with scotch tape.  Repeat the same process and roll another coffee filter on the outside of the center.  I used two coffee filters for most of the flowers.

Step 5:  Tape off

Pinch the ends and tape with scotch tape again.

Step 8:  (this is actually step 6, but I just wanted to see if you were paying attention) Tape wire

Tape a piece of floral wire to the bottom of the flower with scotch tape.  Then cover the bottom of the flower and stem with floral tape. Fluff and shape and the flower is ready to decorate.

The final product displayed in a white vase

If the whole-swag-your-flowers-over-the-hutch-thing is too much….

…you might just tuck your flowers in a vase.

Then they’d look like this.

These flowers can be displayed in so many places

Or this.

I’m so happy I saw that picture.

I’m so happy I climbed the craft mountain.

And I’m so happy my coffee filters know how to whisper. 🙂

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  1. Image for DeAnna DeAnna

    What if my preschool Sunday school class did this for their moms for Mother's Day? Crafts & preschoolers...THAT is a mountain!

    1. Image for june june

      DeAnna, When I worked in a preschool we made a lot of projects with coffee filters. Butterflies were always a favorite. It might be easier depending on the age of your students to layer a few filters and fold like a fan. Secure in the middle with a pipe cleaner and have them open the layers and fluff as you go.

  2. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I love it and best of all, I think I could manage it! Your instructions are wonderful but you didn't send me steps 6 and 7. Was 6 get a glass of tea and 7 totally pat yourself on the back because you figured out these gorgeous flowers? ?You are a super star, Miz KariAnne!! Your coffee filters are super talented. Have a great day! ?

  3. Image for david david

    I'm not a flower guy (real or coffee filter versions) but I have to say these really do look terrific! It would appear that, with Joanna Gaines as your Sherpa, you have summited craft mountain!

  4. Image for june june

    I love this Karianne! My niece is taking a road trip to the Silos this coming fall and is already counting the days.

  5. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    Very pretty! Nice tutorial. But what a lot of work! I think the Magnolia staff must've used a gazillion coffee filters to make that swag. Good thing you were not deterred.

  6. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Perseverance is the key to success and you are the craft mountain winner!! How very clever of you to analyze a picture and unlock the secret ( with a little help from whispering coffee filters). Thank-you for sharing your 6 easy steps DIY too.

  7. Image for Diane | An Extraordinary Day Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    I even love the photos of the coffee filters laying out to dry. At first glance, I thought you were showing photos of a pretty vintage quilt. Okay, girlfriend... what creative idea can you spin from that? Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration and tutorial and for letting us know we've got it... just listen to what those sweet coffee filters have to say. ;) XO

  8. Image for Becky Becky

    I saw someone post the roses at Magnolia Market too. They are gorgeous and yours are as well. When my daughter was young she had a four poster bed that we wrapped in pink paper rosebuds ( I bought them, not homemade) but I think these would be so fun to try. Lots of possibilities. Did anyone else hear Marie Osmond singing Paper Roses reading this post?

  9. Image for Suzy McCowen Suzy McCowen

    You are terrific!!! Thank you for getting it figured out! Your coffee filter flowers are so pretty I must make some!!! PS I noticed right away that steps 6 & 7 were missing. They must have gone looking for a cup of coffee, maybe.

  10. Image for Carol Carol

    Those flowers are really beautiful and I believe even doable for me!! Thanks for the instructions and keep looking for more beautiful and EASY crafts like these!

  11. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    I am showing this to my daughter, who is the queen of flower crafting! She's making paper flowers for her wedding and these would be a great addition. Thanks for listening to your coffee filters whispers and sharing. I love them!!

  12. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Yes, yes and not yet...*sigh* I can't tell you how many times I have seen something I would like to sew or craft on Pinterest and pinned it with full intentions of doing it or copying it...but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. But this post with the gorgeous easy-peasy to make coffee filter roses hugging the corner of your hutch? Well this post absolutely re-inspires me! Thank you for being the crafting adventurer you are and sharing with us :-)

  13. Image for Rowena Philbeck Rowena Philbeck

    Very cute…I have tons of coffee filters!! Love the look on the furniture! Thanks for sharing how its done.

  14. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I love these. Sweeter than sweet. I didn't notice the branch in the Magnolia original until you mentioned it...either way looks fabulous. Hello Spring!

  15. Image for Bonnie Schulte Bonnie Schulte

    This reminds me when I was in high school, in the 50's, we made paper carnations out of Kleenex tissues, to decorate a Homecoming float. I thought that was the coolest thing/craft in the world. (and the beat, goes on)...

  16. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Thank you thank you for the tutorial! I saw the same picture and my mind's been going nuts ever since! I'm anxious to give it a try. Thank you, our brave warrior!

  17. Image for Mary Mary

    I too saw this and thought it lovely but I don't have coffee filters nor a place to showcase it but well done you for listening and doing.

  18. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Whenever I check my email, I smile when I get to your blog. It whispers positivity, humor, joy and creativity to me. Thank you!


    Great job, KariAnne! When I first saw this picture, I thought that we would have to wait until Joanna Gains put it in her magazine! However, I should have known that you would be the one to figure it all out for us! Thanks! They are just so pretty! Blessings!

  20. Image for Pamela R LePage Pamela R LePage

    Oh WOW!!! your flowers look awesome!!! I saw that same post on Joanna's blog and my heart leaped . I did the same thing played and played and came up with two I think are cute. You can bet though I will be giving yours a whirl.. too funny...Your flowers are very cute...

  21. Image for Mary Watkins Mary Watkins

    Wow are those pretty! When I taught First Grade (for 36 years....sigh) there were several Projects using coffee filters that teachers used. But these flowers would be so pretty and easy and CHEAP for a Mother's Day project! Not sure if little First Grade fingers can do all the twisting, taping, etc. But I think older children could make one or two! Tied with a pretty ribbon or in a little jar/vase! Love these! And I am rarely a "pink" person, but this year everything pink is grabbing me! So pretty for a wedding too! Ok, I'll stop rambling. Thanks for sharing! Now to try it!

  22. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    OF COURSE you would ... and these are absolutely lovely! Thanks for figuring out the diy ~ I may have to try some in a "variegated tea stain" color ... !!! Hugs & Smiles, KariAnne!

  23. Image for Share Smithwick Share Smithwick

    I wonder if koolaid or food coloring would work...mmm...going to go try it. Love the idea...thank you for sharing.

  24. Image for Pamela Pamela

    Those are beautiful. It brings back memories when we used to make tissue flowers. We would take a Kleenex and fold it up and put a pipe cleaner around the middle. We then used red and pink lipstick on the ends of the Kleenex to give it some color. Then we would spread open the layers and voila....a flower. I will have to try your idea. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Image for Tracy Tracy

    You're halo is glowing! Oh. Mah. Goodness! I have saved soooo many pictures on Pinterest on those beautiful coffee filter flowers! I can not WAIT to try your method. Those are just beautiful! Well done and thanks for inspiring me and sharing!

  26. Image for Michele @ Thistledown Domestic Creations Michele @ Thistledown Domestic Creations

    I am headed to Dollar Tree shortly to get some coffee filters! I have a place in my home office that these would be fabulous for! I hope I won't need steps 6 and 7 as your instructions were super easy, but you just never know with me ;) I always seem to add extra steps that totally aren't necessary! Thanks as always for your inspirations!

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