A cozy and bright living room corner with a classic striped armchair, an ornate wooden side table, and a dresser decorated with floral arrangements and blue ceramic vases, all bathed in natural light from large windows adorned with patterned drapes.

// blue and white striped chair //

Wednesday was the most wonderful day.

  1. It’s the day where I can see Friday in the distance.
  2. The twins called me to tell me they were coming home a day early for Easter.
  3. The plant delivery called me to tell me all those wonderful plants I talked about here. Those plants? They were arriving the next day.
  4. I went to brunch with a brilliant, special, wonderful friend that I’ve been friends with for years.

She’s witty and funny and gives book reviews and she’s the person you want to invite to a party so no one ever runs out of conversation.

We talked about books (we both just finished The Women by Kristen Hannah) and I told her I had just started a new book that I kind of liked and we talked about movies and family and friends.

We laughed and cried and giggled and discussed DIY plans and decorating and slipcovers and I had the yummiest egg white omelet with grilled chicken and spinach with jalapenos.

And just as I was about to leave she handed me a present.


A present for me?

I opened the bag and found something that was MADE FOR ME. Something she’d found in Holland years ago that she knew had my name on it and she’d been waiting for the right moment to give it to me.

And Wednesday was the day (see I told you it was the most wonderful day).

I brought it home and found the perfect place for it in my blue and white living room—right there in the bay window on my husband’s grandmother’s vintage dresser.

I moved the bunny.

And replaced it with this.

A cozy windowsill adorned with vibrant flowers in decorative pots and a charming blue and white ceramic display, basking in the soft light with a view of a fence beyond.

Can you see it?

Right there in the left-hand corner of the screen?

It’s a cow butter dish from Holland.

A charming blue and white floral-patterned ceramic butter dish adorned with a small cow figure on its lid, elegantly presented on a tabletop.

Look how sweet.

The little face.

The little cow.

The lid that looks off.

The pattern on the sides of the dish.


Was anything more made for me than this?

An intricately patterned blue and white ceramic plate with a dutch windmill theme, featuring a pair of upright wooden shoes as the central design element.

The lid comes off and you can put butter inside.

Someone on Instagram yesterday also suggested salt.

Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Have you seen it used for something specific?

See the little Holland right there on the lid. It’s so cute and perfect and amazing and thoughtful and wonderful and of course…

….blue and white. 🙂

A cozy nook featuring a vintage white dresser adorned with blue and white porcelain vases and plates, fresh pink flowers, and books, complemented by a striped blue and white armchair and decorative pillow.

If you’ve been following me for more than five minutes?

You know how much I love blue and white.

It has my heart.

Blue and white you know how much I adore you.


If we were in high school together, I’d meet you at my locker after fifth-period geometry and wear your letter jacket.

If we were in college together, I’d sit beside you at the football game and go to your fraternity formal.

If we were newlyweds, I’d promise to love you forever and cook you blueberry pancakes.

As I sat the butter dish in the window, I looked around the room and all that blue and white made me smile.

Let’s take a tour of some of my new (and some old) favorite blue and white finds.

A cozy nook featuring a stylish striped chair with a nautical-themed pillow, flanked by a dark blue accent wall and a window draped with patterned curtains, bathed in warm sunlight.

1. This blue and white tulip pillow

This pillow comes from one of my favorite small businesses called Hofdeco.

They make the PRETTIEST pillow covers.

You can see the pillow cover here (it comes in tons of other different sizes).

And look at this version with fringe.

A bright and inviting living room corner with natural light flooding in through large windows, featuring two striped armchairs with matching blue and white patterned cushions, a small vintage dresser adorned with floral arrangements, and a woven wicker basket by the side, all complemented by elegant blue patterned curtains.

// blue and white striped chair //

2. This blue and white striped chair

And what does a blue and white pillow look amazing on?

A blue and white chair.

Especially if it looks like this one (which is FINALLY back in stock) 🙂

People ask me ALL the TIME if these are comfortable and I always give the same answer. These are not cozy, snuggle down in chairs. The seat is a little firm (but not too firm) and they are perfect for someone short like me. I can sit in them and my feet touch the floor.

You can see the chair here.

An ornate ceramic plate with blue floral and geometric patterns displayed against a dark background.

// blue and white platter //

3. This blue and white platter

I just added this blue and white platter to the bookshelves in the room.

It’s the perfect size for a bookshelf (and for parties, too).

It measures 14″ long and comes in red, too if you aren’t all about blue and white like me.

You can see it here.

A bright and elegant living room featuring a blue and white color scheme, with matching patterned cushions and decor, set against a backdrop of crisp white walls and natural light.

3. The curtains

I get questions all the time about the curtains in this room. I actually made them from a fabric I ordered online, so you can’t order them.

But I just found these curtains that are lined and are blackout and come in different lengths (including 108″) and are super affordable (with an extra coupon right now).

I also thought these were another amazing option (a little bold—but so pretty).

And I’m actually thinking about these curtains for one of the upstairs bedrooms (and they are on sale right now too).

An elegant living room with a crisp blue and white color scheme, featuring striped armchairs, a sofa adorned with decorative pillows, a glass-topped coffee table, and harmonious decor accents.

4. The rug

It wouldn’t be a blue and white favorites list without this rug.

So many of you have bought this over the years and told me how much you love it.

Oh, good.

Me, too.

You can see the rug here.

Elegant dining room setup with a white table and striped upholstered chairs, a classic chandelier, and navy blue walls adorned with framed artwork.

Now there is a new rug in town.

It’s kind of my new favorite (don’t tell the living room rug).

It’s cushy and soft and feels SO HIGH END (and looks like it came from a high-end retailer).

The first time I shared it you all sold it out.

It’s restocked now and I just checked and there are a few sizes left.

You can see the rug here.

Elegant living room with a white fireplace adorned with a vibrant abstract painting, decorative blue and white vases, and touches of pink florals, creating a cozy and stylish interior space.

And this artwork over the mantel?

It came from etsy. It’s actually a print that I had stretched over a canvas. You can see it here.

We made the frame for it in under an hour with this DIY project.

And that polka dot pillow? You can see the DIY for it here.

A cozy corner featuring a vintage white table adorned with a classic blue and white porcelain vase filled with pink roses, a stack of books, a small potted plant, and an elegant table lamp with a golden base and a white lampshade casting a warm glow by the window.

And in other blue and white accessory news?

I love this set of bowls.

And this set of blue and white planters (that are the lowest price I’ve ever seen right now).

And this pretty blue and white Spode tray.

An assortment of white decorative vases and bowls artfully displayed on the shelves of a built-in arched niche with a dark background.

I find all this milk glass at yard sales.

And I love to mix it in with blue and white accessories.

I just went to an estate sale and found the sweetest set of milk glass bowls last week.

I guess Saturday was wonderful, too.

A classic blue and white porcelain vase filled with vibrant pink roses, gracefully placed on top of a book, with a backdrop of elegant decor.

See what I mean?

Wednesday was a wonderful day.

But you know what day is even better?


  1. It’s the start of the weekend.
  2. The twins are home and we are having a party tonight.
  3. The plant delivery showed up and we spent last night planting outside in the cool air and listening to a really good book.
  4. And I got to spend a little time today with a brilliant, special, wonderful friend…

…you. 🙂

A charming home decor scene featuring a stylish chair with blue and white striped upholstery and a matching cushion with a playful anchor motif, presented as an inspiration for the '17 of the cutest blue and white finds' from thistlewood farms.

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Such a cute story and an adorable gift. You do love your blue and white It looks so pretty in your home. Have fun with the family.

  2. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️the blue and white. My mom was a blue and white collector. And milkglass! I went on lots of trips with my mom all over the world. I would fly into Heathrow from California and she would fly in from Saudi Arabia. We would then fly to our next destination or take a taxi to our rented flat in Notting Hill. Every place we went she bought more blue and white-Spode her fovorite. Seeing yours brings tears to my eyes as she can no longer met me at Heathrow. 🥲 On the other hand seeing it brings me joy as I know how much she loved and appreciated every single piece. I have all the milkglass and blue and white Spode tea set from her. My sister has the rest and has it lovingly displayed.❤️

  3. Image for Kim Kim

    Karianne you should definitely buy those curtains! I have them in my bedroom, and I love them! Very good quality and they are just beautiful. I was tossed between the gray and the blue. I’m like you I love my blue and white so I went with the blue. I have been thinking about getting the gray ones just for a change up once in a while. I look forward to reading your blog every day. you are such a sweetheart, and very uplifting. Wishing you and your family a happy Easter🌺

  4. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    What a thoughtful and perfect gift for you. TOTALLY you all the way! Yes, you had a fabulous Wednesday! God bless this Easter and always!

  5. Image for JC JC

    What a precious friend to think of what would bless you so much! It's the cutest blue and white cow I've ever seen! I think it needs more cuteness than just butter or salt. How about lemon drop candies? How about fresh flowers with the lid tilting up to the side all cow like? Moss and eggs? Tea? Milk chocolates? Holding little glass milk jugs of cream, half and half, and milk for a tea party? What about buttons? Hahaaaaaa....the added cuteness is sort of endless! Enjoy and Happy Easter, friend!

  6. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    I’m in love with that little cow butter dish. Actually I love everything you have. That little cow is exceptional. I was a farm kid. Best wishes

  7. Image for Marlene Marlene

    I love all your blue and white, and that butter dish with the cow on top was so cute. You are blessed to have friends like her.

  8. Image for Diana Diana

    The cow dish is darling and fits right in.I went over and checked out the curtains and yes you should buy them. They appear very nice. Let us know what you decide. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  9. Image for Debbie Debbie

    What a sweet, sweet post!!! And how kind of your friend to give you that cute cow ceramic from Holland. I must tell you that I did buy your sweet light blue ceramic vase with those pretty pink flowers. And when I saw your Etsy picture over the fireplace with the pretty gold wooden frame that you made and it made me smile. I made the same frame for a painting that I painted. Every time I pass my beautiful gold framed painting I smile and think of you. ☺️. Wishing you and your beautiful family a Happy Easter from the low country, SC. 🐇🌸🐇

  10. Image for T J T J

    What a thoughtful gift! I found "another amazing option" for the curtains - loved them and ordered them today! They are really pretty. I had been looking for some new curtains for our bedroom and I'm so glad you found these for me! ha Hope your family has a wonderful Easter.

  11. Image for Sugar Sugar

    You inspired me to shop my own home first! I was amazed to find how much blue and white I had. Because of a recent gas leak in our house we were having work done and painting. Still not realizing the connection I selected a soft powder blue. Amazing! Now I am having fun pulling all the blue and white together. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  12. Image for laura laura

    Love your blue and white room. It was the inspiration for mine! I love a heartfelt gift! One of my boys (adulting) keeps a list on his phone when a family member mentions something I love! This means I expect a one-on-one meet and greet with Matthew McCaughnehey. Happy Easter! All my chicks and our new SIL will be in our nest this weekend! So happy and no snow! laura

  13. Image for LeAnne LeAnne

    I love this! And all the ideas. My husband's mother decorated their living room in blue and white and also collected and used Blue Danube china. My sister-in-law has most of it now but she has given us a bunch of pieces. Funny thing is, before my husband and I met, I bought a few pieces of Blue Danube myself. When we realized that, we just knew it was a match made in heaven! ;)

  14. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    If anyone wants one of these cow butter dishes there is one on the web for sale. I just googled “blue and white Delft cow butter dish” and one popped up. It’s vintage and priced at $40!!!

  15. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    As always, I love all your blue and white! I have a tray like the one on the chest. But sadly, it's broken and needs gluing. ☹️ The blue and white always reminds me of my mom. Before she died, she told my siblings that the Mottahedeh's Blue Canton went to me. Hallelujah! Oh, be still my heart! 🥰

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