front room rug

If you are new here, let me introduce you.

This is my living room.

It’s showing off right now.  It’s been clean for about five minutes and it got a new rug and some new pillows and it kind of thinks it’s all that.

But you know what they say about pride.

It goeth before a fall.

Because this weekend I walked into this room and found this….

broken table

This was sitting in the middle of the room.

Someone threw a basketball around the room and it knocked off the top of the table and broke it and pieces of it scattered all over the room.

And this is the part of the story where I want to tell you I was calm, cool and collected.

That I never even broke a sweat.

table side

That I walked over to the edge of the broken table and shrugged and told myself that there were bigger fish to fry and it really is only a table and I could always get another one at a yard sale.

If this were a Hallmark movie that’s exactly what I would have done.

But I didn’t.  I forgot my Hallmark script that day.

I didn’t shrug.

I didn’t scoff.

I didn’t toss my hair and smile amusingly to myself at the basketball players’ crazy antics.


I screamed.

piece of table

It was a scream heard around the world.

At the sound of the scream, all the inhabitants of the farmhouse came running and stood sheepishly in the middle of that living room.

Basketball players, cheerleaders, four-legged friends and people with twinkly eyes, staring at the broken table on the floor and staring back at me.

I didn’t say a word.

I just pointed at the bits of table on the floor with all the fury of an ancient mythological creature.

Living Room Table

Silence reigned.

I continued to point and glare and they continued to squirm.

They looked at the ceiling and the floor and each other and every now and then they’d tentatively glance back at me to see if I was still pointing.

Suddenly, the silence was broken.  In the middle of the stand-off our golden retriever, Buddy, sighed, sank to the floor and put his head on his paws with a dejected look in my direction.

I couldn’t help it.

I burst out laughing.

I tried to stop.  I tried to be stern.  I tried to continue pointing.

But I couldn’t help it.

Right there in the living room with pieces of broken table all around me…

….I laughed until I cried.

table after

Slowly grins broke out across the room.

All was forgiven amidst hugs and apologies and exclamations and dozens of “I’m sorries” and “it won’t happen again’s.”

The table was fixed with a little sanding and some wood glue and now it looks like this.

And the living room?

It’s full of a little more character.

Literally. 🙂

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  1. Image for KittyLuvr KittyLuvr

    This story is just precious! I love a good animal story although most of mine involve cats! Would you share the source of your blue and white drapes and your new blue and white rug? My house flooded in May and we are re-doing....I have been searching for blue and white drapes to no avail...and well, the rug? who doesn't need a new rug!

  2. Image for Deb Wostmann Deb Wostmann

    No Hallmark moments at my house either! But life is life and you handled it perfectly. Beautiful living room by the way.

  3. Image for Rowena Philbeck Rowena Philbeck

    Too funny!! I am so glad that you showed something that wasn't perfect!! Since you do have kids and that always happens or stains or toys and socks around the floor and food in the sink. Congrats on getting it back together!!

  4. Image for Carol Neibling Carol Neibling

    Another memory for the memory book. I remember when my grandma's vase got knocked off and broke and couldn't be fixed. Today I know that there are more important things in life. Now, no little ones or dogs. Life goes on. I opened the blog and what I saw was a lovely room.

  5. Image for gail gail

    I can just see all this going down with that sweet laugh of yours busting out. That's why we love you! Kids will be kids, but I think a lesson was learned. ;) Happy all is back to normal, and the living room is in her full glory! gail

  6. Image for kddomingue kddomingue

    That Buddy! It takes a creature of noble stature to take for fall for a heinous crime that he didn't commit......a heinous crime perpetrated by someone else......when faced by the righteous wrath of an enraged mythological creatures who is prepared to pronounce doom on the guilty perpetrator and slay them with lighting bolts that shoot out of her glaring eyes turning them into a pile of ash. Brave dog! Lol!

    1. Image for kddomingue kddomingue

      I really hate autocorrect. Sigh. ".....take the fall for....." and a singular mythological creature, not creatures. Sigh.

  7. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    It's so nice to know you are human (like the rest of us!). Love the story, love the new rug! Blue and white? Now you are speaking my language!!

  8. Image for Linda Linda

    Sounds like my house. I'm not going to yell becomes replaced with yelling. Love your room- what is the paint color? It's gorgeous

  9. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Sometimes we need to exercise all our physical abilities to Improve our health.....screaming, which releases built up CO2, replacing it with fresh oxygen....facial contortions, helps reduce wrinkles......finger pointing, especially if done repeatedly improves coordination and reduces arthritic pain.......glaring, which strengthens the eye muscles....and finally laughter, which can improve not only our own physical well-being, but that of others as well when they join in the activity. The tears that come with that exercise flush the eyes of flying debris that gets caught on the eyes' surface and otherwise would scratch and irritate it. You did good, inducing your entire family to join in to this activity with you, when otherwise they might not have reaped the benefits. Lol, happy day little one

  10. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    It was the scream heard even in Indiana that deflated all of that angst and you were able to return to normal. I'm so glad you didn't become the simpering Melanie. I want Scarlett!! Are you going to have a huge curving staircase and is twinkling brown eyes going to do his Rhett Butler impression? WOW! I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that one. Have a great day!!

  11. Image for Pat Pat

    Precious Moment and thank goodness for your four legged friend to come to the rescue! Love the table and am so glad it could be repaired....those twinkling brown eyes did a great job on it!♥

  12. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Oh girl! I've had my less than Hallmark moments. Good ole Buddy! Glad you were able to laugh eventually. Humor sure helps, doesn't it? And the table wasn't beyond repair - hurray! Have a good day, KariAnne...with hopefully lots of Hallmark moments! Hugs, Cecilia

  13. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    Few things are as precious as laughter! Great story and will be a great memory! Remember the day when.....

  14. Image for Vicki Vicki

    You have a natural way of finding the humor - and the rainbow! And poor puppy was willing to share the blame! I raised two children and helped raise three others - I totally understand! After a while you just laugh as the "magic" from those unlocked Oreo cookies falls onto the floor, or as you are starting the fifth load of laundry of the day, or you are jumping into the car "one more time" though you have already made four trips that day. I miss those days...

  15. Image for Kathy Stewart Kathy Stewart

    Yes, I thought I heard a scream up here in Canada!!! Whenever something like this happens in our house, I tell my kids this will be a "MEMORY" and one day we will all laugh!!! [ WE HAVE A LOT OF "MEMORIES] Have a great day! Love the living room!!!

  16. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    Good for you! Laughter is always better than anger. The culprit (or culprits, plural) should be thankful for a mother with a sense of humor, and a dog with a good sense of timing. He saved the day! It's nice that the table was able to be repaired, but I thought you were going to tell us how you'd made lemonade from lemons, and show us what you'd made from the broken wood. Next time, huh? Love the rug, and all the blue & white!

  17. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    LOLOL Oh, that's too funny! I thought, for a second, you were going to say "the dog did it!" We've had those! Well, I'm glad all is fixed. But your new rug and pillows are beautiful, even with the broken table. Love it! And you! :D

  18. Image for Charley Charley

    Love the new rug. This room looks really great, especially the furniture arrangement. I was painting a gold mirror silver in the garage. My husband moved it over so he could get to the workbench. I came zooming into the garage one late, dark night. I RAN OVER IT! By some miracle, only the frame was broken. Special glue, more paint. It's hanging on the wall. You can see the damage if you know it's there. A reminder to slow down and things are just things.

  19. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Character is JUST what makes any room beautiful!!!! So, actually it is a good thing that the table got broken:):) Can you tell me where you got the drapes???? PLEEEEEASE. I love, LOVE them and I AM a blue and white girl!

  20. Image for Carolyn Maynard Carolyn Maynard

    I love starting me day with Thistlewood farms and a cup of coffee. like one of the previous comments I wish you lived next door to me. I have grown daughter her name is Shelly, she is very creative talented just like you. as for me I'm a great copy cat and can follow any lead, but not to original. Thank you for bringing joy into our home with all you updates and post. Have a blessed day. Carolyn

  21. Image for Claudia A. Claudia A.

    I knew it, I have always known it and I finally have an article that backs me up: You have just been witness to the culmination of years of knowledge. If your golden retriever, Buddy, had been a snitch he'd have pointed out the culprit, but being the good boy he is he pointed out the obvious instead of the family snitch. Secrets are safe with him...looks like you are going to have to increase the treats to get any of the kids secrets outta him. *wink *wink!

  22. Image for Marty@A Stroll Thru Life Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

    When tragedy strikes it isn't always my finest hour either. So glad you pulled it together and laughed. Table looks fabulous.

  23. Image for Michelle Michelle

    That's what I love about your posts...they're 100% real. You're human. Because I would have lost it too. So thank goodness for a golden retriever comic relief. my world?...heads would have rolled. I was my own comic relief once. The kids and I still laugh about the time I was so mad at them I screamed a lecture at them and sent them running to their rooms. Then I thought of something else and screamed for them to come back out to the living room. And screamed another lecture. This went on for a while...sending them running back to their rooms only to having them running back out, me screaming lectures and orders, etc. etc. Until I made myself laugh at my screaming craziness. That's when they knew they were forgiven and all was right with the world again. ;-)

  24. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Precious story....and bless our four legged friends! It was the pointing finger that did it....I can just see your tribe standing there, were making them nervous. But I applaud your solution....laughter is the best medicine for what ails you...and your table! The room looks gorgeous, btw! ;)

  25. Image for Janet Arden Janet Arden

    What a beautifully human story, with a laughter-filled ending. Reminds me of the time I found a nerf basketball hoop clipped to the door of my oldest antique cabinet (with its original glass!). Have a good day!

  26. Image for May May

    It took the addition of three children and the loss of a couple of key loved ones to move me to the point where I can find laughter in the midst of the tension of a situation like this. What a relief it is too! To look and see a clean break, easily fixed and not make a choice to react in a way that would make a far less clean break, not so easily mended scar on the relationship. Blessed are the peacemakers like KariAnne.

  27. Image for Lenore Lenore

    Love the rug but I looked at the "incident" and all I could think of is how great my big, tarnished, silverplate thrift store tray would look sitting on those legs! Lemons to lemonade....we all knew you'd fix it! Kisses to the doggy!

  28. Image for Mary W Ferguson Mary W Ferguson

    Thank God for pets. I am so proud of you, I would have been screaming like crazy, then crying. But I always went in when I was calm and told my son I was sorry that I acted that way, but he shouldn't be playing in the house. All was forgiven. .Great memory when they get older, remind them of that when they get their children. Mary

  29. Image for june june

    LOVE the new rug. I remember when my boys knocked over a brand new heavy lamp and it hit the my moms antique desk that I had just had refinished. We were out for dinner and came home to their sheepish but tender anxious hearts. We were disappointed and they apologized...but what can you do...things happen even though poor choices were made that caused it. But then there is the innocence of a puppy. I was babysitting my German Shepherd grand dog and he was all of 4 months old. I mistakenly let him roam out of the room. Later to discover he had chewed quite aggressively on the leg of my ottoman in the family room. I scolded and all he could do is cock his little head in confusion. I'm learning to relax with the dings in life. The old me would have quickly had the ottoman fixed..but I proudly let it be. After all it is a memory I will have of Onyx forever.

  30. Image for Mir Graham Mir Graham

    Well, you are human after all... somewhere in the perfection, the scream came out ;) Your room is beautiful, and those barley twist legs are swoon worthy. Thankfully, the table wasn't beyond repair. Thanks for all that you do! Your blog is my wonderful retreat.

  31. Image for Linda Linda

    Very pretty room! Very cute of Buddy. I Love Goldens ! I have two. Could you show pictures of all your four legged family ? Would love to see them. Thanks !

  32. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    We cannot do without the the sighs and faces on paws from our four-legged friends, can we?!?!?! Great story...... And I LOVE the new blue & white rug and pillows.....oh my goodness, divine!! Blessings to you....

  33. Image for gina gina

    You may not have had a Hallmark moment, but it sure reminded me of a Brady Bunch one! Remember the time the ball smashed the statue?! Great rug. So good!

  34. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Oh man, I shiver just a little at your story. Been there. Done that. Not my best moments either. Poor kids are undoubtedly scarred for life. But hey, I'm working on it. And so are they. : ) Just love your writing and stories!!! True gems!! Thank you so much!

  35. Image for Terri Terri

    Soooo.... you are human ... just like the rest of us??? !!!! YOU LOST IT??? Just for a minute??? lololol... But....Isn't it great how the "Word of God" rings so true when we really need it the most..... "Laughter (a merry heart) doth good, like a medicine"!! How sweet that Buddy came to the rescue!!! AND YOU LAUGHED!!!!!!! Whew....... :)

  36. Image for Kris Kris

    Who among us hasn't lost it once in awhile? Just think ... you have given your children permission to be human and know that they will be forgiven when they have challenging moments. Love all the blue you have injected into your space. :)

  37. Image for Cindy Pierce Cindy Pierce

    We've all been there some time or handled it great! Laughter the best medicine!!! Love your new rug, and blue and white are my favorite!!!

  38. Image for Ann weisman Ann weisman

    Laughter is so good for us, right? But sometimes that scream can feel so good, can't it? Life with children!!

  39. Image for Jere Wineman Jere Wineman

    I know you know this but advice giving is my #one talent, and honed to perfection (and also an addiction).......The "things" will be there when the basket ball throwers are screaming about their own broken tables. My childhood home was filled with lovely antiques ,but lots of jitterbugging went on in the library. Everyone asked my Mother why she allowed that on the Oriental rug and with the antiques. She said "The rug will be here when they are gone, and they are more important than a rug" I shall be 90 years old in Sept and I have the rug. You need to scream ..then laugh. The dog knew that! Every moment is precious. Jere

  40. Image for Susan Susan

    Oh, this sooooooo reminds me of the Brady Bunch epi where one of the kids...Peter???...threw a football and broke a vase and then tried gluing it back together...needless to say, that plan didn't work and Mama Brady was none too happy. What Carol needed was a sweet furbaby like Buddy to lend a little levity to the situation. :) You are a special person and a wonderful mother, know that tables can be replaced...relationships with our loved ones are the truly precious things in life! Bless you all...but may no more basketballs be tossed in your beautiful home! ;)

  41. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    Leave it to a Golden to lighten the mood. So glad that you got it fixed and everyone is forgiven. I loved this post :-)

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