Hello cozy.

Nice to meet you.

Yesterday I showed you how I decorated my entry for free.

And the question I got the most? Where did I get the plaid throw I draped over the bench? I bought it years ago at Target, but those questions got me thinking. If you wanted to splurge on one thing for fall—what would it be?

What is the one thing you could purchase that would be versatile and cozy and easy to decorate with and stick around long after fall left the building?

The answer?

A throw.


There’s nothing that can add a pop of color or pattern or texture to a space like a throw.

You can drape them over a basket or fold them on a stool or toss them over the end of a bed or leave the ends hanging over the back of a chair. But before we get to all that throw decorating, we have to find a super cozy.

Don’t worry. I got you.

Here are 10 cozy fall throws to decorate your house for fall (my favorite is number ten). 🙂

1. Here’s the throw right off the back of the chair in my family room.

These tassels are so chunky and fun.

It comes in tons of different sizes and it’s so lightweight you could use it all year long.

Here’s the chunky pom pom throw.

2. I fell in love with this throw from Anthropologie.

It’s on sale right now and you can take another 40% off of the sale price this weekend.

I’m actually ordering the pillow that matches it.

Here’s the woven gray and ochre fringed pom pom throw.

3. This is the COZIEST throw of all.

I wish I had one in every color.

It’s soft and warm and made of the same material as those cozy sherpa jackets and the pom poms aren’t too overwhelming.

Here’s the cozy pom pom sherpa throw.

4. This is the throw I just used in my mother’s bedroom.

It’s kind of a chameleon.

In some lights it looks dark gray and in other lights it looks more dark khaki.

It has the prettiest fringe at both ends, too.

Here’s this woven stone and cream throw blanket.

5 & 6. These cozy throws come from Terrain (Anthro’s cousin).

One of my favorite things is to try and find a throw with a different pattern on each side.

Then you have double the decorating opportunities.

You can see the fringed throw with the diamond pattern here and the fringed throw with the checked pattern here.

7. Look at the color and detailing on the end of this throw.

And I love that the fringe is knotted.

I found this throw at H & M Home and it’s SUPER affordable.

You can see the knotted fringe stone throw here.

8. This chunky knitted throw is from Target.

I have a super similar version in my family room and it’s the first throw that anyone grabs when they come into the room.

It comes in different colors (including a really pretty black).

You can see the chunky knitted throw here.

9. This rust color throw is from Walmart.

And it is SUCH a great value for the price.

Look at that fringe.


You can see this rust colored throw here.

10. And I saved my favorite for last.

This sassy friend comes from WALMART!

And it’s under $25 and looks like it’s so high end.

Those pom poms are scattered all over the throw and that color combination makes the perfect fall throw.

You can see the gray and khaki pom pom throw here.

I hope you had fun fall throw shopping with me.

Here’s to ALL THE COZY.

Happy weekend.

PS If you want to DIY a throw you already have or an inexpensive throw, here’s a fun DIY project.

How to make your own no sew pom pom throw.

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    I may have an obsession with throws. My whole family loves to snuggle up with them. Thanks for the fun options you pulled together. Next you can post about ways to decoratively store them (which is my current dilemma--I'm waffling between a wire basket and a large stackable baskets with lids so I can keep them close by but put them away when the clutter gets overwhelming because we have so.many.throws.). Just sayin' .... for those of us with smaller homes, suggestions on cute ways to store things like that is super helpful. :)

  2. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    I adore EVERY single one of the throws you featured. I especially love that thick huge chucky one - and the last one is understandably your fav - it's adorable. Have a fabo weekend!!!

  3. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Thanks Karianne, now to decide which one i want. Have a blessed weekend wearing your pretty new clothes.

  4. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I love all of these! The tassels are so cute! Throws are like pillows- they can be changed with the seasons to create a completely different look!

  5. Image for Peg Peg

    Wait, what?! How did I miss a 25 lb weight loss video and a stitch fix new clothes video??!! Love me some throws, but girl...you're an inspiration!! Deets please!! Love you to pieces!!! xoxo

  6. Image for JC JC

    Love a snuggly cozy throw any day with a chill. No chill in my neck of the woods yet, but can still use them as cuteness in decor. I think I missed the link to your Mom's throw on her bed. Where was that from?


    I love throws-have various versions for all times of the year. I find air conditioning cold, so even use them in the summer. Thanks for showing some I haven't seen before. I am looking at my chaise right now, and I have 4 folded on the back. :) Choices!

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