city farmhouse

I am a firm believer in coordinating a matching outfit for every event.

Like a prairie skirt with a sweater vest trimmed in ribbons and high-heeled shoes with ruffled socks and a bow with my name on it.

Or a blazer (complete with tags) for a shopping day on the town.

Maybe it’s because I secretly wish one day a Hollywood producer would discover me.

Maybe it’s because I believe that everything is more fun in a head-to-toe coordinating outfit.

Or maybe it’s because I watch the Hallmark movie channel for a living.


city farmhouse show pumpkins

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I totally planned out an outfit for the City Farmhouse show in Franklin, Tennessee this weekend.

You know…the perfect outfit where you look like you’re-not-really-trying-too-hard-and-you-just-happened-to-throw-this-old-thing-on-with-perfect-boots-and-coordinating-giant-earrings.


Kind of like Miranda Lambert meets Molly Ringwold (during her Pretty In Pink phase) if either of them happened to be shopping at a vintage market for an after-school special.

city farmhouse nashville

I wish I had a better picture of the outfit.


But I was talking and laughing and shopping and meeting Matthew Mead and Nina Hartmann….so this is as good as it gets.

To say that it was amazing…is a total understatement.

It was the perfect-not-trying-too-hard lace blazer with an ecru top and a leather belt and skinny jeans rolled up over boots and giant earrings and an armful of bracelets.

Just like they wear in the movies.

city farmhouse basket

And at that moment I felt like a rock star.

My boots and I walked the show (which was totally amazing) with a group of friends.

I shopped and shopped and shopped and was inspired and found one-of-a-kind treasures….

….and thought up a million projects.

city farmhouse show

And just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better….

…..I heard the words that make any blogger’s heart beat faster.

Someone stopped me and told me they read my blog.

I know….right?

I’m with you.  I couldn’t even believe it either.

I’m not sure which I was more excited about 1.) someone actually reads the blog 2.) they were at the show or  3.) they recognized me  or 4.) I JUST HAPPENED TO BE WEARING THE PERFECT OUTFIT.

city farmhouse bread bowls

I wanted to jump up and down.

I wanted to hug them and tell them thank you for reading.

I wanted to dance the lawnmower in the center aisle of the City Farmhouse show.

I wanted to make a 360 degree turn so they could see the back of the blazer and wave my hands in the air.

But I couldn’t.

I couldn’t move….

….because my armful of bracelets entangled themselves in the lace of the jacket.


There was nothing I could do.

My amazing outfit had me trapped.  If I moved I would rip the jacket so I just simply stood there lamely clasping my hands with a whole lot of head nodding and smiling thinking I had been so close to amazing….

….wondering what Molly Ringwold would do. 🙂


PS  Speaking of vintage shows I’m going to be at The Chapel Market again this year with my BFF Laura from Finding Home.

And look at these ADORABLE yardstick crafts she’s going to be selling.

If you are going to be there….just know….I’m leaving the lace blazer at home. 🙂

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  1. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    You truly make me smile! We get ball schedules soon n so funny even if we never see each other.. I will proudly say here is where Karianne famous blogger lives so glad she is my friend even thought I have never met her in person but know her their her wonderful words and terrific tales!

  2. Image for Sarah@tomfo Sarah@tomfo

    Like Marty says.... damn, you are a great story teller.... I just adore all your fabulousness! Thanks for making me smile. x

  3. Image for Sheila Sheila

    Just read your latest post about your amazing outfit...what a wonderful way to start my Monday! Thank you for making my morning start with a smile!

  4. Image for Kathryn Waite Kathryn Waite

    Girl all I can say is you crack me up! I love your blog for the great photos and inspiration but what really keeps me coming back is I know's coming...that good old down to earth " looks what's happened to me now" Kari Anne humor!

  5. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    I was there! It was a wonderful show. I wish I would have seen you AND your amazing outfit! I love your blog and think you are so cute and funny! And your house is amazing!

  6. Image for Carol Hoffmann Carol Hoffmann

    How exciting to be recognized while out shopping in your adorable outfit by someone who reads your blog! Could the day get any better?! Maybe, by hearing that yours is the only blog I read! I look forward to it everyday!!! Keep them coming and making my day!!!

  7. Image for Patty/NS Patty/NS

    A fashion trap! What a shame, but I would have ran at you and hugged you so hard jumping up and down that we would have fallen to the ground : D. Sqeeeeeee! Patty/NS

  8. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Well, you ARE totally amazing!!! And if i should ever meet you I would be in your shoes because you are totally a rock star!

  9. Image for karen karen

    Oh my gosh! You had me giggling out loud and I just woke up! It sounds like you are telling my story, things like this always happen to me! Happy Monday, thanks for making me smile! karen....

  10. Image for Terri Terri

    I seriously need a tissue.... I am laughing so hard I can hardly catch my breath..... the things that happen to you just crack me up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( oh.. btw what can be seen of your PERFECT outfit looks gorgeous!!!!) My morning just got so much brighter... filled with laughter!!!! :)

  11. Image for Yvonne Yvonne

    Good morning! Once again your story is just fabulous! Thanks for the laugh-out-loud moment. You are too cute! Write on, rock star!

  12. Image for Ali Buck Ali Buck

    I'd recognise you anywhere and even if you would'nt or couldn't hug me.....I'd hug you and tell you that everything about you is perfect and lovely and that your blog is the best.

  13. Image for Jill Jill

    I am just kicking myself! My sister-in-law and I drove by on Thursday when everyone was setting up and it looked so inviting. We were meeting more family in Nashville for my mother-in-law's 80th Birthday Bash. As much as we tried, we couldn't convince the rest of our group to go by on Friday. Oh, how I wish I would have stopped! So glad you had a wonderful time!

  14. Image for Tina Matteson Tina Matteson

    Bahahaha! You're so real, that's what I love most about you. I hope I accidentally run into you sometime!

  15. Image for Mary Mary

    Again as always you make it real! Enjoy your stories and look forward to reading your blog. Your beauty shines through your smiles! You look great no matter what you are wearing! Thank you for making us smile, Mary

  16. Image for Regina Regina

    HA!!! It just never fails, does it? That whole "pride goeth before a fall" comes back to bite us at the MOST inopportune moments! LOL! WHAT cool stuff! :) Hope you made a good haul! Have a great day!!

  17. Image for Beth Beth

    Too funny KariAnne! I must be the only one, though, who doesn't know who Matthew Mead is. What are they thinking? They should feature KariAnne Wood, for sure. Have a wonderful, blessed day!

  18. Image for Teresa Teresa

    KariAnne, Sorry I didn't see you! I was undecided about coming because of the distance we had to drive from Virginia. However, it was such an amazing show and I am so happy I talked my hubby into going. I did see several other bloggers including Linda from Coastal Charm who had a booth. I got a chance to chat with her and even bought the cutest metal chicken feeder from her. She is such a nice lady! I got some great pics as well and hope you will post some of your finds from the show. BTW....did you happen to see that gorgeous vintage solid white rocking horse? Oh, how I wish it had been a little smaller in size because I think that might have come home with me.

  19. Image for Peggy Zortman Peggy Zortman

    Love your stories with my first cup of coffee. They are the best! And thank you for the eye candy photos. Your photography is amazing!

  20. Image for Kimba Wingard Kimba Wingard

    You absolutely crack me up and make me smile!!! I just started reading your blog and I'm so happy I found you out there! Your stories are so GREAT and down to earth. I find myself looking for you first in my email box hoping for a new post and when I see that wonderful Thistlewood Farms Picture and title I'm quick to klick on it to start my day with a smile and be inspired! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Have A Great Day! Kimba

  21. Image for Diana Lucas Diana Lucas

    I love this post! You are about the most down to earth, funny writer I know. At least I feel like I know you since I've been reading your blog for a few years. You always look cute and even when you have mishaps you always see the good side of them. Hope you had fun, I can't imagine getting to meet Nina Hartman and Matthew Mead. Lucky girl!

  22. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Okay this totally totally makes me laugh. Plus I've got this cute lace top weather is good for now. I'm so totally checking jewelry. Also, pleeeease do not get to close to someone when wearing lace!!!! It can be most dangerous. We had a staff Christmas party. My friend looked great in her long lace vest kinda loose over a top. And another young new gal brings her new beau. Yes. My friend, in line to go in the next room, got her long lace vest caught on his pants button. Uh-hum. Now there were some red faces and the vest would not slip off--buttoned in front now stuck to him who is blushing red and a new beau anyway of our friend. Needless to say, my friend just tossed that vest of lace. I think your experience is just better for you were just stuck on yourself. Oh!!! No. I don't mean stuck on yourself stuck on yourself but you know--bangles stuck on you....I'd better go...I'm getting into trouble here. I did not laugh AT you my dear...just WITH you (that makes you feel better of course!)

  23. Image for Jane Jane

    I saw a picture of you girls on another blog (can't remember which), and saw your whole outfit. Gorgeous. Perfect! When you looook good, you feeeeel good! And it sounds like it was a ball! Jane xx

  24. Image for Robin W. Robin W.

    I agree with what everyone has already said and more!! You make so many people so happy by just being you and telling us all about it!! I know we all see a tiny bit at least of ourselves in you and love to read all about it! I love our Rock Star Band!!

  25. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Okay, you can dress Hollywood; you just can't "go Hollywood." Otherwise we, your blog readers would miss all that is unique and genuine--special even--about you. Otherwise, you go girl! V

  26. Image for Christine Christine

    Karianne, I love how the wooden yardstick crafts. I had to 'like' her fb page. I think going to Alabama for the craft market would be so much fun! Lucry you! I enjoy your blog so much! Christine

  27. Image for Kisha@Design Intervention Diary Kisha@Design Intervention Diary

    I'm sure a whole lot more than "someone" reads your blog. Your blog is amazing. I'm waiting for the day you announce all the posts are going to be hardbound into book form. Each post is like a little poem and just when I think, "Can she keep this up?" you never let us down.

  28. Image for tami tami

    Karrie Anne, I saw you there in your skinny girl pretty outfit, right in front of the Ironstone Nest booth. You are right....... you looked totally FAB!!. I wish I had the guts to come over and tell you how much I love reading about you and your red lipstick, but there were a number of people around you (kinda like a rock star) that and I was buying a crap ton of stuff from the Ironstone Nest's husband, who was also very cute! I had never been to anything like this "pop-up barn sale/show" and I L O V E D it. Each and every booth was a picture postcard onto it's self. I think I will be spoiled for every other show/sale from here on out. Next time I promise I will come say Hi Tami

  29. Image for Jeannine Kermer Jeannine Kermer

    You are so adorable! I always love to read your blog it always makes me smile. Have you ever considered writing a book? Think about it, seriously!

  30. Image for Naomi Naomi

    You are too funny and humble! I felt like I was there with you, your friends and those adorable bracelets that adorned your arms. You should write dear! Reading your blogs remind me of my favorite author, John Grisham. A great writer grabs your attention...

  31. Image for Missy Missy

    You are such a "Loon". A wonderful, crazy, fun and extremely talented Loon, and I just love you to pieces. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful thing to look forward to each day!

  32. Image for Debby Debby

    I was there too and would have loved to have met you! I love your blog and have been inspired by your design ideas! My outfit was designed around my walking boot and crutch! I broke my leg and one of my only concerns was my ability to attend or not attend the City Farmhouse show! I got the walking boot on Thursday and took off for Tennessee on Friday! The entire event was fantastic and I came away with several purchases and a desire to buy some cowboy boots and more bracelets!

  33. Image for Lisa Feldsien Lisa Feldsien

    KariAnne! I was there on Friday. So wish that I had run into you!! It is a really cool show! My friends would have loved to meet you too!

  34. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Ahem. The City Farmhouse was NOT in Nashville, dear. It was in my hometown of Franklin! And we are so glad they were! :) Happy to see you enjoyed it as well! You did look Gaw-jus!

  35. Image for Julie N Julie N

    I wore an amazing crocheted top and bracelet with a similar problem yesterday. Fashion has it's price I guess. Soldier on! You look fabulous all the time.

  36. Image for Dolores Dolores

    You and your outfit were adorable at the City Farmhouse Pop Up Show luncheon for Nina and Matthew. And such wonderful inspiration for me to get up from my desk and start a more healthy life. It was wonderful seeing in person how great you look. And so fun talking to you again. See you at the Chapel!

  37. Image for Denise and Lesley Denise and Lesley

    This made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair! I laughed almost as hard as you did the day at the restaurant when I told you about the size 12 hot pink Crocs with the white skin tight leggings. Remember? How could you forget right?

  38. Image for sb seccurro sb seccurro

    great read. Thank you for posting our wooden dough bowls on the metal rack at the cityfarmhouse pop up. :) Stcfinds on fb

  39. Image for Jan Jan

    I'll be at Chapel Market anxious to see you again. (I was there last year). I was hoping you would be wearing your above mentioned outfit. I'd love to see it. Cause you are such a rock star. I love to read your posts because...well, 1...because I love your ideas and DIYs you share and 2 because I feel like I'm talking to you for real. I guess you could say, you write like you talk. See you soon. From a rock star, (cause you tell us we are), from the panhandle in Florida.

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