I’m so excited today for a zillion reasons.

Here’s my top three:

1. I’m joining a fun group of bloggers today to talk about our favorite colors.

2. The master bathroom is finished and I’m showing you all the before’s and after’s today.

3. I just discovered that beets in a salad are extra yummy.

Isn’t life amazing?

First of all….let’s start with a little before.

Here’s the before of the master bath that actually looks like a powder bath.

I got confused, too.

The shower for this bath was in the laundry room which is kind of lame and a little awkward especially when you need to do a load of darks.

And now?

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Meet my after.


Hello cutie.

We knocked down the wall between this bathroom and the over-sized powder bath.

You can see the before and after of that project here.

It all makes a little more sense now.

We also took part of the closet and made a little room for the toilet.

It really opened up the space and makes the bathroom feel even better.

Everything in the renovation was off-the-rack.

My budget was tiny so I just picked everything out from the home improvement store.

It all started with this vanity.

It came right off the shelf.

I loved the dark navy almost gray with the clean line handles and the marble top.

The sink is off-set a little to allow extra counter space in the bathroom because this is the only flat surface.

The handles were off-the-rack, too.

I added this little shelf in the bath to break up the subway tile and leave a place to put shampoo, soap, etc.

And the towel rack?

It was from the unfinished wood section of Hobby Lobby.

I’m so happy with how it turned out.

We came in under budget and made the whole bathroom thing make so much more sense.

And my favorite white color?  The white color that takes center stage and tells the other white paint colors who’s boss?

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster.

Making bathrooms and life a little more amazing every day.

PS  Here’s a few of my favorite friends sharing all about color on their blogs today, too.

Stop by and say hello.

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  1. Image for sydney85 sydney85

    Love the new bathroom. Where did you get the wire basket for the towels? So happy for you to enjoy your bathroom spa!

  2. Image for Julie Blanner Julie Blanner

    It's gorgeous KariAnne! I love the simplicity, but more than anything, I adore the custom art. Pieces that have meaning make a home feel so warm and thoughtful. Kind of like you ;)

  3. Image for Aimee Aimee

    Of all the little shamrocks in my in-box during the week - you are, most certainly, the 4-leaf clover! You are adorable. I am lucky. And like your pretty new bathroom, all is right with the world. "Irish" you a Happy St. Patrick's Day and fab weekend!!

  4. Image for Michelle Michelle

    BIG *sigh* because the room is so beautiful! Simple, elegant, relaxing and functional. So many things I love about this room...first, genius shelf addition next to the bathtub! But what stole my heart was the vanity -- everything about it says simple elegance! When I used to have a house full of people, I found a metal leaf and vine wall cup holder that fit just right on the wall in the 2nd bath and held everyone's towels. So much better than a bar that usually only holds two and the towels never quite dried completely. Not to mention, my house-mates couldn't hang a towel neatly on a bar if their lives depended on it. So kudos on the towel rack too!

  5. Image for Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    It looks so great! I love that you used flooring that would be found naturally in your farmhouse. Kudos! I totally need a little fun before and after today. Spent the morning on the phone with the health insurance company about a claim for one of my kiddos. I know I don't need to say any more than that. Have an awesome weekend friend! Nancy

  6. Image for Karla Ritchey Karla Ritchey

    Hi, I love the color Alabaster! I added on to the Lady Butterbug Shoppe and painted the newly enclosed porch in Alabaster. Now you must come visit the Shoppe when you're back in town. I would love to visit with you! Karla

  7. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I love the pop of color! Everything looks so spacious! And the ledge around the bathtub? Genius idea!! How many times do we need a place to put things? ALL the time. And yes, beets are good for you. I've been ignoring the poor things, bless their hearts, for years and recently I discovered they are loaded with vitamins!! So, Costco sells them in the fridge section in a 3-pack. They taste so good in salads. Love what you've done to the Master bath. Have a great weekend. Looks like IU is looking for another basketball coach, again. *sigh* Will they ever get their act together?? ?

  8. Image for Julie B. Julie B.

    Lovely, Karianne! And, yes, beets are AMAZING in salads... and team well with kidney beans and green bell pepper, as well! ;-)

  9. Image for Rhonda Atwood Rhonda Atwood

    Love this bathroom! I'm redecorating my bathroom right now and have just painted the walls and ceiling white. It makes the room look so clean and bright!

  10. Image for Celeste Celeste

    Ha! Two out of three ain't bad, but I can't get behind beets in anything. Blech! But I love your new bath. It is so clean and simple.

  11. Image for Ardith Ardith

    Yippee, Karianne! What a sensational master bath you two have created. As others have stated, it is beautiful in its clean lines and serene colors. Well done you. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers, Ardith

  12. Image for CGinAZ CGinAZ

    Beets! Love beets! They are my favorite treat at any restaurant that has a salad bar. No one else in my family ever liked them, so I get my fill when I'm there. So, not just hello cutie. Hello gorgeous bathroom. I'm sure it will change your life , and hubs, having indoor conveniences all in one place. Just one of the many things that give an old farm house "character".

  13. Image for Debbie - MountainMama Debbie - MountainMama

    Looks amazing!! What a great place to put on that sexy red lipstick now!! :) I also did a bathroom/master bedroom reno when I bought my house and it totally changed the way my house functions! I've never regretted the money I spent on that space, it was well worth it.

  14. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    Yay! Looks so cute! I love me some Alabaster too. I painted my 1/2 bath with it and will probably be painting my master with it too. Thinking about a dark navy on my vanity which has been black for a few years and I'm over it. Happy Weekend!

  15. Image for Lisa Lisa

    The new look is wonderful! I looked at Alabaster when I was trying to decide between 100 different whites for my kitchen cabinets. In the end we chose Swiss Coffee. Happy St Patrick's Day

  16. Image for Maddison Maddison

    The vanity color is perfect! May I ask which "home improvement " store? I would love the exact same one! I may also need to steal your peg towel rack! Genius!

  17. Image for Mary Wells Mary Wells

    I love the makeover! This is beautiful! We usually get most of our supplies from the home improvement stores, too. I remember when you were first remodeling and how ugly it was and all the nasty comments you were getting.

  18. Image for Cathy Foster Cathy Foster

    Clean and simple...I love the look! I wish my entire house had this look. Would love to know where you found that nice big wire basket!

  19. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    Does the door lock? No kids allowed? Lovely dpace. You and the hubby deserve this space! PS your signs are a nice addition.

  20. Image for Louise Adkins Louise Adkins

    At last, someone heard my silent ranting and raving as I watch Flip or Flop on HGTV . They tile the bathrooms and do this tiny rectangle opening for soap/shampoo. Why not do a shelf along the back wall? Thank you, thank you for thinking like I do. Have a great weekend.


    KariAnne, your Master Bath is just gorgeous! You and your husband have done a wonderful job of renovating! Enjoy! Have a great weekend! Blessings!

  22. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Oh, I love it! That ole farmhouse just doesn't know what has hit her, does she? Good Job, but you still have to come out of there every so often....just say in'....

  23. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Love the white. And that sink--gorgeous. How are you managing the shower? Need a hint on getting by with my tub and no curtain or glass enclosure to keep the water in. Beautiful job, friend!

  24. Image for Rosalie McCreary Rosalie McCreary

    Lovely master bath! I love when a plan comes together just as imagined! Beets are the best!! I buy them fresh and cook them myself!!! The family also likes them added to potatoes, yams, onions and carrots tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and some dry herbs of choice and roasted in the oven! A real treat!!! Happy St. Patrick's day and have a great weekend!!!

  25. Image for Kris Kris

    It's beautiful and classic--you won't tire of it in 10 years. As most of us do our house updates off-the-rack, I think we all appreciate how classy your renovation is and we can take heart that we can have similar results. Happy Saturday.

  26. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    Oh my goodness.....I LOVE how your master bathroom turned out!! That is definitely "swoon worthy"! There are so many fabulous things to look at, I'm not sure which is my favorite!?! Thanks for sharing.....Happy Monday!

  27. Image for Pamela A Pamela A

    Kudos to a job well done! We are in the process of trying to finish the basement complete with a small bathroom. Loving the vanity - can you please post which home store you used. This would great in there if we can ever find a contractor!

  28. Image for Linda Linda

    I can see all the thoughts that went into pre-planning your vision and it was well worth the effort. Such a simple idea as the shelf on the bathtub really makes it. The bathroom is very welcoming which does not happen often. Is there anyone who can tell me the name of the red plant?? Thanks for sharing with us.

  29. Image for Tammy Larson Tammy Larson

    I just painted my entire house Alabaster! It's a small house and everything has opened up. It makes me so happy. It's clean and creamy without a yellow cast. Not stark at all either. I love seeing the same color in other applications. Also love to see "off the rack" design. It's nice to see something "attainable" be both classic and beautiful. Truly beautiful! Great job!

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