Welcome to the next edition of as the bathroom renovation turns.

Where a humble homeowner and her imagination transform an awkward master bath and an over-sized powder bath into a bathroom poetry.

How do I love you little bathroom…let me count the ways?

Let’s review.

When we last left our master bath….

….it looked like this.

That was it.

Just a toilet and a sink.

No shower.  No bath.  No room to move.

And now?

That same room looks like this.

Here’s a during.

The wall was knocked down and we took part of the powder bath and part of the closet.

Here’s a mini room for the toilet.

It still has to be taped and mudded and painted and tile.

But look at all that space.

This is what the powder bathroom used to look like.

Tons of space and a bath and storage cabinet.

But all that room was in the wrong place.

And now?

It looks like this.

Half of it’s former self.

It donated the other half of the room to the master bath.

It’s still pretty spacious.

The toilet is tucked around the corner.

New beadboard was added.

I kept the original brush and floss signs on the wall.

Then I added these super cute galvanized wall vases and filled them with fresh greens.

I love a little greenery in all that gray and white.

I kept the original sink that I brought from our house in Texas when we moved.

In the corner, I placed a ladder with hand towels.

There are also hooks on the walls for towels, too.

This little powder bath is right off the hallway near the kitchen and living room.

I need to draw a diagram so it all makes sense.

The master bath should be finished next week and I can’t wait to show the befores and afters.

But I’ll save all that for the next edition. 🙂

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  1. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Look at you, you amazing DIYer! It's a beautiful and practical Karianne original design. Can't wait to see the finished results!! Side note: Love the reference to an old soap opera 'As the World Turns,' which also makes me wonder about the drama. You know, what's the dramatic backstory? Having to run up and down stairs to use another bath while these two were being renovated...? Living amidst all that dust, not to mention the noise and paint smells...? With your writing skills, Karianne, I'll bet you'd have us all laughing hysterically or balling our eyes out in no time ;-)

  2. Image for Diane Anderson-Edwards Diane Anderson-Edwards

    Very attractive. The sink is interesting, but I have never been a fan of exposed pipes. Just looks unfinished to me. I know, a personal quirk!! Looking forward to the full reveal.

  3. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Eek! That's so exciting to gain a nice master bath! Awesome. The powder room looks wonderful. I love the vases with the galvanized backs. So cool! Have a great day!

  4. Image for Susan Holt Susan Holt

    Are you doing this all by yourself?! You simply amaze me and I wish I could get you to come over and give me some advice, since I have no decorating skills whatsoever! :) PS I had fun talking to Whitney last night at MRA. I'm so glad that her eyes are getting better.

  5. Image for Ginny Ginny

    Love it all! I would love to know the name of the paint color on the upper part of the walls in the powder room. The current color in the powder room looks different from the old color....has it changed ? The new color looks exactly like what I'm looking for my downstairs bathroom. Please share! Thanks!

    1. Image for Mary Mary

      Is that Sherwin Williams "Mindful Gray" by any chance? That's the color I'm looking at to paint my bathroom. Love your cute sweet bathroom!

  6. Image for Linda Linda

    Were you able to reuse your claw foot tub in your master bath? It's hard to troops under the sheets. Looking great, bet you are more than ready to have it finished.

  7. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    Looks absolutely gorgeous! BUT...I'm confused. You say the powder bath is downstairs near the kitchen, and that you borrowed space from it for your master bath. I thought your master bedroom was upstairs. Perhaps I thought wrong? Only a "master" DIY'er could pull that one off, if I'm right about your master bedroom being upstairs.

  8. Image for Terri Terri

    Oh so gorgeous!!!!!!!... Can't wait to see "The rest of the story" .... :) .. ( I love that you brought that sink with you alllll the way from Texas !!!) :)

  9. Image for Linda Linda

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE beadboard but, sadly, have none of it in our house. The reason: I never have known which type to install. Would you please share what type you used (sheets, individual planks, etc.) and the reason you chose that type. BTW: As much as I love beadboard, I love your blogsite even more! ; )

  10. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    It is turning out so well. You'll want to stay in there and just sing and dance around. Only after you apply your gorgeous red lipstick. Hope you don't get any of the storms they're predicting up north. Have a super weekend. Hugs!

  11. Image for Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    I love the powder room and it isn't missing any of its charm at all. I look beautiful. I did do a fast scroll up and a little bit of a whisper scream, "noooooooo". Where is the claw foot tub going? My eyes could just be playing tricks on me but it doesn't look like it is going in the master. I can't wait to see your wonderful master soon claw footed or not. :) Have a super weekend friend! Nancy


    Looking great, KariAnne! It's going to be a real masterpiece once you have finished! Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings!

  13. Image for Peg Peg

    Dolphin clapping for the powder bath, generously donating space!! LOVE!!! Can't wait to see the master reveal! : )

  14. Image for Brenda Brenda

    We have a teeny tiny powder room. (It's so small you have to come out to change your mind!) However, it has a huge closet, as in bigger than the actual powder room! We plan to put the laundry room there as opposed to were it is now; right inside the side door. Everyone uses this door! I have almost been creamed several times by someone coming in the house. Imagine, laundry without heart palpitations! I love your bathroom, but I too, miss the claw foot tub! I can't wait to see the master bath!

  15. Image for mormormedstiletter mormormedstiletter

    Ohhh, how pretty:-) Simply love your style n interior decorating...I am just about to start renovating our house in Spain, and I am thinking of lending some ieas from you:-) Hope it is okay?

  16. Image for sondra bailey sondra bailey

    I love it! I have a vintage wall mount large bathroom sink but I would love to put chrome legs like yours. Do you know of any place where one could buy such a thing? Great job!

  17. Image for Lynne -Australia Lynne -Australia

    I love that little sink. I can't wait to see the other bathroom, and, yes, it would be great if you did a diagram, although its clear enough in the photos. We are about to renovate ours - when we get back from holidays. I'm picking our new bath, shower etc. and ordering before we go, so they will be ready for the builder when we get back.

  18. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Late on the comment, BUT, where did the BEACH sign go? Have always loved it so much and have been looking for something just like it. My bathroom that I renovated last year is very much like the style of yours with beadboard and a beach theme.

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