Do you remember that song by Brad Paisley….”Little Moments Like That”?

Who knew?

Who knew Brad Paisley was such a brilliant philosopher?

Before I was married….when I was younger….I spent afternoons watching Hallmark movies and planning Barbie weddings and drawing endless hearts and doodles…..

.…I thought love was all about big romantic gestures.

Just like in the movies.


I thought that when your future husband declared his love to you….it was after a series of super dramatic events that usually involved you almost leaving on a jet plane and him chasing you down the wrong way on an escalator.

Papers would be flying and a he would be frantically searching for you in the crowd of people getting on the plane.

Then..just before you were about to board….you would glance over your shoulder one more time in despair because you were leaving….

….and then you’d see him.

And he’d have a bouquet of flowers in his mouth.

And you would rush toward each other and leap into each other’s arms…..

….and live happily ever after.


And while I love that kind of love.

And I wish I had been boarding a plane instead of wearing Lee Press-On Nails and totally knocking my husband-to-be over at his Navy graduation in my haste to tell him how much I loved him.

I think that true love is found in the little moments.

The shared jokes.

The laughter.

The times when it’s your husband’s day off and you totally want to have him build a pair of bookshelves for you…..but you don’t want to ask him….because after all it is date day and he might want to go to the movies or out to eat or something much more date-like….and so you ask him what he wants to do that day…..and his eyes twinkle and he grins…..

….and tells you he was thinking about building some bookshelves.

And you fall a little more in love with him right then.


Like the other day.

The whole family was driving in the car going to a baseball game.

My husband and I were talking and laughing and discussing the Kentucky basketball game….and how the game came down to the last 3.2 seconds and wasn’t it amazing….and how they totally won….and how that….

….now they were in the sweet sixteen tournament.

And all of a sudden….I stopped.

“Do you hear that?” I asked.

“What?” he said.  “I don’t hear anything.”

“Exactly,” I said staring at him wide-eyed.  “That’s what I mean…nothing….not a sound….I don’t hear anything at all.”


Did I mention there were four children in the car?

And usually that means the noise is usually at a 3.2 on the Richter scale.

And someone is fighting or poking or arguing over a game or yelling……Mooooooom.

But not today.

Today it was absolutely positively quiet.


I turned around to look.

There were four heads….each one bent diligently over a variety of electronic devices.

One had earphones and was listening to music.

One had an i-phone and was playing a game.

And the twins were on their i-pads…designing hairstyles and outfits worthy of the red carpet.

It was blissfully, wonderfully, amazingly quiet.


I turned to my husband with a smile.

We sat there in the silence for a moment….holding hands and saying nothing.

And then he turned to me…..with those twinkling brown eyes….and said with a grin “All that silence gives new meaning to the phrase….

….children left to their own devices.”

And right then and there on the way to a baseball game in the middle of a winding country road I realized….

….I live for little moments like that. 🙂


PS  I made this pillow for my son’s room.  It’s the longitude and latitude of one of his favorite places.

If you want to make one….you can find your own coordinates….here.

Then simply stencil the numbers on a pillow and fill in with paint.

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  1. Image for Susan McMullen Susan McMullen

    Hi Karianne! I don't know if it is your beautiful photography, your talent or your wonderful storytelling that I love so much! You are AWSOME!

  2. Image for Shirley@housepitalitydesigns Shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Your hubby surely does come up with the best lines!...I am going to remember that one...Treasure the "silence" but most of all treasure "the laughter and the noise"..... Have a wonderful weekend...and love that room and the awesome pillow!

  3. Image for Sherry Sherry

    I love your stories, your decorating and just everything Karianne! Love, love, love your blog and I look forward to it everyday! You are so talented and fun!

  4. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Awwww!! That is so very sweet. You so very succinctly put into words everything that I think and feel -- and you do it in such a wonderful way. Why is it that the older we get, the more we feel and the more things touch our emotions? And I have had people ask , how can you and your husband spend so much time together without going nuts? I just smile -- I guess they don't know him -- or me for that matter. It seems you feel that way about your twinkling brown eyes. We sure are lucky!! Big hugs to you!!

  5. Image for Diane Diane

    As make me feel so happy with your stories ! I also has a husband whose love language is doing projects for me...soooo very lucky aren't we??!!

  6. Image for Julie R Julie R

    Karianne, there is no doubt that you are doing what you are meant to do in this world :) What an inspirational light you are to your family and to all of us who follow your wonderful blog.

  7. Image for Carollynn Carollynn

    Karianne, I always love your stories of life and family. You're right, it is the small moments that make a life. The lat/long pillow is beautiful , and a great idea. I can see using that for many different occasions - birthdays, weddings, house warming and hostess gifts.

  8. Image for Bliss Bliss

    For a good chunk of my raising six kids years there were no electronic gadgets. Silence in the car usually meant they were holding their noses.

  9. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I was so busy reading...I had to go back and look at the pictures! You spin quite the tale Karianne! Yeah...I still live for moments like that. When my kiddos were young...electronic devices like that weren't invented yet. The only way I got peace and quiet was if they were all dozing! And...that didn't happen all that often! ;)

  10. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    AWE!!!! I think that is Hallmark channel worthy!!! Not just because any quiet time with 4 kids deserves it's own movie, but just so sweet!

  11. Image for Karen Etling Karen Etling

    Just perfect -- put it in the book! And by the way, plenty more great basketball moments ahead. The big one tonight will have ALL of Kentucky watching -- good luck!

  12. Image for Kathie Kathie

    I too love your stories .....and that bedroom. The galvanized tubs for storage are a great idea for boy stuff. I know boy stuff I raised 5 boys and one girl.

  13. Image for Jill Jill

    Your story is so sweet! I love the Hallmark kind of love on TV, but our kind of love is more like yours. My husband was going to be out of town for two weeks, so he bought me a present. He didn't want me to be lonely and bored while he was away. I jumped up and down when he showed me my new pneumatic stapler/nailer!! The first day, I finished a wicker chase lounge and a neighbor brought me her dining room chairs to recover. So much more to do! So much better than flowers (unless I could plant them in my yard! ;) ). Thanks for your fabulous longitude latitude pillow idea. I have been struggling with an idea for our daughter's first anniversary. The location of the church would be perfect. Always Karianne, thank you for sharing and reminding us of the small joys of the everyday.. Your gratefulness is contagious. Have an amazing weekend!

  14. Image for Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

    Hi Karianne, another fun read. The pillow is really cute and I really love the map wall. It's such a fantastic element in the room. Where do you find a map that large? Is it wallpaper or an actual (really big) map? Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Lisa

  15. Image for lani lani

    Okay- are you ready to brace yourself? As a recently retired first grade teacher.... I was anticipating your children doing what my grandchildren do.... A eight year old and a six year old- (the children of two Presbyterian ministers in North Carolina) and the eight and six year old children of two teachers in Oregon... That they were reading or drawing. Sorry- not impressed. Educator and Grandmother

    1. Image for Sally T. Wilbanks Sally T. Wilbanks

      Thistlewood! This is SO gorgeous!!! Wow. And I loved your story! It's hilarious and so real life. Thank you for always being honest. For Lani - you may want to check out this post. A friend sent it to me the other day and it was so helpful. Please take to heart what she's saying. There was a bit too much judgey-assumptiveness in that statement. I'm pretty sure you're not really qualified to make that call based on one blog post. We could all use a little less of that.

  16. Image for Karen Karen

    I went to link for coordinates and I got an alert for a virus. The site didn't come up and then I got the alert. Just letting you know. Sorry! Love the pillow idea by the way.


    I just love reading all of your stories KariAnne......You always make me smile!! P.S...I have seen pictures of you and your kids but have never seen a picture of your hubby..would so love to see a picture of the man with the twinkling brown eyes... :-)

  18. Image for Judy Judy

    Each weekday, when I turn on my computer at work, I look forward to reading your blog. It never fails to make me smile. Today was no exception.

  19. Image for Sylvia Marie Sylvia Marie

    I too am a grandmother to 14 Grands and two grands,Its funny i didn't get concerned about what each of your kiddos were doing,but that you were all together,going to a family event. Several of our granddaughters would rather draw, or read,but when I'm around the teens we just love being together. I'm truly happy you are blessed with a wonderful family,plus I really like the pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lifes simple pleasures!

  20. Image for Lori Lori

    Sounds like you have a wonderful family...many blessings to you all! I was also wondering if you could tell me about the map hanging on the wall. My daughter is looking for something like that for her office. Lovely room! Love the pillow idea. Thanks!

  21. Image for Polly Polly

    Go Kentucky! Go Indiana! Woops, I forgot Indiana didn't even make it to the practice for the Big Dance:) I am so glad again that you didn't let your parents stand in your way of your true love!! I always wonder what might of been. Love your family and your stories, makes my day:) Have a great week-end, lots and lots of college basketball on and of course, the Nascar race!

  22. Image for Sandra Sandra

    I laughed out loud over this line, "All that silence gives new meaning to the phrase 'children left to their own devices.'" Brilliant! Great idea for a pillow! Also I love the pops of orange you have in that room. Beautiful! Thank you for a wonderful story.

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