Choose HappySometimes all it takes is one step and one sign….

….to change the world.

My friend Tricia sent me the story behind this sign.

It’s an amazing one.


A story full of hope and joy and wonder and a celebration of the artist in all of us.

To see the entire collection…click here.

Choose Organized

This post was written for all the organizers out there who only have 10 minutes.

Like me.

Even if you only finish one of these tips…

…you will so totally be all you and your 10 minute organized self.

Choose Art

And just in case you missed it…

….there was the most awesome challenge this week.

A group of bloggers all sent each other thrift store finds and then had to create them into something wonderful.

If you are wondering if my project was wonderful….

…it wasn’t.  

Not even close. 🙂

But really….who cares when there are 20 other amazing bloggers….click here to start the tour.

Nelson Bench

And I had to give a shout out to the wonderful blog, Uncommon Common Law, that I’m partnering with for the Creating With the Stars competition.

They are creative and funny and wonderful with the photographic eye of a true artist.

We came in third this round with this bench.

Go us. 

Really….it’s go them….with me cheering them on. 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Heather {Woods of Bell Trees} Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}

    Those beakers might just be the most amazing things I've seen. The Nelson bench. Nuff' said. Choose Happy...I just had a conversation about choosing happy. Your daisy buttoned towel might not have been amazing, but I think everything else you do is were just trying to make sure we believed you were human. :D

  2. Image for Penelope Groff Penelope Groff

    As I read Tricia's story I couldn't help but tear up. Just this morning, a miracle was born. Miracle Maverick I'm calling him. His mother was in labor for 3 days, believing every minute that her little boy would be born into the hands of the angels, already lost to her. He had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a serious heart condition in the womb. Just yesterday the pediatric cardiologist stood in the labor room humbly telling Mommy & Daddy how sorry he was, and what wonderful parents they would have been........At 12:03 AM today, Miracle Maverick was born, breathing, heart beating and with hope. The next ten days are crucial, but miracles do happen....and become the people in Tricia's story. Thank you for sharing Tricia!

  3. Image for diane sims diane sims

    With my whole heart I believe in miracles. I have two grown up miracles to prove that! I am praying for Miracle Maverick and for his amazing parents.

  4. Image for Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane

    First of all, I am loving the term "Thistlekeeping." I have to pop over here every week to see what you are featuring. Next, I am so touched by the "Choose happy" sign and the story behind it. Definitely a lesson for us all. Thanks for sharing!

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