Blue and white themed living room

I had big plans for my day yesterday.


Like the kind of plans that make you want to hop out of bed and put on your cute robe and grab a steaming mug of coffee and snuggle up on the couch for a moment.

Kind of like the calm before the plan storm.

That was going to be my day.

I had ordered this fabric for the room to make roman shades for the window and it came while I was at Haven and I knew that I knew that I knew.

My windows wouldn’t be lonely anymore.

And then?

This happened.

Thermostat reading 112 degrees

What the what?

112 degrees?

I know hot.


I’ve grown up in Texas all my life.  I’ve spent summers frying eggs on the sidewalk.  One summer we went for 34 straight days with over 100-degree temperatures.

But I draw the line when the 100-degree temperatures start going to DOUBLE DIGITS.

Succulents on display in the living room

I couldn’t get motivated.

I couldn’t stop sweating.

I couldn’t do anything except think about how hot it was and wonder if it was going to get hotter and what that hotter was going to feel like and WHEN WOULD THE HOT EVER STOP?


It was over 100 degrees at eight o’clock last night.

I know because we all went for snowcones to try and un-hot ourselves.

Blue and white living room

So the shades never got made.

It’s supposed to be even hotter today—if that’s even possible.

It’s going to break all the hot records here.

So I thought I’d inspire myself with pictures of what the shades might look like when I’m done.

Fabric inspiration

First of all here’s the fabric.

It’s part of the Magnolia Fabric line that may or may not be related to Joanna Gaines.

It is kind of hard to tell from this picture, but there are actually three different blues in the pattern of the fabric.

Detail photo of the rug

I love it because it pulls up the pattern of the rug onto the windows.

The windows are smaller and I’m making a roman shade like I did at the farmhouse (you can see the how-to here).

Blue and white fabric

Woven fabric

Then I’m layering in some new pillows in this stripe and this woven textured solid to balance out the pattern.

I’m also looking for a smaller pattern for seat cushions on the chairs.

Roman shade and the TV

Here’s the window with the fabric edited in.

It’s going to look much more roman shady.

The scale of the actual fabric is a little bigger than my rendition with a little more of a greige look to it.

But just looking at this makes me happy.

Living room decor

Just like yesterday I woke up with big plans.

Today was roman shade day.

And then?

I heard the forecast on television.


I might sew.

I might make those roman shades.

I might be productive.


I may just pretend I feel ocean breezes and that it’s 70 degrees and go get another snow cone instead.

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  1. Image for Gina Gina

    Hot summer. Beautiful fabrics. Here in SE FL we are somewhat saved by the coast which allows for some wind and its our rainy season, but 91 is still hot enough to keep our windows covered to keep the sun out. Time to get those shades up to block some sun!!!

  2. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    What is it about HOT HOT HOT weather that just takes all the spunk out of a day? Remember what Lou Grant said to Mary Richards? "I hate spunk." That's what a hot weather forecast is saying. It will be beautiful. And you know what the best thing is? It will still be there, waiting, when you get ready. Or, you could just pull that thermostat down to 65 and go for it! LOL!

  3. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    KariAnne, I’m at the beach on Nantucket with temps in low 70’s and light ocean breeze and reading your post is making me sweat! I can’t imagine how hot it is there. Now I’ll have to take a dip and get an ice cream cone to cool off! Sending you cool thoughts, Yvonne

  4. Image for BJ BJ

    Looks good. Last night in the mountains of North Carolina I was SO COLD. We have no AC, slept with windows slightly open, and covered up with sheet, two cotton blankets, socks on my feet, and a down comforter. Praying your heat breaks soon.

  5. Image for Alice Hanson Alice Hanson

    KariAnne, Boy howdy don’t I know it! It was 114 in my backyard yesterday! I was swimming at 8:30 with my pool temp at 90! I did work on my hooked rug for about 2 minuets! Then a nap attack! Stay in and cool today! Smiles, Alice

  6. Image for Carol@BlueskyatHome Carol@BlueskyatHome

    KariAnne, I know just what you are talking about. The heat we are experiencing in North Texas is AWEFUL. I remember the summer of 1980. It was the long hot summer of h____. Back then I wore bikinis and hung out at the pool. No more. Today I just stay inside. Love the blue pattern fabric. It will look great in your family room.

  7. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    New Mexico has the crazy heat too...relentless heat of triple is days/weeks like these that going to work in the frigid high rise in the sky office is the best heat beater...although snow cones sound like a wonderful idea. Stay Cool, The lovely blue/white shade can wait. :)

  8. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    I live in SE Tennessee and we are in our hot time of the year only it has only been in the upper 80's to low 90's. We've been getting brief rain and thunder showers/storms almost daily for the last couple of weeks. Then there's the humidity. Blah!! I know you didn't ask for opinions, but when you mentioned looking for fabric for seat cushions I immediately thought of navy blue and white checks.

  9. Image for Kathleen H Kathleen H

    Hi KariAnne, I'm writing from Ocean City, NJ. It is an older beach house...been in it for 15 years.....My colors are Blue & White......I just love that color combo. Your Roman shades will be just beautiful...and will complement your room decor very well. WOW...114 degrees...way too hot. Make sure to take a siesta this afternoon!

  10. Image for Debra Milam Debra Milam

    I'm next door in Louisiana and at 2 in the afternoon it is only 95 deegrees and feels like 107 degrees. So I must be a real slacker because I don't feel like doing anything either, don't know what I would do if it was 112.

  11. Image for Sandi Sandi

    Oh you poor dear! It's hot here in New England but we have the pleasure of being surrounded by water and beaches. I though 90 was hot, I'm sure I'd turn into a lizzard if I lived near you! Watch Christmas movies, (the ones that are filmed up North!)

  12. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Temperatures over 110 for days on end and not getting below 100 at night? Bring it on.......that’s a walk in the park for us folks in Phoenix Arizona. But temps under 70??? I’m freezing and bringing out the flannel jammies. LOL. Seriously though, just make sure to stay hydrated. That’s most important.

  13. Image for Terri Terri

    Miserable, typical hot and humid summer here in SW Florida. I do love the blues you are using (though I loved the before as well). The blue feels calm and "cool". As for proceeding with the project, I say yes to more snow cones and let the heat wave pass before you begin sewing!

  14. Image for Kim Kim

    Have you talked about the botanical type pics/prints behind your couch yet and if so how did I miss it? They LOOK like exactly what I am needing! Details please or source or whatever!,,! Hot here in central NC too, but bless your make me feel bad for whining. Mid 90s are bad enough! Hang in there and eat all the snow cones you can!

  15. Image for Linda Linda

    "Un-hot" yourself. My laugh out loud moment of the afternoon. :-) Thanks for the giggle. Stay in, stay cool and don't feel guilty about an unproductive day. Sometimes we need those. (A total aside, I found THE sweetest little vintage table at a sale today! Can't wait to start painting it!)

  16. Image for Crystal Crystal

    I live in another HOT as HADES state. I am moist 24/7 and not a glowing moist. more like mildew wants to grow on me. ICK and DOUBLE/TRIPLE ICK. 1. Love the fabric. 2. How in the world do you live with such a teeny tiny TV? I NEED to see Jaimie Fraser up close and personal, therefore I have a large. big, ginormous. television. It dwarfs the room, it is the ugly focal point. You Know what? I don't care. Because Jaimie Fraser. Enjoy your posts so very much and being around to see it become your home. with a teeny tiny TV. :D

  17. Image for Lolly Lolly

    I'm right here with you in Texas, so I hope you can get enough snowcones to at least keep your creative planning juices flowing. We need your stories to divert our minds while we munch OUR ice. 😍

  18. Image for Nita Nita

    Heat waves all over the country! If I were you I'd go for snow cones everyday! Love the fabric and will look beautiful in your family room!

  19. Image for Michelle Michelle

    OR you could come visit me in Colorado Springs where the hottest it gets is maybe 95 - with nearly 0 humidity, I might add - and the evenings and nights are around 55...60. I'm not bragging, just hoping that will encourage you to visit my neck of the woods sometime :-) Seriously, though, I never got used to the heat and humidity in Texas. Never. What I really wanted to say is I can't wait for the roman-y shades and the cushions - I can't imagine the room could get any more beautiful but, if it can, you're the one to do it! Side note: I just learned what greige is! LOL

  20. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    Ooooooohhhhhh...... I do love that blue, roman shade fabric!!!!! I told Anita I was going to get a sewing machine like hers and teach myself to make pillows, and hopefully basic curtains and upholstery. I will pop over to your Roman shade tutorial... ( although I may have saved it already) As for the heat, my Mom keeps ice cream sandwiches and fudgesicles in the freezer... 🍦🍨🤗

  21. Image for PJ PJ

    My sewing machine is in the hottest part of this old farmhouse which has no air conditioning. I keep dreaming up projects and adding them to the fall list. Take good care of yourself, KariAnne!

  22. Image for Kris Kris

    Eww, your weather sounds terrible. In Michigan, weather in the 90s is considered unbearably hot--possibly because, since we are surrounded by lots of water, the humidity levels make you feel like you are slogging through soup. I'm wondering--do you eat the snowcones or just rub them on your body???? ;) I hope your weather moderates soon!

  23. Image for Kate Kate

    Lovely fabric! P.S. it's not affiliated with Joanna. I've been sewing with Magnolia Home Fashions fabrics for years...long before Fixer Upper was a thing;) I bet it has helped their sales though haha!

  24. Image for Barbara Ann Sandoval Barbara Ann Sandoval

    I watch Deadliest Catch thinking if I watch them in the freezing cold I'll feel cooler?? So Not Working..

  25. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Don't you have a tub you could fill with ice cubes?!?!?! Lol Love, love, love the new materials being added--I am a color girl!!!

  26. Image for Theresa Theresa

    We are first time visitors to your lovely state of Texas and yesterday in Waco it was 110! Us Michiganders are not used to temps like that lol!

  27. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    I'm praying for a cold snap in Texas for the next few days. We're going to my niece's wedding in Tyler on 28th. I hope she knows how much I love her to do Texas in July!!! Love all your blue & white. Your home is SO pretty. Stay cool.

  28. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Sorry it is so hot!!! I remember seeing 100 degrees at 2 AM in the California desert-MISERABLE!!! Hope you have air conditioning!!!! Love the fabric and can't wait to see the shades!!!

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