Looking for a great neutral khaki paint? Sherwin Williams Sandbar is one of my favorites. Here’s a before and after bathroom transformation.

This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams ®

Down the street and around the corner approximately 1.2 miles from my house is my Sherwin-Williams store.

I love my Sherwin-Williams store.

We are best friends, my store and I.

When I walk in the door the paint colors wave.

The store employees greet me by name and ask me what project I’m working on and answer any questions I have.

Every. Single. One.

It’s a wonderful place.

There are rows and rows and rows of color inspiration.

And ideas.

And amazing color combinations.

And rows of project sheets just like this one.

All my favorite colors are there.

Like Anonymous SW 7046 and Mindful Gray SW 7016 and Coral Reef SW 6606 and Alabaster SW 7008 and Sherwin Williams Sandbar.

And the paint professionals?  They are helpful and kind and knowledgeable and have even suggested some new paint colors that I hadn’t really been introduced to before and helped me explore these colors with their ColorSnap® system, which made it easy to pick just the right one.  They also have a free program called PaintPerks® that you can sign up for. As a member, the information about the paint and colors you buy is stored for later and you’ll also get exclusive member benefits.

So when I started renovating the bathroom that was right behind these doors, I knew exactly where to turn.

The challenge?

Creating an ensuite bathroom in calm neutral colors that would hold up to the steam and excess water in a bathroom environment.

Here’s where we started.

When you walked through those doors in the picture you would enter a closet that was behind this wall.

It was challenging.

To enter the bathroom you had to go outside the bedroom and walk through a door on the other side of the bathroom.

We wanted to open up this wall and create an entrance from the closet.

That way we would have more privacy.

So we knocked down a few walls and now?

Now when you open those twin doors right there.

Sherwin Williams Sandbar on walls

We kept the closet on one side and on the other is the new entrance to the bathroom.

hallway painted with Sherwin Williams Sandbar

Here’s what it looks like when you round the corner into the bathroom.

And here’s the view standing in the closet area looking into the bathroom with the new paint color, Sherwin Williams Sandbar.

bathroom renovation with Sherwin Williams Sandbar

Here’s the before.

Sherwin Williams Sandbar vanity

And here’s the after with Sherwin Williams Sandbar from the same angle.

I LOVE the new paint color.

It’s Sandbar SW 7547.

And thanks to the professionals at my neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store, I found the BEST tip for painting bathrooms.

They recommended semi-gloss paint in the Duration Home line.

Using semi-gloss paint on the walls helps to protect the bathroom from steam and water.

Sherwin Williams SandbarSherwin Williams Sandbar bathroom

I love Sherwin Williams Sandbar on the wall. The countertops are stone and the tile is grouted with light gray grout and the trim is Extra White SW 7006.

There are still a few changes we want to make—like replacing the carpet in the bedroom and this closet area and walling off the door on the other side.

But for now?

I’m just going to savor this view.

And these changes.

And this amazing bathroom refresh.

Brought to you by my friends right around the corner…

…at my neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store. 🙂

PS Here’s a great pinboard with some amazing paint tips and techniques.

disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams.

All opinions are my own.

For more information, please see my disclosure page.

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  1. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Grey grout is the best thing ever. I don't think I'll ever put white grout in a bathroom ever again. Both my powder room and my laundry room have grey grout and I love it.

  2. Image for Michelle Michelle

    What an adorable on-suite! The sandbar color from Sherwin is gorgeous! It reminds me of the color of sand dollars. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sherwin Williams is the best if you're going to paint anything!! And those baskets on the wall with the ivy -- just the right amount of green against neutral. I love that you can get out of the shower and walk straight to the closet and that the dresser fits perfectly in that hallway. Convenience at its best!!

  3. Image for Linda Schombert Linda Schombert

    Very nice...did you scrape out the old grout from the tiles and regrout or stain the old grout the lighter color? Thx!

  4. Image for Tracy Tracy

    It.. Looks.. Fabulous! I'm so set in my ways with my all-time favorites like Mindful Gray and Repose Gray...but you are making me want to see this Sandbar in action Ü The vanity next to the door is the absolute perfect fit! Love the natural wood element from the dresser, too. It is a stunning bathroom. We are in the final staging of selling our home and my husband installed the exact same tile in our powder room. I remember it well since I had to seal around every one of those lil' hexagons Ü You've done a fantastic job! Pinning it for inspiration ♥

  5. Image for Richella Parham Richella Parham

    Well done!! Wow, what a great solution to your issue. I just love the way you're making this wonderful house work for your family now just as it worked for your parents' family when you were growing up. The bathroom looks awesome, and it's fun to see warmer neutral! I have to say that years ago I I had left Sherwin-Williams paint for Benjamin Moore, but Sherwin-Williams won me back over when they introduced Duration. It really is excellent, excellent paint. It's great that S-W puts it on sale sometimes, since it is a little more expensive. But when it comes to painting, I really think it's worthwhile to invest in a better quality paint that will hold up longer. My dad has made a living remodeling houses for many years now, and back in 1989 he advised me to use semi-gloss paint in high-humidity areas. That's solid advice your S-W folks gave you!

    1. Image for Nita Nita

      I still use Benjamin Moore for everything and they have a durable paint for baths. I redid both my baths and the paint has held up well after many steamy showers, probably 10 years ago.

  6. Image for Jeannie dugan Jeannie dugan

    I'm in LOVE with it!!! We are gutting our bathroom soon. How wide is your vanity? And do you know the manufacturer of the faucets? I love everything about your beautiful home also. Sometimes I'm so stuck on what to do I just don't do anything! Not good. But you've given me inspiration!

  7. Image for Olive Olive

    I, like you are lucky enough to have a Sherwin Williams store not far from my home, I can spend so much time just looking at all thase colors that just jump out at me. When struggling to decide the staff are so helpful. I just love getting the samples and checking the colors out at home. I painted my Patio Blue and white after looking at your color scheme . Greek Villa White and Navy Blue. Recieved lots of compliments. Please keep painting and giving me ideas.

  8. Image for Kris Kris

    Beautiful color. I think you will be happy with your bathroom for a long time. I love a timeless look in a bath or kitchen--you can always jazz it up with accessories but I don't think you'll need to change out the big stuff (floor, cabinetry, etc.). Curious to see if you will replace carpet with carpet or use other flooring. I admit that while I love how a hardwood floor looks, my feet are happiest to land on soft carpet. Someday we need to do something about the flooring in our bedroom and hallway so I am looking to you for inspiration. No pressure. :)

  9. Image for JC at the uncommon pearl JC at the uncommon pearl

    Great ensuite! How did we every live before without them? As a little girl I grew up in a big colonial house, and it only had a 1/2 bath downstairs and 1 full bath up stairs.We had five in my family and sometimes six when my grandfather lived with us for a time. We survived😉, but I'm sure glad the trend has gone to more ensuite bathrooms. Enjoy this pretty one!

  10. Image for Pat Pat

    I like Sherwin Williams paint too, their commercial is just the best, only commercial I will watch. Saw the new one today with the paint chip dog, soooo cute. Your bath looks nice, and having the new entry is certainly a convenience. xo Pat

  11. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    KariAnne, I would also like to know the type of white threshold you have used on that entry. We have four (!) doors into our kitchen, and flooring changes have left quite an ugly transition from new to old! We need either something very thin overall, or a seriously beveled edge piece to avoid “tripping!” Thanks for the info ... Love love the new color ~ it’s perfect for an area in our home and “sand dollars” are our favorite Coastal treasure .. so it’s fitting for our home! Great changes to the en suite, too, of course! You guys must NOT SLEEP!

  12. Image for catrionia catrionia

    Are you reusing the double vanity that used to be in this bathroom somewhere else. It would have been hard to lose that but I get the convenience of having the entrance off your bedroom.

  13. Image for Twila Hartford Twila Hartford

    Love your neutral and bright ensuite! Can you share where you purchased your vanity and the paint color? Thanks! Enjoy reading your stories!

  14. Image for Jessica Jessica

    Love it! Can I ask where you bought the circular jute rug from? I’ve been looking for one, and this looks perfect! Thanks!

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