How to emboss a monogram on velvet.


I just wanted to interrupt Halloween for a moment to ask if we can still be friends…..if I put a picture of a stocking on my blog…..

….and it’s October?

Under normal circumstances it would never happen.

I mean….seriously…..I’m in the middle of costumes and Betsy Ross hats and candy and treat bags.

The leaves are still falling.

And there are pumpkins on my front porch.

This Wal-Mart find was perfect to practice embossing on velvet with.

But I was at Wal-Mart the other day buying groceries…..

…..and I came home with a red stocking with white trim.

And I knew….that I knew….that I knew…. it would be amazing with an embossed monogram on it.

I’ve been working on a tutorial for embossing velvet.

I made a runner…..but the stocking……seriously?

Even cuter.

And if I waited until December all the red velvet stockings with furry white tops and the cutest ball trim for only $4.97….would be gone.


So I took a chance.

And I think your mantel will thank me. 🙂

This gorgeous embossed monogram changes up a simple stocking.

How to Emboss a Monogram on Velvet

(perfect for a velvet stocking in October)


velvet (at the risk of stating the obvious)

chip board letters


hard board to iron on

spray bottle with water

Gather your necessary supplies, chip board letters and a hard board to iron on.

Step 1:  Lay out the chipboard letters

Decide which monogram you want to use.

There are so many different fonts and styles of chip board letters.

Tape them to a hard board.

You want to use a board instead of an ironing board so you don’t emboss anything but the letters.

Make sure you reverse the letters when you place them on the board…so when they iron they are right side up.

Make sure the letters are reversed and the velvet is the wrong side up, so when you look at the outside it is correct.

Step 2:  Place your velvet wrong side up over the letters

Flip the velvet over so the top side is facing the letters.

Spray the velvet with water and iron.

Step 3:  Spray velvet with water and iron

Using the spray bottle mist the velvet heavily to ensure the embossing takes.

Iron the velvet.

Do not rub the iron across the letters.

Press the iron…then lift and place on another part of the letters.

Look how great this looks when complete!

And here’s what it looks like when you flip it over.

I’ll show you the stocking on the mantel…..way closer to Christmas.

I promise.

And next week we will return to our regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

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  1. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Great idea but did you seriously get that at Wal-Mart ? I never find anything that cute at my Wal-Mart. I live the ball trim. Super cute. Can't wait to see your Christmas Mantel. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Image for Erin Kaven Erin Kaven

    I remember the rubber stamp ironing of velvet but I never thought of using chipboard letters. I wouldn't say genius because I reserve that for people like Thomas Edison and the guy who invented Nutella, but brilliant works...especially after seeing those brilliantly blinged out pumpkins.

  3. Image for Christine Christine

    Oh Karianne - I'm so over Halloween already I want to obsess over Christmas starting yesterday! I live for Christmas - Bring it on!!!! I just bought the flickering fake candles made out of wax at Costco a week ago with a remote control. how fun is that? They came 6 in a box I need moreI love the power of clicking them on and off as I go to each room haha!

  4. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Well, in all honesty, I never decorated for Halloween...don't even have a pumpkin! So, I suppose interrupting the festivities for a stocking isn't too big of a deal...and it is so darn cute...I can see why you bought it. But, embossing it...sheer creativity! ;)

  5. Image for Lisa Huff Kroll Lisa Huff Kroll

    Karianne, you never cease to amaze us. Brilliant idea and you just made the $4.97 stocking look like $30 or Such a great idea and not a ton of time. That was smart to share early so everyone can grab up those stockings before they're gone!! Have a great day!!

  6. Image for Diana W. Diana W.

    I loved it when Martha S. did this a million years ago....but she used a rubber stamp. YOUR idea of chip board letters is FABULOUS! So many more letters, shapes and sizes and so very much cheaper than rubber stamps! Once again you surpass all the reasons I adore you!

  7. Image for Regina Regina

    So THAT'S why we're not supposed to iron velvet! Unless we want uber-cool stockings at Christmastime! :) I love this! This is a level of crafty that I think I could actually achieve . . . . The frost WAS on the pumpkin this morning, wasn't it?

  8. Image for Jill Flory Jill Flory

    That is really cool KariAnne! What fun :) Maybe I'll buy some white velvet and make my own stockings - what do you think?? I love whatever you are doing with that room design I saw on Instagram - I'm so jealous! I want your life!

  9. Image for Susie Susie

    Your blog post is just what I've been looking for! Have a couple of questions... 1. What type of velvet did you use? I am reading that it MUST be 65% acetate and 35% rayon to work. TRUE or NOT? 2. Where did you find the chip board letters?? I need the whole alphabet for my project, and I am finding them for $3.99 each...kinda high 3. Did you find that your iron left round circles on the velvet from the steam holes?? Thanks for your response!! Susie

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