Looking for an easy option for guests on football day? This DIY football charcuterie board is easy to put together and looks so cute too.
football charcuterie board snacks

Please tell me you are a football fan.

Oh, good.

Me, too.

There’s something about fall and football and crisp days and the holidays just around the corner and sweater weather that are linked forever in my mind.

My entire family is football fans. My mother and brothers and sisters and cousins and husband and sons and daughters are all in on field goals and touchdowns and extra points and the eternal optimism of an onside kick in the last seconds of the game.

So today?

To celebrate?

I put together the CUTEST (and easiest) football charcuterie board.

football charcuterie board ingredients

Here’s where I started (where all my grocery trips start)…

…at Walmart.

If you’ve read this blog for more than five minutes you know what a Walmart fan I am. I love saving money and having everything delivered to my door and I am the BIGGEST fan of the Walmart private brands. They are best quality and such a great way to save money on your grocery budget. I never feel like I’m trading anything when I buy Walmart brands, like Great Value (one of my very favorites).

If you are looking to stretch your grocery budget—you can make easy swaps with Walmart brands like Great Value, Marketside, Sam’s Choice, and Freshness Guaranteed. Adding these to your basket saves money and you get ALL the quality as well.

Here’s the DIY Football Charcuterie Board (and I’ve linked all the products I used below).

football charcuterie board

DIY Football Charcuterie Board


Great Value Pepperoni

Great Value Sliced Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Great Value Sliced Swiss Cheese

Great Value Pepper Jack Cheese Sticks

Great Value Club Crackers

Great Value Buttery Round Crackers

Great Value Mozzarella Cheese

Great Value Mini Twist Pretzel

Great Value Walnuts

1. On a large cutting board or charcuterie board, create a football in the center with the pepperoni. Start laying the pepperoni on one end and overlap the pieces of pepperoni until you have the football.

Do NOT overthink this.

Your guests will oooh and ahhh even if your football isn’t perfect.

2. Cut the pieces of pepper jack cheese long ways in half.

Place two pieces down the center of the football and then add smaller pieces on either side to mimic the stitches on the front of the football.

Your football will look SO MUCH more like a football with those cheese strings.

3. Round out the rest of your charcuterie board with some of your favorite munchy snacks.

I added cucumbers for color (and a healthy snack option) and pretzels and walnuts and cheese and crackers.

They are perfect to go along with the pepperoni.

I made this little video so you could see how I put it all together.

I love Walmart’s Private Label brands. Have you tried them before? Compare the quality and low prices today. Start your order here.

Here are some of my best charcuterie tips:

  1. Start with an oversized board that’s flat on all sides (or with a slight rim around the edges). It’s so much easier to keep adding snacks if you have the space.
  2. Add snacks in odd numbers. The board looks more purposeful.
  3. Offer a variety of snacks—both healthy and tasty.
  4. Make sure your guests can layer your snacks. For example, here, the pepperoni pairs with the cheese and crackers or the cucumbers.
  5. Add bowls with dips to your charcuterie board for more options.
  6. Check the board periodically during the party to see if it needs refilling.

Have you tried making a charcuterie board before?

This is the PERFECT one to start with.

Good luck to your team and this is the perfect thing to serve at your next football get-together.

Here’s to low prices and charcuterie boards that are fun and cute and taste amazing all at the same time. 🙂

disclosure: This post was sponsored by Walmart and affiliate links are used in this post.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page here.

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