What do you think of the exclamation point?

Can we all agree there are a lot of “!!!!” in blogland?

Do you think it’s trite?


A worn out and tired piece of punctuation?

I must speak up here in defense of the lowly exclamation point.

For in my humble opinion, there is nothing that says it better than a little  “!”  So much so, that I think I am forming a support group called “Exclamation Points R Us.”  (catchy title, huh)

A group where punctuation is celebrated and where exclamation points can run rampant and wild and free.


Can you imagine the world without any excitable punctuation.  What would you do if you wanted to show off your new burlap curtains….

….and you were excited.  Really excited.  Almost like when you gave birth or got married or got straight ‘A’s” or painted the world’s most comment-worthy dresser or finally took all your Christmas decorations down.

Almost as excited as that….but not quite.

Still, even a little excitement needs an exclamation point.

“I have new burlap curtains.”


A simple statement.  Lukewarm at best.  From someone who has ordinary, run-of-the-mill curtains.

But what if the curtains used to be dropcloths?

What if they were smocked?

What if they were long and beautiful and the perfect shade of burlapness and you had a secret crush on them?

Don’t you think that long, beautiful, smocked, used to-be-dropcloth curtains deserve an exclamation point?

Or two!!

Two may be too many, though.  I’m not sure that’s approved.

I have to run it by the board of “Exclamation Points R Us.”

PSS  All photographs in this post were taken by RTM Connect.

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  1. Image for Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    Those are gorgeous, Karianne! I will use one exclamation point to make my point. : ) I think it's better than saying, "Those are gorgeous, Karianne." Blah - period - do you believe I think they are gorgeous if I use a period? I don't use exclamation points too much in my posts but I use them in my comments because I want people to know that I really do like what they are sharing. At any rate, that smocking looks great ~ was it difficult to do? I've never tried smocking before. I'll give you another three exclamation points just for doing something I'm afraid to try!!!

  2. Image for Drama Mama Lori Drama Mama Lori

    Oh my. Those are beautiful. I need a tutorial on that. Okay, fuh-get-abowt-it! I can't help it! Sign me up for the !!!'s R Us Group now! The curtains are really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew. They really are. And thanks for your very sweet words. I'm going to go open up a word document and fill it with exclamation points. Maybe then it'll be out of my system, b/c I know I am guilty of using it waaaay too much. But, seriously, they're beautiful! ~L

  3. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    O.M.G. To die for... Okay, not the same without exclamation points. !!!!! LOVE!!! That's better. :) What a gorgeous space and the drapes are the perfect finishing touch. Okay, did you do the smocking or do you have someone that does that? Unbelievable. !!!

  4. Image for andrea andrea

    these are GORGEOUS!!!!! and by the way...i could be president of the club -- i have loved them all my life! my kids say that i am annoying as i use them all the time! it is nice to be in company that see's things my way : ) Lol!!!!!! sending hugs and a happy happy once again! : )

  5. Image for Kelly Kelly

    I definitely use exclamation points alot. I don't how else to show my enthusiasm for something. Like this...........I love your new curtains!!! I really do, btw. Did you make them or buy them like that already? Do share.

  6. Image for Laura Laura

    Ack(!) Smocked curtains (!!) I LOVE them (!!!) Definitely the (!) needs to be used here. Lots of them. I neary swooned at the closeup of those curtains. PLEASE do tell how these came about. Did you buy them that way? Were they plain and then you had someone make them that way? Did you do the smocking? Oh.my.word. Fabulous curtains!!

  7. Image for Laura Laura

    Btw, I can only imagine that dropcloths sales will certainly rise because of this post. I know my wallet is going to be lighter as soon as I find out the how-to on this.

  8. Image for Kolein V. Carlson Kolein V. Carlson

    "Ehum....is this thing on? Hi, my name is Kolein and I'm an exclamationpointoholic. I was invited tonight by my friend, Karianne. But there's a little something you should know: I ain't changing a thing!!!!!!" Goodness Me! Could you imagine? What would happen? I think blogland, FB, Tweets and all things Pinning would shrivel up, wither, die, turn sour, gray, dried up, become weak and never ever exist any longer. All life for authors and authoresses across the globe who sit at their laptops exercising their minds and fingertips would lose all vim and vigor. How would expressions get expressed? How would joy overflow from my Mac to yours? How? With the exclamation point, Eeyore's tail would never be found. Dr Seuss's Cat in the Hat would become a chinese restaurant favorite and all written emotion would cease, right on the spot. So while I was pondering this very subject (!), as I was awaiting some of my very own inspiration to hit, I looked up the definition of EXCLAMATION: -noun a sudden cry or remark, esp. expressing surprise, anger or pain Burlapness will do all of that to a person, if she's not careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Image for fiona fiona

    Your curtains are absolutely gorgeous, and I am definately a member of Exclamation Points R Us !!! And three is my favourite number and I can't seem to live without either LOL !!!

  10. Image for Bliss Bliss

    I agree, those curtains are totally exclamationable! And just to prove it, here's another, take that punctuation police!!!!! ~Bliss~ (Did you sew them yourself?)

  11. Image for terry terry

    Lovely room, the smocked curtains are to die for...and they were burlap dropcloths? Other details nice too, gray sideboard, lovely floors and those columns...nothing like good bones to work with!...one of your beloved exclamation points

  12. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    I am in favoure of the exclamation point I think it is often underused, as for those awesome looking cutains wow they do look good.........I bought new blinds for my lounge room but I am still waiting for hubby to help me put them up...........

  13. Image for Ellie Ellie

    Ok, that whole dining room is a big exclamation point in my book!!! The curtains are fabulous--makes me want to make some, but I'm not sure if I'm capable. My posts (and comments) are always full of exclamation points, so here's a big vote in their favor!!!

  14. Image for Tammy Hebert Tammy Hebert

    Beautiful !!! Amazing !!! Totally must get the how to on these please !!! I use the lovely EXCLAMATION all the time. It is followed in a close second with the three periods... but hey it is me and that is the way I roll. Like it or not. And I will yell it to the rooftops- I love exclamations and your smocked dropcloth curtains !!! tammy

  15. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    Yes, yes, and yes. It is overused and trite. Yes it is warranted at times, even in triples. And yes, your curtains are scrumptious! I have never learned to smock, and so envy anyone who has the ability.

  16. Image for Katie @ Wildwood Creek Katie @ Wildwood Creek

    I love these curtains! Years ago I found some smocked curtains, and I always wished I had bought them. I'm so glad you approve of exclamation point! I was afraid you were going to say they're overused. I think the exclamation point adds emphasis in writing when you can't see or hear the other person.

  17. Image for Andrea Andrea

    !!!! Ok, maybe I'll say a few more words than this. Ummm, I love them. I adore them. I want them to be mine. I want to copy them, without guilt, without shame, as I must own beautiful smocked lovliness in my home. How did you know that I love smocking? How did you know that I would find your curtains perfect in your gorgeous dining room? I must know, did you make them? did you buy them? If you made them, you should etsy copies of them and make meeeelions. ps, I not only tend to overuse the !, but also am quite fond of the =)

  18. Image for kim kim

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH, MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THOSE ARE TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU MAKE THEM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO SHARE, PAHLEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Image for Rosemary Rosemary

    The curtains definitely deserve an exclaimation point. Love em! It's funny, the font I use on my blog doesn't recognize exclaimation points. It just looks like you misspelled a word. lol

  20. Image for nana nana

    I love my smocked curtains!!! who would have every guessed such a thing could be created!!! Made my day!!! Hope our comments make your day!!!

  21. Image for Teresa Teresa

    So I checked in with the International Center of Exclamation Points to see if your burlapness were worthy of the punctuation and received word back that they are definitely worthy of the highest rating of Points which would be a perfect '10'. !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Image for Lynn @thevintagenest Lynn @thevintagenest

    Wow!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!! And I don't care if the exclamation police come and get me!!!!! Those curtains deserve beaucoups of marks and dots!! (so sorry I haven't been by lately.....no internet for two weeks and the techies could not figure out the problem. Yep...I uttered a few choice words with lots of exclamation points behind them. :) Thank you for the sweet email Kari. xoxo

  23. Image for Kirby Kirby

    Okay! Actually, there's a lot written in blogland that gives me(as an English teacher) the willies. The overuse of exclamation points is low on the ladder of things that annoy. So--get excited if you want!

  24. Image for melissa melissa

    I LOVE your drapes!! The smocking is fabulous! Did you do it? (and I LOVE to use exclamation points!) How else would you know that I really, really mean it?

  25. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    When I was taking Spanish Language classes, you learned that when writing a sentence of exclamatory essence (is that a word?) you placed the exclamation point in front of the sentence upside down..so I say to you... ...[a million upside down exclamations]..great job beautiful drapes..love the smocking..awesome..[a million right side up exclamation points]... Now..let's think about the (.......) Dots R Us..in blogland...I am sooo guilty!

  26. Image for Claudia Claudia

    Hmm, cough, cough, my name is Claudia and I too am a exclamationaholic *refusing to hang my head in shame*. *Instead I hold my head up proud*. How else is one to show excitement? I am also guilty of using =) when I like something and =)) if I really like it. Therefore, you get lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the burlap drapes for their and =)). Please share the tutorial or place of purchase, that would make me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Image for Sheila Sheila

    Love!! Love!! Love!! your curtains. Did you make those or buy them? If you made them then stand up and take a bow!!! If you did then you should make a fortune taking orders and making them. Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheila

  28. Image for Kelly @ View Along the Way Kelly @ View Along the Way

    YES. As a journalism major/professional writer, there are way too many exclamation marks in blogland. But as a lover of blogging and person who gets overly excited about things like these gorgeous curtains, sometimes you just need seven exclamation marks to get the point across. SEVEN!!!!!!!

  29. Image for Audrey Audrey

    You are such a tease!!!!!! When are you going to tell us DETAILS @ THE CURTAINS!!!!!!????? Swoony and to die for lovely. See your point proven! Did not look like I really meant it w/o the exclamation marks! I love the window that is angled, too! Audrey

  30. Image for dee dee dee dee

    You must have been reading my comments and noticed I end everything with a ! I also like to throw in a few .... and even an occasional ( ) or two. Will that qualify me to become a card caring member of Exclamation Points R Us? Love your beautiful curtains? Must ask..... did you make them? I do get unlimited questions in the fine print? Whoops now that's 4 questions in one comment! Have a great day!

  31. Image for kara @ june & bear kara @ june & bear

    too funny! i am always so hesitant to use the exclamation point that i veer on the side of flat affect instead of trite. i'm working on it (see i used one in this very comment). and i have a not so secret crush on your curtains. they are indeed the perfect shade of burlapness.

  32. Image for Vanessa Vanessa

    LOVE!!!!! And LOL!!! I've been trying to cut back a bit on my use of my favorite form of punctuation but always feel that it makes me sound bland and cold so now you have given me the confidence to embrace it! :-) And I seriously do think those are some stunning curtains and have never seen any like it. Well done!!! Vanessa

  33. Image for Melanie Melanie

    This is just too cute...I use exclamation points all of the time since I stay excited about any new thing or decorating of some sort. I'd die without them! So for me, I'll keep using them and tell you that those dropcloth curtains are divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Image for Connie Lenden Connie Lenden

    Very pretty curtains. actually, I was out today looking for some for my living room. The patterns in Penney's seem to all look alike. Today, that is. so, I bought a can of paint instead and started finishing a project I did long ago.

  35. Image for Lorrie Lorrie

    Exclamation points are definitely needed! Maybe two!! I find myself deleting exclamation points in my posts/comments sometimes. I'm concerned that people might think I'm a teenage girl.

  36. Image for "Auntie" "Auntie"

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love all forms of punctuation, which "say" something extra. I love * * and " " and etc., etc. We don't have a voice or facial expressions, in blogging. Why not use all the keyboard-voice-and-facial-expressions, we can????? :-)))))) "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." ~Joseph Campbell

  37. Image for Diane Diane

    You had a professional photographer photograph your new burlap smocked curtains!!! They are gorgeous, and I do love exclamation points even if they do make me sound like a teenager. Ans while I'm at it, I wish I had a font that would make them big and fat with hearts on the bottom too! So there!

  38. Image for Janet Janet

    Totally exclamation point worthy!!! Not everything is, in my opinion, but these SO are! How did you make those? My grandma made me several smocked dresses when I was little and I still have them hanging in my closet. These bring back happy memories for me so exclaim on! They are deserving :)

  39. Image for Musebootsi Musebootsi

    My name is Courtney and I am an exclamation point overuser! But it's how I talk in my head! I am very excited! And now I offer some exclamation points to you for your gorgeous curtains!!! Amazing! Chic! Gorgeous!

  40. Image for Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

    OH!!! MY!!!!!!GOODNESS!!!!!!! I LOVE!!! Your new smocked curtains. Did you make them? If not can you share where they are from? Beautiful!!!

  41. Image for nantucketdaffodil nantucketdaffodil

    Too funny! In this world of electronic communication, we are having to find a way to find intonation to the words we type. I suppose punctuation is serving that purpose. I love exclaiming. Especially about those fabulous curtains. I am redoing my bedroom and I need them!!!!!! except we have old fashioned radiators between the windows, so my curtains have to be 63". My husband claims they would not catch fire if they were long...but my mother gave me these genes...so of course I think they would burn the house down. ;)

  42. Image for Heathahlee Heathahlee

    Those are YOUR curtains?!?! (Ooooh, two exclamation points AND two question marks! HA!) I've seen them on Pinterest but didn't pay attention to where they came from...girl, they are GORGEOUS! (How about ALL CAPS R US?) Love the smockity-smockiness! :)

  43. Image for Revi Revi

    I haven't had the chance to tell you, but I LOOOOOVE your curtains! Did you do them yourself or did you have them done? If you did them, you should do a tutorial!! I love how the smocking adds that certain "umph" and style and shape to a lovely, simple and classic fabric. They look so beautiful! -Revi

  44. Image for Erika Erika

    This is quite hilarious :D I'm a fan of exclamations to show my excitement. And let's face it...I'm pretty excited all the time! You can tell the level of my excitement by the number of exclamation points. Not only do these curtains deserve the big "!" (or 7), but also that chandelier! Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by today and have an awesome weekend! :D

  45. Image for Deborah Deborah

    Hello, my name is Deborah and I am an exclamationaholic. Oh yeah...I usually have to go back through my posts or comments and edit out some of the exclamation points. Your curtains however are worthy of a thousand exclamation points!!!! Now fess up. Did you make them, buy them, have them made???? Oh, sorry this isn't the questionmarkaholics club.

  46. Image for Maria@PersonalizedSketches Maria@PersonalizedSketches

    Wow!!!! (I love your smocked curtains! Love your room! and yes, I am part of the "can't-seem-to help-but-to-use-those-exclamations" aka "exclamations r us" club. Makes me want to run out and get some fabric to smock some curtains for! Blessings & Aloha! I’m stopping by through At the Picket Fence’s Inspiration Friday. So nice to meet you :o) If you have some time, I’d love for you to take a peek at our daughter’s progress for her little one’s nursery ~ Nurery time...

  47. Image for Maria@PersonalizedSketches Maria@PersonalizedSketches

    oops! sorry about my quick draw, lightening fingers! Along with my excess use of exclamations, I tend to have typos! (Truly, my mispelled "Nurery", instead of Nursery was a typo and not because I cannot spell). Have a wonderful rest of the weekend :o) Blessings & Aloha!

  48. Image for Melody of ChattyChics.com Melody of ChattyChics.com

    Your dining room is fabulous! And yes, I use the exclamation point a lot! :) I think when you get excited, it's the only way to communicate! I can't get over your drapes- out of dropcloths? Seriously? You must do a tutorial on them! Anyway, you're going to be featured and I'm now following you. :)

  49. Image for Tisha @ Delectable Home Tisha @ Delectable Home

    I am an exclamation point abuser as well as a lover of all things burlap and smocked. These curtains are so amazing that I too have a crush on them. I also love your gray hutch and will be copying soon with my armoire. Thanks for all the inspiration. (See how dull that was without any of these !!! ?)

  50. Image for At The Picket Fence At The Picket Fence

    No! Such! Thing! as to many explanation points...in fact Vanessa and I have to check each other occasionally because we find we have one at the end of every sentence in a post. lol!!! ;) Girl, seriously those curtains are beyond amazing! I seriously swooned when I saw them! Thank you so much for sharing them with us at Inspiration Friday....PS!!! I saw a little post birdie that mentioned something about Haven?? So excited to get to meet you there! We can all squeal when we see each other...with explanation points of course!! ;) Heather

  51. Image for Pinky Pinky

    You MADE these curtains???? I am swooning and drooling!!! I would LOVE to have them, they are pure perfection. Your dining room is also beautiful. OMG, I am having withdrawal NOT using exclamtion points as I am the QUEEN of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Image for keyables.com keyables.com

    I really love your site.. Pleasant colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself? Please reply back as I'm hoping to create my own personal blog and would love to know where you got this from or what the theme is named. Appreciate it!

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