Perfection in blogland is everywhere.

Everywhere you look.

With every click of the mouse.


Sometimes when I see rooms like this or this or this done with such effortless perfection, it can be overwhelming.

Overwhelming and so seemingly insurmountable.

And it makes you doubt your heart and wonder.

Wonder…..why did you forget to put a tree skirt under your tree at Christmas?

And wonder why were there pumpkins in your nativity scene?

And wonder why were your Christmas decorations still up when February rolled around?


My brother create this imperfect piece of perfection.

This worn, rusted, piece of iron and wood tells a story.

And it’s story is beautiful.

Imperfect perfection.

I want imperfect perfection to be my story.

I want it to be my voice.

So today, I want to celebrate my imperfections.  I want to celebrate who I am.  And be happy in my heart with my imperfect self….

….and then figure out a way to incorporate those Christmas decorations into my Fourth of July celebration 🙂

Do you have any imperfections you want to celebrate?

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  1. Image for Beverly Beverly

    That is a brother to love. Fabulous piece! I wish I had known about this party because I would fit right in, but now I am out the door on my way to work. On a more serious note, I believe on my journey through life my goal is to become more like God so that when the time comes I want have such a long interrogation at the Pearly Gates. Realistically, I know I'll always have a goal because He is the only perfection. And, I've got lots and lots to work on during my journey. We'll smile at all of our imperfections and learn from each other.♥

  2. Image for Kara Kara

    we've been in our "new" house for almost 2 years and not a single room is finished. maybe someday we will get closer to perfect, but i'm basking in the imperfect and enjoying the journey.

  3. Image for nana nana

    Happy Birthday to a very special creation of God. He made you just the way you are and He sees you perfectly. Enjoy your day!

  4. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Kari, Perfection is overrated! What would we have to obsess about otherwise!? Glad to see you think my kitchen was done with effortless perfection -- inside info: it looked magazine worthy for about 2 hours, then the kids came home and the piles and spills and "stuff" grew! But you know what, I prefer it that way - a house well lived in is perfect for me! Embrace those dust bunnies - welcome them into your home - maybe even build a little hutch for those cuties! Kelly

  5. Image for Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    I think we all want to put our "best face forward", Karianne, so sometimes we don't see the imperfections of every day life in the blog pictures we see. If you saw my home tour post I just did, you'll see I have things on the counter, my granddaughter's fold and play in the guest room {along with two huge bolster pillows sitting in the corner}. Hey, this is life and these are things I see everyday, so you all will be seeing them with me! : ) Sometimes, when i want it to look nice {after all, if I clean up for guests to my home, virtual guests deserve the same} I'll take some quick pictures. Although, there is one guest to my home that just trashes it! LOL! The granddaughter is not happy unless there is a trail of things on the floor. I'll have to catch a shot of that one day!

  6. Image for joy2journeyBj joy2journeyBj

    Good Morning Kari, I too have mess around but I think the reason no one puts it out there for others to see is ... like a novel of romance or a Tv show, it takes you away to another place ... it is an escape from our reality if only for a little while. Something to dream about and think of ways to improve. (Cause let me tell you! A mess is not inspiring at all to me!) One last thought, It does help me to know however, that I have others with me who have some untidiness so that I am not alone :) Hugs, Bj

  7. Image for Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

    I know, I had to wait 2 and a half years after moving into my house, to have one day of mess free in order to do a video tour of my home on my blog-lol. Perfection is not what is is cracked up to be. I will say tough that your home always looks beautiful to me in your photo shoots!

  8. Image for nestergirl nestergirl

    I love how you compare perfection to the 5 piece room set sold at furniture stores! AMEN! I have to remind myself that just because a room looks beautiful doesn't mean it was effortless, I'm sure those designers put in a huge amount of effort to make their rooms look like they do and I'd bet they are full of beautiful imperfections. That's the entire point, to be ok with the imperfections and realize they are EVERYWHERE! thanks for joining in! xo

  9. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    I couldn't agree more. I have written several posts over the years preaching the same message. I am not a professional photographer, nor do I live in a Martha-worthy palace. Right now I have laundry piled all over the floor because that is the only place I have to sort the various loads. Mondays are pretty much a work-horse day around here, and God help me if someone unexpectedly shows up! The piece your brother made is beautiful, BTW.

  10. Image for Catherine Catherine

    Perfection can drive you crazy. I live with three dogs and one cat and there is no way with all the hair floating around that one can be perfect. I've stopped worrying about it and try to make my home comfortable instead. I love your home and perfections isn't what I want to see anyway. Perfection makes me uncomfortable.

  11. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    So true, Karianne! I think it could be overwhelming if one set standards for oneself by many blogs. This is a wonderful story- very inspiring! I love the idea of it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"! I still use an older point and shoot camera. I 'm not a good photographer and I don't know that an expensive camera would help me yet. Maybe one day, if I keep blogging. I love the piece your brother made. Talent runs throughout your family! Thanks for sharing your amazing thoughts on this!

  12. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Ask my hubby, I STRESS over things like getting my home ready for the Christmas Home Tour..up to 2 a.m. every night two weeks prior, making certain that everything was perfect...I am somewhat of a perfectionist and people say so...however, I think that is so stressful to have to "live up to" that which people tag you with.. I am striving to "let go".."let it be" the Beatles song: "Let it Be'... I stress over our Dinner Group..the members are such gourmet cooks...But I can tell you that my best meal I served was a very impromptu meal for 12..I ran to the store, gathered fixings and put it all together in under 2 hrs (including the shopping) and was the best dinner ever!!...Not perfect, but had the best time!.. So. I am adopting my new attitude, "Let It Be"....

  13. Image for Kelly Kelly

    I couldn't agree more with you for selecting my sisters home. She won't admit this, but I (and her other family members) know that she is a perfectionist. I mean that in the most loving way though. I can pop in on her unexpectedly and her house is always tidy and in great order. Mine would probably be if I didn't have kids messing it up all the time. Ha! Don't feel bad about yourself. When I first saw pictures of your home on your blog, I thought.........perfection! I mean all of this in a good way too. I think we're all guilty of making things appear better than they are when we take photos for our blog. We want it to be the best representation of ourself. Who really wants to see the mess? You have nothing to hold your head low about. I truly LOVE your home and never knew you weren't perfect either. Ha!

  14. Image for Amanda @ Serenity Now Amanda @ Serenity Now

    Well said!! It is hard to be a DIY/Home/Crafty blogger b/c you are constantly bombarded by beautiful, drool-worthy images. It can really make me defeated on bad days. Here's to celebrating our imperfections. :) Visiting from Nesting Place! Hope you'll stop by my blog too. :)

  15. Image for Tammy Tammy

    I'll second that. But I'm really surprised you feel that way. Your home/decor intimidates me! The grass is always greener on the other side isn't it? Really love that iron piece.

  16. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Firstly, as we were cleaning our storage area this past weekend (because what else are you going to do when you're 9 months prego....the baby must have a clean storage room, ya know?!), I found my two iron scrolls that are identical to yours. Your brothers junk yard find has 2 twins way up in Canada. I adore how he framed yours! Hmmm, another project in the making =) Secondly, I bet 95% of us bloggers are perfectly imperfect. We create a room we adore, a room we are proud of. We then kick aside the dirty socks and piles of recycling in order to take perfectly staged and lit photo of said perfection. And that's ok, because I bet most bloggers enjoy using our home, really living in our home, and with that comes imperfection and, dare I say, mess? A perfectly beautiful well lived in mess.

  17. Image for Jen (Arriving) Jen (Arriving)

    I like to think perfectly imperfect is my parenting style, ha! We are off for another adventure (kids are on second winter break, silliest school break ever) today, this time to the mountains. I wonder who's gloves I will forget this time? Hey wool socks make a great pair of mittens in a pinch. See what I mean, imperfect. Perfectly ❈ PS - Loved the girls' interview. Nice to get a sneak peek beyond the decorating, they are lovely both and remind me quite a bit of my own little bit of sunshine.

  18. Image for jackielopina jackielopina

    Beautiful post! Visiting from The Nester and I completely agree it can seem like everyone else on blogland is effortlessly perfect (and we're not). How refreshing that people like US are in the majority!! :)

  19. Image for Rita@thissortaoldlife Rita@thissortaoldlife

    You may be celebrating imperfection, but the Nellie Olson/Christy Brinkely analogy is absolute perfection! :-) (For those of us who are of a certainly less-than-perfect age!) The iron sculpture is wonderful (love love love art by artists I know), but as always, I love the writing that accompanies your great images.

  20. Image for Andrea | Andrea |

    I love that you had pumpkins in your nativity scene! Probably because I still have Christmas garland on my railing and a small pile of Christmas stuff at the foot of the stairs waiting to take the long journey down to my basement.

  21. Image for "Auntie" "Auntie"

    In my mind, perfection is far over-rated. -grin- Who'd want to be perfect? Then we'd *be done.* And I don't want to be *done* yet. We each decorate and blog, exactly as it pleases us. My perfect could not be your perfect. Nor visa-versa. We are individuals. Oh we can all look at other's homes, etc., and think "Oh how lovely!" But we'd still probably not want our home to look just like it. Individuality! It rocks! And you rock too!

  22. Image for Emily Emily

    I still have Thanksgiving decorations out, so I totally know what you mean. & in a few more months it will be almost Thanksgiving again and people will think I'm totally on top of things. HA! But that's the beauty of life, isn't it?

  23. Image for Laura Laura

    I love that piece your brother made. I think being imperfect is a gift. How many people take photos of what their house really looks like. A normal house is lived in and loved. It is filled with laughter and sharing along with dirty dishes in the sink and clothes piled on the couch. I have always said a perfect house means that whoever is living there has too much time on their hands and not enough creativity. Here is a toast to all our imperfections.

  24. Image for Stacey@ A Sort Of Fairytale Stacey@ A Sort Of Fairytale

    that's the thing about blogging and blogs and even magazines...there is so much pretty to compare one's home to, BUT it's pretty easy to style a home for a photo shoot or crop your photos just so, so that all looks perfect. i try to remind myself of this often and remember that everyone has messes and dirt and dust in their homes...nothing is just doesn't exist. you are perfectly imperfect by the way! ;)

  25. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    Alas, I am right there with you... but don't you think we'd be bored by perfection? Life itself isn't perfect, so why should our homes and spaces be? Thanks for the thoughts today, friend. :) Imperfection rocks!

  26. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    I was all set to write a comment and the phone rings and now I have to go back and check the post as I forgot what I was going to say bugga, oh yeah imperfect perfection is something I think many of us stive for.........why beause we are all imperfect and want a bit of perfection in our lives...........we do not tell me we don't we all like to think we have a little bit of perfection in our lives if only in our dreams because we all no that we can be perfect in our dreams I know I Love the look of the iron piece so cool................

  27. Image for Cindy Cindy

    There is nothing perfect about me or my little cottage, I gave up on perfection a long time ago, no wait, I have never reached for perfection. I have always reached to create what to me looked like a warm and comfy little home. So yes, let's celebrate our lack of perfection, it's not necessary anyways. Hugs, Cindy

  28. Image for dee dee dee dee

    Perfectly Put! I guess that is why I have always tended to by second hand, scratch and dent, remnants.... I figured if I start with a scratch (or two, or three...) then ours will only add character. Our new granite countertops... not perfect, they were mis measured and mis cut.... we opted to fill in the missing square vs start from scratch.... the blessing they discounted the piece by $700 bucks! Our new and refinished wood floors... the dogs have already decorated them with their nails and muddy paw prints! With the amount of hair I sweep up..... I'm suprised my dogs aren't bald! your brother did a wonderful job on the iron piece! Love it! You are a blessing, my friend! dee dee

  29. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Imperfect perfection is the BEST kind of perfection. Pristine is not as interesting to me. Flaws, chips, cracks, the unplanned happy accidents in life...these things are far more interesting! I love the art your brother created from someone's cast offs! Cookie cutter perfection is everywhere in blogland for sure! And, it IS intimidating at times. But, I say be true to who you are! You have an amazing blog, and a beautiful home filled with treasures created by you! Who cares if there's laundry, or the dust bunnies are starting to colonize! Yesterday and today, I showed the blog-o-sphere a very imperfect post in which my couch starred in her undergarments. Hehe. I could have waited for the "big reveal" but, I get too excited when an idea strikes, and can't wait to share! Stay Imperfectly Perfect. YOU are my FAVORITE blogger! xo-Lisa

  30. Image for Melanie @ French Blue and Peachy Pink Melanie @ French Blue and Peachy Pink

    A room means nothing without a beautiful heart inside of it. The beautiful heart fills the room with love and then somehow whatever is in the room seems completely meaningless. Your heart is beautiul Karianne and it reflects in your words and your home. Your sweet daughter hit the nail on the head when she said that she loved you because you were beautiful.....that says it all. By the way if your dust bunnies ever need some company then send them over to me and they can keep mine company ! lol xo

  31. Image for Connie Lenden Connie Lenden

    I shove all the clutter in a closet before I take pictures. The perfect room is a room never used. i am not perfect !!!

  32. Image for bj bj

    Why, are the most perfect imperfect lady around. There is never BORING in your your personality, either. There may be marbled counter tops and photos of magazine worthy rooms.....but not many can write such a CUTE post for their blog as you seem to come up with day after day. I totally agree about the ROOM IN A BOX theory....I love more personality in a room than that. And I don't dare join the Imperfect Party....I am so imperfect, I just might walk away with all the prizes. :))) xoxo bj

  33. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    Happy!!!! Happy!!!! Happy!!!!! Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! toasting you with a black cup of coffee my friend and wishing you all the best that life has to offer!!!!! sending tons of hugs and love your way! : )

  34. Image for Jillian Jillian

    Oh yes, completely IMPERFECT over here on a daily basis! I was one of those girls with the curly hair like Nellie! Oh yes! :0) Not sure what I would do if everything turned out perfect. I wouldn't know how to handle it.

  35. Image for NanaDoll NanaDoll

    there is something very calming and essentially vulnerable in imperfection--because it is real and sincere...not life is by no means perfect, but it is continuing to grow and become...i like the idea of becoming. it means life is happening. thanks for a lovely post--the photos were great--never had a brother, but i have a husband who makes some cool stuff--such blessings

  36. Image for Justin Mazza Justin Mazza

    When it comes to creative decor the perfection is in the imperfection. I love to recycle old pieces that I find at the thrift store or a yard sale and make them fit into to my home decor somehow.

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