I should be sharing all the Thanksgiving and Christmas things with you right now.


My house is literally bursting at the seams with ornaments and fur ribbon and lights and bows.

That’s what this post should be about.

But spoiler alert…

..it’s not.

Instead of sharing Christmas?

I’m sharing my heart.

This past weekend I attended a Stephen Curtis Chapman concert. It was uplifting and incredible and danceable and amazing and all the things you ever hope a concert will be. I laughed and danced and held my husband’s hand and clapped and twirled and then?

I sat there in the middle of the dark room and sobbed. Not a little sobbing. Not a few tears. Not a cute, Hallmark movie cry. An overwhelming, yucky, mascara-running down my face kind of cry. They are actually starting again right now. Right here as I type these words to you.

All because of a song.

And so, my wonderful friend, on this cloudy, cold and crying Monday morning, I wanted to share a story that I had forgotten about. A story tucked away into the attic of this blog. A story for all the minutes that have gone before and all the minutes that are yet to come.

I had to share it again.

My heart told me to.

The other day….

….I almost had a bad day.


I was this close.

I had flat-ironed my hair in the wrong direction and someone knocked the giant chalkboard off the wall and it broke and then the sprayer nozzle on the sink fell apart and an entire colony of ladybugs scaled the dining room ceiling.

Everywhere I went I opened my mouth…..

….and inserted my foot.


I wanted to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my randomly flat-ironed hair…..

…..and start the entire day over.

And so it was that at the end of the day I stood in the laundry room folding towels.



Looking at my half-empty-glass-of-a-day with a furrowed brow and a disgruntled heart.

And as I added the last towel to the stack, I heard a noise in the back of the house.

They were singing.



Didn’t they know I had a bad day? Didn’t they know they should have been in bed? Didn’t they know that I DIDN’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.

Enough already.

I promptly marched down the hallway with an attitude and a load of towels and an immediate cease-and-desist order.

But when I reached the doorway, suddenly, I paused.

I stood still as the music danced around me. There sat my husband playing the guitar and strumming and singing to two little golden-haired twins perched at his feet and staring up at him with bright blue eyes full of wonder.

Never missing a note.

The music was tender and sweet and the heart of the song and this father poured over my soul.

Softly and quietly he sang these lyrics by Steven Curtis Chapman….

She spins and she sways to whatever song plays

Without a care in the world

And I’m sitting here wearing the weight of the world on my shoulders

It’s been a long day and there’s still work to do

She’s pulling at me saying “Dad I need you

There’s a ball at the castle and I’ve been invited

and I need to practice my dancing…..

Oh please Daddy, please

So I’ll dance with….Cinderella

While she is here in my arms

‘Cause I know something the prince never knew

Oh, I will dance with….Cinderella

I don’t want to miss even one song

‘Cause all too soon….the clock will strike midnight….

…..and she’ll be gone.

I didn’t go into the room.

I couldn’t.

My eyes were filled with tears…..

….and my heart was overflowing with thankfulness.

Thankful that I had hair to flat-iron.

Thankful that there was water and a sink and a faucet and a sprayer and a kitchen and a house full of singing.

Thankful that the ladybugs only scale the dining room ceiling once a year.


And thankful beyond measure that two tiny princesses know what it is like…..

….to be treated like a queen.

PS Someone wise once told me not to blink because I might miss a minute.

I am keeping my eyes wide open.

PSS We will resume Christmas and Thanksgiving tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. Image for Liz Liz

    Oh I can just picture it!! And I’m crying too!! Those beautiful girls and their beautiful hearts. What a moment to cherish. And it does go by so quickly. Even when we are having a bad day God in his graciousness reminds us of His love of the Father. ❤️❤️

  2. Image for Carol Neibling Carol Neibling

    It's Monday morning it's cold on Nov. 11 and very cold, and the wind is blowing snow here in Kansas and my computer has just cost me a bundle and I've lost all my contacts, but God is good and I will leave it in His hands..

  3. Image for Annie Annie

    What a beautiful story KariAnne. Tears rolled as I read it. I love that song and can picture through your words the twins sitting there smiling, clapping and having fun with their daddy. Thank you for putting this wide smile on my face this morning.

  4. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Tears in my eyes here too! I should be writing a post, but it’s all chaos because temps are dropping and it’s starting to snow! This makes chores and schoolwork nearly impossible! The toddler wants out of the high chair and there are more eggs to be cooked! Glad I paused and read this! Perspective, perspective! A warm home filled with amazing (albeit loud) people! Thanks friend!

  5. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    Good Lord, Girl!!! You've done it again!!! Put tears in my eyes... but my smile is B - R - O - A - D... 🤗. Thank-you for sharing your lovely stories!! As I don't have children of my own, I do so enjoy reading about your family.... 😘

  6. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    You are blessed. So many of us are. Gives so much meaning to "Thanksgiving" when you have a grateful heart. Such a sweet post...and sweet girls. Have a great week my friend.

  7. Image for Debbie Debbie

    So tender and beautiful . I love your heart, dear friend. We all have those times when we are being bombarded with negativity. Thankfully, we are given those tender mercies that help us realize all we have to be grateful for. Thank you.

  8. Image for Nancy at Adams and Elm Home Nancy at Adams and Elm Home

    Oh my goodness! Tears here. I don't have little girls but I can so relate. Music is such a powerful thing. It ties us to memories and feelings and smells and emotions. It's the stuff of life. I adore his music and I adore you for bringing focus to a world that is blurry. Have an awesome Monday my friend! Nancy

  9. Image for MaryS MaryS

    HEARTFELT!! Be THANKFUL for the BEAUTIFL FAMILY you have. Beauty surrounds you and all of us everyday - if, like you said, we keep our eyes open, God Bless!!

  10. Image for Jan Jan

    Yes, those holidays come around every year but we can't ever get back those years with our kids and before you know it they are gone and all that's left is their echo in your very empty home. Cherish the moments you have with them in their growing up years. They won't always live close by either, that's the hardest part, but we have to let them fly to the spot where they can grow and become the wholesome adults we have been molding them into being in the years we've had with them. God bless your family.

  11. Image for Aimee Aimee

    Those beautiful girls are the luckiest to have such a dad that treats them with such love. Forever setting them up for success and on the path that Jesus calls them too. What surrender and love you’ve shown them both!

  12. Image for Camay Camay

    What a great Monday morning post! A wonderful reminder to keep love and gratitude in my heart as I move through the week.

  13. Image for Carol Carol

    I know better. I know your tone. I know what will happen if I continue to read, but I can't stop. I'm afraid I have blinked, too many times, and the decades flew by.. And now my tears come. Your stories are heart felt and loving. Never stop.

  14. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Your story is a wonderful way to start this Monday 🥰 Thank you for sharing your heart with us ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Image for NancyJill NancyJill

    Oh how I needed this heart touch this morning. Husband and I just sitting here discussing how things don’t always turn out as we had imagined them. We could choose to be disheartened and discouraged at the seeming results. We choose not to give up. We trust the Lord is continuing to work out all things in the lives of our children who have chosen not to walk in the path He has set before them. Holding onto Hope....never letting go....

  16. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    Awww! This is so, so true!! I have a Cinderella in my house, too, and it is a good reminder that time is so fleeting and the important things in life aren't things, but everyday moments with those we love!! Hugs to you for this sweet reminder!! My dad passed away in 2018, but he had a cardiac event prior to passing away and was in a coma for 6 months in various facilities. I kept thinking back and still think back to the last time I saw him and was so happy I had hugged him and told him I loved him. That was the last time I was able to do that with him still able to hug me back. Cherish the moments, people!!

  17. Image for Cynthia Miller Cynthia Miller

    Karianne, what an inspiration and you and your lovely family are. You've brought tears to many eyes, but hope and light to so many hearts! AMAZING way to start the start the week!

  18. Image for Ellen Ellen

    I swear, I need stock in Kleenex. I cry in church, at parades, and reading blog post sometimes. I wish I'd held that baby more, not worried so much, and just enjoyed all the tiny moments. He's 6'5" now, and he's turned out just fine, but still...

  19. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Sweet sweet sweet!!! This really is ALL about Thanksgiving and Christmas! Made me choke up- easy to do with your writing. Beautiful twins!

  20. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, goodness. Those moments. Those memories. And a song by that Paducah boy that reaches right down to the heart. I’m with you. I sang every word as I read them. And that blinking is real. You are living that awareness. Praying that you make it well through those blinks! And cold Mondays. And on days that have challenges. Just hit the replay button on your heart. ❤️

  21. Image for Robin Robin

    A beautiful and deeply moving post....my father-in-law used to say that my husband and I would miss all the noise, fighting, spills and laughter when our children were gone from our home. He was so right! I miss ALL the “noise” and chaos of raising a family. The time goes by in a blink of an eye. Absorb and enjoy every minute of it! You are blessed ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Image for sandi sandi

    I love YOU - I love how you write! - I Love Steven Curtis Chapman - I love that song! - I love this post! Thanks for starting my Monday out right! Sometimes after a busy church weekend it's hard for me to regroup on Mondays. You helped me get my mind started out in the right spot on this Monday! Thanks!

  23. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Oh, how the eyes get their cue to leak from the heart's messages. Tears, too, because long ago, those precious sounds and songs of the princes and princess left the house in a deafening quiet and they now dance elsewhere to their own songs . You are my most favoritest storyteller, sweet KariAnne. Thank you for sharing your precious moments through your words. They always touch the heart with blessings. ❤

  24. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    I have never posted on your site, but I just wanted to let you know how wonderful you make me feel. You are amazing.

  25. Image for Carol Hoffmann Carol Hoffmann

    Yes, don’t blink. They grow up so fast. I now have 2 beautiful grandchildren that make my heart sing! We recently moved to be closer to them. It wasn’t a far move. It was a priceless move! One day last week my daughter and the kiddos wanted to come over for dinner! It couldn’t have happen at the other home. Enjoy every second! Time flies!

  26. Image for Cyndie Cyndie

    I’m crying too on this cloudy, snowy day. Really needed this as I’ve been in a funk for the past week. I really, really did, Thank you for changing my perspective!

  27. Image for Peggy Lynch Peggy Lynch

    You have captured a beautiful memory of a special father-daughters time and added light to what is a cold and gloomy day here.

  28. Image for PJ PJ

    Well, now you have me going too because that song always gets to me. You were blessed with a special moment to remember. Thanks for sharing it with us. (Now, just tell your girls they are not allowed to play it for the father daughter dance at their weddings.)

  29. Image for Jo Burrow Jo Burrow

    Right now my heart is sobbing but my spirit is soaring. There’s not a mother who’s ever lived that hasn’t experienced these intense up/down emotions. Our two daughters are 51 & 49 and I promise you that they grew up over night. It seems like a dream. There I was one moment juggling babies, then toddlers, then teens. All their friends thought they lived at our home. I cooked like I was cooking for an army. I ran, back and forth to every practice, game, recreational event, sewed school clothes & prom dresses. I miss the endless holiday decorating, giggles, & snuggles from two little girls,and love the beautiful, smart women women they’ve become. It’s true, our children grow up too fast...what wonderful memories you are making. Love every minute ❤️. I love you too.

  30. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Do keep your eyes open. It goes so quickly. This would have been my older sister's 80th birthday. She died a year ago this past spring of ALS that came out of nowhere and took her in two years, just two years after our 100-year-old mother passed. Although poor, we had such a fun and creative childhood together on a farm in northwest Missouri. Treasure every moment.

  31. Image for Lori Howard Lori Howard

    Beautiful story true from your heart. I wouldn't have expected anything else from an honest warm heart such as yours. Thanks for sharing what we all feel some days. The girls are just darling and now I have to go look up that song. Poked myself in the eye last night and it hurts but crying is making it all fog up that much more...Lol!

  32. Image for june june

    My oh my...as I sit here with tears...I am deeply grateful and thankful for you Miss Karianne. Your writing is so powerful.

  33. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    ...thank you for sharing all your special moments with me. Such a wonderful story in so many ways. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family! 🧡

  34. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Oh, KariAnne. What a precious post!! Isn't it just like our God to show us His love right in the middle of a no good, very bad day? I'm so happy you went to the concert - I saw him with the Paducah Symphony last year, and it was A-MAZ-ING. His dad and brother came on stage and sang a few songs with him from his Grammy-award-winning CD (which was releasing the next day and he let us buy it that night!!). His mom is my dad's first cousin, and his grandfather (my Granddaddy's brother) was so, so special to me. I don't know SCC well, but just thinking about how Uncle Rubel was there for me when Granddaddy was gone puts a tear in my eye, too. Happy Monday, friend! It may snow tonight!!

  35. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    This was so much more than decorating, this was Thanksgiving and Christmas in action. What a blessing you have given us today, thank you.

  36. Image for Jerry Stocks Jerry Stocks

    You are a wonderful mother. Don’t ever loose sight of that. Your girls are beautiful inside and out and so are you.🥰

  37. Image for Cate Cate

    Thank you KariAnne❤️. Sometimes we all need an attitude adjustment ...and when a sweet friend with such a big heart, and always a wonderful story to tell, can deliver it by example, the tears it brings are sweet., and welcomed. I needed you today, my friend.. Thanks for delivering❣️ I hope you have a wonderful day, And thank you to your wonderful husband and mine, and all of those men and women who have served our country or ARE serving our country to protect our freedom. 💙❤️💙❤️💙 Let freedom ring.

  38. Image for Sue E Sondker Sue E Sondker

    So thankful you listen to your heart. That is the Holy Spirit speaking. He knows what the world needs to learn. Hugs

  39. Image for Chloe Chloe

    Inspiring and a reminder I needed at this time. It’s been a rough couple of months. The bright spot being a visit to your home. Today I am so thankful for you and your message c

  40. Image for Linda Linda

    Beautiful Father/Daughter moment - to be treasured for a lifetime! Tuck that away for another "bad" day when we forget to pause and count our blessings........... how easily we are sidetracked from what is truly important. Glad you cherished the important gifts of that day!

  41. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    That had to be a Kentucky story! I currently have a ladybug invasion in my sunroom. It happens every year when it turns cold in middle Tennessee! Sweet story, sweet girls, precious daddy!

  42. Image for Gina Gina

    Isn't wonderful when a concert or song can renew your soul? Life giving. But today's post was indeed about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both are glass half filled celebrations and reminders to take time to sing and dance!!!

  43. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Oh, such precious times that go by too fast! Love your beautiful mother-heart - thank you for putting this into words for all of us moms, young and old. Appreciate appreciate appreciate our many blessings! And you made me cry. 💖

  44. Image for Sue Sue

    Dear Karianne, we all should count our blessings on Veterans Day. A beautiful story for the attic, Would love to see the backward flat ironed hair.

  45. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Oh my - crying as I sit here in the truck watching construction workers!!!! You have the BEST stories!!!!! Your ❤️ And your Husband’s are the best. We have the same issue with ladybugs at my place in Massachusetts. Supposedly they look for light colored houses -xxxoo

  46. Image for Holly Holly

    Karianne (in the words of Stephen Curtis Chapman) you are a treasure worth more than anything under the sun or the moon....thank you for this beautiful post. Once again you've touched so many hearts.

  47. Image for Toni Toni

    My eyes are filled with tears as I read this. I lost my father this past Friday night, it was time, he was old and his body had been failing him for two years. How I wished he'd been a father that sang songs to me, but he didn't. But he did adopt me legally, cared and provided for me to the best of his ability. So yes, I will miss him. Your girls are so blessed to have a father that makes them feel cherished. God, in his goodness, gave me a husband who has loved me well for 46 years. But my heavenly Father has loved me best of all!

  48. Image for Susan Susan

    How precious that your husband was the "instigator" of the singing as he sang those beautiful lyrics to your daughters! I'm so glad you caught them in the act for these are the magical moments that we, as mothers, tuck away in our hearts forever. I'm certain that it seems like just a short time ago those twins were the toddlers on the step... and look at them now. Cherish every day. God bless you all!

  49. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    Oh my! Love this memory keeping story and Cinderella too. Hugs sweet friend for sharing your heart. Encourages me to pick up that pencil again so memories will be not only in my heart but print too. Snowing in Kentucky by the way!

  50. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    I cannot even begin to thank you for all the inspiring home decor, DIY and craft projects. Your style is classic and beautiful. While I look forward to your posts on everything involving home it is your stories about family that truthfully give me the greatest pleasure. You are a true story teller and bright light. I want to thank you for sharing your family with us.

  51. Image for Sevahn Sevahn

    I cried too. This was a Thanksgiving post and a Christmas post like Kris and Gina mentioned. You are so loveable if that's a word. Looks like you have touched us all today. Snow covers our little corner in Michigan today and you warmed us up inside.

  52. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Every day, when I go through my mail, I keep your post for last...no matter what...it makes me smile! Thanks for that KariAnne ❤️

  53. Image for Robin Drake Robin Drake

    My heart is happy, even with tears in my eyes! I, too needed the reminder that God is good all the time and that I just need to open my eyes and my heart... thank you, thank you!

  54. Image for Kat;hy Kat;hy

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story and reminder that each "hard" day does have a silver lining. We love the Steven Curtis Chapman song, Cinderella. It is definitely one of my husband's favorites.

  55. Image for betty in arlington betty in arlington

    What a joyful post! I teared up when I read your troubles, but felt joyed and cried even more when I continued reading! Sometimes God throws stuff in your life to test your faith, but shows joy in other ways. I always start the day, among other things, with prayers, and telling Him, "this is Betty. give me a good day today." then end it, " God, this is Betty. Thank you for my good day." No matter what, He is watching over me. Your twins remind me of my twin sister and I in high school! I love their hair and joyful spitit!

  56. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    I don't play guitar, or any instrument, but I always sang to my children. Now I sing to my great grandchildren. Yes - I dared to blink. But it's not over. It's getting bigger. One day it will be so large, I'll have to bow out and leave. For now, we sing, we dance, we hug and we kiss, because we love. God is always good.

  57. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Oh, now I'm sitting here sobbing too. This was the song that my husband picked out to dance with my daughter at her wedding this past April. Not only danced but he had memorized the lyrics and sung them to her as they danced. It was one of those rare but completely, utterly perfect moments in time. Tomorrow she and her husband are moving to another state about 10 hours away so a new season for us! Thank you for bringing it to the forefront of my memory to hold onto; it's a comfort.

  58. Image for Judy Blake Judy Blake

    Today is my Dad’s birthday 😢 he passed away 1976. Hold on to every moment 💔 Thank you for your beautiful story 👸

  59. Image for Rebecca A Parker Rebecca A Parker

    Oh KariAnne. IYou make me laugh. You make me cry. But most of all....you make me appreciate all the good in my life. Thank you for reminding me about that song and to be thankful for my two daughters who even though they are grown women now, I pray they remember the are loved. Don't blink, dear sister...just love 'em,....just love 'em.. Be thankful for the dancing and singing and mascara running memories you are making today. Love you, girl.

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