Creative Playroom Ideas

Yesterday I measured the craft room at the gatehouse to make sure everything would fit.

As I measured and wrote and measured and wrote some more……suddenly…..behind me…..a tiny voice piped up.

“Umm….Mom,”  she said in a whisper, tapping on my shoulder.

“Mom….can I ask you a question…..

…..where do we put our art stuff?”

I put down the measuring tape.

This was serious.

I could almost hear the tiny pieces of paper that live in the twins’ art house knocking at the door.
“What about the art house?  

You love it over there.


That’s where you have all your construction paper and glue and stickers and glitter and stamps and paint” I asked with just a hint of panic in my voice.

creative playroom decorating

She didn’t say anything.

She just calmly looked at me.

And then quietly placed her bucket of stickers on the shelf with a smile.


Who am I to send the tiny pieces of paper back to the art house?

Who am I to turn away glitter and markers that smell like blueberries?

Who am I to stifle a creative genius with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair and an overflowing collection of stickers?

After all….everyone needs a corner in this world to create….

….and I’m so blessed two tiny artists want to share mine. 🙂

PS  Need a few more creative playroom ideas?

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Wait until you see the tire swing….seriously.


  1. Image for Beth C. Beth C.

    Well...if they're anything like their mother, creativity runs in their DNA. It's inevitable! And yes, you are so lucky they want to "hang" with mom to do anything. Rue the day they think you're annoying, and, as Great Garbo proclaimed, "I vant to be left alone!" :) I can't wait to see your transformation of the gate house! Best, Beth C.

  2. Image for Zolane Zolane

    You're a great mom, "get" that enjoying any/all moments with your kiddos is precious and to be shared for memories that will last longer than any "thing".

  3. Image for Regina Regina

    Every time I see a large classroom map on a wall, I want to go to a school surplus sale. :) It's so sweet that your kids want to be with you, creating art. My 18-year-old still wants to do HOMEWORK in the living room, right with us. Yours may be like mine, or the time may come when you'll see a "keep out" sign on the Art House, so enjoy this while you can!

  4. Image for Karen Costello Karen Costello

    Awwww...So Sweet! I would have loved to have a place like that to create in as a child. I secretly coveted the big drawer that was in my childhood friends kitchen. It had paper, glue, markers and more. I put some papers, crayons and scissors in the phone book drawer at our house, trying to duplicate that drawer, and my mom asked what the heck I was doing, as she took them out :0(. Can I be one of your kids?

  5. Image for Doreen Doreen

    Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see the tire swing! I grew up with one under a huge old tree and it was my very favorite place to be on a summer day - swinging and twirling in the shade on that tire swing! Blessings, Doreen

  6. Image for Jennifer@The Chronicles of Home Jennifer@The Chronicles of Home

    So sweet...but your heart totally must have sunk a bit there as some of the order and grown-up-ness slipped through your fingers. Though...I often find myself thinking, "Some day my house will be in perfect order but I won't have those sweet little footsteps running around anymore." Course, those are the good days. There are also days when I am more apt to holler, "Someone clean this up before I lose my mind!!!" xo

  7. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    I just went over and looked at the ideas at Lamps Plus, one of my favorite online stores by the way, and these spaces are great! You are such a great mom and I am glad to see that the girls are creative like their genius mom. Cynthia

  8. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    Like mother-like daughter. How wonderful to have a child like that and how wonderful that you are an encourager. You're doing a good job, Mom- xo Diana

  9. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    You had me at the bucket of stickers....How wonderful to be able to have three creative souls working together!!! Can't wait to see some of the gatehouse progress..

  10. Image for Janel from NellieBellie Janel from NellieBellie

    I'm just saying...a snack drawer, or cupboard, or container. Ability to stream music, or play 1D, or...You Tube. Basically, the coolest place to hang is the craft room. Guarantees that they think crafts are the best.

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