Somewhere along life’s journey, I started telling my mirror I was amazing.

It’s an amazing way to start the day.


Have you ever tried it before?

In the middle of brushing your teeth or flossing or washing your face, you press pause.

Then look at yourself in the mirror with all sincerity and say to that wonderful, incredible, beautiful, special person looking right back at you….

….”You are amazing.”

That’s the easy part.


You have to believe it.

Even when you don’t feel like it.

Even when life gets challenging.

Even when something happens….

….like this.

Something I couldn’t make up even if I tried.

Last week a friend stopped by the house to buy a chair from me.

It was a vintage folding chair I bought from a vintage shop on the square and I had the brilliant idea of hanging it on the wall.

You know.

A chair on the wall. So when someone asked for an extra seat, I could casually reach up to the wall and pull it down. But the chair was too big and I found another one that worked, so I put it on Facebook marketplace and my friend told me she wanted to buy it.

We agreed on a time for her to stop by and I went about one of my favorite things to do on the planet.

Getting the house ready for a visitor.

I turned on the lights and dimmed them in certain rooms and put on music over the speakers and lit the candles so the house would smell like fall.

Then I took the chair and opened it and put it right in front of this table in the dining room.

The doorbell rang and I let her in and she took one look at the chair and told me it was perfect and then we talked. We talked about how I grew up in this house and how we’d redone it and how much we loved older houses. She was so kind and sweet and encouraging about the house and the decor and the living room and the dining room.

It made me feel special.

It made me feel incredible.

It made me feel like my mirror had been right that morning.

I was amazing.

And then?

Mid-conversation and laughter and giggles and home decor discussion?


Right there on my dining room rug about where the sunshine is dancing through the windows in this picture.



Luckily her back was turned to it.

Luckily the candles disguised the smell.

Luckily I pasted on a smile and diverted my eyes away from the rug and its present.

Luckily I immediately came up with the brilliant thought of showing her the new bookcases in the living room.

Anything. Any how. Any way.

To. Get. Her. Out. Of. The. Dining. Room.

I packed her and that chair out of this house faster than you can say Yellow Rose of Texas.

As she walked down the front steps, I closed the door behind her and leaned against it with a sigh of relief.


See what I mean?

Some days that mirror is right.

Some days I am so amazing your head would spin.

And some days?

I’m just trying not to step in it. 🙂

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  1. Image for Vickie Vickie


    1. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

      No Girl, you are BEAUTIFUL, and you are perfect JUST AS YOU ARE! Don't believe that negative self-talk! We are our own worst enemies! I know it's easier said than done, but seriously--you are beautiful and perfect and worthy of love! Don't ever forget that! Also, try what Karianne suggested. You'll feel silly, and you won't believe it for the first time, or maybe even the first one hundred times, but it DOES work. Eventually you'll start to believe it, if only a tiny bit. But over time, that tiny bit will get bigger and bigger, until you realize your worth and believe it too! But if that negative voice chimes in (I call mine "my inner b!tch", say, "No. You're wrong. I'm a beautiful person and worthy of love!". Keep drowning it out, and keep saying positive things to yourself. Stephanie

    2. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

      I look in the mirror & say out loud "Jesus loves me". The first time I ever did that, I was just a young girl in college & I had big tears running down my cheeks & not because of the way I looked but because of the way I felt about myself. Now I'm 68 & I still practice doing it some days. He created you & me & He loves each of His unconditionally. I agree with Karianne that you are amazing!

  2. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, my goodness! In between photography studios, my husband met a friend at his Mom’s house to deliver her wedding photography. A safe beautiful setting, right?!! Right in the middle of the conversation, that bride said…”something is reeking”…and below her feet was a large deposit from my mother in law’s dog! Thankful that it was a friend who could laugh with him! Goodness! Nothing like keeping us humble in the middle of being amazing!🤣🤣🤣

  3. Image for Liberty Liberty

    Maybe you should start looking in your mirror and saying "I am hilarious." Because you are! 🤣🤣🤣 Glad I took a moment to read this one!!! Glad you survived!!

  4. Image for Debra Matcovich Debra Matcovich

    Didn’t know where you were going with this, oh boy. When you have a dog which i do it happens. Glad she didn’t step in it.😄

  5. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    Oh my....LOL Thanks for making my Monday morning with coffee perfect, and with a great laugh! Keeping it real girl! Thank you!

  6. Image for Lisa Ricardo Lisa Ricardo

    omg that is great....... good job redirecting her to other areas.... lol poor Buddy..... lol poop happens.... somedays.... love you and your house!! and I love love your What I bought Wednesdays. love the recommendations .... knowing someone we trust has tried them out.... and likes them... is reassuring. have a great week!! Lisa

  7. Image for Alice Hanson Alice Hanson

    Oh KariAnne! That is priceless! You are such an amazing person! I love your stories, tips and all! Thank you for making my day ! Amazing! Smiles, alice

  8. Image for Dawn Mendez Dawn Mendez

    You sound just like me caring for all the details of your home and making it comfortable and inviting. But I just became the Mom of a new little boy Cavalier King Charles puppy on Sunday. Something tells me I may have a similar experience with my Teddy in the future! You’ve just got to laugh!

  9. Image for Kim Kim

    I love this story and can definitely relate - but also love the advice to speak into the mirror and to recognize how much you enjoy getting the house ready for visitors. Thank you for your post. :)

  10. Image for Char Char

    I thought you were going to say that immediately prior to her taking the chair, the chair broke, sending someone to the floor. Thanks for sharing our humanity and your much-better story! My mother's dog lifted its leg onto a staked philodendron in the pristine living room of a highly-proper friend. Guess that's why they were out for a walk.


    I love your down to earth honesty❣️I just laughed so hard and could almost feel your feelings when you saw the Big Pile of Fresh Poop on your beautiful rug! You are the best I enjoy your posts so much. Thank you.😊

  12. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    I am laughing so hard! Have 6 Buddy's at my house (when my mom passed last year we took hers too). Can not have area rugs because they think they are pee and poop spots-so I have had that exact experience. We even have dog doors! Yep plural-dog doors! Four out of six are over 14 years what can you do but shake your head! They have a way of humbling us.

  13. Image for Ellen Collins Ellen Collins

    As usual, your post has left a smile on my face and I know it will be returning throughout the day as this memory flitters back in my mind. It's nice to know we all have the same type experiences but you handled this one so well that I'm once again impressed. :)

  14. Image for Renee Renee

    That is just too funny!! And now when your friend reads your blog, she will know the treasure she missed. Hilarious….

  15. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Oh, Karianne, you are a hoot and a half! Thank you for today's laugh. Also, although the self-love talk in the mirror may sound odd to some, but I swear it helps--maybe even works! And you truly ARE the best. Both you AND Buddy. As they say, "Sh!t happens". LOL.

  16. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Omigosh....I thought that only happened at my house!! How has a way of bringing us back down to earth. But, that answers my question as to whether Buddy's still living. Sweet doggy.

  17. Image for Martha Woods Martha Woods

    Your story reminds me of the time years ago when my home was on the Christmas tour of homes. I certainly did all in my power to have everything in pristine shape. Well, at the close of the tour on Sunday afternoon I discovered the old beat up towel I had used for that final wipe down in the bath just tossed in the bathroom sink for all those lovely visitors to see. Life always gets the last laugh!!

  18. Image for Katy Katy

    I laughed out loud…so very loudly!!! Thanks for sharing! And hope you got your beautiful room cleaned easily and smelling fresh as a daisy again! You are good medicine KariAnne!!! Hugs, Katy

  19. Image for Stacey Stacey

    Made me laugh and cringe at the same time! The same thing happened to me the first time we hosted Thanksgiving for both my and my husbands families 35 years ago... In front of 20 guests....I was mortified! All the relatives laughed their butts off....But eventually I lived it down...I think....Guess we’ll see if it comes up at Thanksgiving dinner this year!

  20. Image for marilyn ackerman marilyn ackerman

    Just what I needed to brighten up my day. In a funny kinds of way. It gave me a bit of sunshine in midst of cleaning up my place for company. Never let dog poo ruin your day....should be an oft quoted line...

  21. Image for Donna Bray Donna Bray

    Oh to live life lol, sorry but that’s funny and I know exactly what you mean. 😂❤️ Woof woof! We are created amazing.


    KariAnne! I could just picture you being your sweet self and trying to take the lady and her chair to the door! You ARE AMAZING -- and Buddy is such a precious dog even if he did leave you a steamy little pile! Bless you both!

  23. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Isn't that just the way life goes, if it isn't one thing it's another, nothing is ever perfect. You handled it perfectly and thanks for sharing with your other imperfect friends.

  24. Image for Denise M Johnson Denise M Johnson

    Too funny... You really crack me up. Your smile is contagious... Love following you. Hugs to you friend. Denise

  25. Image for Danelle Danelle

    I’m laughing at how perfect this story is!! You’re right, you can’t make this up!!! Real life happens in the midst of entertaining! Love your attitude and your honesty!!

  26. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Oh yes….those are the stories! Hilarious!! Thanks for the perfect Monday laugh! ;) P.S. hope the girls are doing well! ;)

  27. Image for Linda Linda

    That is way too funny ! I know just what you mean. I have two Goldens. Scobbee is 5 and Merlin is 10. Well the other day Merlin got up on the couch. I came into the room and Ofcourse he had left the scene. There was the most stinky pile of diarrhea you have ever seen ! What's a person to do ? I took the sheet off the couch, then the couch cover off then even the zippered cushion cover off and away I went to the mop sink first then the washer. We all have our days or should I say our dogs days. Gotta love them. I love Buddy too !

  28. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, Buddy is sorry that was an accident, please forgive him! He promises that will never happen again! When you look at his sweet face you must believe him!

  29. Image for Rose Williams Rose Williams

    Spittttt! And out came the tea right out of my mouth!! That was hilarious!! Thanks for the laugher! Now, I’ll go change my blouse! 🤣🤣

  30. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    I love your posts. I am laughing at your comment about some days you are trying not to step in it. I have had a dog or dogs for years and know what you mean. Then there are also the times a dog (or cat) will throw up on something. Our lives are blessed and fuller because of our love for animals. Blessings

  31. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    Animals have a special way of keeping us humble. 😜 You have great diversion skills, girlie, so I bet had she seen it you would have smiled a sweet Texas wide smile, and said, “well, lookie there. I dropped a pine cone from my last decorating project! Teehee.

  32. Image for Dee Turk Dee Turk

    I had no idea what it was going to be that you can't make up, and you sharing the big pile of steaming dog poop story solidifies in my mind even more how amazing and wonderful you are! What? Because you talked about dog poop? Because you are so real, you make even me believe that I am amazing even on my worst days, even on the days that I've heard the enemy's voice tell me everything else but, and I've hearkened just all too well. Thank you for the chuckle, for showing your humility, for being a lifebuilder I sure love you my friend!

  33. Image for Susan M Dennis Susan M Dennis

    Thanks for my morning laugh!!!! That's hilarious! I was anticipating that she sat in the chair and it broke, but the real story is so much funnier. I was looking for the evidence on the rug. Speaking of rug, I love the colors in the rug in your dining room where the beautiful striped chairs are. Would you share where you bought it?

  34. Image for Mary C Mary C

    I have three pugs,one elderly who likes to leave me « surprises » in the living room. Your home always looks so perfect and neat-I’m glad to know you have the same burdens as me and a sense of humor about it. Truthfully, I love decorating my home, but I love my dogs more and my life would be incomplete without them. Thanks for keeping it real!

  35. Image for Ann Zimmermann Ann Zimmermann

    So, I also love the mascara you referenced and the eyelash primer. This is what I discovered. My lashes are SO THIN. If I apply two coats of anything, they look like long spider legs. Ugh! I found out what works GREAT for me. I first get the primer out which is white. I then get out the mascara. I then brush the mascara onto the primer wand. Now, I have primer and color in one coat. It works great!!! Quite frankly, I cannot figure out why the manufacturer doesn't make a colored primer!!!!

  36. Image for Cynde Cynde

    Hilarious!!!! I think we can all relate in one way or another! I love your blog, and your sense of humor, today you made me laugh and smile as I read your blog. I have a similar story, maybe worse, a neighbor came by to bring me flowers after a medical diagnosis, she had never been in my home before. We have a 17 year old dog with a very weak bladder. As I headed into the kitchen for a vase, I stepped in a flood of number one on the floor, talk about embarrassing!!! She had to let herself out, while I cleaned up my foot and the floor….we have all had these moments I’m sure…Thank you for all your inspiration!! You are amazing!!

  37. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue! I love you, your home, your stories, your humor, your humility, your creativity and your happiness! Thanks for sharing all of it with us! And bet your girls are having a great experience at Baylor! College is such a special time for young people! I know you’re proud!

  38. Image for Sandi from the Cape Sandi from the Cape

    Luckily you didn't turn on your robot vacuum cleaner to spruce up the dining room rug and have it run through the pile several happened to me!

  39. Image for Sue Sue

    ROFL -- that's a great story and I love your conclusion! We've all been there with our dogs -- or sometimes our toddlers!

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