Looking for an amazing new color for a bedroom makeover? SW Evergreen Fog is an amazing choice.

Sharing all the befores and afters today.

disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams®. 

Besides my birthday and National Ice Cream Day, today is one of my favorite days of the year.

It’s the day I’ve been waiting for all these months.

Because today?


Today is amazing.

Today is full of ideas and inspiration and room ideas.

Today is the day to announce the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color of the Year. 

Just between us? I never miss a Color of the Year announcement or chance to makeover a room.

Like this one.

And this one or this one.

But this year?

This year is extra special. 


SW Evergreen Fog Bedroom Makeover

This year after the twins left for college and took everything off their walls and their clothes and their accessories and their lamps and their pillows and most of their room with them to college…

….the room just wasn’t the same.

It looked like this.

A little sad.

A little forlorn.

A little empty.

I walked into the empty room and it echoed.

It’s like all the personality and joy and sunshine in the space packed their bags and left.

That night, I sat in the middle of this almost empty space and cried.

And cried a little more.

And a little more.

Until I was so tired I went to bed.

And then?

The next day I woke up and decided to do something about it.

The room needed a makeover.

Not just a little makeover….

…a new space.

A new design plan.

A new rug.

A new set of bedding.

And most importantly?

A new color.

But not just any color. 

A color that brought a little of the outside in and created a welcoming and serene room that left all of the empty and sad and forlornness in the DUST. A room so full of sunshine and life that it would be a sanctuary for the twins when they came home from college.

Can of SW Evergreen Fog paint.

This amazing color?

It’s the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color of the Year.

Evergreen Fog SW 9130.

And now?

Are you ready for a little before and after?

From this….

Before and after bedroom painted with SW Evergreen Fog.

To this! 

From this….


From this….

Walls colored with SW Evergreen Fog


From this….



Does it even look like the same room? SW Evergreen Fog gives it a whole new look.

Please do me a favor and scroll up and look at the befores and afters again.

Can you even believe it?

Wallpaper matching with SW Evergreen Fog paint.

I started the entire design with SW Evergreen Fog. 

It’s a nourishing and sophisticated gray-green. It’s so pretty and it reminded me of an outdoor meadow and flowers and sunshine, so those are the elements that I brought into the room.

We kept most of the furniture, but it looks completely different in the space now with the new paint color and the new rug.

We did a mini-makeover on this closet area. The closet doors and that area of the wall are painted Shoji White SW 7042.

Then we stenciled the entire area with this amazing woodland creature stencil and stenciled the entire base in Sandbar SW 7547.

Then I went back and hand-painted in the butterflies with Haute Pink SW 6570 and the leaves with the Color of the Year, Evergreen Fog SW 9130.

Then I found matching bedding in the same colors and layered in sheets with vines and tufted bedding and striped shams and added accessories in wood and natural fibers like this painted cork board and the wooden ampersand.

I found floral artwork and added gold butterflies to the wall over the mirror. They complement SW Evergreen Fog perfectly.

And then?

I found the cutest striped sheets and made them into curtains.

On the other wall, I added a white bookcase and filled it with some fun accessories including a wooden W.

And another message board for her to add all her new college memories, too.

The light fixture is a giant ball of flowers and it shines down on this pink and white rug full of flowers, too.

To think this room all started with a little inspiration and the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color of the Year: Evergreen Fog SW 9130.

If you are feeling inspired to use this color in space in your home as well, Sherwin-Williams now has peel-and-stick wall samples for just $3.95 on their website for you to give Evergreen Fog a try in your space—and they ship free!

It’s a happy room now.

And the twins?

They are flying higher than I ever imagined. They are spreading their wings and taking on new chapters and new adventures every day.

I am so proud of them.

One day soon they’ll be bursting through the door full of stories and laughter and joy and sunshine.

And the room and I?

We’ll be ready.

disclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with Sherwin-Williams.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    What a gorgeous makeover! I didn't love the color of the year until I saw it with the pink rug. And I thought the stenciled walls were wallpaper – wow! Everything about this is wonderful!

  2. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    I love that green. That stenciling must have been time consuming! It's gorgeous. The twins are just going to love it when they come home for the holidays. And you look so great!

  3. Image for Linda Linda

    KariAnne OMG!!! Totally a different, beautiful, serene and classy room. The bedding and accessories are perfect. I love this color and I have never been a fan of green…however YOU have made me a fan of Evergreen Fog.

  4. Image for Doreen Doreen

    Simply outstanding!!!!! And don't you look adorable in your sherwin williams overalls! Had to look twice to see if it was you or one of your daughters! Fabulous

  5. Image for Julie Julie

    Hope you can keep this a secret from the twins til they come home!! =) Beeeutiful indeed, and I love certain shades of green and this looks very calm........

    1. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

      I was thinking the same thing, sort of. The twins will come home and there will be no trace of the room they remember. My son's room stayed the same while he was in college. He moved away two years after graduation. That's when I changed his room.

  6. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, friend! I am such a lover of color and this one is so inviting! I am in love with that stenciled wall with your added touches! I think the twins will be thrilled to come back to this welcoming room.

  7. Image for Lori Lori

    Love it! Especially on the shiplap boards. That really looks good!! I'm always a friend of a nice green shade with some wood tones, even better.

  8. Image for Betsy Betsy

    Bingo! You helped me find my new bedroom color. You’re always helping me! I love Sherwin Williams paint. It’s the best. Did I miss you mentioning where you found the new bedding? Can you help me with that?

  9. Image for PJ PJ

    That is such a beautiful color! KariAnne, I just love your stenciling. At first glance, I thought it was wallpaper, and I am anti-wallpaper after stripping layer after layer in this old house, but stenciling is a whole different story. Happy Birthday, KariAnne! Please have an amazing day!

  10. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine is tomorrow! (Only I'm going to be quite a bit older than you (67). But I'm blessed and thankful. Second of all...I LOVE the makeover! I like everything about it. The wall color, the bedding, the accessories, everything. Once again, you're a rock start.

  11. Image for Joanne Joanne

    So love this color!!! Unfortunately I am a tenant and don't think my landlord will let me paint. However, picked up a free, side of the road headboard that just might get this color! Beautiful transformation!!

  12. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Green is my favorite color so the room redo is fabulous to me. The stenciled wall around the closet is exceptional, like a haute couture armoire. Your twins are blessed to have their creative super star mom pouring her love into their new bedroom decor. The white furniture and accessories pop now. The rug and comforter are perfect for the renewed space also. Love it all, the curtains, mirror with butterflies add joy.

  13. Image for Liz Shivel Liz Shivel

    Beautiful! I’ve been using a gray sage green for probably 15 years in two different houses in different rooms. It’s lighter than your gorgeous color, but similar. These green colors are cozy, they wrap comfort around you, at least that’s how I feel. Your daughters’ room is lovely! They’ll be thrilled to see it. And your stencil work, which I first thought was wallpaper, is beautiful and well done. You have patience, for sure! Great job in all of it, KariAnne! 😁🌻

  14. Image for Toni Toni

    Lovely room!!! They will live it. You must capture their faces in a picture when they see it! I assume it’s a surprise?! If I remember right the girls have different rooms. So will you now do the other? Beautiful job!

  15. Image for Donna Donna

    Love the color but the stenciling rocks it to the max. I have never seen such a great stencil, I like another commenter thought it was wallpaper at first. So brave of you, but it takes it up a notch. Wow, it looks fabulous. The pink rug is fun too.

  16. Image for Kris Kris

    Wait ... you stenciled that??? I really like the room color, but the stencil is to die for. I wish I had your talent and energy levels. Do your girls read your blog or will this be a surprise? Good for you for having projects to keep your mind focused on the positive.

  17. Image for Suzie Suzie

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I was a bit hesitant when you mentioned color of the year, but I love it. I may have to give it a try. I’m a green person and that color is so soothing. The room is gorgeous and that rug is amazing, and so are the butterflies 🦋. I just downsized to a condo and needed some inspiration so thank you.

  18. Image for Patty Patty

    Hoping you have a beautiful birthday! Love the new room - it is so lovely!! I, too, thought you had wall papered - the stencil is amazing.


    Love the new color, KariAnne! It's so pretty and you have done a fabulous job at putting this room together. You are so talanted! Happy Birthday and best wishes for a wonderful year! That's such a cute picture of you! Enjoy your week.

  20. Image for Theresa Ball Theresa Ball

    KariAnne, I could so relate to your need to cry, and then transform the bedroom. In 1998 when my daughter went off to college I did the very same thing - sat in the middle of her room and cried - then I cleaned out the room and painted and fluffed. Very cathartic! Your transformation is beautiful and serene. Wish I had somewhere to use that color. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Glad the twins are having such a good time at college.

  21. Image for Sharon Sharon

    What a beautiful, warm and cozy color! I am absolutely in love with it. The room turned out stunning. The girls will love it! Great way to get rid of the blues of missing them!

  22. Image for alda ellis alda ellis

    The beautiful gray-green color was the original color of our 1918 home on the National Historic Register. We have been here 40 years and kept it the original color. (Thank you Sherwin Williams) and we love it today as much as the day we moved in. It is truly a timeless color and one you won't tire of . (It might be we bought so much of it, they named it color of the year. HA!) Can't say enough about this green color...wonderful!

  23. Image for Vela Tomba Vela Tomba

    Happy birthday!! Love the room!! That stencil accent wall is amazing! Really love all your stuff. Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas with us!!


    Again, you knocked it outta the park, gorgeous design and colors!!. I just love the stenciled woodland wall. Could you please give us the source of the stencil? Thank you.

  25. Image for kim kim

    As always you are such a breath of fresh air. Where did you come from???? Even on the very worst day you make me smile. The room is beyond beautiful, and dont cry take it from me they always come home. Happy Birthday how old are you?(LOL). I assume you flew to Quebec. We live in a suburb of Buffalo NY, about a half hour from the peacebridge. My sisterin law lives in Canada. We were hoping we would open the border today so we could finally see her and her husband, but the US pushed the opening back another month. We havent seen them in over 2 years other than virtual calls. Did you encounter any issues going into Canada or returning? Canadians are letting US citizens in, my husband and I would love to visit them, but we are afraid of trying to get back into the states. When all is said and done they are a mere hour and a half from us. Can you let me know of your experience, hard easy almost impossible, etc. Thanks KariAnne. By the way you look like a model in the cute overalls and your hair up. I cant remember if I told you our not but my plum dress loks like a million.

  26. Image for Cindy Ross Cindy Ross

    Love this color! So glad to see greens coming back. I have similar color in my house. You must tell us where you got the bedding. It would go in my bedroom perfectly! Great Job 👏 I have been following you for years and your transformation and the growth of your business has been amazing! Many blessings to you and your family, sweet lady.

  27. Image for Carla Carla

    Hmmm. That sure looks exactly like Eddie Bauer Pine Needle, my favorite color that was discontinued a couple of years ago. 😂🤣😂🤣

  28. Image for Tammy Tammy

    I am so in love with this color. A huge fan of green and this color is amazing in this room. You did a wonderful job with the stenciled wall and the artwork. This room is so warm and inviting. Stunning!

  29. Image for W Edmonds W Edmonds

    Hey friend I don’t know if you remember me I taught at South Livingston! Just wanted to compliment you on all your beautiful designs. I love it when I see your pictures and blogs. Get a nice feeling saying I know her! Tell your family hello and God bless you all continually! Love W

  30. Image for Cathy Harden Cathy Harden

    What a fabulous and happy room you have created! I am getting ready to paint a guest room a green shade and this just may be it. I found some wallpaper similar to your stencil but it proved to be too pricey! Could you share the stencil information and the bedding source? Just lovely!

  31. Image for Melissa Melissa

    Fantastic job on the room! It’s so beautiful! Is there any chance you can share where the golden butterflies came from? Thanks!

  32. Image for Julie Julie

    I agree with everyone else, the room was pretty and relaxing before. Now it is even prettier and absolutely striking, not to mention 'Happy'. They are going to love it! Would you mind sharing the bedding details? Love the floral and the pink rug too!

  33. Image for Jean Windham Jean Windham

    Well you really did an outstanding job and I love the green. It’s refreshing and the added colors makes for a lovely space. Congratulations. Jean

  34. Image for Marilyn Marilyn

    The room is lovely. Wishing you happiness and blessings throughout your birthday year. God Bless. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  35. Image for Jan Jan

    Oh, KariAnne, I love all your gorgeous home makeover projects...but your personal makeover is the most stunning of all! You just radiate so much joy - who you are shines even more brightly than ever before. It makes me happy every time I see you in your posts!

  36. Image for Kim Kim

    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎉 Next, you really outdid yourself on this one! You’ve really made the color of the year a winner here! It wasn’t one of my favorites until now! You brought it to life! The girls will love it!

  37. Image for Eunice Eunice

    I love your bedroom makeover and the new paint color is beautiful. I really enjoy all the great projects you share with us. You and I share the same birthday so no wonder I love your blog so much ❤️

  38. Image for Jennifer Morris Jennifer Morris

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🥳🥳🥳 This color and room are AMAZING!! Now I want to make over my home office with it!! PLEASE share deets on stencil!! A tutorial would be great too!!!🤗 The girls will look forward to coming home even more now!! Sanctuary!! Also hang in there-my 3 are out of the nest into the world and we’re closer than we’ve ever been!! 🥰

  39. Image for Kim Kim

    It’s Beautiful!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. It looks so warm and welcoming!! It beckons one to come in and Rest!!!😴😴

  40. Image for JC JC

    I'm doing a happy birthday happy dance and celebrating you.....a day late, but not short on well wishes! I'm so glad you're you and I get the blessing of knowing you through your blog posts! Thank you! The room looks fantastic in this new 2022 shade!! I actually saw the Sherwin Williams announcement of Evergreen Fog and was thinking what a great color it would be for a church remodel I am heading up! I am creating a coffee bar area and this just might have to be the color of our buffet sideboard along with Shoji White walls, a chalkboard area, warm woods, green plants/ trees, cafe tables and chairs! Or I may paint the wall Evergreen Fog and keep the bar in wood. Decisions, decisions. I'm going to order a peel and stick sample now! Thanks for the inspiration, KariAnne! Happiest birthday, friend!

  41. Image for phyllis phyllis

    While the green color is beautiful, it would be easy to overlook in a paint deck if we did not have your unbelievable talent and vision to pair the stenciled wall, beautiful bedding, rug, and hand-sewn drapery/sheets to pull it all together. Please share the stencil you used and other sources in another post as we all want the details. If you did one twin's bedroom....what happens to the other bedroom for the other twin???? I'm sure you probably have the idea wheels going at top speed. You look terrific and we all are excited to hear you are on the mend from your hip issue. Take care, and keep that inspiration coming.

  42. Image for Lana Lana

    I can’t believe this. Love love And more, about three months ago I ordered new kitchen cupboards… actually all drawers, and they are this green! It’s fraction of celadon green!! My counter is black soapstone. I can’t wait for it. Great job Karianne!!!! We certainly think alike!

  43. Image for Robin Plummer Robin Plummer

    You are so smart and talented! The colors in this room are beautiful, from the wall color to the area rug, curtains, and wall decor! I bet lots of ladies are already getting ideas on how to decorate a room at their house, I know that's what I'll be doing. It will probably get a little pink tree for the Christmas holidays:)

  44. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    Fantastic makeover. It’s calm and welcoming. Would make a lovely guest room some day when one of the twins marries and brings her new hubby home for a visit! (gulp) And I want to know just how you can look so dang cute in painting clothes??? Me? I look like I was dragged through a bucket of paint about 15 minutes into a project!

  45. Image for Merylee Merylee

    Absolutely beautiful makeover! Evergreen Fog is an extremely soothing color for a bedroom. Love how you added the pink/white rug and the darling stenciled wall. Perfect!

  46. Image for Detra k Coley Detra k Coley

    Love it! I thought you were one of the girls, sitting there all cute in your bibs! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  47. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    OH. MY. Gosh. I absolutely LOVE that shade of green! It is AWESOME!!!!! Green is my very favorite color - well, in fact it is the ONLY color I truly like, haha. (I was in shock when I read your comments and a few said they aren't fans of green. I audibly gasped. I like in my own little world I guess, haha. ANYWAY - that is a stunning make-over. You did a fabulous job there, KA. The twins aren't the only ones spreading their wings and flying. ♥

  48. Image for FJ FJ

    Simply beautiful! I can imagine taking many naps in this serene space. That rug is so gorgeous. It's a great backdrop for the room.

  49. Image for Regina Anthony Regina Anthony

    Karianne, this room is beautiful!!! I couldn't believe the wall was stenciled until I took a second look. I love the whole room, the color and everything else! And I looked at the picture of your girls and they are adorable! Regina xo

  50. Image for Donna Donna

    Kari Anne, I loved this green as soon as I saw the little dot of it on Sherwin Williams but this room!!!! Gorgeous! It completely changed it and brought it to life! You did an amazing job. Did you link your bedding and sheets? Wow!

  51. Image for CeCe CeCe

    I love the green!!! In reply to someone’s comment about ‘the twins being disappointed or upset’ when they come home and everything is changed’……why? It sounds like they took everything ( except the furniture ), with them!!! 😉 I think you did an awesome job on the ‘redo’ !!!

  52. Image for Latesia Latesia

    Looking at the pictures makes me smile! Probably has something to so with green being one of my favorite colors:) Love what you did!

  53. Image for Heather Heather

    That room - well it's amazing, you had me fooled with the printed walls, I thought it was wallpaper, you are the best.

  54. Image for Carolyn Carolyn

    Love, Love, Love it all….the color, the stenciling …the total room….also love your overall…where could I get them?…please let me know….you look….amazing!

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