Did anyone watch the Poldark finale?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

Can we talk about the scene on cliffs overlooking the ocean?

The one that Whitney and I watched over and over and over again?  We couldn’t help it.  We’ve been waiting through every minute of every episode of the entire Poldark season just for that scene.

After the 51st rewind, Whitney turned to me and sighed.

It was worth it, Mom she said.  I’d watch it all again just for that scene.


It’s a wonderful thing.

Today I’m joining Kristen’s tour and showing off the living room decked out in all it’s bright and merry.

And talking Poldark.

Spoiler alert.  If you haven’t seen it yet?

Just scroll through the words and look at the pictures.

It all started Poldark last season.

Drake fell in love with Morwenna.

He couldn’t help it.

She was all beautiful brown eyes and soft heart and rosy complexion and quiet wistful glances.

She was the governess to George Warleggen and his bride Elizabeth.

Morwenna and Elizabeth are related somehow.

I’m not really sure.  All I know is that somewhere in the middle of last season Morwenna showed up and glimpsed Drake through the forest and he glimpsed her right back and the fell in love.

He was a blacksmith and she was a governess.

You’d think there would be a happy ending.

You’d think wrong.

This is Poldark where everything that can go wrong…does.

George Warleggen appoints himself the guardian of Marwenna because she is somehow related to Elizabeth and decrees that she has to marry this curate.

A no-good cheating, pompous, conceited curate with awkward hair and a terrible mother.

Marwenna can’t help it.

She has to marry him.

Everything goes south from there.

He has an affair with her sister.

He puts her down.

He tries to commit her to an insane asylum.

And then?

One day?

He dies.

He dies conveniently on the VERY DAY that Drake is about to get married to someone else.

(total aside:  Whitney and I tried not to like his new potential bride because we really wanted him to get together with Morwenna–but in reality she was really sweet and cute).

What is Drake to do?

Morwenna is free.

Her husband is dead.


He breaks up with his fiancee.


Then he runs to the house where Morwenna is.

He tells her he loves her.

He tells her he’s here for her.

And what does she do?


She tells him she is damaged and scarred and unloveable.

And no matter what he does or says she simply looks at him with this pitiful scared look of horror and rejects him.

Over and over and over again.

Which leads us to the scene at the edge of the cliff.

He is in the chapel praying and he hears something behind him.

It’s Morwenna.

He chases her out of the chapel and they run along the cliffs together with the sea pounding on the cliffs below.

He tells her he loves her.


She rejects him.


And then?

When it looks like all hope is lost.

When it looks like it’s just a repeat of all the scenes that have gone before…

…he does something amazing.

He tells her love can cure everything.  He tells her has always loved her and will always love her.  He tells her that he will wait until she is ready and never ask for anything in return.  He asks her to marry him.  He asks her to walk along the cliffs with him forever.

And when she hesitates?

He turns and walks away.


As if waiting for her to come and walk beside him.

As if giving HER the choice.

As if giving HER the decision to join him.

It’s as if time stands still.

Will she have the courage to take the step?

Will she take the love that he is offering her?

Will she walk out on faith?

Seconds pass.

She agonizingly stands there.

And then slowly she takes one step.

And then another.

And another.

Shedding her old life.

Embracing her new.

She joins him on those rocky cliffs overlooking the sea.

Together they walk.

Together they join their hearts and their lives.

After all this time and all these episodes and all this waiting…

…love finally shows up.

Merry Christmas.

May yours be happy and merry and bright.

And full of love stories. 🙂

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  1. Image for YvonneShafer YvonneShafer

    Good morning! I cried! I admit it. I also cried about Elizabeth. Now, when does the new season start? BTW, your living room looks beautiful! Enjoy very moment of the season! Miss the snow yet?

  2. Image for Kristen Kristen

    Thank you, Karianne, for introducing me to Poldark....it is amazing. so amazing that I am now reading the books...they are fantastic too. Of course, not as much eye candy as watching Aidan Turner as Poldark, but still really good!

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    You are so funny! Only you could turn a Christmas decorating post into a re-hash of Poldark. I wasn't expecting the other big event in the series, so now I'm wondering, what next? I confess I'm not as into Aidan Turner as Dr. Ennys ..... he is kind, compassionate, and smart, and doesn't make the stupid impulsive decisions that Ross makes .....

  4. Image for Carrie Carrie

    I'm not in the popular kids circle anymore~ I've never watched POLDARK~ but I love your stories of the shows~ makes me feel like I am almost with the inner circle. But I AM in the popular kids circle when it comes to loving everything in this room. Love overflows.

  5. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    I admit, I don't watch Poldark, but with "Morwenna showed up and glimpsed Drake through the forest and he glimpsed her right back and the fell in love," who can resist??

  6. Image for Pegg Pegg

    Thank you for your never ending positivity! Along with the beautiful and inspirational decor tips. Happy holidays to you and yours

  7. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    I'm loving the blue stripes tied to your decorations, it is an added color that you don't see as much in Christmas decorations. But it add's so much due to the snow! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Poldark.....the gorgeous hero wronged by George Warleggen-in oh so many ways. Drake and Morwenna’s story ended so well and Demelza and Ross seem to be on their way. The shocker? Elizabeth taking that concoction to present George with a second premature child to secure Valentine’s inheritance! Her death was unexpected. Sad. Sad for the children....Ross and other family but not George. I loved that cliff scene as well!!

  9. Image for Christine Salek Christine Salek

    Can I just say they need to make more episodes of Poldark...this season flew by too fast ! Thanks for the recap...oh and Elisabeth ? Shocked ! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. You are the only one I can talk to Poldark about-no one else I know watches it (no matter how much I encourage it !)

  10. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    Ahhhh.... I love love stories. So sweet. So glad he never gave up. So glad she came to her senses. And your Christmas decor is pretty cute too. Especially the little red truck. 😉

  11. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    Well....I got so interested in the story I scrolled right through the pictures to hear the ending. Now I have to go back and look at the pictures. Lol.

  12. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Just watched the Poldark finale and now can't stand we have to wait anther year or so for next season. I watched the original series on PBS some 40 yrs ago and loved it then and loved it now. Could watch him ride his horse along the cliffs of Cornwall all day long........ Enjoyed your Christmas decor. Just picked up 2 of the candles you reccomended in a local shop. Lovely scents. Thank you.

  13. Image for laura laura

    Happy Thanksgiving Karianne! Okay, I stopped the Post and Googled Poldark because you have talked about it before. So once I read the premise I bounced back to your post and had to stop reading since it looks like I have 4 seasons to binge! So I love the red but I didn't read anything after the reference! My oldest and middle roll in today and tomorrow. Prayers the weather in Minneapolis are good since my middle has a late day flight tomorrow! Tomorrow! Don't their professors know not everyone is from the area! xo xo laura in Colorado!

  14. Image for lorraine lorraine

    I love Poldark I love a love story ! looking forward to reruns and christmas happy thanksgiving ! I read your blogs ..love them too * Lorraine

  15. Image for Carol Carol

    Thanks for telling the ending! I have heard of Poldark but never watched it, and will never make the time for it :(I'm a time hoarder, and you just saved me a ton of time! Thank you! And....a happy ending!)

  16. Image for Nicole Reimers Nicole Reimers

    I haven't seen the finale yet. I watched the first episodes of this season and then took a break because I took on a new job: long term subbing in a 5th grade class where the teacher quit. Some of the students are amazing, but a few are a handful (as a very polite way to put it). This is making me excited to catch up on Poldark though! Also, thanks for the spoiler alert. Although, I admit it was hard to only look at the pics because I love both your pictures and your words. : )

  17. Image for Linda on Poinsettia Drive Linda on Poinsettia Drive

    Hi, love your blog. I would like to invite you to a new blog party that is in it's infancy stages. I'm sure you are busy and have many blog parties that you attend, but if you find the time I would love for you to share your post with everyone. We get together every Tuesday thru Friday on www.poinsettiadr.com

  18. Image for Chrissy Dyer Chrissy Dyer

    Can you please tell me where you bought the living room rug? I'm sure you've already told, but I can't find the info! Thanks! BTW- beautiful...again! 😊

  19. Image for Sarah Sarah

    I was so sad about Elizabeth!! What will happen now that she is gone? All the tension between Ross, Elizabeth, Demelza and George will be gone without her. That's what made it so interesting. I always thought Ross and Elizabeth just belonged together... I watch with my husband. He is just as into it as I am. Can hardly wait for the next season!

  20. Image for Robin Robin

    Your room is beautiful! Love love love Poldark. I'm going to miss all that tension between the four of them. Hope they bring some more tension back.

  21. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I LOVE Poldark! My husband and I watched the finale last night and we’re already sad that there’s only one more season! And your room is beautiful! The red and white with your blue touches are just perfect.

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