Looking for faux pumpkins? Here are some of my favorite faux pumpkins with textures like metal and wood and glitter and straw and so much more.

my favorite faux pumpkins

Just in case you were wondering?

I’m going all Anne of Green Gables today and being thankful.

Thankful I live in a world where there are Octobers.

And Septembers.

And faux pumpkins.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love a real pumpkin. Here’s my proof. My front steps from this year. These are the pumpkins that you could see from outer space.

I couldn’t help myself. I was in the middle of the grocery store and they were having a giant pumpkin sale and somehow all those pumpkins just jumped into my cart.

Or three carts actually.

This year I still have real pumpkins for outside, but inside?

I’m all about the faux.

Here are some of my favorite pumpkins (and where you can get them) of all time.

favorite faux pumpkins straw

These straw pumpkins.

I pull them out every year.

And this year? I found SUPER SIMILAR ONES at Target.

You can see them here.

And this mini raffia pumpkin here.

And this cornhusk pumpkin here.

(total aside: at the risk of stating the obvious, Target has an amazing pumpkin selection this year.)

favorite faux pumpkins wood

This wood pumpkin is my most asked about pumpkin.

I bought them years ago and every year when I meet them again I fall in love.

I found super similar ones here.

And then? 

In my search, I found this pumpkin that looks like a barrel.

I’m stopping by there to pick up a few today.

favorite faux pumpkins grapevine

These grapevine pumpkins are the best.

I use them inside and outside and they only get better with each year.

I found some super similar here.

And they look so cute with the straw pumpkin.

favorite faux pumpkins metal

These metal pumpkins have been on my porch for five years and counting.

They have the prettiest rusted tops and the metal makes them look antique.

You can see a super similar version here.

I also found a rusted white metal version of them here.

Yes please to these toile pumpkins.

They were out of stock for a long time, but I just found them again.

You can see them here at Walmart.

I pull out these glitter pumpkins every year.

I just found some that are similar at Pottery Barn (that I think are prettier).

You can see them here.

These orange pumpkins are ones that I use every year.

They are so ugly that they are pretty.

You can see some that are super similar here.

And this peanut pumpkin here that looks so realistic.

I also found these adorable pumpkins with leather labels here.

And in case you wanted to make your own faux pumpkin?

I have a few ideas.

Here’s the project that I talked about yesterday at Channel 5 Studios in Dallas.

It’s a twig pumpkin you can make yourself.

See the project here.

Here are these simple blue and white pumpkins I made last year.

All you need are paint and scrapbook paper.

See the project here.

These chalkboard word find pumpkins are so fun and easy to make.

All you need are stickers and chalk.

See the entire project here.

You can make these sweater wool pumpkins.

It’s super easy once you felt the wool in your washing machine.

See the entire pumpkin craft here.

If you find any other pumpkins you want me to source for you?

I’d be more than happy to help.

Here’s to Septembers everywhere.

And the pumpkins that love them.

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.

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    WOW!!!! pumpkin finding bonanza!!!!!! Thanks for all that hard work you did!!!! Do you have to replace your outdoor real pumpkins because of the heat? Mine rot pretty quickly with the socal heat. I just replace them....

  2. Image for CherylB CherylB

    Girl you are something else!? 3 shopping carts of pumpkins LOL Did you buy any food?! 😂 Front steps are amazing as you are ! Can’t wait til October... the best month of the year Heating up again here in central KY 😭

  3. Image for Sharon Smith Sharon Smith

    Great. Now you have turned me into a pumpkin person! I see a trip to Target today. Your ideas are always amazing and your finds are fantastic. I have resisted pumpkin decorating for years and now here I am, All thanks to you! But guess what? I am not complaining. I love that they don't have to be orange and rot away! So thank you, my friend, for showing me the way. As always, I adore your blog!

  4. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    Your steps look magical and so cozy and inviting!! You are for sure a kindred spirit. Lol!! I love all forms of pumpkin, as well. You are inspiring me to dig out my totes.

  5. Image for JC JC

    WOWZA! You are officially the pumpkin queen! Thanks for so much inspiration and information!! Do you have a trick to keeping your outdoor real pumpkins fresh and unspoiled? I've heard of rinsing them in a vinegar wash. It's nice to set them out now through Thanksgiving, but sometimes the sun and heat turns them mush and drab before Thanksgiving!

  6. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I went on a "pumpkin crawl" Monday, ostensibly to buy little pumpkins to tuck into wedding decor for a certain Oct. 19 wedding, but somehow I ended up buying a few in the blue family to match my new decor! ;) Love, Love, LOVE pumpkins, and if I get to Target, I'm going straight to the Pumpkin Aisle!!! Love the houndstooth!

  7. Image for Kristy Woodson Harvey Kristy Woodson Harvey

    Oh my goodness, these are so fabulous. I think the straw ones might be my favorite.... or maybe the gold. I love getting a bunch of minis and spray painting them gold and setting my table with them. It's amazing how long they last! Thanks for the fall inspiration! xoxo Kristy

  8. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    My favorite part about this whole blog post is that I can send the link to my semi-adult children, and show them that I DO NOT, in fact, have more pumpkins than anyone else on the planet; nor do I have entirely (insert eye roll here) too many pumpkins! But, just between you and me, I ordered two of the galvanized ones on clearance from Hobby Lobby, and I see more than just a few minutes of time used to do some more shopping from your links this afternoon!

  9. Image for Cherilyn Anderson Cherilyn Anderson

    KariAnne, You know my jam...I have been collecting faux pumpkins for years...a cute project to be found on pinterest courtesy of SadieSeasongoods is a pumpkin made from autumn hued bandanas...easy to make! I pulled off stems from real pumpkins at the end of the season, dried them and glued to my bandana pumpkins!

  10. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Holy Moly! You are the official faux pumpkin authority! When I got to the pic of the ugly pumpkin, I thought "yep that's why I use faux indoors...a real one can get nasty super quick...oops" No offense ugly pumpkin! I really like all the natural texture ones! I found the sweetest little velvet pumpkins this year at Hobby Lobby, I love love the green and grey and white together. Happy Fall....someday maybe, my kiddos are still swimming here in Missouri!

  11. Image for Kristin M Kristin M

    When I went to my Trader Joe's yesterday and all the pumpkins were out I did a happy dance right in the parking lot then I went inside and thanked the manager (captain) for getting out the pumpkins earlier this year. When I was telling my family about my exciting news at dinner they looked at me like I was crazy...

  12. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I don't do many pumpkins, it's just me and my grandchildren are grown and not many neighborhood children so, no reason to go all out. I decorate a little in front and inside but gave most of it away to someone who has little children so they can enjoy. I do enjoy all the different kinds of pumpkins they have now and think they are wonderful.

  13. Image for Ann C Ann C

    Amazing how many pumpkins there are out there.i have over thirty different ones and you didn’t show any of them! Why do we love them so much? I’m trying to downsize my collections and having trouble with my pumpkins. No jack o lanterns just pumpkins.

  14. Image for Peg Peg

    I officially went all Anne of Green Gables this summer and visited the homestead in Prince Edward Island!! Here's Septembers, Octobers, Anne and YOU!!! xoxo

  15. Image for Kelly Kelly

    I haven't added to my faux pumpkin collection in awhile, because I have a lot of them. And mini pumpkin vase fillers (I love those). I don't get the real stuff until it cools off a little bit, but I'm so ready for mums and pumpkins outside. I think we're in the 90's for another week or so though, so I have to wait. I love fall, it just doesn't last very long in the south.

  16. Image for Kay Kay

    Thank you for the link to Wayfair for the metal pumpkin, I have already placed my order and I may order another one - is one enough? I can hardly wait for them to arrive, I already have a place in mind to display them! Love your blog and check it first thing every morning.

  17. Image for Yvette Yvette

    I absolutely love pumpkins and can never wait til it’s time for Fall to decorate with them!!! 🎃🧡 I love all of these ideas! 🥰 I always do inside first and have to wait til it cools down to put my pumpkins outside. Here’s to Fall!!! 🍁🌻🍂🧡

  18. Image for Tara @ Stilettos and Shiplap Tara @ Stilettos and Shiplap

    Seriously, girl! You have some of the most unique faux pumpkins I've ever laid eyes on! I love each and every one a little more than the one before....clearly my faux pumpkin collection is seriously lacking and needs some additional family members!

  19. Image for Lynn Hancock Lynn Hancock

    I love all the pumpkins ESPECIALLY the toile ones. Unfortunately when I went to the Walmart link these were not the ones listed! 😢

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