Remember this room?

It all started with the perfect white paint.


If you have ever tried to find a white paint before….you understand the impact of that statement.


Can we all agree and pinky promise and nod in understanding and tell future generations…..

….that all white paint is not or ever has been….the same.


When we bought our first house…..the bathroom had beautiful blue tile.  And let’s be clear…..I use the word beautiful in retrospect.  I look back now on that tile in the way that someone does who no longer lives at the house with the challenge of brilliant blue tile.

But at the time?


It was BLUE.

Capital letter blue.


And that brilliant blue tile needed to be surrounded by the calm serenity of white paint.

I went to a home improvement store and asked for some white paint and came home and painted the bathroom.


Except it wasn’t really white.  Somehow the blue managed to edge its way in and take over and make the white look pink.


And not the look anyone should strive for.

I didn’t understand?

Wasn’t white paint…..always just white?


And the answer (just in case you needed it for party conversation) is…..


All white paints are not the same.

And that’s why the white for this room was so important.

It needed a warm white with the tiniest bit of yellow to warm up the space and make it feel welcoming.

If the white was too white….the room would feel sterile.

If the white was too gray…..the room would feel dingy.

So beach bedroom… SW 6385 Dover White.

Sherwin-Williams Store

SW 6385 Dover White and a few of it’s friends can be found at your local Sherwin-Williams store.

And the best part?  If you have paint questions like me….you can always ask.

Because they know the answers.

Like helping me find the perfect white paint for my beach bedroom makeover and knowing the best color for a room and how to choose the paint that works for your space.

So next time you have a paint question….your local Sherwin-Williams store has the answers.

Even for a room…..

….full of capital blue tile. 🙂

*****Please note that this giveaway is now closed.*****

Win a $200 Sherwin-Williams Gift Card Giveaway

Have a room that needs a makeover?  Sherwin-Williams is offering a $200 gift card to one of you!

Simply leave a comment below telling me which room in your house you would make over.

That’s it!

Giveaway ends Sunday, August 17 at 11:59pm.

Winner will be announced Monday, August 18.

Open to all US residents 18 and older.

Void where prohibited.


disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams, but all opinions are completely my own.

Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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    1. Image for Brittany Walker Brittany Walker

      Our bathroom needs a desperate makeover! I've learned that one can of paint can make a HUGE difference in the look and feel of a room. Whether or not I win the giftcard, my husband and I plan on redecorating this room in the fall! :)

    2. Image for margaret margaret

      I'm turning over a 400sq. ft former garage into my senior cottage. We are just installing sheetrock --All it's needs is a pretty white to make my new home sparkle.

    3. Image for Erica Ziak Erica Ziak

      Our bedroom needs painted so bad! It has this weird grey wood grain paneling with brown doors and trim in the corners in the room but no baseboards! And a drop ceiling to boot!

  1. Image for Pat Pat

    My kitchen! It is currently painted a flat yellow! Huge mistake with 5 kids and animals! I have tons of natural light so it seemed much more white but there are times of the day when it changes to a very offensive yellow....usually when we are sitting down to eat in the attached open eating area. Yuck!

  2. Image for Beth Keck Beth Keck

    There's a three wall underwater mural in my son's room. My son who says he's now afraid of fish. Three walls. Sigh.

  3. Image for Denise Fogleman Denise Fogleman

    My master bedroom is in severe need of a makeover! It seems to be the dumping ground for everything :(

  4. Image for Shirley@housepitalitydesigns Shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    You always start my day off on a happy note (other than my GM kiss from hubby) with your great stories. I have learned not to sip coffee while reading as I learned my lesson one time by spewing coffee all over my key board as I laughed out loud....Love the beach house room makeover....Can I say that that my media/family room needs a Sherwin Williams makeover? YES! is painted SW Macadamia and has been that way for over 9 years...time for a change ya think?....

  5. Image for Mary Mary

    My living room! We had it painted when we moved in and it was supposed to be this warm green, only it wasn't. It turned out to be kind of mint green and really needs to be changed!

  6. Image for Teresa Teresa

    I am getting ready to paint the exterior of my home (the same SW colors as before because I love them so much). By the way, the trim color is SW Dover White and I have loved it as the trim for my home. The gift card would sure help toward all those gallons of paint!

  7. Image for Janelle hendrickson Janelle hendrickson

    Our backporch would look great with some fresh paint. Love SW. Always a great experience when i go.

  8. Image for Jeannie Scott Jeannie Scott

    My bedroom is in the process of a major major makeover!!!! I am pulling up the old ugly carpet and replacing with hardwood flooring and will want to paint with one of the beautiful Sherwin Williams paint colors!!!!

  9. Image for Lisa Lisa

    We have one room left in our house that hasn't been touched. It's a dingy yellowy ivory with hideous dusty rose carpet that has seen better days. That room needs a sledgehammer and some paint as does the bathroom right next to it. But that bathroom is covered in white plastic tile sheeting. Floor to ceiling. It's awful. So actually, I have two rooms that need a sledgehammer but I'd settle for some paint for the last bedroom!

  10. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    I would have to say my attic work space which has been stuck in "builder's white" for years now. At first I was going to paint it tan or taupe (to match most of the rest of the house) but now I'm going to paint it a bolder, more vibrant color (to better reflect and inspire my creativity). I still can't quite settle on the color though. Your beach bedroom makeover is lovely. Enjoy your day.

  11. Image for Rita B... Rita B...

    Good morning! One small house, one husband, one grandchild, one room that houses the living and dinning gift card, one happy woman!!! Thank you for the possibility...

  12. Image for Nicole Nicole

    I think every room in our house could use some paint. :-) We just bought a new home and the "builder beige" in every room needs to be changed. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  13. Image for Janet Hooper Janet Hooper

    The blue bedroom in my guest house. Redecorating for Texas hill country farmhouse decor. Can't wait to choose wall color.

  14. Image for Shannon Shannon

    Moved into a new house. Used the wrong color of "tan" throughout. It's too dark. Should have went to Sherwin Williams for color advice.

  15. Image for Linda Schombert Linda Schombert

    OH, our 20X22 ft family room PLEASE! Currently covered by 30 year old wallpaper, which was very "au courant" back then, but now....sad!

  16. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    You are right about white paint. We went through different ceiling paint because every time we painted it looked dingy or too cold. Right now our family room is in dire need of paint -- I need to get a picture of it but I'm afraid everyone would shudder in horror-- it's dark and the two colors look like well I can't describe it. I'll take pictures but it is not me -- truly. My hubby picked out the colors and I can't believe I actually abetted him in putting it up on the walls. It is truly criminal. :-( BTW I just want you to know since I pinned your wooden wall at the beach house I've had so many pins pinning back to you. It is a very popular Pinterest picture.

  17. Image for Karen (Flimsypi) Karen (Flimsypi)

    I am working on a total living room makeover with my husband. We even intend to paint the floor! I love Sherwin Williams Harmony line because of the low VOC since I'm a bad asthmatic. It Rocks!

  18. Image for Paula Paula

    LOL - I'm currently updating my kitchen and then (when I have two weeks to recover from the dust, no counters, no water, did I mention dust?) - my master bath reno starts. The SW gift certificate would sure come in handy! And I am no stranger to Dover White - that is the trim color throughout my house ;0 A wonderful warm white!

  19. Image for barbra boland barbra boland

    my bedroom is a not so beautiful green.... and oh i would go back to a beautiful white or blue/grey or so many other colors, if we only had the moola to do so. also sherwin williams is my fav paint!!

  20. Image for Kimberly Rable Kimberly Rable

    My laundry room needs HELP!?!?! I thought I had the right color and, that was 4 colors ago. One corner of the room has been painted 4 times. Unfortunately, it's the part of the room that you see right when you walk through the door! Ugh! KariAnne...can I get you to come with the gift card?

  21. Image for cheapdiva cheapdiva

    Dark interior hall with NO natural light currently several flat shades of white (previous occupants "touch ups"). Needs something bright and welcoming.

  22. Image for Rosemary Rosemary

    Thank you for this opportunity. My blah-yellow master bedroom, located on the southeast corner of the house, could use a beachy theme to cheer it back to life! Love your inspiring rooms and posts.

  23. Image for Beth Shutt Beth Shutt

    My guest room is in desperate need of a makeover. It's rather long and narrow and is also room for a huge desk and file cabinet plus the bed. It's so boring, no art on the walls, etc.

  24. Image for Pam Pam

    My neutral biege kitchen walls, which everyone thinks are some weird shade of green in certain light, need to be brightened up. I am also looking for the perfect white!

  25. Image for Holly McCall {McCall Manor} Holly McCall {McCall Manor}

    My master bedroom! I have been wanting to bring in a little more simplicity in our home. I think 7 years ago when we moved in I must have thought that we were grown up or something. I have a flocked damask upholstered headboard (that I made, ahem) and light aqua walls. I don't like aqua. I have nightmares about that color. What on on this earth made me paint our walls that color? Ugh. So, please Sherwin Williams, shine your face down upon that horrid aqua bedroom in Florida. I'd love a room with white walls so that I can bring in linen instead of damask and go back to not being a 98 year old lady. Much love.

  26. Image for Kathy Kathy

    My husband's stark builder's beige-y white bathroom which he thinks is "just fine". My gag reflex is on high alert whenever I pass by it. Shudder.

  27. Image for Patty Patty

    I have three bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor that are being re-sheetrocked. This would help tremendously. Thank you.

  28. Image for Veronica Veronica

    My daughters room. It was a beautiful sunny yellow on one wall in our old house. We have yet to do any real decorating at our new home and I always feel sad that she no longer has that lovely yellow wall.

  29. Image for Paige Paige

    My be a tough choice - either my guest bathroom which I redid ten years ago needs new life or my dining room that needs to better match the rest of the downstairs. Currently, it is a University of Texas orange and since we aren't Longhorns it is time for a change.

  30. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    I let my husband choose the paint for our bedroom. Unfortunately, he went with tennis ball green. He played tennis in college. What can I say? It is awful! I would use that gift card to buy primer and paint. I love white paint!!

  31. Image for Susan M. Susan M.

    I just love this room - makes me want to go find a cottage on a lake! Surprises the heck out of me because I've not ever been a fan of white walls or for that matter, blue. But this? This room I love so danged much that it makes me want to buy white paint and re-do a bedroom! Awesome giveaway, BTW - thanks so much for the opportunity! My fingers are crossed!

  32. Image for Shelley @ Calypso in the Country Shelley @ Calypso in the Country

    My boys' bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover. The walls are yellow and there is a bright fish shower curtain. My kids are 8 and 10 now and we "decorated" even before the younger one was born. At the time, I wanted something that would work both girls and boys...hence the yellow walls. I attempted (and failed) to make the room look Caribbean inspired but it ended up being more nightmare-inspired and has stayed that way ever since! So, yes - paint for the boys bathroom would be wonderful! Thanks the giveaway chance! -Shelley

  33. Image for Mo Mo

    It is definitely the kitchen!!! We have been planning the attack for about a month now so the SW bucks would come in mighty handy :)

  34. Image for JM JM

    Without a doubt, our master bedroom! We've done "something" to every room in our house but our master bedroom has always seemed to be the place where things were stashed and the decorating never got done. We've been in our home for 10 years and have slowly tried to make improvements but, sadly, our bedroom has always been passed over. Winning a gift card from Sherwin Williams would be a dream come true! Thank you so much Karianne for sponsoring this giveaway! Love, love, love your blog!

  35. Image for Jill Jill

    My master bathroom desperately needs a makeover. The wavy design of the wallpaper has got to go! Thanks as always for your inspiration!

  36. Image for Hilary F Hilary F

    I'd love to make over my husband's basement man cave. It is currently boring white. It is dying for color and warmth. All of the trim is unpainted wood. I'd love to do a dark trim and bright walls!

  37. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    Can I call "all rooms" a room? :) No? Then it would have to be the dining room it drives me crazy but until I find that elusive perfect paint color it stays blah.

  38. Image for Lisa Howard Lisa Howard

    Guest doubt. Unless you consider the loft. Or my office. Or the kitchen. Well...the sun room could stand to be livened up as well. Decisions. Decisions...... It was great sitting in on your session at Becoming. You are as much fun in person as I would have imagined! Plus you offered some cool tips! Have a great week!

  39. Image for Lucy Lucy

    My laundry room needs a facelift. Its dark blue and I want to make it light and bright so my least favorite chore will at least be in a pretty room!

  40. Image for Laura Laura

    I need to paint the master bedroom. NEED. to redo. Really. Please! Love your blog! I have a File Folder with your name on it to save issues.


    I have a spare bedroom/ craft room/ office that needs to be completely done. Paint, furniture the whole works.

  42. Image for michelle michelle

    Oh the kitchen. And it would be great in Dover White! I know as I have used Dover White for trim throughout our house!

  43. Image for Gail Gail

    I would love to surprise my son who is serving in the Army with a makeover in his bedroom! It's been over 10 years since it was last painted with SW paint and needs to be refreshed! I've been thinking about your post on the SW grays and the one that you suggested would look good with navy and white. To win would be so awesome!

  44. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    All the rooms in our house have Sherwin Williams paint..............EXCEPT for our family room. I would love to make it a perfect home by winning some Sherwin Williams paint and painting out family room :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. Image for Susan Susan

    This summer, I have been working so very hard to purge and organize, before the school year begins. In fact, I am going to school today to clean and organize...wait, what? My bedroom is slowly getting cleaned out and I am looking forward to redoing it and making it a peaceful retreat, thinking something in a very light, Swedish blue for the walls. If I won, it would be a most excellent reward for a very boring (but productive) summer. Thanks, I've got my fingers crossed!

  46. Image for Nina Owens Nina Owens

    My home office is in desperate need of a make-over. The gray faux stone wall that I painted 15 years ago is depressing now that I spend so much time in the room due to telecommuting.

  47. Image for Vicki Obenhaus Vicki Obenhaus

    I would definitely use that paint to turn the downstairs room that is now just a big storage room into a proper family room/guest room. That paint would help a lot! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Image for Lisa O'Shaughnessy Lisa O'Shaughnessy

    Dear KariAnne, Last October, my husband and I became guardians of our wonderful seven yr. old grandson named Cameron. Sadly, his parents are not capable at this time. (but, that's another story) This makeover would make him feel so much more "At Home". Currently, he has his own room but it was my "catch all" room. ( Until now, we were empty nesters :) The room is white with blue carpet. In essense nothing screams seven yr old boy's room except the adorable artwork he has created. And the photos of him and his Daddy taped to the wall and one photo of him and his Mommy. I would love the opportunity to make this room his very own design. Thank You and Sherwin Williams for the opportunity. :) Lisa O.

  49. Image for Nancy K Nancy K

    Yikes...I thought I was the only one who painted (and repainted!) a wall white that turned out looking "pinkish"! My youngest child just "left the nest" (sigh...the good/bad problem); I would paint his bedroom and yes, make it my sewing room.

  50. Image for Kristen Kristen

    My entire upstairs is a lovely shade of drywall, but the room I am choosing first is my 2-year old's bedroom. White will provide a fresh palette for whatever his passion might be week-to-week.

  51. Image for Babette Babette

    My master bathroom needs a makeover desperately! But I also need to perk up my office and hallway!! Would be lovely to win! Thanks!

  52. Image for Lee Lee

    My craft room is in desperate need of a makeover. I can't decide on what color I should paint it to make it seem bright and cheerful!!! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas :)

  53. Image for Karen Karen

    I would love to reprint my living room. It is a yellow but a muddy yellow. Not what I was going for! I haven't tried SW paint & would love to give it a try. The SW store is very near my house so it would be great to get to know the people working there. Thanks for the opportunity!

  54. Image for Jennifer Pullen Jennifer Pullen

    Hello! My dining room (which also works as my office, foyer, and toy train depot!) desperately needs a fresh coat of paint. It's the first room you see and it's looking rather dull these days! Thank you.

  55. Image for Stacey Stacey

    Our home has an open floor plan so it would be hard to just choose one room to redo. We still have the original painter's color so I would redo the living room, kitchen, dining room area. Although my daughters (13 and 10) have also requested to repaint their rooms. We would have to have a paint fest!

  56. Image for Amy Amy

    My 13 yo daughter Julia is dying to make over her bedroom into a 'teen' room. She has it all picked out...just need the funds to get it done!

  57. Image for Gwyneth Miller Gwyneth Miller

    I need to re-do my daughter's bedroom. There's a huge crack in the plaster on one wall that's to be taken care of...then freshen it up with Sherwin Williams paint.

  58. Image for SammaMichelle SammaMichelle

    Pick a room any room!!!! We just moved in at the end of April and there was no time to paint before moving in so this "farmhouse chic" girl is living in a BORING beat up white walled modernish mishmash. :-(

  59. Image for Deb Deb

    Hands down, our family room. It is boring and has been the same for so long it pains me. There are many things I want to do to this room, but some of them are structural, and I don't have the resources for that right now. Keeping my fingers crossed somewhere down the road I can make the other changes, but right now, the small ones like painting will be my bit of sunshine! Thanks for the chance

  60. Image for Kim Derringer Kim Derringer

    Love the Beach Bedroom!! Would love to win this makeover to paint my kitchen island SW Show Stopper and my cabinets in SW Pro Classic Extra White!!! Thanks and Blessings.....

  61. Image for Yvonne @ StoneGable Yvonne @ StoneGable

    Hi KariAnne! LOVE this happy bedroom! You sure can decorate... and paint!!! My very next project is my guest suite. It's a wonderful room with angled walls and a big window and a great cozy feel! xo

  62. Image for Cindy Trobaugh Cindy Trobaugh

    My Guest Room/Craft Room...Ugh Ugly! I need a place of Happy Inspiration not the drab and dull that's going n in there now. Thanks for the chance to win and Your room is Stunning,So much Happiness there.

  63. Image for Marcia Robinson Marcia Robinson

    Our teenage son's bathroom needs a serious makeover. It has a not so beautiful toilet and sink! :) Love your blog!

  64. Image for Raina DelRio Raina DelRio

    I would makeover our kitchen. I haven't liked it since we painted it, but I didn't have the heart to tell my husband.

  65. Image for Megan DeMaria Megan DeMaria

    Wow! Love, love, love Thistlewood everything! Building a new home in Sunset Beach, NC. So....getting many ideas for various rooms, interior and exterior paint, especially your coastal posts. The builder, Cruse Construction, only uses Sherwin-Williams! The room I'm focused on for this particular website giveaway, would have to be my Carolina Room. It will have large windows on three sides, so the color will have to be just right on that fourth wall! Will keep reading your posts for ideas as we start construction Nov. 1st!!

  66. Image for Tammy King Tammy King

    I love this room! Thanks for sharing! I would redo my living room and kitchen first but the whole house needs it!

  67. Image for Tammy Tammy

    Definitely my bathroom....right now it is just drywall, and has been for almost a year now, because I was waffeling on the color, and lately I just haven't had the time to get to it. This gift card couldn't come at a better time!! Love your blog!!

  68. Image for Mira Mira

    My dining room definitely needs a makeover. When we painted it RED when we moved in 7 years ago I loved it but now I feel like I'm trapped as it really limits my decorating! In addition I didn't pay much attention to the fact that my bright red room is right beside my John Deere green kitchen so it's Christmas all year 'round at my house! :) P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your presentation and meeting you at the Becoming Conference! I was the crazy girl who came up to meet you after your first session. I was with my Mom's best friend, who was just introduced to the blog world with yours!

  69. Image for julia julia

    We bought an historic home with THIRTY rooms that need to be repainted!!! The previous owners LOVED,LOVED,LOVED southwestern and actually painted the attic turret like a tee pee! That's what we're painting first (our three year old grandson says the scary animals on the walls make him worry about werewolves). I was at Sherwin Williams just yesterday and I was so overwhelmed by all of the great choices that the incredibly helpful and wonderful salesperson handed me a paint deck and said I could take it home and take my time deciding. I offered to buy it, and he said..."That's okay. We trust you." How rare is that these days? I felt like I was in Mayberry.

  70. Image for Robin W. Robin W.

    How freaky that you are posting this about paint right now!!! I just found a color for my kitchen - Halo by Benjamin Moore!!! It will look divine!!!

  71. Image for Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree

    I remember this room and remember commenting on your beautiful bedroom makeover. I have a lovely condominium in Florida, but we have down-sized up North and need to up-size in Florida so we have room for the whole family to gather together. This means the condo needs an update, before we can put it on the market. It is a lovely deep olive green, very rich, but too dark for putting a home on the market. We will be painting ANY and EVERY room in the old place!

  72. Image for Amy w Amy w

    It is time to paint many rooms but the master bedroom is screaming to have ugly wallpaper removed and new paint!

  73. Image for Kathy H Kathy H

    Just discovered your blog! I'm soo enjoying all of your posts. I would definitely redo my master bedroom. It is in need of some serious help. Have never been to Sherwin Williams, but would love to have them assist me!!

  74. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    I love your sense of humor! And your style. I would love to paint our family room, it's currently 'builder beige'. Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Image for Peggy Cox Peggy Cox

    It's true. Not all whites are created equal. Wait--did I just make a racist statement?? Anyway, I need to redo our master bedroom. It's stuck in the 80's and Definitely needs an update. Too much furniture--too blah, too disjointed. Needs help!

  76. Image for Angela Angela

    I would love to repaint our gameroom. It is the worst green/brown paint color. I have hated it ever since we moved in! It needs some love and I know SW will do that. I think their paint is excellent quality.

  77. Image for Kathy Kathy

    My bedroom walls are crying out to be painted with Sherwin Williams Palladian Blue. Such a beautiful color. I have had the paint chip taped to my wall for a year now and it would be fantastic to win and finally paint this room.

  78. Image for Julia G. Julia G.

    When we moving into our current home there was this green and gold sponge painted wall and yep we painted it white (after 3 coats of primer!) But now our master bedroom could really do with a makeover.

  79. Image for Laurie Laurie

    Embarrassing but true but we have never painted our master bedroom in the 20 years we have lived here. Always the last room on the list and of course still is . This room could really use a makeover!

  80. Image for Jeri Lynne Jeri Lynne

    Lower Level guest room. Just like your white...not all beiges are created equal, my room turned out fleshy!

  81. Image for Pam Smith Pam Smith

    Well, most of my rooms need a fresh coat of paint, but I would start with my daughters room. She just moved out :( to attend college:), and the pepto bismo pink has to go!!

  82. Image for Becky Becky

    We have just moved to a house we love but the master bath is in need of a makeover. Time to get rid of the dark burgandy and gold!

  83. Image for Susan Susan

    It would definitely be our guest bedroom. The last owner had a muralist paint a lovely sky with clouds and birds, great for kids, but not appreciated by our adult guests. Yup, that's the one, the guest bedroom.

  84. Image for Missy Mikell Missy Mikell

    About to go to SW to pick paint for my living room! Would love to win :) Beautiful job on the beach bedroom!

  85. Image for Sharyn Hampton Sharyn Hampton

    Love the look of your bedroom! You achieved the clean look that I had wanted for our guest bedroom, when we painted it a BM white. I have a white Rachel Ashwell comforter set and white curtains in that room. I like to change up the pillows and decor in the room to add pops of color. The guest bedroom had previously been painted a french blue. I thought I had bought a warm white (which I wanted), however, after 2 coats of the BM paint, the white walls and ceiling still have a blue tone to them! Thanks so much, though, for your inspiration. Love to visit your post each morning!

  86. Image for chris chris

    Our family room is in dire need of a make over! I would use elements of your beach bedroom to create a beach family room. I absolutely love your beach bedroom. Thank you

  87. Image for Wendy@Poohpoohpillows Wendy@Poohpoohpillows

    We are moving into our dream house on Monday and the first room to get made over will be our master bedroom. I have the color palette in place, just need the moola to buy everything. Perfectly timed giveaway!

  88. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Wellllllll....most of our rooms need to be painted, but the room that needs it the most is our kitchen. It's red! It was pretty, but now I need something light and bright. Not only do I need to paint the walls, but the cabinets need a refresh as they are the pretty 80's oak....sturdy, but need a face lift!

  89. Image for Guysreadu2 Guysreadu2

    Just got a Florida condo so I'd start with the entry since it's the first room guests will see. Should set a nice tone for rooms to come.

  90. Image for Karol Iberg Karol Iberg

    I would help my daughter paint her living room. She would really love to repaint it but buying paint isn't high on her list.

  91. Image for Miss Kitty Miss Kitty

    All my kids have flown the nest! Needing to make over one of the bedrooms into a real guest room...paint would make a big difference...please enter me in the giveaway, thanks!

  92. Image for Debbie Debbie

    It would certainly be my basement that still has unfinished Sheetrock Stripes! No wonder I don't like to go down there and exercise ....

  93. Image for Michelle Michelle

    My daughter just moved into her first home, and as we were surveying the living room, I happened to pick at what I thought was something on the wall. It was a piece of paint, that ended up peeling off in huge sheets! Needless to say, I owe her a make-over...done correctly! (In the exact right shade of white, of course :) )

  94. Image for Judy Judy

    Since we're renting, can't go full out paint crazy on the walls, but I have lots of furniture that could use some SW paint love.

  95. Image for Patty Patty

    In the process of buying a home and the kitchen needs a color that will make the cabinets pop. The previous owner did a complete renovation in the kitchen but the color selection on the walls does not compliment the gorgeous cabinets and I want to paint with a color that will enhance them.

  96. Image for Jenny Tomson Jenny Tomson

    We were going to start our kitchen makeover when the kids went back to school. My hubs hurt is back and is actually in surgery this very moment! So kitchen makeover maybe in the fall?

  97. Image for PattiJ PattiJ

    Hmm, which room doesn't need help. It's a toss between the master bedroom and the Living Room. Probably the Living is the first one guests see and I would love to wow them!

  98. Image for Lea Lea

    We have moved in to care for the in-laws....50 years without new paint. Can I say every room needs a makeover? But especially the living area where we just removed cheap; dark paneling!

  99. Image for Raquel Raquel

    Our bedroom. We've lived in this house 4 years and we've not painted or done anything with it. And that's just not right!

  100. Image for Beth Beth

    Well, I'm fixing to go buy some paint this very morning. Our den has been needing a makeover for 6+ years in my mind. In my families' mind it's, why are we painting? It looks fine. It's not chipping. So the den is a mess and all prepped and ready for some lovely new light turquoise paint--Soft Jazz is the name. But I could definitely use this gift card for our bedroom and dining room.

  101. Image for Sue V. Sue V.

    Our master bedroom needs a makeover. The wallpaper needs to go and we're planning on painting the room SW Silverplate. Thanks!

  102. Image for Sharon Sharon

    My bedroom, unfortunately it has been the same paint color sice moving into our home, 15 yrs ago, phew! I am so ready Sherman :-)

  103. Image for ann ann

    Oh my goodness, my living room needs a make-over badly. My husband and I have spent the past 16 months renovating our 108 year old Victorian farmhouse. We were able to get the majority of the house move in ready but ran out of money before finishing the formal living room. I'd love to be able to give the ole' girl the updated facelift she so deserves and needs!!

  104. Image for Nicole Nicole

    We are going to be painting our Master Bedroom this fall! ---"Oh! By the way Honey, we're going to be painting our Master Bedroom this fall!"

  105. Image for Ashley C Ashley C

    My whole house :) We're currently house hunting so we will have a lot of painting to do in the near future demureprincess7(at)gmail(dot)com

  106. Image for Sharon Taylor Sharon Taylor

    I have a turn of the 20th century (cir. 1903) home I am trying to bring into the 21st century while keeping its southern charm. It is the kitchen's turn. It has wood panelled walls that need to come down & sheetrock that needs to be replaced & needs serious paint to make it bright & fresh. This is a room we spend a lot of time in. Would love the help with some really good paint. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  107. Image for Mary Ellen Butterworth Mary Ellen Butterworth

    I am soooo excited about the give away. There are so many rooms I would like to change, it is hard to pick. I would love to redo my master bedroom.

  108. Image for Sean C Sean C

    My master bedroom needs a makeover. The first step would be to buy paint and winning this would be of great help!

  109. Image for Michele Michele

    My kitchen needs a makeover badly! Just painted the walls a lovely gray, now need to paint the cabinets and trim a lovely white. Everything in the house has the early 90's golden oak.

  110. Image for Cheryl B Cheryl B

    My living room needs this white badly! It's still green from the previous owners and doesn't do any favors to my late grandpa's cherished cupboard that's the statement piece in the room.

  111. Image for Karen Karen

    Oh, it would definitely be by bedroom.....somehow that lovely lavender with ultra deep brown below the chair rail, after 14 years just looks depressing and the lavender is now dingy. It was lovely in it's day (ahem) but alas I am slowly redoing my house myself after all my older children have moved out with all of their children and pets...Finally I get to have my Scandinavian much to do, but my bedroom has always come last. Every time I redo a room, someone moves home and my house seems to suffer. I now have to go through all the rooms and do something about the wonderful popcorn ceiling which is an awful shade of bleh! Way too much dust and mess to be able to remove it all but I think with some good Kilz (oil based not the water based) and a nice paint I can then at leat brighten up the rooms. Any help woud be appreciated! Love your blog! By the way I brought your blueberry and pineapple cake to a party and it was a HUGE hit! Thanks for the fantastic recipe!

  112. Image for Becca Becca

    Our house has been void of color, every room is cream, since it was purchased 4 years ago. I need color in my life! Anywhere! I would start with the master bedroom.... Thanks for chance to win.

  113. Image for Kathy Kathy

    My back porch! I want to paint my doors (there are 3 of them that open to the back porch) Sherwin Williams Black Fox. I also want a pale blue for the ceiling.

  114. Image for Paula Romer Paula Romer

    Hi Karianne...Thanks for the awesome giveaway! We LOVE Sherwin Williams! Actually, we are moving into a new home this fall and every room needs to be painted, ack! It will be a major job...but we want to personalize our walls the way we like them. It would be a huge blessing to win this giveaway. Thanks!

  115. Image for Stacy Simpson Stacy Simpson

    My makeover would be my boys bathroom! Since I moved into my house 8 years ago, I've wanted to give it a makeover!

  116. Image for revi revi

    I'm getting ready to redo my front bedroom, which will be MY bedroom...this would be a huge blessing! LOVE your Dover white...warm but not yellow. Neutral but not gray. Perfect for your amazing room. :)

  117. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    where the heck do I start?? My husband and I are living with/taking care of my 103 year old Mom. the house hasn't been painted in over 25 years. a fresh coat of paint would do wonders to lift my spirits, mentally it is a very hard task and we don't have extra money to buy paint:( I love your blog you are my favorite!! our house is very dark and dark's like living in a cave....then I look at your bright light airy house and I want that!!!! thanks for the entertainment and knowledge!!! love, Linda

  118. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    Every room - seriously! I am in the process of moving back into my childhood home, my father's childhood home! so it is at least 150 years old, has been empty for 12 years after Mom passed, pipes burst and flooded the empty house, so much moisture in the house before they found the burst pipe that the wall paper was literally falling off the ceiling! I think I would start in the family room where I spend most of my relaxing time, it is small and I think I could manage by myself. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  119. Image for Suzi Matteson Suzi Matteson

    Putting a house on the market and the entire place needs a fresh coat of paint. This gift card would be a great help in getting the process started.

  120. Image for BamaCarol BamaCarol

    Our large basement room desperately needs new paint. Actually, all the rooms in the basement do but this would be a great start to that!

  121. Image for Glo. Glo.

    I would like to redo my Boys / Guest Bathroom in a pretty neutral color. The caca white over wallpaper is just not working! ;) Thanks for the chance of getting through that To Do List!

  122. Image for Bekah Bekah

    We plan to build a home and that means...A WHOLE HOUSE OF A BLANK CANVAS FOR THIS GIRL! (Perhaps I appeared overly excited about the chance to start from scratch. EVERYWHERE.)

  123. Image for Penny Penny

    My kitchen cabinets are in desperate need of a makeover! I have read great reviews on Sherwin Williams paint for trim and cabinets, and can't wait to give it a try.

  124. Image for Patricia Hall Patricia Hall

    My bathroom needs the perfect light blue. Not insipid blue, not baby blue, not an intense determined blue, but just the right blue set off by a crisp linen white. Oh, and it should make me extremely happy every time I walk in.

  125. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    My sweet daughter would like her bedroom re-done. I would start with painting her "orange is not the new black" woodwork....(her woodwork has not been painted "orange"....our house was built in the 80s and all the maple is now "orange")....not pretty. Then I'd let her make her own color choices !

  126. Image for Tina Stephens Tina Stephens

    Wow! Sounds like everyone needs makeover! I am just finishing up makeover of entire house after 21 years of builder beige. Everything done but the trim. I've put it off because it was all painted in oil. I have been contemplating Dover White. I would love to finally complete this project. Thanks for the suggestion!

  127. Image for Linda Master-Parker Linda Master-Parker

    We are building a home in the North Georgia Mountains, in the middle of a shady grove of trees. I would like to paint the great room green. BUT when I pick out green, I always seem to end up with Army green. Not the green that invokes calm, serenity and peacefulness. HELP! I'm awful at picking out colors.

  128. Image for Peggy Peggy

    Oh my I LOVE Sherwin Williams paints!! Ok I have to be honest here... we have lived in this house for 4 1/2 years now and have never, I repeat never finished our bedroom or master bath. Yes, I hang my head in shame and admit it here for the world to know. We did recently paint our bedroom, but the bathroom well it is still the same Harley Davidson orange it was when we when moved in. (and it has no window... can you say dark, my friend?!) So it would be our bathroom that would benefit! (have you ever tried to put makeup on in a windowless orange bathroom? yep you get the picture! ;-) lets just leave it at I've given up for the moment! haha)

  129. Image for jacqueline jacqueline

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a Sherwin Williams gift card....oh, the possibilities!! I am currently head over heels in love with Peppercorn and hoping to paint our exterior doors before the snow flies. Ugh. But what I dream of the most is giving the gift card to my daughter and helping her renovate her very first house. She is in love with Snowbound, a very white, white to freshen up all the walls and ceilings. We have already ripped out all the carpet and painted the floors with SW porch enamel until she can afford real flooring. What an amazing difference that made! It's been 6 months and that paint wears like a cast iron skillet as my Mama would have said. We LOVE Sherwin Williams paint not only for the incredible quality of the product but the guys there are so helpful. A gift card would buy a lot of paint but also make some wonderful memories with my daughter. Thank you for all the inspiration and the chance to win.

  130. Image for Betty Wranischar Betty Wranischar

    I would love to have my kitchen island and guest bathroom cabinets painted a different color than my kitchen cabinets.

  131. Image for Dana Fulton Dana Fulton

    Your posts always make me smile! My kitchen is next on the list. I haven't updated it since 2001. So it's number is up!! Thank you!

  132. Image for Lady Delores LeBoeuf Lady Delores LeBoeuf

    Furniture......I have about 3 big projects that desperately need paint jobs and this would be the absolute thrill to finally have the luxury to choosing some fun colors, thank you.

  133. Image for Susan Susan

    My den, for sure. It's currently painted a shade of blue that would look fantastic in Miami. Not so good in Connecticut. I think the color I would use is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

  134. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    I have a few rooms that need paint and some making over. But, I think the one that needs it most would be our living room/entry/stairway/loft area. It has 20 foot ceilings and we've been putting it off because of that. I think it's time to get some quotes and have it done. It would be so amazing to see some color in there instead of plain, white walls. And, we have a new Sherwin Williams store just down the road. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the give-away. :-)

  135. Image for Shelley Otto Shelley Otto

    Long time ago, in a far away land I married my "Officier and Gentleman". Life was exciting! The Navy sends you to some very exotic places. At one point we lived in 13 homes in 16 years. Decorating a house really wasn't that difficult (or so I thought). Base housing was usually painted a beautiful glow-in-the-dark shade of white and was always far too small. Every. Single. Home. I'd unpack some of the boxes. Hang a few things up in our daughters' room and BAM my decorating was done until the next set of movers showed up to pack up again. Fast forward 23 years, my husband retired, we built our "Forever" home and lived happily ever after....not. What have come to realize after being in our 'forever home' for a few years is that 1. We never lived in a house long enough to really think of it as 'our's' 2. They were always houses never homes 3. We never lived in a house long enough to find our 'style'. Guess what?!! We have found our style and need to do some serious updating.

  136. Image for Kris Kris

    I just did some change ups in my dining room and would love to put a new color on the walls. Plus I really would love to do my ceilings before fall throughout my house. Thanks for the chance. Kris

  137. Image for Charity Charity

    Hmmm....well I really would like paint for our shed that is outside the house! ;) but if it has to be inside the house I suppose I would pick the guest room. I would like to do coral and robin's egg blue with gray walls in that room!

  138. Image for Karie Gallegos Karie Gallegos

    I would be thrilled to make over my kitchen!!! I bought my very first house 5 years ago...When we moved in things looked awesome! However little by little we are finding out that the former owner put a lot of band aides on things and the paint job was one of them...As the paint cured you could tell that only one coat had been done and it is driving me crazy! We spend most of our time in the kitchen - we love to cook, play with the grand-kids and watch tv in this room....The more time I spend in the there the crazier it makes me!! I would LOVE to be able to put some fresh paint on my kitchen walls so that we can continue to enjoy this room for years to come!

  139. Image for Betty Betty

    The room looks wonderful! I have read many of the comments and I think someone else much more deserving than me should win this contest. I just want to say that I love Sherwin Williams, I have always found them to be very helpful and the minute you enter the front door someone always acknowledges your presence ( to me this is one of the most important things a sales person can do ) . Recently I was looking for a paint color for my front door and found this beautiful green tissue wrapping paper. I took the paper to SW and we came up with the color electric lime. Love my front door!. I am in no way connected with Sherwin Williams but truly love their service and their willingness to help. I hope one of your many other very deserving followers wins this contest. Thanks for your wonderful blog. Betty

  140. Image for gina gina

    My living room needs new white paint! Every time I pass Sherwin Williams I feel a little nudge to paint my home because it is needed!

  141. Image for Vicki Crandall Vicki Crandall

    First, thank you for doing this giveaway! Take your pick. Our son is having his wedding at our house in October. Still to many rooms to get done! Breakfast nook, guest bedroom, bathroom, family room or screened porch!

  142. Image for Stacey Stacey

    My basement is way overdo for a new paint job! Dover White is a favorite of mine, my kitchen cabinets are done in this fabulous color!

  143. Image for Judy Judy

    I couldn't agree with you more, KeriAnne. After many failed paint jobs over the years, I "test" the paint in advance. I buy large poster boards (from Michaels) then paint them and move them around the room at different times of the day. That way I get a preview of what the color will look like in varying degrees of light. If the color isn't what I expected I've lost the money I spent on the paint but at least I don't have to re-paint an entire room.

  144. Image for Anne Anne

    My dining room is still RED and I mean candy apple RED. It is so closed in and needs PAINT.....WHITE PAINT!!! Sherwin Williams has such an array of colors and shades that I am sure they can solve this RED problem of mine!!! P.S. ❤ your blog ❤

  145. Image for Tracey G. Tracey G.

    I love the bedroom makeover. Thanks for sharing it with us! I desperately need to paint the bathroom and master bedroom at my house. Thanks for doing the give away!

  146. Image for Missy Missy

    It would definitely be my playroom. We have the oldddddd thick paneling that is hard to cover, so I would love to use a good paint like yours to make the job easier. Thanks for the heads up on the white color! I need a good color for some great light.

  147. Image for Melanie Melanie

    I would redo our master bathroom! I just stripped the wallpaper! Now I have to decide on a paint color... Perhaps Dover White cabinets?

  148. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I love everything about this bedroom-so perfect! I definitely need to re-paint our master bathroom. Apparently, not a room where you can cut corners and use a less-expensive paint-it looks terrible! Thanks for the chance to win!

  149. Image for Polly Polly

    WOW!! This giveaway couldn't of come at a better time! I would paint my family room, its been 10 years and I am so tired of beige. i LOVE the Sherwin Williams store in town, they "kinda" know me, and don't even ask why do I need paint to match a Ball Jelly Jar:) Thanks for the opportunity, take care in Kentucky!

  150. Image for Pat Pat

    My great room needs a paint over. It is long and has french doors that face west. This means in the summer I must close blinds. I need a paint to add more light.

  151. Image for Kathi Kathi

    I love Dover White. It is the color I chose for the moldings in this house and all the cabinetry. It is a perfect white for those things. (And painted furniture, too.) The mistake I made was the blue I chose to paint the ceiling, the guest bedroom and the guest bathroom. The blue is beautiful, don't get me wrong, it is blue, of course. But I waffled on the teal-ish, color so much I just said, okay that one. Now that I am here! Well, Sherwin Williams Spa would have been the better choice. If I won, I would change to that color. I love it, and the teal would go so much better with the rugs. Love the blog, I am a new follower.

  152. Image for Denise Denise

    Although my bedroom needs a new paint job....I would have to go with our foyer which is open to the upstairs. It will be quite an undertaking!

  153. Image for Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle

    Holy Moly . . . it took me forever to get down here, Kari! We just redesigned our big entry way closet and I want to try something REALLY fun(ky) with that. Winter blahs are coming and everyone sees the closet when they hang up their coats.

  154. Image for Barbara Barbara

    I need to repaint my family room, kitchen and the long ceiling they share. Lots of cooking, candles and rough housing has taken a toll. Thank you!

  155. Image for Jackie Logue Jackie Logue

    We just bought a house in October and have to paint EVERY room. I still have a lot to paint. I keep putting off the kids bathroom because not only is it BRIGHT PINK, the previous owners pasted crumpled up tissure paper on the walls to add "texture". It is HORRIBLE. I think a gift card to the paint store would get me finally going on this bathroom (project). My kids would thank you (especially my son, hot pink is not is favorite color)! Thanks!!

  156. Image for Kathleen Grace Kathleen Grace

    We just became empty nesters last weekend when our youngest daughter married the love of her life. I'll miss her, I already do, but I'm thinking that painting her room and making it the new home office will help. Then it won't look like her empty room. It will look like our awesome new home office ;>) Thanks for a great give away.

  157. Image for Elizabeth Gamble Elizabeth Gamble

    We bought a house last July that every room in it needs to be painted - my husband was laid off right after that and we have had to put it off. A gift card would go a long way to making a dent in what needs to be done. I adore the blog-

  158. Image for Stacey Stacey

    My Dining Room! My house is over 200 years old. I have raised my family here for the last 19 years and my dining room has been the same color for 19 years! I have loved every minute of it but it is time, way past time, for a new fresh coat of paint in this room. Never wanted to change the color, a washed french yellow, but I am begining to envision new possibilities. And yes I agree with you, finding the right white is never an easy thing.

  159. Image for Jane Jane

    As I was reading and looking at the beautiful room at your beach house, I knew I was going to ask you if you've ever found the perfect gray. I did my bedroom last fall and the paint looks more blue than gray. Now I am in the middle of doing our office and next, the den. I want to do both rooms in a soft blue! We always use SW (we have a store nearby) so it would be great if you had some recommendations. And yes, the guys there are so helpful! :) Thanks for a great giveaway! Jane xx

  160. Image for Amanda Hartley Amanda Hartley

    Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm a bathroom blue tile It's awful! So, I am saying...RE-DO MY BATHROOM!!!...please.

  161. Image for ChasityC ChasityC

    Hi, your blog!!!, So I'm madly in love with my little home, but if I could change one thing about it, I would love to change my kitchen wall color! The beautiful dark slate countertops and dark cabinets are completely underwhelmed by the dingiest of dingy green walls. I know SW has the answer!!!

  162. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Powder room is in disarray awaiting drywall tomorrow . Sink, vanity, light fixture ready to install, so I need to purchase paint.

  163. Image for carol easterday carol easterday

    my bedroom has not been touched since the house was new in 2005 still has the builders white paint on the walls it is desperately in need of some color and an update

  164. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Thank you for offering the giveaway! I REALLY REALLY want to re-do my home office space. The previous owners had installed a wall of built-ins. Altho they are very functional and yes full - they are dingy beige laminate. I am on a mission to paint them black. Sophisticated black would make me so much more productive in there :-) !!

  165. Image for Ashleigh hall Ashleigh hall

    Oh my gosh!! This post of yours is so timely!! Our living room is the WRONG shade of white. Who knew?? If I won the gift card, the living room would get a coat or three of the RIGHT shade of white!! Thanks Karianne! :)

  166. Image for Monica Estes Monica Estes

    I have a really long hall that currently needs wallpaper stripped and a fresh new color of "paint" applied. Pick me, I could sure use some help!

  167. Image for April Brooks April Brooks

    My bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover. I moved in over 2 years ago and have been focusing on the rooms that are used by guests. The bedroom walls are a sad dingy white blank slate and I've only got a bed and a nightstand! Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your site!

  168. Image for Becky J Becky J

    OY, we need to makeover our old sustained some water damage to the ceiling and our {ahem} sponge painted walls desperately need a soothing solid coat of paint...Farewell 1990's - HELP!! :)

  169. Image for Sheila Moore Sheila Moore

    Oh wow my master bathroom is awful. It's a light blue with wooden trim. I so want to get this redone somehow someway. Been in this house 27 years and have never liked the bathroom . It's so small and outdated. Would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  170. Image for dawn@joyfulscribblings dawn@joyfulscribblings

    I'm slowly working on repainting several rooms in my home. I want to repaint my entire living room and foyer. For years I've had warm and dark colors and I find myself being drawn back to the lighter colors and white. The only problem is once I change one thing it has a domino effect.

  171. Image for Jill Jill

    My family room.... so tired of the yellow... been way to long since that room was painted! Enjoy your blog so much~~

  172. Image for Karen McGuirk Karen McGuirk

    Need to do some updating and paint the living room and makeover the entire room and paint the hall and foyer . Love Sherwin Williams so this would be great.

  173. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Our Master Bedroom is in DESPERATE need of a paint makeover. We have lived in our house for 24 years...every room in the house has been painted at least 3 times since then, EXCEPT the Master Bedroom. Why is that??? Now, don't get me wrong - I have had 4 different bedding ensembles and everything that goes with that, just never wanted to go to the trouble of repainting. My daughter (who is now grown and married and has a new house of her own) had a bedroom that was redone FIVE times before she went off to college!! I guess that's what happens when you're a mom - kids always come first...WELL worth it, I might add! LOVE your blog, by the way and have done MANY things in my home due to your inspiration!

  174. Image for Joan Sommerfield Joan Sommerfield

    My bedroom needs light giving happy help with a new coat of paint. That is where I will start. Then to the ceilings and woodwork in the hall and Living Room with white. Lots of white. Thanks for all the inspiring posts full of you sharing life's bumps, all sorts of useful info and examples to incorporate into our own homes. It is always fun to see when you have shown up in my mailbox.

  175. Image for Judy B Judy B

    My poor bedroom has needed a facelift for about 15 years. I need to take the wallpaper down and revive it with some soothing new walls. Help!

  176. Image for Debbie S. Debbie S.

    My husband and I became empty nesters this year and are in desperate need of a makeover in a guest room that once was my youngest daughters! How fun would it be to pick out a beautiful blue and redo that room. Thank you for the opportunity!! Fondly, Debbie

  177. Image for Jessica Davis Jessica Davis

    Its one room but really three distinct functions - Sun Room, Living Room, Dinning Room. They are the same color that was painted just before we moved in....flat yellow that was painted over blue with no primer. I never thought yellow could be so dismal. Between really must do projects and two babies since moving in painting has been on the back burner. Its a 1930's bungalow with lots and lots of wood. I have been thinking a about white. This post has been so helpful! I had no idea that white was not just white. Going to get a few samples and see what looks good against all the honey wood.

  178. Image for Judith M. Judith M.

    The former owners of our home painted the master bedroom a crayon greenish yellow. It is in desperate need of a soothing paint color makeover.

  179. Image for Teresa Fields Teresa Fields

    My master bedroom, bath and bonus room!! It's been at least 16 years and we still have the same furniture we bought when we married 31 years ago. We've raised 6 children. 3 are married, 1 in college, 1 special needs adult and a 16 year old yet to finish high school. We've done a lot to the house, but this room is way over due. We're in planning stage and hope to start in September!!

  180. Image for Angela Angela

    My sad bedroom has been wearing the same coat of paint for SEVENTEEN years! It's desperately in need of a wardrobe change!

  181. Image for Pat Ackley Pat Ackley

    We have a lovely old home with an ugly old bathroom! I would love to give it a facelift. Thanks for the chance to win!

  182. Image for Karen Plummer Karen Plummer

    My three year old grandson, who lives with me, has decided that the water mark on the ceiling in the living room (from the leaky roof) looks exactly like a camel (actually it does). Now he wants me to paint a picture of a car next to it since I already put a camel on the ceiling! I need to paint my living room, first the ceiling and then the walls! (or else I need to learn how to paint a picture of a car!)

  183. Image for Jalyn Jalyn

    Any room in my house could use a fresh coat of paint at this point but I would love to have my tomato red dining room color changed.

  184. Image for Tammy Tammy

    Living room/dining room as it is one open space...I currently have paint swatches all over the walls. I think I need to look at dover white!!!

  185. Image for Renea Renea

    Guest bedroom in my 1920s bungalow. ...removed 2 layers of wallpaper much of it in tiny pieces. Walls are skimmed and ready for paint!

  186. Image for Linda Marsh Linda Marsh

    I am looking for paint colors for my bathroom. Everything is removed in there waiting for paint. Now I need the perfect color to jump out at me:) who knew finding a paint color was so hard! Thank you for the giveaway:) Blessings Linda

  187. Image for Shannon M. Shannon M.

    Both my bathrooms!!! I just learned not all greens are equal....painted my entire bathroom green and it looks like my grandmothers powder room....SW save me.....

  188. Image for Diane Diane

    Wish I could send a picture.My bedroom hasn't been painted since my daddy painted it and he passed some 15 years ago.I'm desperate!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. Image for Lynnette Lynnette

    Waiting for the last college grad to move out & with her I'm sending the living room loveseat & sofa! It is part of a great room so it has high ceilings & connects to dining, kitchen & hallway. So it is one big project! Last time I ( must emphasis, I) painted 3x3 squares in 3 different beige tones on the largest wall over the basement staircase. Sigh... If I win the paint maybe I can hire a painter! LDM

  190. Image for Sonya B. Sonya B.

    I agree that Dover White is the perfect shade of white. We have used this shade for all the white in our house the last twenty years! I am going to be painting our kids bath in a few weeks...seems like it always needs to be refreshed. Also wanted to say your picture you just posted is so pretty...You have the perfect shade of blonde! Just gorgeous! Really enjoy your blog.

  191. Image for Peg G Peg G

    The gingerbread colored walls in the living room have to go!!!! I would like to have a really good neutral beige - not pinky, or yellow, just a good medium beige. I have black built in bookcases that will stay but with the beige on the back walls. Probably just one shade darker than the walls. I have new carpet and I have two new chairs that are a light rust but not orange with black designs in them and a black round table. All of the rest needs to be replaced and the wallpaper border left over from the 90's can come down!!! It has the potential to be a very pretty room. I just need paint!!!! Thanks

  192. Image for Char Char

    I'd repaint the kitchen and family room area. I'm tired of the golds and greens from 14 years ago and ready for some fresh creams and blues. I'd also like to paint the oak cabinets but that's a whole other can of paint . . .

  193. Image for Linda Linda

    My husband took our room down to the studs,, put up new Sheetrock and taped. My job is to prime and the room is ready for paint. This gift is just what I need. Thanks.

  194. Image for Erin Erin

    KariAnne it is a sad thing to say but, even though I have repainted my daughters bedroom three times and my son twice, the living room three times, I have not repainted my bedroom/bath in GULP 20 years, since we were first married and oh my it so desperately needs it! But it's back to school time so money has to go to shoes and books and oh my gosh, have you priced binders lately. I think we should all go in the binder business, they are so darn expensive!!! So money to remake my bedroom into a no kids sanctuary would be such a blessing!!!!

  195. Image for Corrie Corrie

    Most of them. But next on the list is finishing the guest bedroom. Or starting the master bedroom. I haven't decided.

  196. Image for Nancy Nancy

    First of all, I LOVE Dover white. We have it throughout our house it adds nicely to the cottage feel I wanted in my Cape style home. Now, as far as making over room, I need to work on our bedroom and finish up the crafting room. I also need to vacuum up the raspberry glitter my granddaughter and I spilled on the floor yesterday while making a baby card for her future cousin. "Baby Charlie will love the pink glitter, right Grammy?"

  197. Image for Stephanie Ray Brown Stephanie Ray Brown

    Lone this bedroom makeover and anything you do with a beach theme! We are closed recently on a new home so now have two houses that have rooms that can be painted. One before we move in. The other as we move out and prepare to tearfully sale after over twenty years. Both houses a bathroom could need an update in color and style. Thanks for having this contest! Love giveaways and door prizes.. learned that love from my Granny who was very very lucky! But not as lucky as me for having her in my life. PS I thought of you with Pringles can.. bought lightly salted and only ate a few.. not there yet but trying!

  198. Image for Celeste Celeste

    The previous owners of our home never painted any room. So it was all still builder's dull white when we moved in. In the last three years we've painted the main level in a custom SW blue and SW Killim Beige. But the bedrooms all need a "real" coat of paint. I plan on using the custom blue on the master room ceiling and am still searching for the perfect shade for the walls. Gray, beige, cream? Not, sure, but I love the hunt.

  199. Image for Janice Janice

    We moved into a "downsized" beige house a year and a half ago. I did some decorating in the bedrooms and living area both before and after we moved in, but the kitchen really needs some personalizing and updating.

  200. Image for Beth T Beth T

    I would use SW Mindful gray! My husband and I bought a foreclosure home and I need to paint EVERYWHERE!!!!! Net you at becoming! You had such a great session!

  201. Image for Joy Pinkerton Joy Pinkerton

    My office is a great big disaster! It always has been and really needs help and some love! So much potential but just never comes together. Please help! ;)))

  202. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    I would love to be able to hand that to my husband so he could pick a color for his office. Pretty sure it's never been painted beyond the builder's paint. Nice post, too, on the wiles of white.

  203. Image for Ronda Ronda

    My master bedroom that is still the color the ex-wife painted it. I have lived here 10 years why hasn't it already been done? What is wrong with me?

  204. Image for Karen D Karen D

    I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago. It is the first blog I've ever followed and I would just like to say thank you. I would like cheer up my family room. Smiles to all who posted comments!

  205. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    Our kitchen needs a makeover. Thank you for the recommendation on the white - I've made a note of it! And thanks for the chance to win!

  206. Image for Jen Jen

    My spare bedroom is going to be my workout, change my life room as my treadmill is now relocated there. I would like to paint this room and make it brighter and more inviting. This room has never been painted, it still has the builder cream color primer, I would like to paint it making it brighter and more inviting.

  207. Image for Kristie Kristie

    I need to paint the entire first floor. It is still "builder's white" (which is a dingy cream) after 10 yrs because I can't figure out how to paint an open floor plan. A trip to Sherwin Williams is in my future.

  208. Image for Melissa C Melissa C

    My boring dull laundry room - 1 husband, 2 kids, 1 large dog - I spend a lot of time in there! It would be fabulous to brighten it up!

  209. Image for Hope B. Hope B.

    My kitchen needs to be painted- walls and cabinets. Sherwin-Williams will be my paint choice, so thank you for the chance to receive some help.

  210. Image for Tori Tori

    Would definitely paint our master bedroom and bath. It's a smoky deep blue and way too dark for me. Hopefully, a transformation is coming!

  211. Image for patty soriano patty soriano

    Almost every room needs paint job, but I'd like to start with the kitchen cabinets. They are sorely in need of a makeover along with the flowered walls ! Thank you for the chance to win the paint, KariAnne!

  212. Image for Beth Schmidt Beth Schmidt

    We are in the planning process for redoing our kitchen and master bath. You are so right, color is so important and not at all easy. Sherwin Williams personnel are very helpful.

  213. Image for jennybc jennybc

    Just finished renovating most of the upstairs. And as is the case when you clean up most of the space, the part that didn't get paint now shows that she wasn't painted. Soooo, my master bedroom can use some new paint since my bathroom and master closet just got all gussied up!

  214. Image for J J

    Thanks for a great giveaway. Love SW paint and the helpful crew at my local store. My " room"to paint is my front porch....posts, railing and trim didnt pressure wash as clean as I hoped, and needs a coat of primer and SW "super white" to restore brilliance and curb appeal. Here in Georgia we use porches a lot!

  215. Image for Stephanie Nicholson Stephanie Nicholson

    I buy sample colors at SW almost every weekend - I'm like a kid in the paint candy store. We are getting ready to repaint our home's exterior and the gift card would sure help! I love your blog, the neutrals in the house and then the beautiful colors in the gate house!

  216. Image for Kimberly Kimberly

    I would paint my bathroom! It doesn't even have flooring right now. I have been walking on cement. Your place is just dreamy btw. :) Blessings~

  217. Image for Cindy Cindy

    What a wonderful giveaway!! My Living Room is in need of an awesome paint job and this giveaway comes at the right moment!! I just love your beach bedroom makeover! So colorful and happy- just makes me smile looking at it!:) Thanks!!

  218. Image for Terri Cass Terri Cass

    My utility room needs a good paint work over. It is one room in the house that all visitors walk through to get to the rest of the house! I love Sherwin Williams paints!

  219. Image for Emily J Emily J

    My master bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover. Wood floors, building a cal king & maybe window coverings are in the pipeline... But I'm concerned. Will the color I think I like now (Pantone's String @ 1/2 tint) work with the new floor? My Rough Linen bed makeover? THIS is why it's taken me a decade to start painting my home. That and Swiss Coffee isn't all that bad. Certainly didn't make me twitch like Navajo White!

  220. Image for Robin Robin

    I LOVE Sherwin-Williams paint. It is simply the best and my kitchen is going through a makeover and the timing would be perfect for completing the job! Thanks for the opportunity.

  221. Image for Kitsy Smith Kitsy Smith

    I so need help with a white paint for a basement living room and craft room. Only two small windows in each room, both on the North side of the house. It is so dingy feeling, I need some life on these walls to encourage me to decorate. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  222. Image for Sheila Fraley Sheila Fraley

    Living room. The north wall is mostly a gigantic, gorgeous, awe inspiring, river rock fireplace. The 20 year old burgundy wall paper is bringin' it d o w n. Yes... I said bur-gun-dy : ( R E S P E C T , my river rock is begging me... "Respect the river rock?" : )

  223. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I have a front entryway and back family room that has needed paint for some time. I have a . Paint swatch color brushed on the wall but cant decide on the color yet. I know its not that one. Sherwin Williams would be just the place to go and get the right color paint I need! Thank you for offering the gift card!

  224. Image for Marmar Marmar

    How timely! I just got permission last night from the management of our apartment building (built in the 1880s in the Queen Anne style and listed in the National Register of Historic Places) that (if I bought the paint) they would allow our apartment to be painted, not in the standard issue beige/yellow/yuck color, but in WHITE, WHITE, WHITE. GLORIOUS WHITE!!! But boy do I need advice about WHICH WHITE??? That Beach Bedroom Makeover Dover White looks so nice and fresh but we don't have gorgeous Cape Cod beach light pouring through our Queen Anne style windows so maybe we'd need something more along the lines of INDUSTRIAL TRIBECA LOFT WHITE (to nicely play off the graphic Black&White Marimekko print ottoman I paid way too much $$ for). Not sayin', I'm just sayin'...

  225. Image for Sandy Harris Sandy Harris

    I am a daily visitor. you and your home are my inspiration. I live at the beach and wish you would come stay with me for a week just to tell me what I'm doing wrong in my home. My kitchen is desperate. I have taken your suggestions and made friends with my Sherwin Williams Store. LOL. I love your Blog and your humor and find that you and my morning coffee go perfect together thanks for everything you do. You are a Jewel here on Oak Island NC. You always have a beach place to visit. So what are you waiting for??? Come On....

  226. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    I have a bathroom that needs a major makeover. It has ugly wallpaper that needs to be removed and replaced with a beautiful paint color.

  227. Image for Anna Starner Anna Starner

    I am in the middle of a much needed update of the whole 1st floor. New paint and new flooring. Take your pick kitchen,family room ,powder room, laundry or living room. $200.00 in paint would make this so much easier. More $ left for fun updates...pillows, etc.

  228. Image for Pam Sohan Pam Sohan

    Actually its not a room that needs a makeover, we have a wooden windmill outside, it's like 8 ft tall and it really needs a makeover, so that's what I would use the gift card on. Some protective stain cause I love that thing and its been weathering the Texas sun and heat for 8 years now.

  229. Image for Gayle215 Gayle215

    My master bedroom in the only room in my house not updated in 16 years. To say it needs a makeover, is an understatement.

  230. Image for Kim Kim

    My kitchen is screaming for a makeover. Started yesterday with the granite and now I need to find that perfect white. And only Sherwin Williams paint comes through my doors. They really have the finest paint money can buy!

  231. Image for sharon sharon

    i would love to re-do our bedroom. maybe a pale aqua?? endless possibilities! i have used SW and love it. thank you for the chance to win!

  232. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Whew! Thought I'd never get here! The odds are slim, I see ~ but I can't pass up this great opportunity to try for a gift card anyway! Love SW! Just recently used their paint on the trim on our house, color matching the mortar in the brick. Unfortunately we chose a grey that has a bit of a green cast in some light =(. so we've learned THAT color lesson! Though many rooms inside could use it, the first one I'd want to tackle is the kitchen! (If I have to stare at this wallpaper much longer ... !) So we need primer for the "it's NOT coming off" paper and the "perfect white" ... but I'm sure the knowledgeable staff can help us!!! Thanks for this $200 opportunity!

  233. Image for Heather Heather

    Our master bedroom desperately needs paint! Still living with the construction spray-painted cream- if you can call it that. BLAH! Love the beachy bedroom- especially the ingenious storage wall! Thanks for this great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  234. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Our master bedroom needs help. My sweet hubby travels a lot and I want this room to be calming and homey since he spends a lot of time in hotels. We have been married for 35 hrs and are more madly in love than ever so I would love to surprise him. Thanks so much....

  235. Image for Michelle Michelle

    What room would I make over? Hmmmm....all of them! We just purchased a foreclosure, so as you can imagine, we are up to our elbows in projects. Paint required for all of them! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  236. Image for Pat Pat

    Love this room!! You are so talented and creative. I'm not entering the giveaway as I'm in an apt. Best of luck to everyone! xo Pat

  237. Image for Dana Dana

    I am looking for an illusive warmish gray that has to work with my BM Chelsea Grey kitchen cabinets. It's only a little thing - need to paint kitchen, living room and hallway the same color.... Hope I get it right the first time!

  238. Image for kelly kelly

    That is such a pretty room! I would love to win this giveaway! I plan on repainting our master bathroom soon and we also plan on repainting our front porch, so we need some paint!!

  239. Image for Gwynn Gwynn

    I would love to makeover my bedroom. *sigh* Love your decorating skills. Actually though, I love your writing skills even more. :)

  240. Image for Jessica G Jessica G

    Bigger challenge: a room that does NOT need a makeover. But really, our roommate moves out THIS MONTH and we need to redo his room and transform it into a guest room/organized storage ASAP so the upstairs room can become a craft/office/maybe-future-nursery-because-we-haven't-given-up-hope room with navy/white stripes. So yeah. The roommate's room. Please. Heavens. Please.

  241. Image for Paula Collins Paula Collins

    In 1991 the home we build was all done in Dover White. Our house now is all color but, due for a change. We have a open living room dinning room and kitchen with cathedral ceilings. It is all blue with clouds we painted. That was about 8 years ago. We also painted the cloud theme 10 years before that. We need a change! Our hallway is red which everyone loves. A grey bedroom and bathroom. One blue office and a violet tone bedroom.

  242. Image for Sherry @ No Minimalist Here Sherry @ No Minimalist Here

    My kitchen cabinets and walls are about to get a makeover. I'll be doing lots of painting so this gift card sure would come in handy.

  243. Image for Dianne Bell in Michigan Dianne Bell in Michigan

    I would love to repaint my office/computer room/craft room a lovely shade of white. Right now it's a really DARK black-grey. Ugh! With a warm white I could really get pops of color on my walls with my daughter's and my creative art and color with a new comfy chair and pillows. Thanks!!

  244. Image for Jane Huey Jane Huey

    Love to be able to help my daughter get her living room/ breakfast/den combo painted. Her entire house has been plastered without adding any color.

  245. Image for Helen Helen

    I'm hoping to repaint my kitchen in a few weeks .. hoping to pick a nice shade of.. White! Wish I could have you over for a cup of coffee and some advice :) thanks so much!

  246. Image for Hayden Norwood Hayden Norwood

    Need to paint everything in my house. We will be here for 2-3 more years before moving. Would love to see color and enjoy it before having to do it as we leave and never get to live in the space.

  247. Image for Sandra H Sandra H

    Oh, wow! I would really like to paint my cottage living room Dover White.. I live a stone's throw from the bay front and I want to use it as the backdrop for the nautical touches and decor I am using.

  248. Image for e michelle e michelle

    can i say all of them! the whole house needs a makeover! but number one is the girls room! its just white! would love to add some color and some of thier paintings and make it not so hospital looking1

  249. Image for Gloria R. Gloria R.

    Ohhhh, what a wonderful give away!!! I do so want to paint and redecorate our Master Bedroom. It needs it, OH, it really needs it!!!! I found two beautiful pictures at a yard sale and I decided I want to use them as a focal point which is totally opposite from what I was planning before I feel in love with those pictures. :) So now I need paint and Sherwin Williams has such fantastic paints. I needed an odd color for trim in the bath a few years back/ We took in the swatch and the sweet gentleman said absolutely no problem. He came back out with a perfect match.. I'm a happy customer. :)

  250. Image for Jackie Palmer Jackie Palmer

    My daughter's room was last painted when she was 9. She is now almost 16 and needs a whole new look and paint!

  251. Image for Deanna Hart Deanna Hart

    Two steady years of remodeling our 1969 fixer upper and Sherwin Williams is always our go- to paint! Only two rooms left that have not been painted. My office/hobby room and our little half bath which currently is painted in the darkest army green I've ever seen. :-/

  252. Image for Cora Cora

    My living room is in need of a new paint color/job. It is currently painted with a (once popular) faux finish circa 1999!

  253. Image for Bethany Bethany

    I would makeover my kitchen! We are about to get our house ready to sell, and I don't think a buyer will appreciate the dark shade of pink in there. Lol.

  254. Image for Dawn H Dawn H

    My guest room could use a bit of freshing up! I just put a new blanket on the bed and was thinking -needing some paint and maybe some planking if I can convince the husband. :) Thanks!!

  255. Image for Heather Tchir Heather Tchir

    I have beadboard on my walls more than a third of the way up. It covered damaged areas so it had to go up higher than chair rail height. Anyway, we painted it "white" with a light tan on the remaining wall space. When the drop cloth came up from our natural maple floor, we were in for a surprise. The white looked off the tan looked fleshy and the floor looked yellow. Huh? Everything changed colors like magic. Bad magic! So I've learned a lot from your blog and would like to put it all into action...however cost has been an issue. So here I sit in my weirdly neutral, but not harmonious home waiting for a gift from the decorating gods. Please please please let me be the winner and get this mess figured out! Thanks

  256. Image for Lee Ann Mader Lee Ann Mader

    After our college son #1 moved home, and moved out again, the walls of our basement family room and stairwell need a major makeover. My Sherwin Williams paint job is wracked with scrapes, dings, and some mighty large divots where couches and bed frames were heaved out of our lower level. It is in dire need of a fresh coat of Canvas Tan (SW 7531).

  257. Image for Terry Terry

    Our basement family room is waiting patiently to be painted. It's difficult to find the right paint color because the rooms flow from one to the next... One with windows, the others without.

  258. Image for Kara Kara

    Fabulous giveaway! I'd love to redo my den/kitchen! It's one big room and I have them painted a rusty red, that I loved, but after 8 years, it's time for a more neutral makeover! Love your blog and thanks again for the chance! Kara

  259. Image for Avey Avey

    I would have to choose the laundry room! It's in need of some new paint! Since white is my favorite, I'd probably choose Dover White. We have Sherwin Williams throughout our house and LOVE it. My favorite of their colors is Sedate Gray….lovely.

  260. Image for sara haaf sara haaf

    I would makeover my living room. Hopefully sherwin williams would be able to tell me how I could cover up or do something with the ugly wood panelling covering half the walls.

  261. Image for Simple Nature Decor Simple Nature Decor

    I'm building a home and this would be so handy and helpful in our expenses toward painting the bedrooms. I'm thinking of putting these barn style doors that I would love to paint bright yellow in one bedroom and another bright color in the other bedroom. Thanks Maria

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