You got this.

2021 is going to be the year.



Full of joy.

So let’s get this year party STARTED.

Here are all the words you shared with me last week.

Things that made me laugh and think and celebrate and start the new year off right.

Words of wisdom for 2021 (and they are amazing—just like you).

“Keep on keeping on,” “make good choices”, “scatter joy” are all things my kids hear from me on repeat! May 2021 bring out the best in everyone in every situation. May God Bless us all.” ~ Carrie

“You live most of your life inside your head; make sure it’s a nice place to be.” ~ Ellen

“If you allow 2020 to impact your goals, pick up where you left off and make them happen in 2021! Remember the poem “Don’t Quit…….” It’s when things seem worst, that you must not quit.” ~ Julie

“You get what you think you are going to get. If you think things are going to go well, they usually will. If you think things will be a disaster, mostly likely, things will be a disaster. You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to those things. Choose to react wisely and positively.” ~ Margaret

“Follow your heart and live with honesty and gratitude.”~ Nancy

“Going into 2021 remember those who lives were truly changed by Covid (illness, death, 18 hour work days, etc.), to count your blessings, and move forward!” ~ Mary Ann

“Here is some random “best” advice for 2021…keep wearing your masks and washing your hands…take a walk daily if possible…fresh air has kept me sane in 2020. Tell people you care about why you care. Buy fresh flowers at the grocery store as often as possible. Make fruit salad. Drink coffee in bed on the weekends…maybe even add whipped cream so you know it’s the weekend.😜…read whatever you like most. Be kind to yourself and others.” ~ Julie

“Find something every day that brings you joy.” ~ Mary Jane

“I love this wisdom from Esther de Waal: “…the ability to live with uncertainty requires courage and the need to ask questions more than to find answers.” May we receive grace to live with our questions.” ~ Mary Jane

“When in doubt fall to your knees (or slowly ease yourself onto a pillow) and look up, He’s there, He’s guiding you, He’s there for you always.” ~ Katherine

“When people you love cut you out because they are grieving or mad or any other things that makes your relationship too hard for them to maneuver at the time, I say this verse to myself: OUTWITTED He drew a circle that shut me out. He was a rebel, a thing to flout; But Love and I had wit to win. We drew a circle that took him in.” ~ Janice

“Do not compare, You paint differently because you are different!” ~ Demarie

“Savor each & every moment. Life can change in a flash’ ~ Cathy

“1) I would say that every day is a gift to us, and what we do with it is our gift to ourselves, and others. 2) Love liberally! Tell the ones you love that you love them, we are only guaranteed this present moment, and there are never any regrets when you tell the ones you love that you love them. 3) The best advice I could ever give is just to share from my heart that we have a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan and a purpose for our lives.” ~ Dee

“Practicing kindness and keeping the peace is one’s path towards the Light.” ~ Michele

“Keep a journal of all the little pieces of GRACE God gives you each day. Reread them at the end of each week or month!! It will lighten your walk in life.” ~ Be

“Know your audience.” Be mindful that your “struggles” may not be real world struggles. My new one is “ give/show grace” ~ Laura

“Advice I give everyone: “Just go for it girl!” ~ Sydney

“2021 advice: Be ready to forgive as God forgives us.” ~ Jan

“Count your blessings, and find five things to be thankful for at the end of each day.” ~ Peg

“Look out at how wondrous the world is and be courageous! Live courageously!” ~ Chris

“Enjoy every minute of every day.” ~ Paula

“Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” This is a quote from Marianne Williamson via Quiltville and has really stayed with me while trying to establish the hope we need going forward from a world that has been topsy turvy far too long. Happy 2021” ~ Judy

“Whatever greets us around the corner of 2021, may we know we are not alone, no matter what dire circumstances we may bump into. But let’s search for corners of amazing. Corners of the Lord’s leading. To slip our feet into His sandaled steps. For the next corner may have a wonder-filled surprise for us. Greet each corner, each event, with expectation and hope, praise and thanksgiving. It may change things, but if not, it will change our attitude. May everyone bump into corners of blessing!” ~ Lynn

“Follow your light- be authentic you always!” ~ Teresa

“God is always beside you, you are never alone.” ~ Marlene

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves; cheers to another year of sisterhood. Be kind, smile and do good.”  ~ Betty

“Never be a quitter!” ~ Cathyann

“God is in control! With all of the chaos during 2020 it’s important to keep our focus on our faith and know that God is and always will be in control.” ~ Denise

“If it is to be it is up to me!” ~ Barbara

“I’m not sure how to say this in a brilliant way, but when life feels too heavy, I have learned to take some time for fun. Go for a walk, play a silly game with your kids, sing loudly if not well. It changes your attitude.” ~ Kris

“Enjoy every good moment in your life. Stop worrying about the future! Be mindful of what you’re doing and do something every day that brings you joy!! You can be happy regardless of your circumstances. I spent two years of my life giving up joy because my son was suicidal and self medicating with drugs. I learned how to not be codependent and embrace the challenges God has given me. My son is now stable and sober and I have maintained my happiness even when he relapsed. And, it’s ok to not be ok when hard things happen! It’s your responsibility to reach out and get help and grieve, then move forward. Pass through the suffering, don’t stay in it!! And above all, remember that you’re not alone! We have angels surrounding us and a God in Heaven watching over us! Have hope!!” ~ Janet

“Live for today”. I am a planner and sometimes miss the moment of right now when I get so busy dreaming and planning for tomorrow or next year.” ~ Maria

“Being thankful even when times are gut-wrenchingly hard continues to be so healing for me. I’m learning that faith is trusting Him even when I don’t understand. This past year, I’ve said aloud “I don’t understand” many times and now it’s coming out of my lips and I’m learning to be ok with it. I’m starting to realize that I don’t have to understand but that I can trust the Lord for the events happening in my life and choose to go forward believing that He will turn my mourning into joy.”

And my best advice?

You all said it so well that there’s nothing left to say.

I adore you friend.

So I will leave you with a heartfelt thank you for your encouragement and this blessing:

May your troubles be less

May your blessings be more

And may nothing but happiness come through your door

Happy New Year

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  1. Image for Katy Katy

    Awesome shares from lots of wise, witty and wonderful followers of Thistlewood Farms! Thanks for sharing KariAnne! These are all lovely and worth reading again and again! Happy New Year GF! Hugs! Katy

  2. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    Happy New Year from the icy heartland, Cold outside, warm hearts inside. Wishing you and yours a blessed and happy 2021!

  3. Image for Julie Julie

    I ask, for the consideration, if we can have this be a new annual way of starting the new year as said by your readers! ;) With appreciation and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!

  4. Image for Louann Louann

    7” of snow in OKC where we live permanently! How about in your Texas area of McKinney? We are at our cabin in southern OK ( not far from Ardmore) and enjoying the cold weather! Cashew, our Labradoodle is as white as the snow and loving it like a Snowshoe Hare! May you and yours be blessed in 2021! You and Gloria Gaither are the best blog writers of all! HAPPY NEW YEAR, ⛄️❄️⛄️

  5. Image for Maria Maria

    Thank you so much for sharing these great thoughts! And thank you to the wonderful women that shared them! May you all be blessed beyond what you can imagine in the coming new year and beyond! With God it is always so!

  6. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    One of my favorite quotes is, Even if you are on the right track, you'll still get run over if you just sit there! So get up and move, both physically and mentally! Happy New Year Miz karianne💖

  7. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    Thanks so much for sharing. All of the comments were a blessing to me. I agree with the comment by Julie asking if words of wisdom can be shared by readers annually.

  8. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Notice most words of wisdom included God? We all need him. We all need to know that it is in us to bring about the change for the good. I started walking November 28th and have continued, for myself and also for my family--hope others can do it too. It can change your life!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

  9. Image for Ellie Ellie

    Thank you for the peaceful moments. Reading all the good thoughts brightened my day. So good to know that others too believe that God has us in His care. Happy, healthy, joyous New Year.

  10. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Yikes! How did I miss this? What a great post, KariAnne! All the wonderful and inspiring comments are truly pearls of wisdom. And I would love to make a graphic with your closing words, KariAnne. If that's okay. Happiest of New Years to you and your sweet family! ❤

  11. Image for Karen Karen

    Happy & blessed new year to you and your family! This was such an uplifting read! I particularly enjoyed the references to faith in God & looking for blessings in the moment no matter one's circumstances. *hugs*

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