Looking for simple cleaning tips for the house? Save time and clean in half the time with these clever cleaning shortcuts.

Are you ever a little sad when you put all the Christmas away?

I promise think I wiped away a tear yesterday.

It’s like saying goodbye to old friends that you won’t see for at least 10 months.

And the worst part?

When you pack everything away–there’s dust and cobwebs and tiny pieces of gold glitter left behind.

To distract myself from packing up Christmas, I look forward to cleaning and straightening and making all the spaces happy. Can we still be friends if I tell you I really like cleaning? Maybe not cleaning the ceiling fans—but I’m here for everything else.

And along the way I picked up a few random tips.

Kind of shortcuts.

Kind of problem solvers.

Kind of solutions to cleaning challenges.

So today with my Christmas almost packed away, I thought it would be timely if I shared.

Here are 9 simple cleaning tips for the house.

Tip 1: How to clean hardwood floors

A while back I wrote a post on how I clean hardwood floors here.

But every time I discuss cleaning floors, I get comments about water and when to use it and when not to use it.

(total aside: I want to stress that a slightly damp mop is best when using water on wood floors and make sure to dry them off with a towel after you are done.)

But this?

This is my other solution that I mentioned in that post.

It’s my go-to whenever I’m in a hurry and I just got the call that I’ve got company coming over in a hot minute.

This mop is AMAZING. I love it because you don’t have to change out the pads on the bottom of every room or so. It’s so much more eco-friendly because it has a washable pad that can just be tossed into the washer when you are done. The cleaner bottle just fits into it and you just squirt and go. You don’t have to pause when cleaning the hardwood floors. I use this hardwood floor cleaner with it. It’s professional strength, designed specifically for hardwood and streak-free.

I’ve also heard amazing things about this mop, too and it’s on deal right now.

Quick tip: how to get scratches out of hardwood:

  1. For light scuff marks, I just use a new tennis ball to remove them. Just rub the tennis ball on the scuff and the traction between the ball and the floor brings the scuff right up.
  2. If the floor gets scratched and it’s deeper than a scuff? I use stain pens like these to fill in the scratches and buff the floor out with a flour sack like this one.

Tip 2: How to clean paint off of hardwood floors

This is one of my very favorite best cleaning tips EVER. I discovered it by accident—but it works like NO TOMORROW.

When you have a paint spill, just wipe it up with a baby wipe.

It will clean everything up and take away the haze that paint can leave behind.

It even works on dried paint, too (if it’s been less than a month since the paint dried). Just scrub with a little elbow grease and watch the dried paint come up.

Tip 3: How to clean slipcovers

I get a lot of questions about how to keep these slipcovers clean.

Here’s my answer.

Water and a microfiber cloth.

You can see them here.

Those microfiber cloths are GENIUS. To get rid of small stains on the slipcovers (you want to make sure to catch them as early as you can), just wipe them off with a damp microfiber cloth. I try and wipe the same direction to get the dirt out of the fibers. When you’re done with the cloth, you can just toss it into the washer for the next stain emergency.

If you have a larger stain or want to wash the slipcovers? This is what I use to get my slipcovers extra white.

If you want to see the how-to on how I wash my slipcovers? I wrote a post about it here.

simple tips for cleaning the house lint roller

Tip 4: How to clean pet hair

Buddy has A LOT OF HAIR.

And there is extra hair on my furniture depending on the time of year. To help I have a lint roller under every sink where I keep my cleaning supplies.

I run that lint roller over pillows and blankets and slipcovers to get rid of pet hair (and people hair, too).

It’s such an easy way to clean.

Just swipe and go.

I also wanted to share this amazing roller designed specifically for pet hair that a friend shared with me.

It has over 170,000 reviews and you can use it again and again.

The roller traps hair and then you can just remove it in the back.

You can see it here.

If you have leather or vinyl chairs, this I love this amazing leather and vinyl cleaner that eliminates stains and removes any greasy grimy feel from the surface.

simple tips for cleaning the house shower

Tip 5: How to clean soap scum in the shower

I can’t stand to scrub the shower.

Generally, I try to get in and get out.

The answer?

This swift scrub soap scum remover removes soap scum. There’s also this bathroom cleaner that works on grime and dirt.

I use this grout pen too if I can’t get the grout clean.

simple tips for cleaning the house toilet ring

Tip 6: How to clean ring around the toilet

One of the simplest cleaning tips for the house is how to remove the ring around the toilet. We have hard water here and even after you clean it, it leaves a faint ring.

My solution?

I use a dryer sheet. You can keep a container of them in the bathroom for super easy clean-ups and then you can just toss the dryer sheet.

Just wipe the ring area with a dryer sheet and the friction in the dryer sheet helps clean the porcelain.

They also work on water stains on your shower door.



Tip 7: How to get stains out of rugs

This is my best tip. I LOVE this little machine that cleans up rugs (and we’ve used it to get stains out of truck upholstery, too). It’s SUPER lightweight and easy to use.

There are two chambers on each side.

One is for the water and cleaner (there’s a line that shows you exactly how much water and a line that shows you exactly how much cleaner).

And the other chamber is for all the stuff that you vacuum out of the area rug or upholstery.

It was recommended to me by several different people. It’s called the Little Green by Bissell and you can see it here.

Just between us? I think I may be the last person on this planet to hear about it.

I told my friend about it–they have it and use it.

I told someone else about it—they have it and use it.

I wish I would have found this back when we had the farmhouse with all that mud.

You can see it here.

Tip 8: How to clean a vase with a small opening

I know this is so random to share, but I just was cleaning out all my vases from Christmas and remembered this tip.

I have TONS of vases here at the house. Have you ever looked inside a vase once you’ve gotten rid of the flowers?


No. Just no.

Some of my vases have too narrow a neck to get my hands down in there to clean. So instead, I fill the vase about half with water, add a drop of dishwashing liquid and add in a handful of rice. Swirl the rice and the soap around in the vase and it will get all the flower scum off the bottom. Then dump the rice out, rinse the vase off and your vase is clean in minutes.

Tip 9: Tile floor tips

I love the floor in the butler’s pantry, but the grout is hard to keep clean because there’s so much of it. Someone is always spilling coffee on the floor or trash will spill out of the can.

The simple, easy answer? This mop is AMAZING

You just add the cleaner to the mop and squirt and go.

A clean tile floor in minutes.

I also use a microfiber cloth and water to clean drips when I don’t want to pull out the mop. It’s an easy solution because the space is so small.

Here’s to a clean 2024.

I hope you enjoy my best cleaning tips and these tips help with all those messes, cuts your cleaning time and makes you (and your house) so much happier.

If you have a cleaning tip?

I’d love to hear it.

We amazing cleaners have to stick together. 🙂

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  1. Image for Cindy Vojanec Cindy Vojanec

    Okay, I have hesitated on the carpet cleaner but just ordered it. I have several things I need it for! Happy cleaning! I spent 3 days organizing and putting Christmas away and cleaning. My house is literally sparkling. Ahhh, what a feeling!

  2. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Thanks for the tip previously about the Bissell. My puppy, Charlie, was so sick on Christmas Day. The very next day, we ordered the Bissell and it works Ilike a dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    KariAnne, I am a person that loves to clean too. When I was employed full time, I used to take vacation days just to stay home and deep clean. I always felt so satisfied. Here is my problem, I put away all my decorations, rehung artwork, put back decor. My home was Top to bottom sparkling. It looked great, then somehow someway I created 4 home remodeling projects In 4 different rooms in a matter of a few days. And now I have kind of discombobulated my space again. 🤣 Oh well, maybe by spring I can deep clean. Great tips. You are the best.

  4. Image for Suzan Suzan

    Thank you for the cleaning tips and advice! (I cleaned my ceiling fan, yesterday.🙃) I have another pet hair removal tip. We had a husky and thus LOTS of hair EVERYWHERE! An employee of a car wash shared a great tip to remove the pet hair from fabrics and carpet. You use a pumice stone. The hair rolls up which makes to pick up or vacuum away.

  5. Image for Regina Rudd Merrick Regina Rudd Merrick

    In the middle of reading the post, I got to the part about the slipcovers and thought to myself, "Self, maybe somewhere on this blog there is a post about an easy way to clean upholstery." Guess what post it took me to? THIS ONE! LOL! I went back, and sure enough, there was the Bissell Little Green! I need one. The last time we bought recliners, I fell in love with the almost white cloth with a little blue and green quatrefoil pattern. SO PRETTY. The only problem is, we have heads. That lean back on the recliner (which is its only job, provide a place to lean back your head). That have product on them. Maybe the Little Green would work? If you have any other suggestions, I'm all ears . . . or eyes, since I'm reading . . .

  6. Image for June June

    Love all the ideas! Looking forward to trying the dryer sheets but have to purchase them. Something I read long ago is to keep a white hand towel under the seat cushion of every upholstered piece of furniture. If something spills you have a faster response. My husband thought it was silly but I proved him wrong😊. Years ago I attended a house warming party and all beverages were served with beautiful colored napkins. I saw someone spill a bit of their drink on the off white carpet and they started to blot with their napkin. The ink transferred and it stained the carpet spill pink.😳. That has always stuck in my mind. I only use white colored towels or products. Took down our holiday decorations last night but left things up related to winter since it is still cold here in Minnesota❄️. I also shed tears. We are hoping to downsize this year. So many memories…it was bittersweet going through the process. I took lots of pics. Plan to do a memory book of special times in our home of 35 years.

  7. Image for MaryPat MaryPat

    I found an easy way to get any vase sparkling clean when the rice won't do it. I keep a package of cheap denture cleaning tablets under the kitchen sink. Drop one in any glass object, let it dissolve and rinse. You will be amazed!

  8. Image for Janette Janette

    Shampoo ( the clear kind that doesn’t have conditioner in it) will clean scum from showers and shower doors.

  9. Image for Patricia Nicholas Patricia Nicholas

    For really tough stains (and absolutely no scrubbing) in glass or crystal vases use denture tablets. Either the quick ones or the overnight ones. Fill the vase with water, add a couple tablet’s depending on the size of the vase and let it sit for a while. Dump, rinse, dry, done. Oh and to dry a narrow neck vase more quickly, roll a paper towel (I prefer the reusable ones) into a cone shape and put it into the vase making sure it touches the bottom. It will act like a wick to remove the moisture more quickly than just air drying

  10. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    Keri Anne, This is perfectly timed. I'm a deep cleaning enthusiast about four times a year. The rest of the weeks I can get by with dusting and vacuuming, the usual. But sometimes I don't have the "tricks" that really make the job easier. Thank you! I noticed your sweet daughters chipped in to help. The best. Karen B.

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