One of my favorite things about this blog?

The questions.

I never met a question that I didn’t like. A question is like a gift. It’s the start of a conversation and a chance to get to know you and a little like having sweet tea on my back porch.

And my favorite questions that you send me?

Questions about stuff I have in my house.

Those are some of the easiest.

I love sharing where I found bargains and where I shop and simple decorating ideas and how to put it all together.

Are you curious about the things that people ask the most about?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

Here’s my top 10 list of home decor items so many of you added to your shopping cart.

(total aside: I think you can guess number one—it wasn’t even close.)

10. This gold coffee table

It came from Walmart and it’s under $100. My favorite thing about it? If you have a rug with a pretty pattern?

It lets it shine.

You can see the coffee table here.

9. This patterned rug

I love this rug in my family room and you all did, too.

It comes in two colors and the pattern is raised so it looks really expensive.

You can see the rug here.

8. This chandelier

This is the beaded chandelier from this before and after makeover.

It’s really affordable and the beads are the prettiest color.

You can see the chandelier here.

7. This muted colored rug

I got hundreds of questions about this rug in my mother’s room.

It is so pretty and comes in several different colorways.

You can see the rug here.

6. These dining chairs

These blue and white striped chairs came from Wayfair.

They come in a set of two (without the buttons on the back) and they are SO AFFORDABLE.

You can see the chairs here.

5. This colorful rug

The rug in the same room comes in at number 5.

I used the rug in two makeovers and it looks so different in each space. There’s enough color to bring any room to life.

You can see the rug here.

4. These barstools

I have a set of four of these in my kitchen.

They are so sturdy and come in tons of different colors.

You can see the barstools here.

3. These blue and white striped chairs

These chairs are amazing. I have four of them in blue and two of them in khaki.

They also come in green and black.

You can see the chairs here.

2. These loveseats

I love these linen colored loveseats in the front room.

They have mini casters on the legs with tufted backs.

You can see the loveseats here.

1. This blue and white rug

Are we surprised?

So many of you have bought this rug and you love it as much as I do.

It’s so affordable and the pattern is even prettier in person.

You can see the blue and white rug here.

Were you surprised what made the list?

It’s so much fun to shop together.

Let me know if I can answer any questions or source anything else in my house.

See there are those questions again.

I can’t get enough of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

And now?

Here are some other top home decor lists from some of my favorite friends.

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  2. Image for Betsy Betsy

    BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING !!! You are so talented. On another note, because of you my husband and I have been watching Bridgerton. We are hooked and will finish the series tonight. Thank you for mentioning it in your writing. Please let us know of any more series like it. Are you enjoying the series? We do hope that they will do more of them.

  3. Image for Debby Debby

    I love the coffee table but am unsure if it would work with a ceiling fan that is in brushed nickel that is sort of above my coffee table that I have now. I donโ€™t mind mixing metals but for some reason not sure about this. Your thoughts? Canโ€™t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2021. You always have great ideas.

  4. Image for Angie Angie

    Hi KariAnne! I love your home and your style! It's so bright, light, cheerful, and happy! I absolutely love the loveseats and striped chairs from Walmart of all places. Tell me, are they comfortable? Do they hold up well? I'm anxious to hear your comments, as well as anyone else! Thank you!

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