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I wish you could have seen this floor before.

Before I cleaned and organized every inch of this space.

Before we changed up the room and added a new light fixture.

Before I organized all my craft supplies in one simple place.

Before I added a little cozy with these amazing buffalo check floor cushions.


But here’s the thing.

I want us to stay friends.

And I’m not sure you would still come over for coffee if you saw the COMPLETE AND UTTER HOT MESS this room was before.


I’m going to show you simple, easy changes I made to refresh this room and get it ready for fall and winter and all the cozy nights in.

Here’s the room now.

Doesn’t it look like a cozy night in waiting to happen?

The amazing thing about this room is that it has FOUR functions.



It’s one of the smallest rooms in our house and it’s living the largest.

With people moving home and people having school at home and with even more changes coming up over the holidays, I had to move some of the rooms around to accommodate everyone and everything. So some of the other spaces are used for different things now. We built-in the bookcases and we just added this new light fixture for extra light in the room.

And now?

Here’s what this space is used for.

1. Reading a good book

We are all about a good book around here lately.

And this?

This cozy couch that pulls apart into two different chairs with an ottoman is the perfect place to snuggle up on a cozy afternoon and read a good book.

I just finished “Where The Crawdads Sing.”

If you haven’t read it yet—it’s SO GOOD.

The twins love to read here, too. Westleigh just finished “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.”

Super appropriate title.

2. Watching TV

There’s a television on the other side of the room on a vintage rolling bookcase that rolls around.

I just found these CUTE buffalo check floor pillows.

Between the couch and the floor pillows and the ottoman, we can accommodate everyone for movie night.

I showed you this buffalo check throw last month, but it’s made its way up to this room and it’s stored in the basket, just ready for a really good rom-com.

3. Crafting

I organized some of my basic craft supplies in this amazing gray cabinet from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart.

The majority of my craft supplies are stored in another room.

These are just a few of the basics that I had in unorganized drawers in this space.

You know.


Calligraphy pens.

Sewing supplies.

Scrapbook paper.

There’s a foldable table in the closet that fits perfectly in front of the sofa and I can set it up to craft whenever I need to.


It has these two drawers on rollers.

I put scrapbook paper in one.

The other one holds my stapler and glue gun and extra glue sticks.

This small numbered cabinet holds all my sewing supplies.

I have buttons.

And thread.

And tiny scissors.

And no-sew fusible tape and other supplies in each one of the drawers.

4. Playing games and listening to records

This is our favorite thing to do lately.

See that record player right there at the bottom?

It’s a new version of an old-school record player.

See Frank right there tucked away on the bookshelf?

All the records are stacked up there and we pull them out and put them on the record player.

We also have a large board that fits on top of the ottoman.

It’s perfect for puzzles and games.

Our favorites?

Cards (Hand and Foot and Spades)

  • Say Anything
  • Banagrams
  • Yahtzee
  • Scattegories
  • Trivial Pursuit

I could not have a cozy room discussion without mentioning these.

These candles are my new favorite find.

They have two-wicks in the 18 oz size (my favorite) and they look and smell like SUPER high-end candles.

And the best part?

They are UNDER $12 each.

I have TONS of scents, but this one is my favorite, Farm Apple Pumpkin.

Here’s to all the cozy.

Here’s to spending time with family and celebrating home.

Here’s to all the game nights and craft nights and movie nights and really good books.

This room and me and my family?

We’re ready for you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Deb Deb

    Really great room! Rolled armed chairs/couches are perfect for curling up and reading. And yes, I liked the book too. (Just read it last month). I think I've missed something though in one of your posts. . Who is "Frank"? I know you've made mention of him before and I got nothing even after gazing at those bookshelves for a bit. ??

  2. Image for JC JC

    I always love black and white/cream checks. So timeless! We have our cabin master bedroom in black and white buffalo check and a smaller check. This room is so fun!

  3. Image for Kim Waldorf Kim Waldorf

    Beautiful space and so many uses! I love the light. It is absolutely gorgeous! How about that grey cabinet??? It would be perfect for all my Cottage sewing supplies. As always, thanks for the great inspiration!

  4. Image for Connie Connie

    Love everything about this room! I like the rug with those black pluses and the floor pillows. I bought floor pillows from Kirklands in the denim design. They sure come in handy. As always, you find the neatest stuff.

  5. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    Love this room. Clean and fresh looking but so usable. I’m a sucker for a anything buffalo check! Love that rug. Where did you purchase that? As always, a very successful revamp.


    Looks cozy and ready for all kinds of fun activities! Love how everything coordinates and feels so relaxing!

  7. Image for Carrie Carrie

    "Where the crawdads sing"~ AMAZING BOOK! Of course, if I could have read it in a space like yours, it would have been even more amazing! Love the space(s). Well done! Bravo! I can imagine the laughter in the room.

  8. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Well i believe you thought of everything. This is the perfect space to spend time with your family, and just think of all the great memories that can happen in this area for years to come. You are such a smart woman and mother.

  9. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    I too want to reccomend " Where the Crawdads Sing". Couldn't put it down. Reading the newest Alice Hoffman book right now about love and magic. Now I just need a cozy reading room like yours. Thinking of changing our formal living room which is rarely used into a she cave so I can hide away and read or just daydream. Just got a big soft throw which will be perfect for the cooler weather.

  10. Image for Kris Kris

    These are my favorite kind of spaces--comfy cozy where everyone can hang out. Can I make a suggestion for your game supply? We absolutely love Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. It comes as a card deck, so it's also great to bring along on a trip. I took it along for our senior high church youth group retreat last winter (before covid was rampant .... remember those days???) and everyone loved it.

  11. Image for Wanda Wanda

    Beautiful as is everything you put your talent to. You are one creative lady. Congratulations on the new eating plan. You look AMAZING!!!!

  12. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    Wow! I LOVE that room. I initially thought the little couch hid a bed... might be something to look into. I also LOVED "Where the Crawdads Sing." I didn't expect the who-dunnit!

  13. Image for laura@everydayedits.co laura@everydayedits.co

    Oh my! Okay you had me at "of all the boys..." Love those pillows! Love the space. We are doing the same thing here in Colorado creating nooks and homework spots for college age kids. Their own space, their own shelves for their endless protein shake mixes...I love it! We are rushing to get a few things done before Thanksgiving! laura


    Such a nice cozy room to get together in with your family! Once again, KariAnne, you have done such a nice job of putting this room together! Enjoy making memories with your family! Have a great week!

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