Christmas decorating ideas 2014

I just finished my 577th Christmas movie.

It was a good one.

It was all about these two people who opened a bookstore to save the world and in the process they kind of saved themselves and a young couple who both had big dreams and following their heart instead of what their parents wanted for them and they were trying to figure out what direction they should take and the book store people were helping them and it was heading for a happy ending.


Until it said at the end of the movie……to be continued.


I can’t even.

And now I think I need another movie to recover. 🙂

rooms for rent

Look at this table setting.

Look at these chargers.

I am so happy that tree fell in our yard earlier this year.

See the rest of the decor and table setting here.


Every time I visit this blog I sigh.

Every. Single. Time.

I wish she lived down the street from me and would bring that gold flat ware and those tiny Christmas stockings over to my house.

See the rest of the decor and the table setting ideas….here.


I wish this would show up at my house on Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas breakfast to me.

Recipe found here.


This centerpiece idea is so easy.

Just add cranberries.

DIY and table setting found here.


And now in random news this week:

Nine things to get rid of in your home (I’m not sure I agree with all of them).

These snowflake marshmallows are so cute.

If you listen to podcasts the second season of Serial just arrived.

This made me laugh

And best Christmas House tour ever.

Thanks Fixer Upper.

dining room ceiling

And one more for the road.

I still love this Christmas tour from last year.

It’s worth a second look.

Happy Random Christmas Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Beth Ann Beth Ann

    Good morning! This is a lovely post to peruse over coffee. ( and I had to go look up the spelling of peruse because it just doesn't look right at all ..... ). Thanks!

  2. Image for Kathy Anne Kathy Anne

    Oh such a great post (as always!). Lovely decorations....BUT seriously I'm a Christmas movie collector...what movie did you watch? I'm totally intrigued with "until the end of the movie"....PLEASE don't leave us hanging. Is this a movie I want to add to my collection...or is the ending such a bummer that I need to leave it off my list! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Image for Velia Velia

    Christmas movies have captivated me this holiday season and I may just be at your heels in the amount of Christmas movies I have seen. Some people may consider them a waste of time or just silly, but some of the movies have warmed my heart and brought some comfort as I mourn the lost of my beloved pup. Christmas does that, it renews the spirit and offers hope to those in need. Have a wonderful weekend..

  4. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I know, right!!! I loved that movie and I didn't want it to end. I am having long time memory loss (too many Christmas cookies). How am I suppose to remember to watch Part 2 in 2016!!!! Happy Saturday : )

  5. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    Good morning, Karianne! What's your favorite Christmas movie? My current fave is Love, Actually. I could look at Hugh Grant dancing every day!

  6. Image for june june

    What s great post to explore while I'm standing at my stove stirring two double batches of caramels! Great pics and ideas. I too saw the same movie and cringed when it said to be continued. If you haven't discovered Hallmark's Christmas Detour yet check it out. Another fun new movie.

  7. Image for Leona Leona

    Those whats on be my age I probably won't remember to watch a year later. Love the house my non professional opinion , I LOVE YOUR HOUSE...why is it that we thinks someone else has a nicer house ? AND I do think Joanna Gaines should hire YOU as her blog master Thank You Thistlewoodfarms xoxo

  8. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Yes, my husband and I also enjoyed watching that movie.....until the end. How am I going to remember in December 2016 the details of this movie? I guess I'm not patient enough to wait a year to know the ending....I'll have to work on that. Along the lines of that movie we enjoyed the movie The Most Wonderful Time of The Year, with Henry Winkler.

  9. Image for Vicki Vicki

    My husband and I were snuggled up on the sofa watching the same movie - all set from the last commercial to view that happy Hallmark ending - and ..... And.... I could not believe it! I actually cried as my brain tried to wrap around the fact I could not know the ending for ONE WHOLE YEAR! By the way - your Christmas tour from last year still trumps every tour I have seen this year! (Just my opinion.) Have a Merry Christmas - and I will review those Hallmark movies closer next time! Lol!

  10. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I cannot believe Hallmark would do that. That is sooooo cruel. And on a lighter note, Victoria never fails to make me laugh -- her quest for the perfect house/kitchen is so funny. I loved the dance at the end -- those people made me want to get up and shake a leg!! Have a great weekend -- hugs!

  11. Image for JudyCinNC JudyCinNC

    Hubby and I watched that same movie last night and this is what Hallmark posted ... Dear Viewers, We hear you: “Karen Kingsbury’s THE BRIDGE” is such a beautiful story. The characters connect to each other and with all of us in a way that lightens hearts & brightens hearts & brightens lives. Hallmark Channel thought it a disservice to rush The Bridge into a single two-hour movie because there is so much more story to tell! We apologize that The Bridge Part 2 was not completed for air this year. Thanks a million for writing to us and telling us your feelings. Merry Christmas! That may be their apology and I truly hope they will listen to everyone and show the rest THIS YEAR. I can only hope ... Judy C

    1. Image for june june

      thanks Judy for posting this. I had not taken the time to explore why they made such a decision. I bet next year they will run it back to back. A whole!

  12. Image for Mindy Whipple Mindy Whipple

    Oh the movie sounds wonderful - except for the waiting part! I continue to love what you have done with your tree slabs and this table setting is another lovely idea. The blog post you found funny was indeed funny - thanks for pointing us to it : ) Thank you also for the second peek at your sweet tree - so lovely!

  13. Image for Laura Sielbeck Laura Sielbeck

    The movie The Bridge! I sat their in disbelief. To be continued next Christmas! Really?! I'll just have to watch The Christmas Card or Christmas with Holly for the 10th time...sadly, not exaggerating

  14. Image for Chris Chris

    I started to read this blog post yesterday and had to immediately stop when you mentioned the movie because I was planning to watch it that night and I didn't want any spoilers. I thought when you said "to be continued" it meant to read the rest of your post for more about the movie! I watched the movie last night and at the end I actually shouted "You have to be kidding me! Why didn't anyone warn me ahead of watching this movie!!" So, LOL, you tried but I didn't get it. I was really disappointed that Hallmark would do such a thing and especially that they didn't mention ahead of time this was a two part movie with the second part an entire year later!! I am now consoling myself by looking at the beautiful pictures on the rest of the your blog post that I didn't see yesterday.

  15. Image for Sandy Sandy

    I had the same reaction as Chris as I read Hallmark's "continued in 2016" at the end of "The Bridge." So I went to the library and found the book for my daughter who wanted first dibs. I'll be able to note what Hallmark's rendition excluded or changed in parts one and two. Meanwhile, you may borrow my gold plaited flatware anytime you come visit me in Ohio. Love your Saturday posts with all their inspirations. Karianne, you truly are the Rock Star and my favorite A+ writer.

  16. Image for Julie Julie

    My thoughts exactly! The one time my husband watches a Christmas movie with me and does not fall asleep. And then it said "To be continued"... we could not believe it! I called my mom and told her not to DVR it. They will have to show it next year, cause no one will remember what the 1st one was all about!

  17. Image for Terri Terri

    Ummmm .. The Bridge... that's the movie!!! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who sat in amazement....staring at the credits... and then "The End" ???? seriously????? Christmas 2016??? WHAT??? and like you... time to find another Hallmark movie in order to recover!!!!!! Geeezzzzz..... :)

  18. Image for Ellicia Ellicia

    It is my theory that if home organizers had been around in Washington and Lincoln's time, we would have very little of their correspondence or mementos remaining.

  19. Image for Vickie Vickie

    Good Morning! KariAnne---You sent me two gray paint names earlier this fall! Help I cannot find my notes from Becoming one was the one that takes on either taupe or gray? Help!!!! I am thinking Sherwin Williams paint:) we are painting nursery.

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