Totally random thoughts on an official fall morning:

1.  Did you watch the first episode of Survivor?

If you did….please tell me what you think about the whole family v. family thing.

It literally made me cry.

2.  Don’t you think that your mother always ends up being right?

Mine gets smarter with every year.

3.  Is there a cut-off age for headbands?

I really want one that looks like this.

4.  Hallmark is already rolling out the Christmas movies.

My couch and cup of hot chocolate just told me that this….

….is the best television programming decision ever. 🙂


I laughed out loud when I read this post.


Especially the part about the confused bugs.

For everyone who still has a flags up from the Fourth of July…..I present to you….

….Confessions of a Slow Seasonal Decorator. 🙂


What is it about this picture that makes my mouth water?

Oh….of course….the soup.  🙂

(total aside:  there is an over-abundance of smiley faces in this post.  No judging.  Fall and soup make me happy.)

Click here for the recipe.


And one more home tour for the road.

This one is bright and full of color.

And just like the lady at Lowe’s told me when she saw my multi-patterned shirt on Friday in the check-out lane…..

….it makes you smile.


I know you probably already saw these this week.

But they totally deserved a repeat.

Brilliant spin on the whole velvet pumpkin idea.


And in the totally random week that was:

This made me a little sad.

Love these simple felt leaves for fall.

Has anyone tried this yet?  I think it would be so much cheaper than the salon.

This might convince me to bake.

And seriously?  20 unusual table designs.  You won’t believe #11 and #20.

easy upcycled projects

This fall I’m partnering with ebay to put together a series of decorating guides.

Here’s one I just finished with five easy up-cycling projects.  Click here to see more.

Happy random Saturday to you.🙂

(one more smiley face for the road)

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  1. Image for Heather {Woods of Bell Trees} Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}

    Oh girl Christmas movies! :D Want to watch one now! When you said salon all I could think of was this stuff I am trying for my hair that I can't get out - it's a hot mess - I was worried it might be the same stuff and had to check so I could warn you if it was! LOL Glad to see it's just gel polish! I can totally see you in that headband! For once I don't have the last holiday's decor still up...that's unusual.

  2. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    Enjoyed the link with 20 tables. My favs are the illusion and the snowflakes. "If I were a rich 'man'....dah-dah-dah-dah-dah......"

  3. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Happy Saturday!! I am so glad you give us a recap on the important things of the week. We need someone watching for us in case we missed something important. I don't watch much TV so I don't know about Survivor -- I do know as a mom I'm getting smarter by the day. My mom was a genius in her nineties but she wasn't too smart in her thirties :-( I guess I must have taught her a thing or two (ahem) .The headband is so totally appropriate at any age -- especially the glitz. See, you have to keep back the little wisps if you pull your hair back in a scrunchie (is that how you spell it?) And cold weather and soup just go hand in hand. I'm going back to pin it and to make sure I don't lose the recipe. We love our soups and make a different one every week. Happy Fall to you -- now I have to go back and reread so I didn't miss anything and click on the links to go say "hi" to the sites I might have missed :-) ( I like smiley faces too - especially when I'm happy)

  4. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Lots to read...goody! :). As far as Survivor goes...I cried too. I think family vs. family does add another dimension...but...I know I couldn't do it...not even for a million dollars! Enjoy your weekend...need a pic of the shirt that makes someone smile! ;)

  5. Image for Joan Joan

    These weekend posts are always so fun because you help us catch up to the fun and pretty things we may have missed. Can't wait to try the soup and love Marisa's idea of making a new soup every week. As for my Mom...well, even as a teen I knew she was really smart (I just didn't always agree with her) and then she became a near genius :) as we both grew older. Then there is Survivor.... all of the programs I have ever watched are disturbing to me because they encourage bringing out the qualities in people (lying, deceit, selfishness, etc.) that we try to teach our children (and ourselves) to overcome. It makes me sad and tearful, too. I will be looking for things that are more uplifting.

  6. Image for Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane

    KariAnne, I haven't personally tried the DIY gel nail kit, but I did watch this mini manicure semi-miracle unfold in the teachers' lounge one day at lunch. (It's amazing what a group of motivated women can accomplish while grading papers, eating cafeteria tater tots, and solving the world's problems...) Two teachers completed the entire process in between bites, and we all agreed for the money, they looked pretty fantastic.

  7. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    I love your blog so much and get great ideas. The maple leaf white board is a great idea. I am packing to move back to the states and am so excited to furnish and decorate a new place and use some of your ideas. You are a wonderful blessing.

  8. Image for Becca Becca

    So, I fell asleep watching Survivor Thursday night. Then, forgot that I didn't finish it and fell asleep watching Project Runway last night (venturing into loser/couch potato territory, so I better stop while I'm ahead, except that I have too much good tv to finish up tonight.

    1. Image for Becca Becca

      Is there a limit on comment length? It didn't post the rest of my 'important' thoughts I had written. :) So . . . I do love that nail polish. It lasts me a good 5 days (or longer if you are past the bathing your children phase of life and if you wear gloves to wash dishes, but who has time to put gloves on?) Oh, and I just took down my American Flag banners on the front porch YESTERDAY. I figured it was time since I had a weak moment at the grocery store and couldn't pass up the over-priced Cinderella pumpkins. Love ya Kari!!

  9. Image for Lydianne Lydianne

    I love this post and always read each and everyone of your posts. You have such great ideas and I usually end up posting most to Pinterest. I was watching tv on Friday and watch the noon time show on channel 5 from Nashville. Well, I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen when low and behold, I saw a very familiar face on my screen! I squealed with excitement when I realized it was YOU! I really enjoyed your segment and hope to again one day be randomly surprised to see someone I feel like I know and love so much on one of the local shows I watch. Love the blog and never miss reading a post. Thanks again for making ME smile yesterday! Have a great weekend.

  10. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Usually I sprint to hang out my Fall wreath and set up my faux pumpkins and stuff by Labor day (anything that starts the school year is the real beginning of Fall to me). This year we got a true extra month of summer and I just couldn't do it ... yet. And we'll be gone over Halloween on vacation ... so maybe I'll just slide from seashells and flowers right into pinecones and evergreens and just be extra early for Christmas! Which is my favorite decorating season anyway...

  11. Image for nana nana

    Just to let you know that Marilyn who reads you daily finds Thistlekeeping the most inspirational. Oh yes Janice showed me the magazine layout - quite proud. Blessings and I love you.

  12. Image for RoseMary Knight RoseMary Knight

    I think that hairband is suitable for a woman of your advanced age :) . I am considerably older than you and I would wear that. Now, that being said, I am no fashion queen. You can rock that look as well as the blazer with the tag. You go for it.

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