Random thoughts on a sunny almost-November Saturday morning:

1. There are less than two months until Christmas and they measured for Christmas lights yesterday.

Those two thoughts bring me untold happiness.

2. I just ripped my own jeans. On purpose. I watched these tutorials and then tried it myself. You can’t really mess up ripping up your jeans.

All those years I tried to avoid ripping them.

And now? This.

3. I’m typing this to you from my new studio. The sunshine is streaming in through the windows and I’m up in the trees and tomorrow I’ll be starting to film in this room for KariAnne’s Christmas Workshop. It’s the last day to sign up! You can see all the details here.

It’s going to be an amazing November.

4. We had so much fun this week on the blog. We talked about the cutest Christmas finds from Target and a free downloadable to get us all Christmas organized and discussed 9 creative handmade gift ideas.

5. Tomorrow starts my “12 Days of Getting Ready for Christmas” Series.

To celebrate the weekend wait until you see all the fun inspiration I found for us.

Here are my favorite finds from this week.

This beautiful mudroom.

I love the colors and the floor.

See the rest of the room here.

Have you ever baked brie before?

I always thought it was too hard.

Until I found this recipe.

It’s perfect for November.

This is such a creative DIY for a cabinet.

And it’s so easy.

See the entire project here.

And look at this berry pie.

Maybe it’s all the sugar I’m missing, but this looks like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

See the recipe here.


And in random news:

This front door color

This beautiful fall bookcase arrangement

This Swedish home tour

This easy fall DIY

How to get your mojo back

This round dough bowl arrangement

How to make cookie sheets look new again

How to whitewash butcher block

This amazing bookcase

These DIY Christmas ornaments

These beautiful arrangements

This sparkly farmhouse wreath

This genius DIY

DIY Christmas traditions from around the world

And this.

You know how much a love a table that looks like something else?

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for a zinc finish.

And one more for the road.

This is still one of my favorite Christmas trees I’ve ever decorated.

Especially because it has these handmade ornaments.

happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Jan Jan

    Hi Karianne: Thanks so much for the simple Brie recipe, I always thought it was hard to make also. And thanks for the tip on the Walmart Pumpkin Apple scented candles, love them and they cover up all bad cooking odors in the house. I went back for 3 more after trying the first. Still waiting for the answer for your OPI neutral shade polish, the one you were wearing that you said was a khaki shade. Please send that info if you can, thanks so much for all your help. Jan

  2. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

    Jan, Sorry about that! Here's my system and here are the links to the products I use (affiliate): Dark Gray OPI Nail polish: https://bit.ly/2GRA7lE Light Purple OPI Nail polish: https://bit.ly/375JVmL Light Pink OPI Nail polish: https://bit.ly/353K6MO Quick Dry: https://bit.ly/3nMOrwe Cuticle Oil: https://bit.ly/3nMOrweNail Polish Remover Pad (similar): https://bit.ly/3nM9Vtj happy day!KariAnne

  3. Image for Leslie Saeta Leslie Saeta

    Oh my goodness. Thanks for sharing my pie! I hope you will try to make it. The girls would love to make it.

  4. Image for Misty Misty

    Great link, thank you KariAnne! I need to see the ripped jeans, I have been wanting to do this but I'm a scaredy cat! Happy Halloween, friend!

  5. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Is there another way to be included in the Saturday Christmas crafts if you are not on Facebook? I probably already know the answer to the question, but I was SO hoping we could participate some other way. Love all you do and the way you encourage people (me) to come out of their shell and try new things. I have learned so many things from your post and on YouTube. Thank you for showing us old timers we can do anything we want, because we are still enough!!

  6. Image for Karen Karen

    I am not on facebook either , and have that same question as cathy. We are the two in whole wide 🌎 that are not facebook peeps. Good post.

  7. Image for Annie Annie

    KariAnne you are so kind to include me in this, what a compliment sweet friend! You have inspired me to try and rip my jeans now too! xo Annie

  8. Image for Maria Maria

    I ALWAYS look forward to your random thoughts on Saturday. You never disappoint in loading up with creativity and inspiration. How did you know that I need to get my mojo going again? Ha! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  9. Image for Juliet Juliet

    Thistlekeeping never disappoints ... but how can I get my weekend chores done while losing myself in all your beautiful links! Love your new studio ... aka Santa's Workshop. Christmas in two months. Yikes! I need to get out to the garage today and pull out my Christmas bins. Maybe after I make baked brie - yum, rip my jeans and restyle my shelves. Oh, and how about that front door color?! Wink, wink. Thanks for including me ... what a thrill to see my post in your Saturday round up. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, KA. xo

  10. Image for Peg Peg

    We had record October snowfall last Friday up here in Massachusetts! It certainly got me in the Christmas mood, and so have many of your offerings this week!! Love, love!!! xoxo


    Thanks for the weekly wrap-up! Such great ideas. I love that Christmas Tree too, have saved how to make those ornaments since you originally published the how to.....

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