I love my bed.


After years of trial and error and figuring out what works for me and what I love, I finally found the perfect combination of color and comfort and layers that just make me so happy.

When I posted my bedroom makeover earlier this year, the number one question I got was how to layer bedding on the bed. And then people asked where I got my bedding and how did I layer the shams on the back of the bed and how I actually made the bed every day.


My bed has to be made every day. If I leave the room and the bed is made then I feel like I can take on the world.

And the other questions need their own post.

So today? I thought we’d talk about bedding. I thought it might be fun if I went and found bedding and matched them up for you.

I started with one set. I was just going to put one set together for you to show you how to match patterns and scale. But I’ve made so many beds in my life and there were so many colors to choose from and so many cute patterns that I put together another set.

And then another.

And another.

I hope you like bedding and beds.

Because here are just a few. 🙂

Bedding set #1: a little gold and white

You can click on the links above to shop.

I used the bedroom above as inspiration.

Love the pattern on the duvet cover mixed with the polka dot pattern on the sheets layered in with the white euro shams and the gold and white throw pillow.

And the best part?

This bedding set would work with any accent color. Like coral. Or blush. Or navy. Or pink.

Bedding set #2: layers of neutral

You can click on the links above to shop.

This set is a little more casual.

It layers in texture with cream and white topped off with a brilliantly patterned pillow.

Most of the pieces of this bedding set are SUPER affordable, too.

Bedding set #3: classic blue and white

You can click on the links above to shop.

I love the look of this set.

I found the blue and white patterned bedding and was trying to match it and then I found that sheet set just fell in love with it.

It just looks like summer, too.

Bedding set #4: gray and white and texture

You can click on the links above to shop.

If you are shopping the post—please note that the textured bedding comes in tons of other neutrals, too.

I think this was one of my favorite combinations because it reminds me of the farmhouse.

And they all look so cozy.


Bedding set #5: gray and white and texture

You can click on the links above to shop.

This set is a super similar color combination to the set above—except I added in pattern. This chambray quilt listed on the shop the post also comes in flax and black and gray.

I think it is the prettiest pattern.

You could also add in any of the bedding or pillows I matched with set number 4.

Bedding set #6: simple, classic neutral

You can click on the links above to shop.

Let’s go from pattern to neutral.

I love layering in texture with it.

You could choose any of the colors from this collection and they all work so well together.

Bedding set #7: contrast and texture

You can click on the links above to shop.

I saved my favorite for last.

This is one of the most pinned pictures on my blog ever in the history of ever.

I think the reason why we all love it so much is the contrast of the dark and light.

I had SO MUCH FUN putting all these combos together.

If you like posts like this—just let me know and I’d be happy to work on a few more for you.

There’s nothing better than shopping with friends. 🙂

PPS Please note that affiliate links are used in this post.

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    Ooh! Yes, I love beds and bedding. I tried neutral in my bedroom and it just looked flat and boring. I'd go with your blue combo although I'd maybe skip the white cover. You know how you don't like people tossing throw pillows on the floor? I don't like people sitting on my bed cover, but it still seems to happen--so therefore, white is not the way to go for me. :)

  2. Image for Maria Becker Maria Becker

    I love white! I want to know when items are dirty so I can launder sooner rather than later and I have dogs! At night I throw on sheets or blankets for them !

  3. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    I love your bed frame (headboard/footboard)!!! Also, same for me....the bed has to be made everyday!! Sets me off on the right foot for the day 🌞

  4. Image for Kristin Kristin

    I have the bed styling down to an art but I can't find a good sleeping pillow!!! Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you!

  5. Image for Jane DiCarlo Jane DiCarlo

    I love all your beautiful bed ideas. Can you tell me where you got the beautiful bench at the bottom of your bed?

  6. Image for Michele M Michele M

    Just recently bought that king bed I told you about (love love why oh why did we wait so long?) and I have purchased a few bedding sets trying to figure out what I want. Real prob is that the one I love the most - the matching Euro shams are back-ordered till October-- what???? Grrr, messing me up! Love this post - very inspiring, and helpful. Thank you. Hugs.

  7. Image for Linda Linda

    Any suggestions on mattresses ? I've had a few down through the years and non so far have been that comfortable at a couple of years. Your bedrooms look so pretty. Thanks for info.

  8. Image for Rachel Rachel

    Such a great round up of beautiful beds! I think the blue and white one is my favorite but those plates above the night stand on the last is a darling touch-- that photo has so much great texture and pattern!

  9. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Do you have a page of mid century modern bedding and / or furniture I can shop? We are remodeling the attached garage and breezeway into a 21 x 21 family gathering room and I'd LOVE to see your ideas of timeless mid century furnishings and bedding ideas ( because there may be a Murphy bed included in the design). I love all 7 of these beds, but I only have a two bedroom house! HA HA

  10. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I have a beautiful hand-quilted quilt on my bed so I win!!! It was made by the Amish and my mother bought it for me. It compliments the colors I already had in my bedroom so I was so happy when she gave it to me. Does anyone else use quilts?

  11. Image for Ann Baird Ann Baird

    Beautiful bedrooms!I would like info on an item on your bed - the tan, maybe honeycomb pattern, layered piece at the foot of the bed. Can you tell me where that is available?

  12. Image for Crystal Brown Crystal Brown

    I'm curious about your lamp placement on your night stands..... If you read in bed at night.... which we do, isn't the light horribly awkward to turn on and off placed on the far side of the chest? Or even to turn off at night? What about if you need to get up in the middle of the night? How do you handle this? Do you have a remote? I know it seems like a dumb question... but I really want to know! My lamps are closest to the side of the bed with the decorative crapola on the far side. So the lamp switch is handy dandy to turn off the light after I finish reading Outlander for the upteenth time.... and finally I love those nightstands.... annnd your latest iteration of your bedroom!!! Mine has been changed 5 times and is about to go through what I hope will be the LAST change.... why is getting it right so dang hard?

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