Random thoughts on a cold rainy Saturday morning:

1. I’m not sure the weather in Texas has figured out that it’s Easter.

It’s cold and kind of yucky here.

I hope your Easter weekend is full of sunshine.

2. I saw this on social yesterday and I laughed out loud because this one statement sums up my life right now.

“I finished Netflix.”

3. We are in the middle of working on a project on the back porch. If you’ve been following along in Instagram stories (if you don’t have Instagram–no worries–I’m going to put it all on the blog) you’ve seen us covering those old wrought iron columns with wood for a much cleaner look. We’re also tiling the back porch with slate.

Next, we are going to add a patio area to the back yard with a fire pit.

Here’s looking at you summer.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about the birdhouse that came home and funny tips for working at home and I shopped for all of us and found the cutest home decor items for under $20 and shared the house tour page and a video tour of the house.

5. Has anyone tried any of the do-it-yourself nail kits? I really need a manicure and I’ve been looking for some options.

And now? Let’s distract ourselves.

Here are amazing ideas and inspiration that I’ve found from around the web.

I’m all about using vintage books to decorate with.

But I’ve never really thought about the best places to find them.

Here are some great suggestions.

I’ve been following along with this house project.

And I love this before and after living room.

See the entire room here.

And I don’t know about y’all but I’ve been reading all the books.

I need to share some of my favorites with you.

Love this list from one of my best friends.

This lemon cheesecake looks delicious.

And it’s such a classic.

See the recipe here.


And in random news:

This made me cry

This beautiful home tour

These coffee bar at home ideas

These cookies look yummy

This pretty sunroom

These window boxes

These last-minute super simple Easter ideas

Love this simple DIY

This cute butler’s pantry

This breakfast nook

How to clean a rug

These restyling tips

And I’ve heard great things about this new cookbook.

Have you tried any of the recipes yet?

And one more for the road.

Here’s a post about all the decorating mistakes I’ve made.

And how I fixed them.

Have the loveliest Easter Sunday

(ps the sunshine just came out)

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  1. Image for Jean Waldrop Jean Waldrop

    Many thanks for your pleasant postings during this pandemic disaster, I read you daily and am thankful for your ideas, your projects and your happy personality that shines thru. I do wish I had seen your blue dining room before I had my entire interior painted off white. Your living room rug is under my dining table, a bit of a mistake as the darkest blue areas are under the table. One of your suggestions today led me to another blog which featured window boxes, Out to measure my windows and boxes will be on order soon. So on to another project and that will keep me busy until my favorite greenhouse is open again for business. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. Image for Jenny Jenny

    Can you tell me how to find your posts on crochet dish cloths. None of the words I've typed into your search bar have worked. I thought my teenaged niece might like to try making some since she is an only child and getting a bit bored being at home. Your dishcloths were so lovely. I am ordering your daughters' book for her as well.

  3. Image for Diane Scott Diane Scott

    KariAnne, you bring joy and light in this difficult time we are going through. Aren’t we thankful Sunday’s coming! Have a blessed Easter ❤️

  4. Image for Seelie Seelie

    Manicure? No problem. KariAnne, https://www.colorstreet.com/ Real nail polish. TONS of colors and designs. Costs less than a manicure and lasts just as long. No, I don't work for them, but I use the nail strips and they are ah. maze. ing.

  5. Image for Kelly Tadlock Kelly Tadlock

    THANK you for sharing all of the beautiful pictures and ideas! I wish I lived in your neighborhood!!! Hope you and your loved ones have a Blessed Easter!💐🙏🏻

  6. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Thank you for telling me I am amazing and that I’ve got this even when teenagers are arguing, I’m teaching my kindergarten class online and my bathrooms need cleaning but I’d rather buy a rug like the one in your dining room. so I did. I think I am amazing.

  7. Image for Gina Gina

    Beautiful Easter to you!!! I'll be up, waiting for the glorious sun to rise! Easter blessings to you and your family.

  8. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Thanks for sharing, KariAnne... I search my inbox for Thistlekeeping every Saturday and I come visit, even if I don't comment each time. Hugs, and have a blessed Easter!

  9. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Thanks for keeping on, keeping on .You are a rock star! Wonderful ideas to try while we all have extra time. It was a beautiful spring day here in N.C but your rain is headed our way for tomorrow. Our church is live streaming a sunrise service which I will attend in my pjs. Happy Easter and a blessed day with your beautiful family.

  10. Image for Detra Coley Detra Coley

    Saw your pretty face on a window commercial yesterday, made me miss you! So glad I can connect on your blog. Not surprised to see you staying upbeat during this time. We are keeping the food pantry open and I’m making masks for whoever needs them. Stay safe friend!


    Finally found time to look the weekly update over. As usual, you made me cry, laugh and smile. Thank you. Now I have several new ideas to try out!

  12. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    I read the story that said it made you cry about the medical personnel putting big pictures on their head to toe outfits in order to make the patients feel a little more comfortable.. That story made me cry too. I have a daughter who is a doctor at Medical City Hospital in Dallas, Texas. She loves her job & her patients so much but is very anxious because she doesn't want to contract the virus & bring it home to her family. I'm so concerned for her as well as all of the other medical personnel putting their lives at risk to help patients. I took some snack goodies & a thank you card to her recently & asked her to take it to her coworkers to share. She said that after reading the card, some of her coworkers broke down & cried. My daughter requested continued prayers & another card a couple of days ago. I took another batch of snack goodies & another thank you card to her house on Easter Sunday & she is going to take them to her coworkers.I truly hope just these little things encourage her & her coworkers & that they will know that they are truly appreciated for all they are doing during this very difficult time.

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