How are you doing?


I’m hanging in there.

One of the ways I’m getting through is being extra nice to myself.

I’m sitting outside in the sunshine and letting myself have an extra cup of coffee and reading more books than I have in a lifetime and giving myself something to look forward to every day.


For me I need something to look forward to.

Sometimes it’s a movie night.

Sometimes it’s filming a craft with the twins.

Sometimes it’s ordering a little treat online for myself that will make my day a little brighter. Nothing too expensive (we are on a tight budget around here) just something that will make me smile.

Last week I ordered this.

I can’t wait for it to get here. I know where I’m going to put it and I know what scent I’m going to add to it and just thinking about it showing up on my doorstep and waiting for it is giving me something to look forward to this week.

I know it might seem silly, but it’s making my week a little brighter.

And so, if you are like me and need a little something to look forward to, I’m your girl. I appointed myself your personal shopper and found 20 cute things you can order for your home that are all under $20 (some as low as $3.95).

Here’s my list.

I’m ordering these.

I’ve never seen gold measuring spoons before and they are my favorite kind of find—one that looks cute and is useful.

I’m going to hang them on a hook in my kitchen on the side of my cabinet to decorate with, too.

You can find them here.

These just made me smile.

They are scrubbing brushes that are only $3.95 (and then you take another 25% off all sale items).

I think I’m getting one of each.

You can see them here.

This is my favorite smelling candle of all time.

Capri Blue.

My sister gets me one every Christmas and Anthropologie changes out the containers. I loved the soapstone tops on these.

You can see it here.

If you are sitting at your office desk at home like me.

Why not make it cuter?

This brass desk organizer has all the spaces and makes your desk a little happier.

You can see it here.

I was actually going to do a DIY on this, but then I found these wood frames that were cheaper than I could make it.

They attach to either side of a poster or print or even a piece of scrapbook paper with magnets that hold it in place.

Instant art.

You can see them here.

Did you see these tassels?


This pillow cover is the CUTEST.

And it’s nice sized at 20″ x 20.”

It comes in cream with cream tassels or cream with charcoal gray tassels.

You can see it here.

I never met a white vase I didn’t like.

This one is on the smaller size—only 7″ tall and that makes it perfect for a single hydrangea or peony.

You can see it here.

This laundry bag falls under the cute and practical category.

It comes in black and this color.

I’m always looking for a bag to lug stuff from upstairs to downstairs and when we aren’t using it, I’m going to hang it up on a hook in the laundry room to decorate with.

You can see it here.

I found this Flourish planner over on Anthropologie and it’s only $9.95 (and take an extra 25% off sale items).

It’s a healthy meal planner.

There are grocery lists and recipe notes and meal-planning sections.

I need this to keep me on track right now.

You can see it here.

And in the spirit of staying healthy here’s a fun water bottle.

I got Westleigh this for Christmas and she uses it all the time.

I love encouragement when I’m drinking my water.

You can see it here.

These coffee mugs make me smile.

It’s like having a virtual friend over for coffee talk every day.

You can see them here.

This striped basket comes in two different sizes.

You can use them to hold magazines or a plant holder (make sure to add a plastic liner).

You can see it here.

This cake pedestal is sitting in my cabinet and it’s perfect for summer.

It’s actually made out of melamine and you can use it indoors and out and it’s super lightweight and sturdy.

You can see it here.

So many people are planting gardens–even smaller container gardens.

I thought these plant markers were the perfect home decor item for this trend.

You can see them here.

If you’ve been waiting to hang your artwork and didn’t know where to start.

Let me help.

These picture ledges create a gallery wall in minutes.

You can see them here.

These monogrammed notebooks are on sale right now for 25% off.

They even come with their own pen.

You can see them here.

This flower candle is just so pretty.

It comes in several different scents including Rosewood and Tangerine.

You can see them here.

This desk calendar is perfect for reminding me what day it is.

I don’t know about you, but I lose track of my days.

And it helps make my desk a little cuter.

You can see it here.

This sign speaks for itself.

Everyone needs a little bit more of this right now—especially when it’s a cute sign like this.

You can see it here.

And I made an exception with this one.

Maybe because it’s my favorite.

This doormat is on sale right now for $29.95 and then you can take another 25% off making it kind of close to $20.

The message was just so perfect.

You can see it here.

And now?

Your personal shopper is signing off.

I hope you liked today’s post.

I hope you are doing okay.

Just know I’m here if you need anything.

Together we can.

Together we will.

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  1. Image for Mary S Mary S

    Thanks for the list!! NOW I know where you got the textured white vases! You read my mind. Have a great day and stay well, friend.

  2. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I am pinning this i saw some things i want. I have been busy in my flower beds, pulling weeds and mulching for the last 2 days, while it's been nice,now it's suppose to turn cold again, crazy weather. You have a blessed day and pray everyone stays healthy and safe.

  3. Image for Denise Schroeder Denise Schroeder

    I actually ordered the "Joy" sign a couple of week's ago. It is in my work office as we speak. It's such a great reminder!! I think I need to get another for our home office too.

  4. Image for Ellie Ellie

    Hi, Thanks for the LIST. Looking at the items is almost as good as buying. I am quite old and not adding to but deleting from what we have. Thank you for your sunshiny words. Very uplifting.

  5. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Capri Blue is my fave also 💜. The Aloha Orchid is wonderful too!!! That diffuser is super cute! Love this list 🌈

  6. Image for Sue osborne Sue osborne

    Hey, Karianne, those are all such cute and fairly practical ideas. We all need some sunshine right now. So here is some real energy for you- did you know that National Grid, a major electricity supplier for a huge part of the US, asked for volunteers from their employees, to actually live at work, for as long as this takes, so that we have power to run our homes and hospitals, our internet and everything else? And got a huge response? Nope, I don't work for them, get nothing in return for mentioning this, just heard it on the news- and realized DUH, I never even thought about- what if the lights and the furnace go out? I bet other power companies are doing the same thing- and bless all those skilled, devoted people who are making sure we aren't sitting in the dark, freezing, without running water or working sewer/wastewater plants. Along with the medical people, of course, and the brave cashiers, truck drivers and delivery people, and the warehouse behind the scenes folks? And how do the news people keep doing their jobs day after day? I'd be sobbing in the fetal position.

  7. Image for Danise Hirdler Danise Hirdler

    Thanks for posting that adorable welcome mat!! It's perfect for our new house that we move into this weekend :)

  8. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Loved it all. LOL, or should I saved me a LOT of time searching for cute stuff! Happy Day to you, Miz karianne.

  9. Image for Kris Kris

    Love the wooden frame mounts. Great idea for framing art. I'm getting a kick out of watching your video of making celery prints. I remember doing that with my kids when they were little. You have elevated it to a whole new level!

  10. Image for david david

    Speaking as a hard core cake fan (well, let's be honest, any dessert fan) that melamine cake plate it pretty genius. Looks great and you don't have to be to precious about it. Thanks!

  11. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    I'm like you. I need something to look forward to. We were supposed to leave for St. John TOMORROW, but, alas, that isn't happening, so I guess for now, I'm looking forward to face-timing with my mama Sunday morning and singing "He Lives" together for our sunrise service. We will rebook St. John for the fall (hopefully), but for now, I'm going to go to all of those links you just gave and do me some shopping! Happy Easter!

  12. Image for Rena Swan Rena Swan

    Hi there, Thank you for sharing these fun treats, projects, and YouTube videos, I need all the distractions I can get right now,. My sweet mother passed away in an assisted living facility in McKinney last Wednesday (not covd 19 related) but due to the quarantine I wasn’t able to see her, or speak to her, her last three weeks of life. My heart is broken. Her birthday would’ve been on the 16th, so needless to say that day, as well as Easter will be bittersweet, but I know the celebrations in heaven will be the in the presence of our Creator, and various loved ones... 💟💟💟 Please keep sharing your wonderful ideas, and projects. Thank you for *always* being gracious and bubbly, helpful, and motivating. You’re a blessing to us. Take care, stay safe, God bless. Happy Easter, ~Rena 🙂

  13. Image for pam pam

    Please tell me which one of the Capri Blue scents you recommend - I can't decide. Thanks for this great list and I love your happy personality. You always make me smile. Happy Easter.

  14. Image for LindaSonnia LindaSonnia

    Fun post - I chuckled because I have an almost identical water bottle (glass) right now. It has the same hourly markers but is lacking the whimsical comments, Seeing & knowing the amount of water that has gone down is an extremely uplifting thing! I recommend it highly! :-)

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