Random thoughts on a chilly house-bound Saturday morning:

In the spirit of complete transparency, Thursday was a rough day. I am a glass-half-full type of person and I never met a cloud that I didn’t look for the silver lining in and I search in earnest to find the ray of sunshine on every dark day.


Even I have my limits.

And Thursday? Thursday it all started to overwhelm me and I sat in a chair in the middle of my room with an incredible feeling of loss and sadness and helplessness. I wanted to cry. I wanted to run away from my feelings. I wanted to go all Scarlett O’Hara and shake my fist full of dirt at the sky. Truth? It was rough.

I could not take it one more second.

My soul wouldn’t let me.

So I made changes. Changes for the good. Changes to help me. Changes to refocus my mind and my heart.

And here’s what I did:

  1. I turned off the news. I have limited my news-watching to one hour in the morning.
  2. I got more sunshine. I went outside and turned my face to the sky and felt the world shine around me as it showed up with spring in its pocket.
  3. I poured into the people around me. I laughed more at silly things and listened to more hearts and shared more wisdom and encouraged more creativity.
  4. I prayed. I prayed for all of you. I prayed for everyone who has sent me requests. I prayed for our country. I prayed for small business owners. I prayed for peace and wisdom.
  5. And lastly? I listened to the birds. I know this seems silly, but are you listening to the birds? They don’t worry. They don’t fret. They don’t have a care.

Those birds are chirping away as if spring is coming.

Which it is.

And now? I’m back. I’m filled up. I’m looking for silver linings again. Why did I tell you all this?

Because you are my friend. And I’m here for you. Truly. I’m here to talk or to listen or to pray for you or to help in any way that I can. If you need to talk? Message me. If you need a craft to distract you? I’m here. If you need prayer? Let me know. If you have a small business that needs supporting? I’m here to help you shout it out. If you need pretty house pictures and simple decorating ideas you can do from home to help make your world a little brighter? I’m your girl.


Together we can.

Together we will.

And now? Speaking of distractions? Grab a refreshment and join me for these links.

They are amazing.

Just like you.

The beautiful spring arrangement.

Why have I never thought to make a nest before?

See more pics and inspiration here.

Love this idea of using grasscloth where the glass was.

And the gold feet?

See the entire makeover here.

This is a great post about 34 things you can do at home.

#4 was my favorite.

See the entire list here.

Did you know there’s an app that you can use to find recipes for things that are already in your pantry?

Oh, good.

Me, neither.

But we didn’t need to. Leslie found it for us. See the app and the recipe ideas here.


And in random news this week:

This living room

This clever DIY

These inspiring playlists

This mirror wall

The best way to cook pasta

This before and after bedroom (such a great idea for the walls)

This pretty dining room

This super simple art idea

This butler’s pantry inspiration

What to substitute for what when you don’t have an ingredient

And this? What do you think of this design trend?

I can’t decide.

And one more for the road

Here’s a wreath you can make today with twigs from your yard.

(If you don’t have the circle wreath form, just cut one out of cardboard and paint it white.)

See the entire DIY here.

PS If you have a small business or a blog, I’ve created a group on Facebook to help support and encourage you.

Ask for an invite here.

PPS In the spirit of supporting small businesses, Antique Candle Company is having a giant sale of 25% off their entire site through today. You can also enter the code CANDLELOVE for an additional 10% off.

(please note that affiliate links are used on this post)

happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Sue Sue

    Karianne, thank you so much for your honesty and sharing, kindness and support. I too had a little melt down the other day. Like you, I decided to limit my news intake and come up with a new routine- working out at home, planning my 3 healthy meals a day, texting or calling some friends and family. Listening the birds has always been my habit, even the redwinged black birds that have taken over my back yard. Early, just before dawn, and at dusk are the best times for song birds, I think. You and your fellow bloggers give us someone to connect with, something to look forward to every week. Thank you, bless you.

  2. Image for Pat Pat

    Oh gosh, how comforting to hear this. I felt the same yesterday, I almost burst in tears in the middle of Walmart!! So I took a deep breath and headed for the door, I thoughtI needed a good cry to get back on track. But what I needed was a distraction, and there it was in the beauty of nature, fresh air, my family and my fb and instagram feed! We’ll get through this and come out stronger for it! Keep the glass half full and keep praying, I will! xo Pat

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Isn't that nest bouquet gorgeous?? KariAnne, I'm so sorry that you were feeling down earlier this week. I suspect we are all learning more about ourselves during this time--for me, while I consider myself to be an introvert, I DO love to connect with people. This morning I called a friend--not texting, not emailing, which are both my go-to's--somehow I had forgotten that we have telephone technology. Anyway, I think both of us felt better. I plan on connecting with another friend later today (our schedules don't usually allow for phone conversations) and am looking forward to it. I think your list is pretty similar to mine--if I can get outside, somehow the world seems more manageable. If I can serve somebody, it takes my mind off myself. I can't imagine NOT praying at a time like this. The other thing we as a family are doing is to spend a little time apart--no, wait, hear me out--we are very close but our house is small and I feel like we are on top of each other, so little breaks from each other makes our time together more enjoyable. Sorry to have rambled on for so long .... praying for you and yours. Turn your eyes upon Jesus .... look full in His wonderful face ... and the things of earth will grow strangely dim ... in the light of His glory and grace.

  4. Image for david david

    What a terrific post! Honest, heartfelt and generous. Thank you Karrianne! I too have severely restricted news watching for my own sanity. I check the NPR site in the morning and then endeavor to go about my day. I'm not feeling the same frustration of many because, apparently, my daily life is, essentially quarantine. I go for days and days without leaving the house because my work is here. Also, I've been practicing Social Distancing since, um...junior high? I mean, not always on purpose but let's just say I have a gift! But now I check in on older neighbors and try to focus on getting long postponed things done and YES, getting out in the sun! Thanks again (and always) for your wonderful posts and your generous spirit. - David

  5. Image for Teri Teri

    By yesterday, my poor kids hadn't left the house or seen their grandparents (who take them to school) in 8 days. School is canceled for a six week minimum. At least I've gone to the grocery store, We went on a walk (although when we saw kids and my daughter wanted to say hello I quickly took us down a different street). We counted bird nests. Most trees only have blossoms so you can see the old nests from last year really well. The kids loved it💗 But me, I'm used to a much more social job (teacher) and the collective fear among us adults is hard to let go. Thank you for this post. I need to see all my regular blog writers being honest, being hopefull, and being encouraging. I'm thankful that you took the time to write such a sweet message to us. I'm thankful that the birds everywhere are too.

  6. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Checking in from Pittsburgh! I get how you are feeling....and any feeling is okay. I am happy to see your cheerfulness is back with extra exclamations!!!!!! Like a weeble wobble toy~ you can knock us down but not keep us down. Thanks for sharing your Saturday finds. Be well, my friend. YOU are a rock star.

  7. Image for Tara Tara

    You are a ray of sunshine. Your faithful, cheerful, fun blogs are full of wisdom. We all need to remember the important things and have hope in the future. We can all have hard times and still be ok. Thanks so much. I appreciate you.

  8. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Karianne, Thanks for your honesty. My down time when I talked to my oldest daughter who is an er nurse. Only lives about 30 miles from us and my oldest granddaughter is home from UNC where she would have been graduating this May. My other daughter lives nearby also and she and her husband have blessed us with nine grandchildren.All are well.Miss them all so much. We are healthy but continuing to self isolate. Yes being outside in,the garden and seeing spring popping up everywhere helps relieve stress and I am trying to catch up on outside chores weather permitting. Inside trying to keep do my normal routine and even got up and made some cranberry orange muffins for my husband and I to eat while sitting outside on the front porch listening to the birds singing. Inside.started a load off wash.and cleaned the kitchen then did some easter decor around the house.Watching some netflix and amazon prime in the evenings. We will make it through this with the help of God and the strength of each other. Thankyou my friend. Prayers for you and yours.

  9. Image for Sally Sally

    Thank you for sharing and your honesty. We all have or will feel what you expressed at some point and likely multiple times. Your post helped me to feel normal and not alone in this craziness. I am praying, May 1 we will be able to start adding back what limits we have had. Also practicing healthy boundaries when it comes to information overload. Going to do some yard work for seniors at church this week. We are in an apartment, so I will be greatly blessed, too.

  10. Image for Yarlette Yarlette

    I have felt the same as you have . Near tears from all that is happening. I also stopped watching the news except for local news in the morning. I live by myself since my husband passed away .but have family that Lives nearby but we are all trying to stay in our house and we talk on the phone everyday.As well as keep up with friends. I worked in my yard a little bit yesterday. The fresh air felt so good. Have been cleaning out cabinets and organizing everything. We need to pray for everyone this is in Gods hands and we need to keep our faith. Love to you all and stay safe.

  11. Image for Judy Judy

    KariAnne....thank you for your always lovely posts. I look forward to them. I look forward to your grace, your creativity, your wit and especially your faith in the power of prayer. I know we can get through this world crisis through our continuous prayers. Matthew 18:19... Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. We all need to be prayer warriors against this enemy.

  12. Image for Maru Maru

    You’re a sweetheart KariAnne! Thank you! We are praying cause that’s the first thing!! Love your blog and love you!!

  13. Image for Judi Judi

    KariAnne, You are truly the light this scary world needs. Thank you for your beautiful, uplifting words. May you and yours remain healthy and blessed. ❤️

  14. Image for Edie Edie

    Thank you for your beautiful posts. Glad you got some sunshine and are now happier. God is still with us during this unusual time. Praying for you and your family to remain in Him and find joy everyday. God bless you.

  15. Image for Sharon Sharon

    We are 79 and 80 so we are being extra careful. I am a very upbeat person but knowing how this virus could affect us, has been a little daunting. Our little block in our little town has many young couples but we are the only "oldies". Our neighbors let us know they are watching out for us and to let them know if we need anything. We are so blessed. I lived through the polio epidemic and many of these other viruses but we are older now. Reach out to your older relatives, friends, neighbors as they need encouragement. Thank you Kari for your thoughtfulness and caring. I always look forward to your posts!!

    1. Image for Judy Judy

      Sharon....It is so interesting that you mentioned the polio epidemic. I too am old enough to have lived through it. In fact, one of my adult son's was just asking me if I remembered anything like this newest pandemic and I told him about the polio one. I was a child, so I didn't know the fear that engulfed the country. My mother was a nurse, so my sister and I were basically house bound one whole summer when the epidemic was at it's peak.. Of course, unlike this pandemic, we didn't have the internet and 24/7 news. KariAnne is so right...turn off the news once in awhile. We need some calm for our mental health as well as our physical health.

  16. Image for Winette in Williamsburg Winette in Williamsburg

    Dear friends, We all have our moments through this unimaginable time- hugs and prayers for each of you and your families. I drove slowly through Colonial Williamsburg’s side road yesterday as I finally had to get out for meds... The sheep are still having their lambs- the tulips were holding their heads up midst the last of the daffodils... the colonial buildings still gleamed in the morning sunlight-even though no one was there except a few workmen taking advantage of no visitors as they made some repairs...Spring has still laid claim to the world midst our human worries and sadness... Hold steady... abd thank you for the kinship we have reaching out to each other! Winette in Williamsburg, VA

  17. Image for Lynna D Strom Lynna D Strom

    Thank you, KariAnn & all of you for the kind and supportive comments. They truly mean alot! I wish all of you only the best. Yes, the birds make me so happy as every chirp lifts my spirits too! Stay strong and chins up :)

  18. Image for trudy nickelson trudy nickelson

    I really needed that and agree with you. Thanks for being such a kind and wonderful person! Question, how do I get the recipe for those beautiful lavender cookies?

  19. Image for be be

    KariAnne, thank you for sharing your thoughts. This process is something we must grieve. So it's ok to do that, because that's our human nature. We just have to do like you did and pick ourselves up and keep going. We are grieving so many things because we are so use to going out the door when we please and going where we want to go when we please, so perhaps this will make me really appreciate the freedom I have living in the USA. The birds are the answer. As I sat on my back porch this week, those little birds were just talking to me and reminded of an old gospel song, " My Eye is on the Sparrow and I know He's watching me". What comfort!!!!!! Just think, we will have cleaner houses, pretty flower arrangements as spring begins, time to read, think, sing, dance, and learn to love home and our God and families the way we should. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

  20. Image for Pat Pat

    Thank you for your sunny disposition that shines through your posts! You are a gem! We will all experience lows during this time of trouble but it is important to find the silver lining and not dwell on all of the things we are not able to do right now. I doubt any of us will ever take our normal lives for granted again. Maybe this was the wake up call we all needed. Blessings to you and yours and everyone stay healthy!

  21. Image for Diane Diane

    What a beautiful Thistlekeeping! And to think to start a FB group to support each other is awesome! As you know, I am not the best with social media, but I am dedicated to learning. Thanks for your ever present sharing and support.

  22. Image for Donna Donna

    Hello, Ms. Saturday Thistlekeeping, thanks for your thoughts in these times of uncertainty. Your visual choices are better than any magazine. Love the dining room so different than mine & the art project just because we can all do a version of that. Spring is slowing trying to turn the gloom to what becomes new life. I took a walk to a nearby college & came upon 3 pallets. Instantly I thought of your pallet letters. We all need inspiration. Thanks for the Saturday good news.

  23. Image for Becky King Becky King

    Thursday was a bad day for me too. Overwhelmed with it all , as all of us are at one time or another. Then just as the sky lost most of its light that evening, the neighborhood birds decided they’d had enough of this sadness. Just like the resilient Italians who have filled their neighborhoods with song from balconies, the birds began their own concert. It lasted at least 5 glorious minutes. Perhaps the birds in Texas encouraged those in Indiana to cheer us up too. Birdsong, a call from a friend, a note tucked in the morning paper from our carrier asking if we needed anything, family texting waaay more often, and bloggers like you who share ordinary joys in extraordinary times.. I can’t thank you enough for brightening each day. We can do this...together.

  24. Image for Chelly Chelly

    Thank you Karianne! Always love your posts, but this one was much needed & felt so full of hope. You are Amazing! Praying for everyone

  25. Image for Catherine Taylor Catherine Taylor

    Thank you for your thoughtful post. If we stick together in this way, we WILL get through all of this.

  26. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Karianne, I don't think there is anyone of us who haven't had one of those days lately. I'm so glad for your encouragement. I'm trying to limit the news. To enjoy the time I have with my family as we are usually running hither and yon. To sew and craft to my hearts content. ( Because there is a UFO invasion in my sewing room! ) It's also time for that deep spring cleaning and lots of yard and garden work. And one home project that has stalled. Spring is here! The trees are budding and leafing out, the birds are singing. Easter is right around the corner! There is much to be thankful for! And, you are one of those that I'm thankful for! God Bless!

  27. Image for Anita Roth Anita Roth

    You are a bright spot in all this 😊We all have times when we can’t take anymore. I to have turned off the tv it ramps my anxiety so much. It does not help that I had surgery planned for this next week on my spine for the second time. But I have to believe god is in control which is the only thing that gets me through this all. I have been reading psalm 91 which has helped. Plan on doing some bible journaling this week on it. Thank You!

  28. Image for Donna Bray Donna Bray

    🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 Here's some sunshine girlfriend. I think everyone is experiencing meltdowns. This is a weird, out of sort, time for us and Yes we can do this together and WE will. Praise God for his never ending presence. Karianne I pray that God's peace and comfort will cover you like a blanket.❤️ And yes I listen to the birds sing🐦🎶. They make me smile 😊. Thanks for sharing the links and your heart. 🌷

  29. Image for Beth Petersen Beth Petersen

    Karianne, I just want to thank you for the uplifting message - that you were able to send even though you initially found yourself in a funk. It brought some needed sunshine into my day. Thank you!

  30. Image for Diane Scott Diane Scott

    KariAnne, thank you so much for sharing this post today. I have moments of anxiety and fear and then have to stop, take a breath, say a prayer and walk outside for a moment in the sun. We are so blessed to have so much in this country and now can really appreciate all we have. I pray we will all be better people on the other side of this. Stay well and keep sharing your beautiful messages.❤️

  31. Image for Susan Susan

    You are just the sweetest! It’s such a pleasure to “know” you, even virtually! Praying that you and your family, well really everyone, comes through this time not only unscathed, but better for having gone through it together!! 💕🙏🏻😷

  32. Image for Colleen Colleen

    KariAnne..it’s like you climbed into my head today and knew exactly what was going in in there. Today, I feel like a good cry would do me good, but I can't yet. I feel drained and heartbroken and scared and my head is on overload from watching the news. Every time I watch what is going on in Italy, I feel so sad. Hubby and I lived in Milan two years ago and I just can't believe that this is happening. The cases here in Canada keep piling up and I feel there are still so many people that honestly don’t think this is "real". We have a lot of snowbirds returning from Florida right now, and so far almost all positive COVID-19 patients here are people that came back from Florida or other southern trips. I live like 20 minutes from the Michigan border crossing and thank goodness they have closed it to visitors and are only allowing essential goods to come through. They are telling these snowbirds they must isolate themselves for two weeks, but I know the majority won't. It is a dire situation for sure. We live in a small village, so we can still get out for a nice walk and I do listen to all the Spring birds that have returned and I even heard frogs singing yesterday. That keeps me calm....stay safe friend..xo

  33. Image for Mary Caliendo Mary Caliendo

    Kari Ann, Thank you for this post. I was feeling the exact same way. I'm not motivated to write at all. I went outside today and the loving earth and my backyard is truly filled with spring! Birds chirping happily. My tulips and daffodils all coming up! This is an awful thing and I know that we will all get through it. Thank you for sharing your soul and prayers. Thank you for being so kind and having such a wonderful blog to follow. Thank you my amazing friend.


    So many ideas...I turned off the news a long time ago. I found it was making me very upset all the time, so now I read news briefs only. It has made me a much happier person. I own a small business in both California and Massachusetts. Currently we are exempt from the stay at home requirement as we are safety workers. I appreciate all the positive vibes you send everyday. Thank you! I am not sure I like the cabinet wall color being the same color either. Maybe it is the dark color. Thanks as always, for the Saturday wrap up. Stay safe!

  35. Image for Cindy Vojanec Cindy Vojanec

    I think we are all having the feelings you are having but I am trying to not worry and give it to the Lord. Each morning my almost 90 year old mom and I open up the back sliding glass door and have coffee and devotions all the while listening to the birds singing their wake up call. It is precious time for us. We also pray for all of you, our small business owners, etc. Stay well!

  36. Image for Jenn Jenn

    My day was Friday...I was ready to quit blogging. I think we all have just been mentally overwhelmed. I don’t pay attention to the news, but I still feel it. I’m very sad for small businesses, they are going to be hurting. I keep reminding myself of the good that will come from this. God promises to work all things together for good for those that love him. I hear lots of people proclaiming what’s good. Just look at your comments...slowing down, thinking of others, enjoying family, hearing the birds. Glad you are feeling better, we are sure to have more tough days ahead, but we will get through it!❤️❤️

  37. Image for Karen Karen

    I think the lack of sunshine lately has also made me feel even more blahhhh. I got outside and worked on my flower beds in hope of spring and truly the fresh air and a little work made me feel better . It’s cool today So cleaning inside w music and NO TV for days . I look at the internet for news and really leave it off. For me that works but certainly not for all ;) It a big change for so many and then add the fear factor of illness ... well it’s a stressful time . Blessing friend ;) ❤️

  38. Image for Lorrie Lorrie

    Thank your post Karianne. I had a bad day yesterday and felt like I shouldn’t allow myself that. I couldn’t find anything I needed at the grocery store. I wanted to say hello to people but everyone looks away. I went to the nursery the one thing still open and I thought I shouldn’t spend any money and again people walk around you and won’t look you in the eye. So today I went back to the store and found what I wanted and I’m now in my garden house listening to the birds. We will get through this!

  39. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    It is really hard right now to try and be hopeful and optimistic....thank you for saying out loud how a lot of us are feeling. Myself included 🥺. I worked this morning and a couple of customers just thanked me for smiling 🥰. That definitely helped me as much as it helped them. Thank you for sharing with us your real self KariAnne ....and also giving us some inspiration 🙏

  40. Image for Lori Lori

    I sure wish it was sunny and warmer here in Indiana but it's only 30 degrees at the high today. The news is so awful that I turn it off as well. We listen for a short period for any real new updates and information that we could use then off it goes. I caught some of Sex and the City where Charlotte got some of the Mexican water in her mouth from the shower and got the urgent poops...that made me laugh..much needed today. Love the post with happy thoughts and a list of substitutes for baking. My thought on the same color of paint on cabinets and walls..no...not for me:0) Please take care all of you! Stay safe and healthy..this will pass.

  41. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Thanks for letting us know you are normal. We are all trying to get through these trying times and it helps to know someone as cheerful as you always are, can get down. Let's pray it doesn't get too bad and we all learn something from this virus. Love to you and yours.

  42. Image for Carol Carol

    The birds are so awesome as they migrate to central Wisconsin and beyond. My favorite verse in times like these, Matt.6:26. God bless, Carol

  43. Image for SUSAN SUSAN

    That’s exactly what I’ve been doing....watching and listening to the birds. They aren’t worried about a thing. And God cares for them.

  44. Image for Jerry Stocks Jerry Stocks

    I lived through World War II without my daddy for several years and the polio epidemic for many summers. This is just another world crisis that we have to endure. With people like KeriAnne to keep up our spirits, we will survive and be stronger people when the crisis ends.

  45. Image for Maria Maria

    Thank you so much for this post! Knowing that we are not alone and that looking to nature is healing. Also thanks so much for the links as well:) Take care and keep on keepin on!!!

  46. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    You are sooo blessed to have sunshine. It has been cold, grey and rainy for 2 solid weeks - it makes quarantine worse than you can imagine. We are trying to stay sane until we can go outside again. Opened a few windows for some fresh air and enjoyed the bird song. Saw a bluebird today - what a sight for sad eyes it was! Take care and stay health. Thanks for your wonderful posts. Always so happy to read them! That kitchen trend on walls and cabs all same color is kinda neat looking - as long as the backsplash is a contrast (white/ivory/off white best in those pics.) Otherwise - just whew, Never. I think the entire thing painted like that - trend-wise- will die before it lives. It's so overwhelming. But kinda like it broken up. Makes the cabs look so "built in."

  47. Image for Tana Tana

    Been cleaning my pantry and cupboards. Rearranging my dry goods and making way for new. Was a nice to hear you positive outlook. We all need to enjoy the white space we have been given and take the opportunity to do things we are always to busy to accomplish or enjoy. Happiness to you all we need to truly make the effort to count the many blessings we take for granted.

  48. Image for Jeanne Ann Jeanne Ann

    KariAnne, a heartfelt thank you for all that you shared with us. You have always been a bright Northern star to me, how comforting your words were and everything you said is true .I join you and many other women in prayer for everyone in our world. I pray that kindness and love and respect will reign long after this horrid virus has gone. Be well and Be blessed

  49. Image for Nan Nan

    We all appreciate your dedication to maintaining your blog! It is wonderful to be transported away in our minds enjoying your talent AND spirit for a few moments as we learn how to navigate this new reality. Bless you and your family and all your followers! As adults, especially as mothers, right?- we are so accustomed to supporting others and being STRONG- we forget our own emotions and then wonder why in the world am I feeling like this? Thank you for being REAL with us.

  50. Image for Sandra Vigil Sandra Vigil

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you! You reminded me of Matthew 6:25-34. Also, I appreciated the Supercook information and shared it on my local Nextdoor hoping it will help others as well. My Friday was like your Thursday. I felt so deflated and I actually did cry because of what is going on. Then I decided that “after all tomorrow is another day” (a la Scarlett O’Hara). Enjoy your Sunday!😀

  51. Image for Karen Karen

    Thank you for always being the positively wonderful, uplifting, hope-sharing person you are Karianne! Lots of love from NC!

  52. Image for Regina Regina

    Hi Kari On a lighter note on the things going on now with this virus. Sun Ray Cinama in Jax fl has this on their sign CINEMA CLOSED UNTIL TEAL LIFE DOESN'T FEEK KUJE A MOVIE. STAY SAFE BE KIND. WORDS OF CHEER!!!

  53. Image for Peg Peg

    Yesterday was my low, today will be my high because of reading this this morning. Thank you KariAnne. You really are a Norwegian princess!! Well, maybe my fairy Godmother! xoxo p.s. That nest!!


    Thanks for the uplifting message..we allneed tohearfrom one another...We will survive...just like that.song😍Cant remember who sings it..Dire Straits ?? Anyways ..going to scout for some sticks and make me that wreath... love it for my garden bench.❤

  55. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    With social media and updates you can pretty much find out all the news you want to or need to. I don't watch the news anymore it's better for my blood pressure. I pray every morning first thing and night before i go to bed and sometimes i talk out loud to God, he's my best friend. Thank you for Thistlekeeping i love reading it. God knows all, be happy and listen to the birds!!

  56. Image for Celeste Celeste

    Because I know you genuinely read your comments, I wanted you to know I can relate to your time of frustration. I'm in the middle of a move from my home of 11 years to a new one across the country.. I only know four relatives in this new town and we're all stuck together. I had a really hard day this week too. I can't go backwards and I can't go forwards and I'm in a strange place feeling like a third wheel. But there is a silver lining. I am enjoying my precious grandson and I know I will have more opportunity to watch him grow. I am feeling much better now and I hang on to my faith and hope in Christ that one day this will feel like a home. Thank you for lifting us all up and know that we want to do the same for you when you feel down. This too shall pass.

  57. Image for Susan Johnston Susan Johnston

    Thank you KariAnne for your honesty! This is a new and different time for everyone and it helps to know others are facing this newness with the same feelings! It is good to realize that others hit the same walls as we do, and that they pick themselves up and go forward - as we all should do! Here’s to Springtime and flowers and God’s patience and grace!

  58. Image for Sue Sue

    Thank you for sharing your story, your optimism and continuing your entertaining content on your blog. You are awesome!

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