Looking for a simple craft you can create with things around the house? Here’s the step-by-step for how to make a DIY pom pom bookmark.

diy pom pom bookmark

What is a family supposed to do when they are in their house with more hours and minutes than they ever counted on?


Around here?

Well–first–this adult has coffee without any sweetener or creamer because she is trying to remind ourselves that sugar is NOT her friend and she is TRYING to remind herself to stay healthy even though life as she knows it has been disrupted.

And then?

We get our CRAFT on.


There is nothing. And I mean nothing that will make a heart happier than a little creating among friends.

I wish you could have heard the kitchen yesterday. It was full of giggles and laughter and tiny bits of yarn and creative ideas.

Here’s a little behind the scenes of our diy pom pom bookmark craft party.

diy pom pom bookmark

diy pom pom bookmark creating

making a diy pom pom bookmark

creating a diy pom pom bookmark

diy pom pom bookmark

how to make a diy pom pom book mark

(this is such a fun craft to make with kids or grandkids—most of these supplies you might have around the house)






Step 1: cut a piece of cardboard

This is what you will use to make your DIY pom pom.

Cut a piece of cardboard 4″ x 4″.

Step 2: unwind yarn

I got this yarn at Walmart.

It comes in different colorways and it’s so soft and fuzzy.

(total aside: it sheds little pieces of yarn everywhere, too.)

Step 3: wrap yarn to create your diy pom pom

Wrap your yarn around the cardboard 40 times.

Make sure you don’t wrap it so tight that it bends the cardboard.

Just wrap it loosely.

Step 4: Cut yarn for the center of the DIY pom pom

This will be used to tie off your pom pom.

Cut a 10″ piece of the yarn and set aside.

step 5: slide the yarn off and tie

Slide the yarn off the cardboard and tie it tightly.

Wrap the 10″ piece of yarn around the center.

Tie tightly.

diy pom pom bookmark

Step 6: trim pom pom

Cut the loops of the pom pom.

Trim to make an even circle.

Leave long strands of yarn to tie onto the bookmark later.

Repeat steps 2-6 to make a second pom pom.

Step 7: Fold over ribbon and glue

Cut a piece of ribbon 6″ longer than a standard-sized book.

Fold over the end of the ribbon and glue in place.

Repeat for the other side of the ribbon.

Step 8: pull yarn through ribbon

Pull the end of the strands through one end of the folded over ribbon.

Tie off in place.

Repeat for the second pom pom and the other end of ribbon.

Your bookmark is finished.

All you have to do is open up a book and place the ribbon across the pages and leave the pom poms out to hold your place.

That’s it.

You are a CREATIVE diy pom pom maker.

It felt so wonderful to create together.

It kept them busy.

It kept me busy.

And in those moments in that kitchen with tiny pieces of yarn around me and the air full of laughter and giggles..

…all the overwhelmingness faded away.

Together we will get through this friends.


One diy pom pom bookmark at a time.

PS If you want a few giggles—we went live on Facebook yesterday.

You can see the entire crafting session and craft here.



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  1. Image for Brenda Brenda

    I am definitely getting my craft on. I am working on a new project and as soon as that is done I have a bunch of UFO's waiting in the wings. Can't wait to see what else you create to share! Have a great day!

  2. Image for Kris Kris

    We have to get creative at times like these! You are the queen of that! :) I took my daughter to JoAnn's this morning (mostly we are avoiding stores but I made an exception for this, and we went early when there were hardly any customers there ... and I wore gloves and didn't touch anything we didn't buy!) so she could pick out sewing materials which should keep her busy for awhile.

  3. Image for Ann C Ann C

    I took all my costume jewelry that I haven’t worn in ages, some over 50 years, (high school charm bracelet) and covered a wreath form with it! Ive seen shapes of Christmas trees done and wanted something similar but different. Turned out good. Another thing I’m doing is taking drives down roads I’ve never been on. What fun seeing homes and bodies of water I didn’t even know existed.

  4. Image for Doris Doris

    Just wanted to share something I saw a few days ago. Instead of a 4" square of cardboard, take 2 empty toilet paper rolls and wind your yarn around them then tie off and cut your ends and fluff.

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