Looking for simple Easter DIY crafts? Here are the step-by-step instructions for this simple project you can make with Easter eggs, wood beads and jute twine.

Easter DIY Crafts: Wood Bead Egg Garland

Do you know what I’m all about right now?

Teaching myself new things.

I have time on my hands and hours to fill and even though the Hallmark movie marathon this weekend was calling my name? I decided to take this opportunity to learn something that I’ve been putting off.

Do you ever feel like that?

Like you want to learn something new, but it’s kind of intimidating and you feel a little overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start. So you don’t. Start that is. You just keep putting it off and telling yourself you’ll learn it one day.

If that is you? Please come sit by me.

Because that’s exactly how I feel about video. I’m a blogger. I’m an influencer. I’m generally computer-with-it. But video? It was like my Mount Everest. It seemed almost unclimbable. I mean—I’ve made a few videos before, but they were just me–in front of a camera–pressing start at the beginning and end at the ending and that was it. All the fancy stuff? All the music and the titles and the slow motion and the fast motion? Those were all way beyond my reach.

Until yesterday.

Want to see my video?

Looking for Easter DIY crafts and to see how to make this adorable wood bead egg garland?

Let’s go.

Easter DIY Crafts basket

Easter DIY Crafts: Wood Bead Egg Garland

(The video is at the end—here’s the step-by-step instructions in case you don’t have time to watch it. You can just pin this for later.)

Easter DIY Crafts wood beads

supplies for Easter DIY crafts:

(I linked all the supplies in case you were at home and wanted to order them)

wood beads

paper mache Easter eggs

jute twine

Mod Podge

paper napkins

there are also tons more of affordable napkin options here

1. Make sure your eggs are paper mache

The entire craft started with these paper mache eggs.

You can find them here.

They are so much more affordable than the wood eggs that are the same size. These eggs are the size of regular eggs and perfect for all types of Easter DIY crafts.

Easter DIY Crafts paint brush

2. Cover your egg with Mod Podge

I filmed this entire process in the middle of the video.

I used the speed-up format to show the entire process of adding napkins with Mod Podge.

Easter DIY Crafts napkins

3. Add pieces of napkin

So many of you suggested using napkins for some of my other projects.

And you were right.

Napkins are so much easier to use. These are the napkins that I ordered, but they are a little pricy.

I found tons more affordable napkin options here.

I just have one tip for napkins, though.

Easter DIY Crafts birch napkins

Peel the backing off.

These napkins had two layers.

It took me one egg to figure out that the top layer was easier to use, so I peeled the napkin apart and just used the top layer.

Easter DIY Crafts Easter craft

4. add pieces of napkin to egg

I ripped the napkin up into smaller pieces.

Then I used the brush to pick it up and add it to the Mod Podge on the egg.

You can see the entire process in the video.

Easter DIY Crafts egg

Here’s the finished egg with wet Mod Podge on it.

Easter DIY Crafts birch eggs

5. drill a hole in the egg

This is so easy to do because the egg is hollow.

Make sure the hole is big enough to fit the jute twine through.

We adjusted the hole several times to make sure it fit.

6. thread the twine through the hole

Start by tying a knot around the end of one bead, then wrap a long piece of tape around the end of the twine to make it stiff and add two more beads. Now you are ready for your egg.

Then thread the twine through the hole.

Pull all the way through as shown.

7. finish the garland

Keep adding three beads, then an egg, then three beads until you have a garland the length you want.

Lastly, tie off the last bead with the end of the jute twine and knot in place.

That’s it.

Your garland is finished.

And now?

Here’s my first official video that I made with special effects.

It’s a little rough.

But the next one will be better and the one after that will be even better.

Let me know what you think and in amazing news?

I’m going to make tons more like this so make sure you follow my channel over on YouTube here.

Happy day friend.

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  1. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, please sit by me...6’ away of course, and teach me how to do this!! I have lots of computer geniuses in my family—-but currently they are furiously working at home and haven’t the time to take Mom on with her challenges!! So proud of you! You always inspire and encourage! Keep it up—-you are rocking it!

  2. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    I listened to your video and I honestly that it was great! Please keep on making videos! Thanks so much for all of your encouragement during these stressful times. I am currently off work but thankful for the time to rest. God tells us in Psalm 23 that though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, to fear no evil. I am choosing to trust Him when I get fearful.

  3. Image for Sandi Sandi

    I will look at your video after reading the previous comments, but I'm I too old? What's with the beads on everybody's coffee table trays? It seems I can't find a blog that doesn't showcase beads, and isn't it the point to have something a little different than everybody else? I love your personality and love the blogs, especially when you include your darling family. Keep up the work you do in inspiring us all, but please tell me what I'm missing with those beads!

  4. Image for Catherine Catherine

    Hi KariAnne, Your video is perfect! And I learned how to pronounce your first name! As soon as I begin to read your postings, it puts a smile on my face. I tried to leave a comment on the day you blogged about whether or not you use "amazing" too much but due to operator error, it just disappeared. Anyway, for my two cents, "amazing" is your word... it's you! Thanks for sharing your energy and joy with the rest of us.

  5. Image for Cindy Cindy

    So cute KariAnne, love this sweet garland! I just made some floral decoupage eggs, sharing them on my channel tomorrow!! Love this easy craft for Spring and Easter! Btw, what is your YouTube channel name? The link just takes me to YouTube 🤪

  6. Image for Judy Judy

    So cute! Supplies have been ordered from Amazon, including the napkins, which were about $5.00 cheaper: https://www.amazon.com/Fun-Express-Beverage-Supplies-Tableware/dp/B07N8FBW76/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=birch+beverage+napkins&qid=1585000180&s=arts-crafts&sr=8-1. Looking forward to giving this a whirl!

  7. Image for Naomi S. Naomi S.

    I want to make one of these garlands to hang in the archway between my dining and living rooms. I"m going to use brightly-colored floral napkins for mine. I think your video is fine. The only thing I would maybe do differently is the music. The drum sound was a little distracting to me. Also, it seemed like you were looking up into the camera. I would prefer looking straight into your face. It just seems like it would be more like being in the room with you. I hope I haven't been too critical and that you won't be discouraged from making more videos! Thanks for the Easter garland idea and your tutorial, KariAnne!

  8. Image for Joan Clanton Joan Clanton

    You have inspired me to try mod podge on plastic eggs with ripped, narrow muslin strips. It's all stuff I have, so I wouldn't have to shop. This is day #11 of being at home. We're well and hope to stay this way! Stay well, everyone!

  9. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Thanks again for a wonderful idea. I tried covering papier-mâché balls with napkins for 4th of July. EPIC FAIL! 🇺🇸😉🤪 I am willing to give it another go though... We love your energy (as Catherine said), encouragement, honesty, openness and creativity. Stay safe and healthy!


    KariAnne, such a great craft and video! Those beads are just so cute! Thanks for another great craft!

  11. Image for Judy Houle Judy Houle

    Hi KariAnne! Your video is great. Keep them coming. So I have all my supplies, but I'm not clear about how to drill the hole through the eggs. Is it a case of poking one in each end or do you need a drill bit to go clear through? Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to trying it out this weekend.

  12. Image for M Burns M Burns

    Hello! As far as I’m concerned it’s a great video! Just a minimum of talking and on to the details. Wonderful!!! So many videos are so full of talking to the comments that are on their screens I stop watching. Keep them coming just like this. Great job you!

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