Random thoughts on a cloudy Saturday morning:

1.  I am all about the World Cup.  Seriously.  Who knew?  I’m not even that much of a soccer watcher, but I can’t help it.  It’s amazing. All the people of the world coming together to cheer on their teams.

2. In exciting news, I shopped the house and found this fabric (the one at the window).  Remember it from the way back machine?  What is old is new again.  I’m making pillows for all the blue and white in the new living room.

3.  And blue and white?  It worked its way into the family room, too.  I just refreshed the entire space with a little more color.  WHAT IS HAPPENING?  I’m going to try and take pictures this weekend and post on Monday.

4.  The twins made it safely back from camp.  Zack made it safely back from Baylor Line Camp.  And Denton had a birthday.  And I survived.

5.  We are having a Bachelorette watching party here today.  When I’m thinking of snacks the comments on this post are my go to.

6.  You are amazing.  Just in case no one else had mentioned it yet today…

…I wanted to be the first.

In the brilliant department–you’ll never guess what she made these curtains out of.

And they are no-sew.

Curtain details found here.

Love this clever idea for a back porch.

A basket that holds all the drinks and refreshments.

The rest of the outdoor space is just as pretty.

Click here for the tour.

Love this post about figuring out what is missing when you decorate.

I’m always looking for it.

Read the rest of the post here.

And in the middle of hydrangea season, I love this post on how to keep your cut hydrangeas from wilting.

Trader Joe’s has the BEST hydrangeas right now if you don’t have them in your yard.

Read all the hydrangea tips here.


And in random news this week:

This watercolor banner

This board and batten tutorial (and what is that AMAZING wood art piece on the wall)

This outdoor patio

This house tour

5 ways to celebrate summer

Look at this awesome find

Clever idea for a laundry room floor

What every kitchen needs

Great tips to make-under a room

This fun summer centerpiece

And if you are traveling to Waco this is seriously the best news on the planet.

And one more for the road.

Here’s this year’s summer tour.

I think the house is getting cuter. 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you.

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  1. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Isn’t it an extra blessing when the kids arrive back from their adventures? My son just rolled in from his week away and my daughter will be home in less than a week after a month in Africa!! I think even their rooms give off a welcome home sigh and Amen when they arrive!! Have an amazing , abundantly wonderful weekend!!! And happy birthday to Denton, welcome home to all!!!

  2. Image for Lauren Lauren

    TOTALLY with you on the love for blue and white. I don't think I can ever truly banish the blue in our house. Thanks so much for the laundry room floor love, friend! Hope you have a happy happy weekend, KariAnne!

  3. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Fun stuff! I guessed tablecloths for curtains - guess what I'm using for curtains at the farm? Yep, tablecloths. I actually had these hanging in the living room from the beginning but thought I was tired of them so switched them out. Going back to them because they have the pattern and color to go with the rest of the refresh. :) Glad everyone is back safe. Can't wait to see your new blue and white decor!

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